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Fall Has Fallen!


There is much to do at the home ranch as Fall sets in; paddocks to be maintained, fences to be fixed, arena to be dragged, minerals replenished (see just below). This is especially important during barometric pressure changes. The colts have reached the time to be gelded (more about that in our upcoming newsletter). There is hay to be stocked, chiropractic adjustments (also see below) as well as our natural equine dentist scheduled.  And yet, amongst this busy time and our annual holistic horse course I scheduled something very important – a ride!
It was time for me to actually put my dreams into action this year and I am proud to share that we took a gorgeous trip to Granby with X and Honeybrook to see the Fall colors.  This trip was extra special as I invited to of our International students to join me on the adventure, an adventure I had waited 10 years to come to fruition, for me to enjoy with my Mustang and his lady bringing forth very proud moments as they confidently explored new territories. God’s country, as CO is known to many, gifts us with silence and a connection to true nature. 

In our next diary, we will explore nutritional muscle testing. This practice goes beyond the horse’s diet and supports their full wellbeing, determining body mind and emotional support to enhance wellbeing and eliminate inappropriate behavior. We use muscle testing at home with own horses and supplement as needed. Above, Joseph stands with Honey and Aria as they receive minerals to help with the changing seasons and differences in barometric pressure. Ask us about our mineral protocol.

Chiropractic Work Helps X Thrive

by: Dr. Rachel Heart Bellini 
Today we had a very good session with EXCALIBUR. Like most horses that I work on, he was compressed between the back of the rib cage and the pelvis. His lumbar vertebrae were not aligned completely straight and the muscles of the back were tight and spastic. The iliopsoas muscle and tensor fascia latte (TFL – Think of your IT band )  were both very tight and they were keeping EXCALIBUR’s pelvis flexed. There was a lot of fascial thickening at the attachment of the TFL – you can see the striations coming down from the tuber coxae. This compression of the lower back causes the space between the pelvis and rib cage to shorten and often there is no longer room for the pelvis to rotate down and the horse loses both length and suppleness to his lower back. This makes it hard for them to truly come through from the hind end because they cannot fully engage themselves. These pictures show a few days ago and then after his session today which included spinal alignment combined with soft tissue work. By releasing the soft tissue in the back it makes room for the bones to return to their proper places and restores the communication of the nervous system both to and from this area. The second picture demonstrates the integration achieved when the bones are aligned and the muscles/tendons and ligaments are not braced against the body’s imbalances. You can see that his body has softened and lengthened – he looks poised. 
Colorful Colt Starting
COPING SKILLS: foreign words for almost all equine trainers!  Not even the most seasoned horses can do what these young horses have been supported and trained for PRIOR to being ridden.   We challenge you to watch, listen and learn in support of your young, spooky or discouraged horses.  Bring spookbusting back for all horses, disciplines and situations to help your horses build up their coping skills in time of stress.  In the videos you’ll realize just how much stimulus is involved and the team building on all accounts.

L: Our Colt Starting Group R: The Simple Solutions Tribe

Here we taking the ROTH techniques into the saddle and our International trainer students learn the value of teaching young horses to pony alongside a seasoned horse. Integrating body language from the ground to aid our horses to follow their leaders, supports the youngsters to understand their new role. Each horse learns to come off of pressure, follow the guidance of the pony horse and the leadership of the rider as they feel the nuances of the saddle, dummy and ultimately the rider in a safe environment from round-pen, to arena and onto the trail! 
And it’s going out to 900 PATH centers, ASAP
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Subject: Charmed waits behind the “fence”
Each morning this summer I would get up at 6:00 am and go outside to close the gate so that the construction crew could safely come through the farm to work on putting up our new covered arena. Our horses had night turnout on grass for the summer but were closed into a smaller area up at the barn while the construction crew was going in and out through the farm road. Each morning I would tell Charmed he had to be behind the gate when the truck came through at 6:15 am. One morning the crew came through early and I was out in the yard but had not put the horses “behind the gate” yet. Charmed put himself behind the gate, he improvised, by using the railing. He is so cute. He had the most health and behavior issues of any therapy horse I have worked with and even though he has crossed his rainbow bridge he is still an amazing teacher. 
Cathy Languerand -ROTH Certified Instructor
The HHC is a life-changing experience. The reason: it’s not just about learning horsemanship, it’s also about getting life lessons! How can I tell you this after only 2 weeks in Colorado and one into the HHC Part 1? Let me unfold it. My journey with horses started when I was a little girl, totally drawn to horses, feeling a connection beyond words. Living in Morocco for most of my childhood, I was totally horrified by the way horses, mules and donkeys were treated and the contact with them through a horse club did not please me at all. Something in me was screaming me it was all wrong. Before stepping onto a communication professional path, I had this dream of learning the “psychology of horses” (as I verbalized it at the time)… 
                                                                     Read Safia’s Story
OOPS, We’re sorry …
Recently we told you that our talented friend and musical contributor to our new DVD, Juni Fisher gave a benefit concert; we listed the wrong location. The concert was held in support of the on going efforts at Happy Dog Ranch. Learn more about our good friends at HDR below! 
For more information on what we do here at ROTH and how you can become  a part of the mission here, please visit our website at:  Reach Out to ROTH

Is Your Equine Facilitated Learning Program as Well-Developed as It Could Be?

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Shhhh…Be still


Victory for Wild Horses in Wyoming!

Dear Friends;

On the heels of winning a victory for Oregon wild horse mares, threatened by dangerous sterilization surgery, comes yet another win for the wild ones. The U.S. Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit upheld a lower court’s dismissal of a lawsuit filed by the State of Wyoming against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) seeking the removal of hundreds of wild horses from public lands across the state including mustangs from the Stewart Creek Herd.  


Ironically, Quinn and I were visiting the Stewart Creek mustangs with Lynn Hanson, my friend and fellow wild horse advocate, when our attorneys learned of this second victory. Being out here with these beautiful, family and freedom loving icons of the West reminds me of why we fight. Their home is over 230,000 acres of sagebrush valleys and windswept rims along the Continental Divide. (below-Lynn shoots GK filming)

The first time I saw the colorful Stewart Creek wild horses, it was the dead of winter. Ann Evans and I were driving from Riverton to Rawlins, and we were thrilled to see a family band just a short distance from highway 287/789, about 20 miles north of town. 

Winters are bitter and long in Stewart Creek. The foals above didn’t seem to mind. We saw this lone mustang in his huge home during our winter drive-by. He, too, was not far from the main highway. I imagine his friends were just out of sight below him.


When I left Stewart Creek a few days ago, there was a colorful group of five bachelor stallions only 100 yards or so off the highway. It was grand to see them in nearly the same place as the winter ones.  We encourage you to try your hand at finding them. If you have a high clearance vehicle, you can enter the range on a number of sandy roads.


Take your binoculars to verify that these often distant dots are real wild mustangs!

Happy Trails!

Ginger Kathrens
For more on Cloud and the world of the Mustangs across the U.S. follow the link:

The Cloud Foundation



Building Relationships and Learning at the Intuitive Riding Clinic at Happy Dog Ranch in Littleton, Colorado.

Everyone had a great time and learned a lot about Horse as Teacher, while working through learning the language of Equus and how to help the horses in a  gentle way that makes sense to them.   A wonderful job done by all!


Many thanks to Sabine Kaiser, Linda Quiring, Alice Dobbs, Charles Miller, Sharon Pizzuto, Dora Rassbach, Carolina Baertsch, Emily Duke, and Miss Betty Berry.  What a pleasure it was to meet you all!

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ROTH Takes Natural Horsemanship to China and Mongolia

Anna Twinney spends a lot of time on airplanes. Internationally known as a horse whisperer, animal communicator and energy healer, she’s booked solid up to 18 months in advance.  Earlier in 2016 an invitation came from the Chinese branch of the American Quarter Horse Association for Anna to please come to Beijing and Mongolia. They wanted her to share her knowledge and wisdom, and despite her very busy schedule, she did the nearly impossible … she made time. As well traveled as Anna is, China was a brand new experience.  “It’s truly a country of contrast,” Anna explained. She traveled from the metropolis of Beijing, with its economic success and high energy, to areas in the Mongolian countryside where indoor plumbing was an absolute luxury.


Often, in promotions for clinics, the question “Language Barrier?” is asked in regards to people understanding their horses. Though Anna was outfitted with excellent translators, difficulties in understanding remained. “It was a bit like being a horse, I imagine,” Anna explained. “I had to pay extremely close attention to body language, to facial expressions and interpret the intentions and ideas of the course attendees.”  “Though, like always, I spent a lot of time showing students about connection and communication, these students were very interested in problem solving. They really absorbed the information but were in great need of help when things weren’t going smoothly,” Anna said.

She worked with the students to help them understand that connection is the first pathway to problem solving and it’s achieved easily with the right mindset and skills. She introduced the Chinese students to those new skills and knowledge to help to overcome their obstacles. 

Attendees at the Beijing event were some of the most prominent horse owners in the country and Anna’s course was hosted at one of the first modern equestrian facilities to be built in the city. The event broke attendance records and attracted scores of television and newspaper reporters.  “They asked powerful questions,” Anna said.  Anna explained the Chinese were extremely hospitable and she was humbled and in awe of the lengths they went to to ensure her comfort. She was partnered with a concierge who was on hand with everything from cold water during her lectures and demonstrations to an impromptu leg massage when she suddenly developed a terrible cramp.

She was treated to a trail ride in the beautiful Mongolian countryside. It was going rather quickly at first. Unbeknownst, Anna was riding with a national Chinese endurance team! She describes her few several minutes of the views as “blurry” due to the speed of the ride. Mercifully, her hosts slowed down so Anna could enjoy the sights and absorb the fact that we was actually, on a trail ride … in Mongolia! Even world traveling, internationally known experts sometimes find themselves surprised at where life has taken them.90582d09d958ed2da90ecbb4_1220x686.gif

One topic that particularly interested the people in the Mongolian crowd was the difference between the ROTH methodology and their traditional style of “horse breaking” (i.e. taking hold of their ears, turning their necks and manhandling them to incorporate their language). The entire village, vet, farrier and endurance team came to watch the training. “They were astounded to see me approach a horse in moments that took them 2 hours to touch, and another wild horse who came around to appreciating and enjoying the lesson,” Anna said, “He accepted a halter without fear or force, all through gentling methodologies.”

Anna’s hosts in China were so pleased with their record crowds, with the valuable knowledge and insight Anna shared, that upon her return to Beijing she was invited as the prominent guest speaker to open the new western saloon! She has since been invited back to China and is planning a second trip in 2017.

“When I came to America 20 years ago, my goal was to learn as much as I could and bring this new found knowledge back to the police force. I wanted to spread the word to my fellow Bobbies, to show this small community that there was a better way. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would have the opportunity to share my message of compassion and communication, and open up the way to a better partnership for people and horses, all over the globe. This is a very exciting time and I can’t wait to see where this message will take me next.”

For more information on Anna and how you can reach out, please visit our website at:

Reach Out to Horses


Holistic Horse Course Part 1 as Seen Through the Eyes of Student, Lani Salisbury.

With a stringent week of Holistic Horsemanship Courses under foot, some fun and smiles must be had.  Join our students of HHC 1 as they find time to be goofy and light hearted.  Watch a wonderful video composed by one of our youngest-ever course students, Lani Salisbury.  Great job, Lani, in capturing the lighter side of what we do here at ROTH while encompassing the entire Holistic Horsemanship experience.


Taking Horses from Innate Concern to Conscious Coping with Spookbusting Audio CDs

Our summer included sound spookbusting on the advanced ROTH horsemanship course:): check out our latest CDs to support horse & handler, and horse & rider in all aspects of their horsemanship lives!  Follow the link and scroll down to find the CDs available through ROTH.   http://www.reachouttohorses.com/books.html

Our focus is to support the whole horse throughout their training and this includes providing them with suitable coping skills throughout their life and career paths. Spook busting is an essential part of their growth as they move from fear and flight into being capable to process and respond effectively and safely. Our approach includes supporting horses with sound spookbusting, thus moving from innate concern into conscious coping. Every horse deserves to be prepared for the trail, shows, performance, activities, and for emergency services.

Visit ROTH’s website for more information on gentling and spookbusting to better prepare your horse for adventures into the world!

Foundation Courses

The HHC is a Life-Changing Experience!

by: Safia Khider

The reason: it’s not just about learning horsemanship, it’s also about getting life lessons! How can I tell you this after only 2 weeks in Colorado and one into the HHC Part 1? Let me unfold it.

My journey with horses started when I was a little girl, totally drawn to horses, feeling a connection beyond words. Living in Morocco for most of my childhood, I was totally horrified by the way horses, mules and donkeys were treated and the contact with them through a horse club did not please me at all. Something in me was screaming it was all wrong.

Before stepping onto a communication professional path, I had this dream of learning the “psychology of horses” (as I verbalised it at the time)… Although working in an office in Paris, I found my way into “natural horsemanship” thanks to special connections that led me to Saskia Machaczek, a talented horsewoman who had learnt everything from Pierre Blin (great French horseman). Building strong ties with her made me realise that you can work differently with horses. Totally drawn to this work, I decided to move out to Marrakech, change my lifestyle and hopefully get to work with horses with less force and more softness.

A horse club owner, Radoine Elhaoussa, very generously gave me permission to ground work any horse. I realised quickly that the toolbox learnt with Saskia was not enough for me. My interest in horse coaching helped me understand that the horse mirrors that we have inside demands congruency and authenticity. I could see Saskia had it in her: clear intention and control of her energy. So that left me with one question: “how could I get there?”… I was offered to work as a groom and junior riding instructor at that same horse club; a 2-year experience that confirmed what I felt deep down: we have to give the horse a voice!

How to? That question brought me to Anna Twinney. Her story, in the book “Horse as teacher”, left me breathless. I couldn’t read further and mailed her. I felt the urge to learn from a teacher who had that same compassion for horses and the skills to teach true horsemanship. I felt I had found it all in Anna, who very kindly offered to come and make a demonstration in the horse club in Marrakech. She then, also very generously, offered that I come as an intern in her ranch for 3 months, a way of sponsoring me to do the HHC! A unique opportunity, a special and kind offer as it is the very first time an intern would get to stay at her home.

The chance of my life! Why? Because I feel no one incorporates all that is needed with a horse like Anna does. She’s experienced in the body language communication for 20 years. I realised there was more to it, that it was also about adjusting your energy since horses are masters at reading energy. This first week of HHC has shown me that a lot of the “natural horsemanship” seen so far is still about dominance. HHC is about shifting the mind set, reconditioning it to do what’s right for the horse and get this partnership we’re looking for.

Do we need more time to get results with Anna’s unique method? No! There’s no showmanship; it’s not an ego trip, and it’s not about appearing great with the horse. It’s about making it right for him, asking not telling, and having constant awareness of oneself. Intention, alignment of mind, heart and body are crucial.

My wish is for the people in Morocco to start feeling what I’m feeling with Anna’s guidance and the horses. A lot of the people in Marrakech are interested in knowing what will come out of this experience. So my goal is to get prepared as much as possible to get Anna’s method known in Morocco so it becomes a better place for horses. My current blog on this unique journey so people can follow me is: seconnecteraucheval.wordpress.com


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