“The Voice of Harmony” in Cheval Pratique’s November 2019 Issue

November 2019 Issue

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Anna has been featured in many international magazines, even some in France, but we are excited to announce her inclusion in Cheval Pratique’s November 2019 Issue.

They cover Anna’s passions, particularly her unique approach to Natural Horsemanship that includes the telepathic and energetic components, her dedication to the Mustangs and the plight of wild horses the world over, and her ability to use Animal Communication to give a voice to the voiceless.

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Welcome to the Reach Out to Horses® Blog!

Welcome to the Reach Out to Horses Blog Message.

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A New Nevada to Enjoy

From Elisabeth Mohr

Nevada and I would like to send a big thank you for your communication & reading session. After the insights you gave me on how Nevada wants to be treated by a human, I can tell you our partnership went to the next level.

Straight after our session I went to see her and told her I understand now and will do my very best to respect her voice. She has indeed a voice too in this relation and I promised I’ll do my best to watch for every sign of her when she wants to tell me something. Since that moment she opened up – like a flower really. Her facial expression was full of energy and connection. The relief was definitely there!

Now in our groundwork play sessions I noticed a lot of differences but the main ones are:

Almost no bucking anymore (!) this is HUGE, she understands that if she is on a turnout or in the pasture she can do whatever she wants but when we are together doing something I want her to respect me because I made it clear I respect her, if she does buck I read it now clearly as a sign of confusion but it has reduced dramatically and this makes me very happy and optimistic for the riding part. After all, I want to be safe.

Attention: she knows perfectly when something is expected from her. It is like she understands now that I understand her role is equally important in this relation and with that, there comes the responsibility to it, and she takes it! She is very on cue, waiting clearly for a question, being polite, and check in on me, even more, to make sure we’re on the right track. I also let her make suggestions on what we should do that day and make sure I end my sessions with something she loves to do such as jumping barrels or a walk in the woods.

Exploring: you emphasized frequently Nevada needs exploration time – so when we walk somewhere, whether it is a forest walk or simply from the stable to the arena, I let her take her time and sniff around when she wants to. I noticed I was a terrible human for her in this area because I was thought that when she stops to sniff she is disobedient – and in some cases, it could be indeed a ‘testing’ of leadership – but in her case it is not, she genuinely wants to know what this bucket or pole or tree is about. So I let her. Since I’ve been giving her space and time to do this and respect her need (that is what is important here) she is much easier to walk around with and relaxes faster if we encounter something new or strange. Very nice progress and again positive when we should go out for a ride instead of a walk in the future. 

Focus on me & RELAX: as described in the attention section: the focus is there and I definitely see a behavioral change to her ‘old’ self when someone else is handling her e.g. when my instructor is taking over if he wants to demonstrate something (and he is a very gentle horse minded guy that I trust) She is much more heads up and falls back into that role of bracing and tension because the ‘agreement’ I’ve made with her is not made with that person and she KNOWS. It is of course very flattering to see a much more respecting and relaxed horse when she is with me 🙂 She also looks me for if I’m not close and when working at liberty she hooks on directly. And on the relaxing topic: now she is comfortable to relax with me: it takes much less time to get the soft eye, soft neck, soft head. Something we have been working on very hard but she was braced because she didn’t feel understood – now she does and it shows in her tolerance of ‘surrender’ to me. She feels safe enough with me to lower the head and almost fall asleep. Something that would have taken ages in the past is now done by simply connecting and having the bond.

She benefits now from Crown and Heart Chakra massage and she is now open to give in to that energy. So I often build in a shiatsu session with her to loosen up that pelvis and treat the two mentioned Chakras. 

I could go on Anna, for hours writing. The bottom line is: THANK YOU for reaching out 😉 so I could reach out to my horse properly and take our connection to the next level! 

I have just finished you Beyond the Barn Volume I which was perfectly complementary to the advice you gave. Volume II is on its way to Belgium.

Wishing you a nice day and all the best to your loved ones. 

The Aha Moment for Me

From ROTH Trainer in NY, Sara Vanecek:

Notes from our communication session between Pippin and Anna Twinney
(and an Aha! Moment for me) Pippin showed Anna how very specific we are when we work with him. There is a very certain way we do things with him. There are no interruptions and no “strangers “. He has not been ready to have a second person approach him on the “other side” while held or led. But the cool part for me was how he showed Anna his love of reaching for “food”. It was a “reset.” His reach acts as a reset! I can feel it, but couldn’t put a word. Physically and mentally, it tells me he’s back and present and engaged again. It’s the softest request and a beautiful touch. It reconnects us after pressure, fear, or being startled.  

I also consulted with my friend and mentor to help prepare Pippin for his first trim of his feet. This will require him to be sedated and most likely to be laid down. Our goal is to prepare him as much as possible to keep him safe with the least amount of trauma, given his significant fear of handling his feet and any close presence of people. He’s a long way off from a traditional trim. With his permission to share so that we may show and help others, these are a few more thoughts that were shared through my session with Anna.

He knows what is coming and that he will be lying down. He viewed this as a one-time experience, “not a new way!” It was important for us to know that he did not kick to hurt, just to get away or get his foot back. He was very skeptical of vets. It doesn’t matter “how they are”. He knew we would try to control the sound, feeling, and quantity of time during the process, but it wouldn’t change his ability to cope. He showed Anna he was lying down in his stall, the trim was “minor”. We were calm, not rushed, and we held space for him. He knew I didn’t want his teeth done (I am worried it would be too much) and he commented several times that our intention was “casual”. I understand that as I want my team to go with the flow, do what’s safe, respectful, and reasonable. I’d like us to adjust our actions the best we can for him. He was certain of no panels or chutes for restraint,  this means abuse to him. He knows I want to share his story to have an educational and positive impact on others.  There is “nothing I can’t share because he is protected by me”.💓  It’s a learning process for me too. Trimming day is near. 🙏 the support is wonderful and keeps us moving forward. Again, thank you, Anna.

ROTH Intern, Marissa Mulville is right where she’s meant to be

Who knew that a two-foot snowfall in the middle of winter would be the catalyst to what would become my lifelong passion for horses?

To make a long story short, many years ago after a heavy snowfall, a barn roof began to collapse and my dad was called to stabilize the roof and help save the horses and I tagged along to help him.  Let’s be real, I just wanted to be there with the horses because I’ve always been so captivated by their presence. From that day on I have had a love for horses and a desire to better understand them. I began taking lessons, working at the barn, and anything else I could do just to be around these gorgeous animals.

After learning some of Anna’s methods from a friend, I knew there was something so unique about the way she captured their language. Instantly, I was hooked! I was so intrigued and I found myself watching her YouTube videos and trying to learn how she knows exactly what animals are saying solely through their body language. I appreciate that she communicates through kindness and works as a team with each horse instead of having the horse work for her. After I heard about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be an intern here, it seemed as though everything just fell perfectly into place. Over the past few months, I’ve realized that this is exactly where I am meant to be and through all of the uncertainty over the past year, one thing became certain to me–I needed to learn more! And the rest is history, here I am working and learning at the best place on earth!

Proudly Presenting Jarret Ditch

Howdy, Everyone!

Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, I was born and raised on the Horse Farm. My grandmother, Patricia Foreman, helped me to understand the beauty and empathic nature of the horse. She taught me a horse’s unique ability to accept and reflect the energy you bring to them and how we can use that energy exchange to communicate. I felt my heart open and continue to feel it open as I spend more time with them, sharing the land, and learning to live and work together in love.

As a Professional Dancer and Stunt Rider, I feel extremely blessed to have traveled and performed in countries around the world. We can share favorites when ya’ll come to the farm.  Some of my favorite shows I had the honor to perform in was Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. As a knight, I had the opportunity to partner with some amazing horses, training in Medieval Combat Arts. So bring your swords! Another favorite was dancing with The Radio City Rockettes. It was an honor to be part of this iconic team. Rocking out 4 shows a day and dancing my face off. Did we mention you all are gonna be dancin’ when you come to Whispering Feather Farm? Most recently I accepted a contract as Lead Stunt Rider/Trainer for Disney’s Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in Paris, France; The longest-running western stunt show in the world. The entire family was moving to Paris on July 4th. Due to the pandemic, this contract was put on hold. This means we are staying in North Carolina and I couldn’t be more grateful. Grateful for my community. The friends and family who pull together to support each other unconditionally.

After the loss of Buffalo Bill, a good friend of mine shared with me his connection of a New Farm looking for a Horseman to help them create a center for the healing arts. From Natural Horsemanship and Communication, understanding that every animal has a voice. to Music, Dance, and the Theater Arts. It was an honor to meet Anna Twinney and Vince Mancarella, The Founders of Whispering Feather Farm, Reach Out To Horses, and The Way of the Equine Warrior. After meeting them so synchronistically, I quickly realized that this unique farm with its unique vision was going to be a part of my life.

I look forward to meeting and working with all the visitors, students, and trainers on the farm. Together in community, we will expand and share this beautiful space.

See You Soon!
With Gratitude,
Jarret Ditch

The Saga of Sage

Sage came to us on one of our foal gentling courses,

and she was tiny, orphaned, and quite helpless.  However, Ruby Sage had a warrior spirit that was palpable and we knew that if she was provided the right environment, she would ultimately flourish and grow into the spectacular horse she was destined to become.  As she got bigger, she began to find her place in her own herd of four.  It was Sage and the boys; headed up by herd leader, Dillon, and including her two sibling brothers, Saber and Hermes. To say that she learned to play rough would be an understatement.  She grew up as the ultimate tomboy, a persona that eventually evolved into the warrior princess that she is today. Most of you will recall that we had intended to colt start her this year, but due to a traumatic injury that she sustained this spring, our plans for her were nearly thwarted altogether.  We were patient and diligent in her care. Our intern at the time, Safia, took painstaking care of her leg and continued to doctor it daily along with several others who popped in to provide support.  Along with Young Living Oils, Dynamite products, and the Bemer blanket, Sage was on the road to recovery and things were looking up again for our little filly. In August of this year, we all held our breaths as we loaded her on a trailer to drive her all the way across the country to our new home in the south.  For those of you familiar with the stresses of trailering, we were concerned that Sage might suffer a setback after having to bear so much weight on her injured leg for that many hours in a row.  But she surprised us all when she came off the trailer spunky as ever and in great shape.  We all breathed a deep sigh of relief as our girl’s leg had itself made the final leg of our recent life journey to North Carolina. We wanted to offer you all a newsletter dedicated to Sage, to all of those who stood by her and us with your generous donations of time, money, healing in person and distance Reiki, and all the hands-on care that she received as she fought so valiantly to make her way back to being the vibrant little filly we all know and love. If you are one of the dear souls who touched Sage’s life (and ours) with your generosity in ANY way, we want to thank you and honor you for your commitment to her and to us.  We are so fortunate to have the people in our tribe that we do and we want to let you all know that we could not have done this without you. Thank you for saving our Ruby Sage! 

I asked for my birthday in April that our girl would return home to us and it was made possible by the generosity of all involved: those who donated, my family, and by the phenomenal care of the veterinarians at Littleton Large Equine Hospital in CO.   This marked the beginning of Sage’s journey to recovery.  As she returned home, we had to figure out the best way to support her medically while keeping the rest of her herd nearby so that she wouldn’t panic and reinjured herself.  Given the nature of her grave injury, we did suffer a couple of small setbacks when sutures refused to hold and her laceration would open once more, but each time we responded promptly and holistically, to support her healing journey as best we could, and it turns out that our approach was second to none.  Sage healed better and more quickly than any could have imagined or predicted and for that, we are grateful!

Selfless Safia and her Sustaining Efforts

As we had been all along, we relied on Safia to be at the forefront of Sage’s care.  She provided not only additional caretaker duties in terms of now filling buckets and stall cleaning a couple of times a day, but she also attended to all of Sage’s supplements and medicines, and all of her complementary therapies.  Safia’s already full schedule left little to no room for additions, but she selflessly stepped up and spent many an early morning and late-night taking the very best care of Sage.  Safia was an integral part of Sage’s healing until we got her to North Carolina, and for her, we are grateful!  We know that the journey for Safia was at least as long as Sage’s, and the exhaustion was no doubt extreme, but she kept on and lit the way for hope to follow as we marched, mile after mile, toward our new home.

Sage Supplies Schooling at a Master Level
One of the hardest-hitting factors of this injury was that we weren’t sure if Sage would ever be able to be ridden.  Just before her injury, she had been slated to go into Colt Starting for the year and we were looking so forward to gentling her so that we could include our little girl on trail rides and at family events and clinics.  But the injury not only halted any progress in that direction, it nearly abolished any hope that we would ever get there, even in her lifetime!  We were so pleasantly surprised to see her return to good health and her ability to freely go back into her herd signaled the beginning of the possibility that Sage might be able to start under saddle once more.  We figured that racing through the pasture and running amok with her siblings meant that she was feeling well and solid enough to return to the path onto which her destiny had brought her. We are not pleased to report, but rather BEAMING to report, that Sage was included in our Trainer’s Week here in Mill Spring.  This week and the work included paved the way for her return to colt starting.
Sage Starts Under Saddle
I cautiously recalled the first time she went under saddle in the round pen  at Zuma’s nearly a year ago.  There was some squealing, a lot of running and bucking, and some tears on my part as I knew that my girl was scared of the saddle that was secured around her portly little barrel.  I took a deep breath as moments throughout this year flashed in my mind: from the cold night of the accident and the harried trailer ride to save her life, the hours upon hours and days upon days of seeing her confined to a stall for her own good, the numerous bandage changes, the blood, the evaluations of the injury site and whether or not we were making progress, the anxious journey across the U.S. to finally unload her at our new home in NC, all the way to holding my breath as I watched her run with her herd for the first time but feared the injury might reopen, each memory seemed to combine and pass through me as though a cool breeze. All of those moments, all of those fears, hopes, wishes, and tears, every single one of them, brought us to this very moment right now. And right now, I mindfully watch her eye as I ask permission to mount.  I slowly, as if moving through oil, slide my leg over her back and softly sit down into the tack.  I find my stirrups and press my heels way down.  I sit with my tail bone curled under to maintain my balance, waiting for the buck and the move into pressure, but this time Sage does none of that.  Instead, she breathes deeply, looks off into the distance, and softly licks her lips as she maintains a relaxed demeanor as if to say, “I’ve been waiting for this too.”  And then I see her look for her herd to see if they are watching and to make sure that they note this very important day in her young life as well.  Indeed, noses lined up along the adjacent fence, her herd supports her from a distance as I’m sure they are cheering in their hearts as am I.   This was a moment of true connection, true collaboration, and pure triumph as we went from the beginning of 2020, having a horse with a potentially life-ending injury and certainly a career-ending one, to this moment at the end of 2020, one manifested through hope, surrender, many prayers, and brought to full fruition through the goodwill of people.  Thank you for making my first ride on Sage possible.  To everyone who has supported us along the way: WE MADE IT!

We got an enocuraging and beautiful note from ROTH Certified Trainer, Carolina Bartsch of AZ and wanted to share…


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting all the pieces together. What a journey! I was wondering for a while about her journey – I knew only pieces here and there. The way you wrote this newsletter… it all comes together. This one story reminds me of how much persona and destiny comes with each of our animals to weave the tapestry of life together with us. My life already has received many more colours thanks to your guidance but this is one of the most memorable lessons of all.

With love,


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In gratitude for two miraculous Animal Communication sessions with Master Communicator, Anna Twinney

By Nawal Malki

I had 2 communication sessions with 2 mares: Valentine and Zouga.

Anna, what ease, what speed, what authenticity, what precision that is not common to communicate with horses!

During the communication sessions, Anna reports facts to me as if she were there: events … feelings … revelations … a description of the mares, their needs, their wishes … a description of humans, landscapes … my intention to be/or not with Valentine … At the end of my 1st session, I remain struck, amazed, invaded by my emotions! Why ? Anna confirms that the horse that I had seen in a splendid dream was indeed the Valentine mare! Anna is not satisfied with a “yes/no, it was really Valentine”. In less than 3 seconds of my question, she describes to me a part of my dream that I had not told anyone. Only Valentine, being there, knew it!!!

I lived magical moments, very strong in emotions, unique, where the “noise”, the distraction, the futile, the “words” give way to “silence”, to “listening”, to connection, to the magic, to the sensitivity, to the authenticity, to the sweetness, to the purity and to the dialogue of souls … wishing that my tens of minutes (of the session) would last an eternity.

Me in Morocco (Casablanca), the mares 35 km from my home and Anna in Colorado :)) with a time difference of 7 hours… The concept of space-time evaporates, completely!! During the sessions, we feel transported by the magic of the present moment … We live every second, we dissect every word, we analyze each intonation of Anna’s voice (… those of the mares) … We just want to be in the body, the head, the heart, the eyes (…) of Anna to feel, see, perhaps smell and hear, live these incredible moments of connection between the mares and her (Us).

Anna reports the facts with authenticity: “She didn’t say it can hurt her (the mare)…” it can be not comfortable for her “.

With precision: “you get imbalance in the left side”

With great emotions and great sensitivity (joy even bursts of laughter, astonishment, sadness sometimes…).

Listening to the recording again, I am speechless! Anna is very receptive even to my short, short, barely hearable “hum”.

The animal communication sessions with Anna are an experience that cannot be described, she is lived …

Anna, you are an intelligent, impressive lady, a beautiful soul, a strong person in appearance with deep down a big heart filled with love, sensitivity and kindness. I have the firm conviction of being able to meet you, I hope so soon and closely in Morocco

This magnificent, unique and unforgettable experience would not have taken place at all without my dear friend Safia, whom I thank for her big heart, her generosity, her time and her sense of sharing …

I am very lucky and grateful for the knowledge of you both. Anna, Safia, BIG Kisses J

Thank you very much, Zouga. I wish you the best of life.

An infinite “thank you” to you my very dear and adorable Valentine for all the Sweetness, Love, Strength, & Confidence that you keep bringing me… thank you for your countless teachings… Never I would have imagined that a soul mate could be a mare… I hope with all my heart that we will be together one day… See you tomorrow. With all my love. Nawal

💕Nawalentine * Valentinawal💕

Fondly Featuring Fozzie

“May I write your story down” I share with Fozzie after some time as I’m concerned I will not be able to retain all that he shares accurately.  For this little fellow is so very endearing.  His eyes pull you in and there is some degree of sadness that I felt initially surrounding his health condition.  It will have slipped away in time, but at the beginning, it touched me deeply.  Young at heart, young in spirit, or young in general was the overall feeling ~ a youthful appearance and sense about him.   I need not worry that I may need to be the messenger of his welfare news, for he knew.  Perhaps because the class had already connected and perhaps he knew all along.  He is in the hearts of individuals and has a great appreciation for them.  Knowing that he requires special care and appreciating the hand they have put forward to help him.   

He is aware of the plight of the sloth.  So many pictures shot through my head.  From them being rescued by people passing by, locals (although I know problems occur equally as much locally too).  He showed them on the ground being picked up and even placed in new locations.  Removed from roads, helped in the sand, beaches were shown.  Traffic accidents, pylon accidents…orphans… it goes on.  So many sloths needing the support it seems.  Could be that this has been mentioned in his vicinity and I do believe this is a reference to the fact that he too was helped, that someone had noticed and because of their awareness he received the medical support needed.  No accident, injury, attack mentioned at all, but certainly a difference in his demeanor and hence it appeared like he would have been helped by someone who recognized it was out of sorts for a sloths behavior.

The sanctuary is a place he calls home now, it’s safe to him.  Expecting to change enclosures or having changed enclosures, not one location on the sanctuary would be his home.  He shows several locations and all to be cozy.  Once again appreciating the human interaction, the support.  It seems that touch is welcomed and not resisted.  No fight or displeasure but the contrary. Despite the fact you will keep them as wild and not interact as pets or otherwise, he sees value in the interactions.  Cozy, warm, dry…all places have that in common.  The warmth of someone’s body, the proximity, the connection has played a role in his comfort and in turn his healing.  The blankets, in a multitude of colors, from the green in the picture, pink comes to mind too that he can see. Colorful blankets around. Hammocks, toys, branches, warmth.  The sound of the rain touching the roofs and the sense of rain surrounds him, the shiny leaves reflecting the rain…something soothing.  

No longer does he need to search for those special food treats, they now come to him. Several of them.  One more delicious than the other…leaves he shows and fruit colored (yellow/orange/pale pink?) items..would that be fruit, leaves, flowers in those colors?  It’s likely he prefers them and yet there will be a dietary restriction. Honey, milk gets mentioned as a form of necessary(?) desired diet.  Food is on his mind for sure.  Specific times of the day and yet available.  Briefly a syringe shoots through my mind, barely tangible ~ either he received this or has seen it being used.

He will be sheltered there, protected from the environment, from danger, people, vehicles and the medical condition he has.  The necessary vet care will be present and he shares two vets ~ a male and a female, both dark-haired.  The medical area is light and airy, it’s likely to be a little ways from where he lives.  Although knowing it’s down a pathway, he also shared the view and the height of the building.  White walls, metal table, 2 rooms, insects can be heard and probably seen despite netting they will be able to come in.  No sounds of animals in treatment and it seemed that one would be taken care of at a time. The idea not to keep them in the room, but to return them to their enclosures plays a high part and priority.  He would not stay there long, but shown he gets treated.  No incisions, no surgery that I can tell to come.  Tenderness around the lower back is highlighted on the right side.  Most areas are on the right side. This got emphasized along with the right side organs.  I wondered if it would feel like a chill in the lower back and kidneys came to mind. It wasn’t until later in the session that under the right side of the ribcage was another point of interest…this would be where the liver lies.  He is clearly aware of a condition he has and feels it’s under a close eye and thus getting the attention and care he needs to continue to survive through easily administered medical care.  A room with a view, a home full of care, and medical support all provided.  This sloth feels like he has been saved and hit the jackpot.

Because of his condition, he will be sheltered from the public.  His story to be told for educational purposes, but no interactions with them or hands-on.  He is not envisioning being the ambassador, but instead, the focus is on his healing and health with the staff that calls the sanctuary their home too.  With silence, stillness, and close-knit support, he will not be in the limelight but instead enjoy the backseat of his surroundings.  He is here to stay:)  

How nice it will be to one day visit him there with you, to spend time together once again. To end I close with some loving Reiki thoughts and Reiki share.  His gratitude apparent despite my sharing just how concerned you all are, how important it is and was to give him a voice, and how much you all put in and are committed to the mission.  Another life saved and supported.

With much love and appreciation.


Kids Saving the Rainforest sent through the following reply:

Fozzie (assessed female) was found abandoned near the beach, covered with sand and some sun damage. She was only under 2 weeks old in late 2018. 

She grew up without issue, but seemed to have a firm distended belly, even after defecation, and was found to have free fluid there during an ultrasound.  Her liver enzymes have tested abnormal for several months, and has some occasional mild jaundice, so she has been assessed as having hepatitis.  

She has been receiving various liver support medicines for several months and occasionally other medication depending on her blood test results.  

These results generally don’t improve and are never ‘normal’, but she shows no outward signs of illness (maintains good appetite, weight, normal defecation).  

She receives these treatments orally every day within her outside enclosure (dark brown liquid from a syringe) & an injection weekly (also without being moved).  It is believed that without permanent support & treatment, her condition would worsen and so she can’t live on her own.

She is within the sanctuary at KSTR, and can be seen on the public tour, and her story is told for educational purposes.  There is no direct interaction or handling of any of the animals, but if she is in her hammock near the front of the enclosure, her face can often be seen. 

Bouche’s Mysterious Death Solved as Internationally Renowned Animal Communicator, Anna Twinney, Steps In

Bouche at his home in Costa Rica

Received from Kids Saving the Rainforest: We had a very sad situation yesterday, Bouche, our scarlet macaw died.  We don’t know how or why, maybe your class can help.  He was found in his enclosure.

Dearest Jennifer,

We send our condolences for this great loss to you and all who loved and continue to love Bouche.  No passing is ever easy, no matter the situation or the circumstances and he will have been a treasured member of the Kids Saving the Rainforest family.

As our class connects there will be many beautiful messages and moments coming your way, for Bouche comes through to me right away upon connection.  There is no waiting but instead he appears and is ready to share.  Such vibrant colors to his feathers, such a bright spirit, an observant fellow and communicative individual.  Bouche shares his vibrancy, with colors and long feathers, a bright eye, and engagement.  He feels more domesticated than he would wild and seems to appreciate not only the humans in his life but those who may pass-by.    

It’s likely he has more than one place he was kept over the time you had him live with you there.  Outside amongst nature on natural-colored branches by a walkway to greet passers-by. Fresh fruit a favorite part of his diet.  Being recognized and acknowledged a must.  While he would have been outside by the path, he will have had a second place to call home too.  A place with size to move around with large feet and claws intact and a mobile beak he certainly describes how he could get around. Fresh water, climbing activities, and items to play with, around and on, would be part of the activities he had come to appreciate.

No matter where he would find himself in or outside Bouche felt safe. Safe with the outdoors, safe with the handlers, the vets, the guests, the wildlife…ultimately safety was recognized. Like a hidden village in the rainforest, KSRF had become his home.  Silent from traffic and yet full of jungle noises.  Nature was part of it all.  Space between the enclosures, fresh air, occasional breeze, and some weather changes, but ultimately a pretty steady climate he called home.  

He describes his love of the place…perhaps he had come to visit in the/a center or would have seen himself to be able to come inside with a place made for him for his versatility and socializing was a part of who he was. Although he hasn’t approached flying much, it was a brief moment where he shared flying to a tree, I don’t believe he had that ability all along. Coming here was a big part of his life, a part he treasured.

The enclosure was safe.  The doors could shut, not necessarily would all lock on the property, but shut they can.  Some wooden slides to close, some metal clasps, some locked, some would just close, he shows them all. Safe all the same.  No mention of threatening wildlife in the neighborhood and no sign of left open enclosures, broken into areas, breach of safety (as he puts it), no animals alerted of such, no animals showed it the next day either with unusual behavior, no signs of feathers on the ground while he shows himself found just there.  The environment had stayed the same, no drastic changes all around.  No change of food, no changes in general.  A routine day in paradise.  

He once appreciated interactions with people, likely some “games” and possibly training with food.  He acknowledges a special female volunteer who appreciated him and his talents. There could have been more…he would embrace it all as though it were yesterday.  A place of observation.  A place he could see the comings and goings, a primary place ~ high up and visible with lots of activity ~ even entry and exit location.  Nothing goes by him.

Age it would not be, neither a loss of appetite.  No shock or surprise, no scaring. No accident, no mistake.  No medical mishap. No wrong choice. No poisoning.  No act by man. While people would go about their business, he knew he was appreciated.  What?  He hears you wonder. And while his outer appearance is colorful and bright he indicates an internal matter.  No pain, no discomfort.  No suffering.  A sudden passing he shares…a place of no return.  Even if he had been found earlier, he doesn’t believe he could have been helped.  He had wished to go on, for there were many years ahead.  His life cut short unexpectedly.  He reassures there is nothing to worry about.  There truly aren’t too many other birds that are currently being supported there.   “Rescued” he was and so he puts it.  Much wildlife about…but nothing contagious.  This he believed came from inside.

In memory, he envisions a plaque with his name on it by his climbing frame to remember him by.  Not the caged enclosure, the outside place where people first enter.  You would speak to him clearly with a smile on your face…partial to wearing earth-tone shorts, putting your blond hair in a ponytail while having a recognizable smile on your face.  Even if lost in thoughts you would remember to speak to him or acknowledge…he remembers you fondly for all you have given him and all you do.  He gained as much freedom as you could offer here…wonder no more.  While many stood out for their needs, their species, their circumstances, some did not.  And while many were not birds, he did stand out..he stayed.  This was home.

While he may not have been able to soar high, if there was anywhere to be in the world he would have chosen exactly where he was.  Rest assured he soars high and is expanding his wings.  In gratitude.

May our message support you and those involved in providing some answers, messages, and peace.

Warmly,  Anna


You are spot on Anna!  I also saw that he passed quickly and easily and showed his gratitude to us all

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A Grateful Kind of Life

Follow along the journey of ROTH Certified Trainer, Carmen Brander, as she hears the call of the horse and follows her heart all the way!

When the opportunity presented itself to participate in a Reach Out To Horses, colt starting clinic, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.  I had a ton of questions running through my head.  Who were these ROTH people, what were these methods and would I be able to understand them, let alone apply them? My nervousness soon subsided once the clinic began as I found myself fully immersed in a comprehensive and compassionate training program.  The days were long and packed full of information, I tried to soak in as much as possible.  Although, challenging and strenuous at times; as the days came to an end, I found myself bright eyed and seeking more. I would run home beaming, to tell my partner about all the things that I had learned that day, eager with anticipation to return the next day.

Needless to say, I was hooked.

Every clinic I participated in the years to follow would shape me and push me in a way that I did not know I needed. Each horse I encountered inspired me to become more creative with my training. They challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and drove me to take a deeper understanding of who they are – who they really are.

Allowing horses to show up as they are has been one of the most rewarding and treasured gifts I have had the privilege of understanding.  Not seeking to simply “change” them but rather understand them and support them – has changed my outlook entirely.

I have gained so much from this program – more than I could ever put onto paper.  I have gained friends that I consider family, that stretch not only across the United States but all around the world. I heightened my ability to recognize and celebrate even the smallest moments.  Among all the things that I have gained through my journey with Reach Out To Horses, perhaps the most important, has been a deeper understanding of myself, with each horse as my guide and master teacher.

I am grateful for this next step in my horse career and owe so much to all the people that have helped and supported me along the way. My deepest gratitude goes to Anna, for seeing me, truly seeing me and for paving the way for the next generation of trust based, kind, compassionate horsemanship.  I am forever grateful for this tribe.

xo, Carmen 

« It feels good to remember your soul’s contract » By Safia Khider

The first time I read these words I was already an intern at Anna Twinney’s ranch. I remember thinking how lucky I was to read them and felt as if they had been written for me… I was five years old when my heart started to remember but my brain did not know what to do with it. At the time, horses would flood my mind for a reason I couldn’t comprehend as no one in my family was close to these animals. By the age of twelve I was reading all the horse magazines that I could find, my room was a horse museum, and I knew the skeleton of the horse by heart. My obsession to get close to horses pushed me to write a very naive letter to one particular French horse magazine in which I shared my sadness in not living my passion. My mum inadvertently read it before mailing it and decided then to help me. My sisters and I got riding lessons during summer time outside of town, but everything about the riding school felt opposite to what I had dreamt of up to then. I didn’t want my mum to be disappointed so I never told her anything. I would go there with a heavy heart, disliking the riding part, and only liking the time spent on the ground brushing the horses and just being with them. The way we were told to interact with horses felt wrong. I was particularly keen on getting to know this pony called “Crinière pâle” (meaning “Fair Mane”) who was extremely aggressive in his stall and highly energized once on his back. I wanted to understand why he was like that but the only response from the staff was that I needed to boss him around.

Being an animal lover, my heart broke a million times watching equines suffer from the violence inflicted on them in the streets of Casablanca in Morocco. From my bedroom window, I would watch the carriages and wonder how I could help the horses, mules and donkeys. I still have a fresh souvenir of the day I saw this grey horse pulling a carriage and in my mind I made a promise that one day I would come back to help them.

What I didn’t know is how much my writing would affect my life. After sending that letter to the French horse magazine, I wrote to the New Zealand Embassy in France because I was horrified by my latest discovery: that helicopters were killing the Kaimanawas, feral horses in New Zealand. I got a response that they would follow up on it and I started realising that writing could have an impact. I then fell in love with the incredible story of a horsewoman called Jacqueline Ripart (also an author) who had decided to observe and study feral horses in Namibia. I wrote to her and she later became a friend who introduced me to two amazing people in the horse world, who have since inspired me to follow the call of the horses: Jean Louis Gouraud, famous equine editor and writer and Saskia Machaczek, equine consultant and horse instructor/coach. I was by then mostly involved in the editing/communication business in Paris, but the little girl in me still secretly hoped to get into the world of horses to be with them. The feeling of belonging to their world had never left me but personal matters had forced me into choosing a path made of « reasonable decisions » in pursuit of a stable, financial situation. Thanks to Saskia who became my first instructor in natural horsemanship, I would get weekends with horses, either training for endurance races or just going on trails with her.

I had happy moments but I wasn’t happy or fulfilled, and my heart kept asking me the same questions « who am I? » « what is the point of all this? » « what is my purpose? »… When I shared these questions with friends thinking they too had the same queries, they would urge me to focus on what I had: a great job and an amazing boyfriend. It was all true in appearance but I knew deep down inside something was out of alignment. What started as a whisper became so loud I couldn’t shush it anymore and had to act. I knew horses would be a part of my future, I just didn’t know where to begin… The start of a new life in Morocco was also the end of my professional and personal life in Paris. Making this hard decision allowed the voice in me to speak. And from then on, it spoke louder and louder. I started working at a horse club in Marrakech and did so for almost 4 years (out of which 2 were volunteering). The drive and passion I had for horses came back a million times stronger than when I was a little girl. It was so intense, it shadowed all the other emotions I should have felt at the time, it was a clear cut from my past life. A mission in my head started to form: get the right teacher to do better by and for the horses in Morocco. That’s when the Universe orchestrated my meeting with Anna Twinney through the book « Horse as teacher », handed over by my mum, who turned out again to be one of the Universe’s gifts to put me on my path. An avid reader of anything and everything around natural horsemanship, I was already way into one particular book. Yet, as soon as I saw « Horse as teacher », I felt the urge to simply drop everything and dive into this one. Among several stories of incredible horsewomen, Anna Twinney’s stood out. Her words « giving a voice to the voiceless » touched me to the core, and her deep connection to her mustang Excalibur as well as their encounter left me breathless. Without giving it a second thought, I emailed her and again, the act of writing a letter impacted the next chapter in my life. And wonder of all wonders, she did email me back. She could not accept me as an intern unless I had had her training, which made sense to me. Because of my unstable financial situation, I simply couldn’t afford the training. I then offered to welcome her to Morocco to show her how people trained with horses. She said yes on one condition: that I would organize a demo for her to do, and I would make sure we would have the press there. We did and it was incredible to have her with her husband Vin and their child Joseph with us! Anna’s expertise combined with her kindness shone throughout her stay. I was overjoyed when at the end of it, she decided to welcome me at her ranch in Colorado as an intern for 3 months and offer me the HHC Foundation of her training (Holistic Horsemanship Comprehensive Foundation). I went there in September 2016 and it was a dream come true! What is also amazing is that I had kept a journal of what was happening a year prior to this, asking for the Universe to bring me an opportunity of studying with a teacher of her caliber in exchange for my work in the US. How amazing that again writing my wishes was proving to be so powerful!

Doing the foundation HHC of ROTH showed me the level of compassion that Anna was having with equines, which I had never experienced before. It was never about using but about collaborating, never about dominating but about inviting. A new world of possibilities had opened up in my mind, but most of all, my heart was content for the very first time. After this, Anna decided to offer me the full training up to the instructorship. Unfortunately, I was stopped at the US border and asked to get a proper visa. Anna and Vin took a lawyer and for a year and a half battled to get me a 2 year visa. In the meantime, I worked in a private stable, met my fiancé and waited impatiently for Anna’s news. When she broke the news of my coming, I was thrilled but I also knew I would be leaving behind me my family as well as my horses, cats and dogs. During these 2 years, I learned so much about myself, about my flaws and qualities, about how to be a better horsewoman. I can now say that Anna has given me skills that I can sharpen more and more if I keep putting my heart in it. I can also say that I learned that I cannot love horses or any other being on this planet if I don’t love myself. My life lesson hit me by the end of my second year when my body could not undergo any more physical work as I had demanded too much of it. I had been warned, time and time again, by everyone that I should slow down, give it some rest. But I couldn’t. It was second nature for me to just keep going. My body had to break down for me to understand that I would lose everything if I did not pause. Cutting my stay short to go back home forced me into rethinking everything: my choices, my needs, my life. It had been such an honour to be with Anna’s herd as well as with her other animals. It had been such a joy to be with Anna’s family, who felt like a second family to me, that it did break my heart to leave so suddenly. But there was no choice. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Coming back to Morocco, the words from a magnet Anna had given me are still in my head « I am far from what I once was but I am nowhere near who I am going to be. »

I don’t know what the Universe has in store for me, I just know that my focus is now on being of service to the equines in Morocco thanks to the precious knowledge I have gained.

With ROTH, Anna has helped me remember my soul’s contract, and for that, I am forever grateful!