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The 2015 Season Begins in Colorado!

We are excited to kick off the 2015 season here at Reach Out to Horses.  We have a good feeling about this year and we’re confident that you are going to love what we have in store for you.

We are beginning our journey right here at home, in Colorado, with a full spring schedule.

All the events have limited spaces available, and when we say space is limited, we don’t mean we have plenty of spaces, we mean, LIMITED!  So don’t miss out!

So much going on.  Mark your calendar and join us!


An Evening of
Animal Communication

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015
6:30 – 9pm 

$35 early bird / $50 at the door
Celebration Metaphysical Center, Colorado Springs, CO

Spend an evening learning how to
talk to the your animals… No… Really…

Join International Animal Communicator, Anna Twinney as she introduces you to amazing world of Animal Communication.  Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises, you will explore the amazing world of inter-species, telepathic communication, or “animal communication.” Using your inherit gifts, you will discover how to telepathically connect and communicate with a being of another species. This two-way communication is accomplished not only with words, but with images, feelings, thoughts, emotions and other intuitive senses.

During the Evening We Will Explore:  

  • Just what is Animal Communication
  • Your innate ability to connect with your Animal Companions
  • Understanding your animals perspective on situations
  • Creating a heart-to-heart connection with your Animal
  • And More…

Animal Communication is not supernatural, but a natural way of communicating with animals and even people!  Animals communicate telepathically with one another all the time, we just need to reawaken those intuitive senses to explore this extraordinary skill.

This is a heart-to-heart connection that everyone can experience if they open up, love, and listen to the animals. You will discover the beauty and harmony of the natural world, and awaken to exactly what is possible, when you understand that all living creatures are intelligent beings, with their own feelings, emotions, thoughts, desires and perceptions of life.

Awaken Your Inherit Ability to Talk to Your Animal Companion!

Click on the “SIGN UP NOW” link below for more details and to reserve your spot!

Space is Limited So Don’t Delay!


Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, Denver, CO 

Anna and Reach Out to Horses   Return for our 4th year in a row to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo!

March 12th – 15th, 2015
National Western Complex
Denver, CO

Anna is excited to be a featured presenter at this years Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.  Join us as Anna shares some amazing insights for the forth year in a row.  During her live demonstrations and lectures she will cover everything we teach here are Reach Out to Horses and the how’s and the why’s it applies to your horse! From Energy Work, to Animal Communication, to Anna’s Exclusive Gentle, Trust-Based Reach Out to Horses’ Methodologies, Reiki for Horses and more!  You will get a taste of it all.

She’s also been invited to be an expert in the Thursday “Ride with the Experts” workshops.

And then, after you’ve been thoroughly amazed and inspired, join us at the Reach Out to Horses’ Booth where we’ll have all our courses and merchandise for you to peruse, ask Anna all your burning questions, and discover why ROTH is the most unique and comprehensive horsemanship program in world.

For more information visit www.rockymountainhorseexpo.com.

Reiki I & II & Master Certification Weekend

Reiki - Centrum
Learn the Most Popular
Healing Art in the World!

Reiki I & II Certification Weekend,
March 20th & 21st, Elizabeth, CO

Reiki, translated from Japanese as “Universal Life Force”, is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternative healing modalities in the world. Already used in clinics, private practices and hospitals around the globe, people are waking up to the amazing benefits that Reiki can provide.

Developed as a healing art in early 20th century Japan, Reiki is a holistic, non-invasive technique that heals on all levels of body, mind and spirit. In addition it can enhance other modalities of healing, both traditional and alternative, alleviate pain and has been proven to reduce stress in both humans and animals.

With this unique style of energy healing you can:

  • Alleviate stress, fears, worry and frustrations
  • Assist the body in cleansing different types of toxins
  • Help people break unwanted habits or conditions like smoking, overeating and alcoholism
  • Work on anything from your pets, house plants and even your computer!
  • and more…

During the two-day certification course Anna will conduct a comprehensive exploration into this Universal healing art. You will discover exactly what Reiki is and how to use it to heal yourself and others.

Topics that will be covered over the 2-day workshop include:

  • The History of Reiki
  • Level I & II Reiki Attunement Symbols
  • The Proper Use of Reiki
  • Starting a Reiki Practice
  • Body and Energy Scanning
  • Chakras:  What they are and how to use them
  • Distant Healing
  • And More!

And everyone who attends the workshop gets a full Reiki healing session so you can experience the amazing power of Reiki for yourself.

Through Anna’s fun, powerful and nurturing style she will guide you to your full potential and help you discover what you might never even have thought possible! Whether you haven’t worked with Reiki before, feel it’s time to take the next step or you want to take your Reiki practice to the next level, this is the workshop you’ve been waiting for.

Cost:  Reiki I – $175.00

Reiki II – $200.00
Full Weekend -$375.00

Space is limited so reserve your spot today.

To reserve your spot go to reachouttohorses.com/reiki2.html#classes or for further information contact Vin at info@reachouttohorses.com.


Reiki World - Purple
Reiki Master Certification*
March 19th – 21st, Elizabeth, CO

If you are ready for your own personal journey and to take the leap to the greater world of Reiki.  This is your chance.

For further information contact:  Anna directly at info@reachouttohorses.com to sign up for an extraordinary
life changing weekend.

*Minimum of Reiki I & II Certification Required.

Reiki for Horses IHands on Horse BitterrootEnergy Healing
for Horses
March 22nd
10am – 5pm
Happy Dog Ranch Littleton, CO


One of Energy healing’s most effective uses is in the healing of horses.  Horses, and animals in general, are great clients for energy work because they don’t have any preconceived notions or skepticism that often get in the way of human receptivity.  An animal is simply present to the experience.  If it likes it, it likes it and if it doesn’t it leaves:  Simple as that.

We have found that most horses love Reiki and other forms of energy work.  They will quite often relax into the healing session, lower their heads, keeping a leg cocked in a relaxed position and even close their eyes as they enjoy the sensation.  Many times you can even hear their stomachs gurgle as the healing energy flows through them, clearing energy blocks as it goes.  And when they have had enough, they will often let you know by “waking up” and sometimes even walking away.

During the workshop you will learn how to:

  • Ask for “permission” from your animal companions
  • Set up a safe energy healing session
  • Scan your horse’s body
  • Locate chakras
  • Listen to your horse and read his body gestures
  • Recognize the duration of sessions
  • Liaise with friends & clients
  • Share experiences and stories to further enhance your practice

Remember that Reiki and other forms of energy and alternative healing is not intended to be a substitute for Western medicine and a vet should always be notified in cases of illness and concern.  But it is a powerful tool and can assist on many levels of healing.

Join Anna for this very special day as she shows you the most effective way to apply your practice and your skills to the horse.  This is also a great opportunity to review your skills if you are a little rusty or maybe feel like you need a little more instruction.  Improve your skill set, increase your confidence, and heal some horses!

No Prerequisite!  This class is open to everyone who wishes to bring an energy healing practice to the horses and other animals to benefit our fellow planetary companions.

For further information and contact Vin at info@reachouttohorses.com.

For more information about Zuma’s Rescue Ranch visit happydogranch.org.

Cost: $125 for the entire day of training if you register by March 1st / $150 after March 1st

Visit reachouttohorses.com to register now!

Space is limited, reserve your spot today!

Animal Communication Weekend at RMSAAM

A Weekend of Animal Communication with Anna 
March 28th & 29th, 2015 
RMSAAM, Elizabeth, CO  


Learn How to Speak to Your Animal Companions on a Level You Never Imagined!

In Partnership with the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage

Spend 2 full days learning how to talk to your Animals… no… really.

Through hands-on exercises, demonstrations and lectures, you will explore the amazing world of interspecies, telepathic communication, or “animal communication.” Using your inherit gifts, you will be able to telepathically connect and communicate with a being of another species.

This two-way communication is accomplished not only with words, but with images, feelings, thoughts, emotions and other intuitive senses.

“There is nothing like being in the energy of the live class environment.  It raises your intuitive and connective abilities immensely!”

During the 2-Day Workshop You Will:  
    * Experience your innate ability to connect with your Animal Companions
    * Learn the reasons behind behavioral issues and how to solve them
    * Understand your animals perspective on situations
    * Gain new insights into who they really are
    * Creating a heart-to-heart connection with your Animal
    * Engage in a Long Distance communication with any animal
    * Effectively muscle-testing for anything
    * Hear the scientific perspective
    * And More…

Animal Communication is not supernatural, but a natural way of communicating with animals and even people!  Animals communicate telepathically with one another all the time, we just need to reawaken those intuitive senses to explore this extraordinary skill.

This is a heart-to-heart connection that everyone can experience if they open up, love, and listen to the animals. You will discover the beauty and harmony of the natural world, and awaken to exactly what is possible, when you understand that all living creatures are intelligent beings, with their own feelings, emotions, thoughts, desires and perceptions of life.

Awaken Your Inherit Ability to Talk to Your Animal Companion!

Cost:  Only $165 per day

For more information contact Vin at info@reachouttohorses.com.

To register visit RMSAAM.com.

Space is Limited So Sign Up Today!

Photo by Christine Fitzgerald & Chris Pope
Animal Energy Healing
March 30, 2015
10am – 5pm  

RMSAAM, Elizabeth, CO


In Partnership with the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage

Energy work can be a powerful and effective modality of healing, but for many, bringing it to their animal companions can be confusing or even dangerous.  If you have an existing practice, how can you be sure of its effect on your animals?  International Karuna Reiki Master, Animal Communicator and Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Anna Twinney, will guide you to bringing any hands-on healing modality to the animal world.
Animals respond intuitively to the power of energy healing in healing emotional, mental and physical illnesses and ailments. It can also assist in resolving a myriad of behavioral issues, including and not limited to fear, anxiety, aggression, depression, neglect, starvation, abuse, separation anxiety, eating disorders, self harming, “acting out”, and more, as well as providing support for those in transition.
Over the course of the day you will learn to receive clear direction in asking the animal’s permission, scanning for blockages, “love lessons”, the use of a pendulum for chakra  balancing, and therapeutic oil selection, as well as healing hand placements and official closing of a session.   You will also explore animal communication and discover how to incorporate it into your work from conversation, to seeing colors, receiving messages, tapping into intuition and body language.
Regardless of the art practiced, energy healing is a perfect partner to animal communication, massage, acupuncture, and more, in the support of general health and well-being for humans and animals alike.
Enquire about bringing your own animal companion(s) to class!

$175 early bird special / $200 at the door

For more information or to register visit RMSAAM
Space is Limited So Sign Up Today!

Animal Communication Weekend at RMSAAM

Horse Under Tarp

Spook-busting:  The Stress-Free Way to
Desensitizing Your
Horse to Anything
April 11th & 12th, 2015 
Friends of Horses, Centennial, CO  
Reach Out to Horses is the most unique and comprehensive
equine training program in the world.  During this full,
hands-on, info-packed 2-days, you’ll find out why!

Anna will introduce you to some of the most important elements in creating a bombproof equine partner through genuine trust-based training methods. Get the results you’ve always wanted but haven’t necessarily been able to achieve.

Saturday: T.L.C. and Spook-Busting In-Hand

Sunday: Overcoming Obstacles In-Hand and In the Saddle

If you are interested in creating or strengthening that genuine partnership join Anna for a weekend of fun and freedom with your horse.
For more information or to register visit:  reachouttohorses.com/spook.html

For more information contact Vin at info@reachouttohorses.com.

Space is Very Limited So Register Today!
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Anna is coming to Ottawa with a powerful weekend of animal communication!

The Animal Communication Foundation Workshop

Animal Communication Weekend Class

April 16 – 19, 2015

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Anna is excited to bring her highly effective animal communication foundation workshop to Ottawa!

Make a Real Difference in the Lives of Your Animals

Animal Communication is not supernatural, but a natural way of communicating with animals and even people!  Animals communicate telepathically with one another all the time. We just need to reawaken those intuitive senses to explore this extraordinary skill.

This is a heart-to-heart connection that everyone can experience if they open up, love, and listen to the animals. You will discover the beauty and harmony of the natural world, and awaken to exactly what is possible, when you understand that all living creatures are intelligent beings, with their own feelings, emotions, thoughts, desires and perceptions of life.

Register for the Entire Foundation Workshop, April 16 – 19, 2015
An Evening of Animal Communication
April 16, 2014 – 6 – 9:30pm
Through demonstrations, lectures, and exercises, Anna will introduce you to the amazing world of interspecies, telepathic communication, or “animal communication.” Using your inherent gifts you will begin to uncover your own ability to telepathically connect and communicate with a being of another species.
This two-way communication is accomplished through images, feelings, thoughts, emotions, words, and other intuitive senses.

During This Evening Workshop You Will Explore:

  • What is Animal Communication
  • How to connect with your Animal
  • Solving those frustrating behavioral issues
  • Your animal’s perspective on situations
  • How to help your animal with health issues
  • Tapping into your own intuitive abilities
  • And More…

Join us for an Amazing Introduction to the World of Animal Communication!

Animal Communication Foundation Workshop – April 16 – 19, 2015

The Animal Communication Foundation Workshop Overview


Friday – Working with Animals Live and In Person

Now that you’ve been introduced to telepathic communication, Anna will take you deeper into this powerful art. The evening introduction barely scratched the surface and now it is your turn to uncover your inherent abilities.

You will spend the entire day learning how to connect with your animal companions live and in person. Many believe it is easier to connect with their animals while they are with them physically. But physical proximity has difficulties and challenges that are often overlooked.

Anna will guide you through these challenges, and help you to hear the clear messages of your animals, giving them a voice, and revealing their thoughts, feelings, needs and more. She will show you how you can assist any animal with virtually any issue, whether it be emotional, physical, mental, or even spiritual.

Saturday – Working with Animals at a Distance 

Building on the lessons of the previous days, Anna will then walk you through communicating with Animals at a distance. One of the reasons Anna is sought after by people all over the world for private sessions is the integrity, accuracy and verifiable nature of the messages coming through.

Connecting with an animal from a distance has its own challenges and, once again, Anna will be your guide as she shows you how to make sure you are connecting with the intended animal, and how to get accuracy and relay verifiable details in your sessions.

She will reveal her secrets to conducting an interview with the animal and how to maintain the conversation without it turning into an interrogation or a one-sided conversation.

Sunday – Animal Communication for Physical and Health Issues 

Once you established a foundation, Anna will take you even deeper as you explore the benefits and power of Animal Communication to solve specific issues.

When your companion is obviously ill, off their food, losing the sparkle in their eyes, even the vet sometimes has to guess at what the problem is. Does your pet just have an upset tummy from something they snuck off the kitchen counter, or is it something more serious?

Recall a time when you were ill and went to the doctor, only to be given a medication you KNEW wasn’t what you needed. How many times have you discarded a doctor’s recommended treatment and solved your own health issues?

How did you KNOW what to do to bring you back to health? Well, your companion often knows what they need as well. Instead of hock injections for suspected arthritis, maybe your horse just needs the occasional massage to loosen up. Or, perhaps the latest and greatest food you picked up at the big box store is the reason your cat is leaving little presents all over the house for you when you get home.

Getting to the bottom of pain and physical issues can be tricky and you will spend the day learning how to get right to the issues and support your animal companion through whatever they are going through.

If you’ve wanted to learn the art of animal communication, or if you want to hone the natural abilities you know you have, this is the perfect opportunity.

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Want to Win $100 to the ROTH Store?

KCACO image



Prize: $100 to the Reach Out to Horses Online Store

Anna is looking for the perfect “Keep Calm” phrase to add to the ROTH T-Shirt line-up.  With so many creative minds, we are depending on you to find the perfect word.

What you need to know:

  1. Send your phrase in the format of “Keep Calm and (insert word) On” to megan@reachouttohorses.com
  2. Deadline: Your phrase must be in by Monday, February 23, 2015 at Midnight to be considered
  3. In case the same phrase submitted by multiple individuals, the first person to send the phrase will win the prize


AND GO!!! 

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Re-Cap from FREE Natural Horsemanship Webinar

The Evolution of Horsemanship:  Becoming the Horseman or Woman Every Horse Wants
FREE Webinar
with Anna

Monday, January 19, 2015 – 6pm-7:30pm (Mountain time)

Thanks to all who listened in as well as asked questions as we discussed becoming the companion, trainer, rider, guardian every horse needs.  We had questions from the reaches of Connecticut, California, here in Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Germany, Denmark, New York, Ontario, Tennesses, and Virginia.

Wonderful words from webinar attendees:

Karena Garrity –  Centerbrook,CT (Incoming)
Once again a wonderful experience!

Stephanie – Acton, CA (Incoming)
Amazing webinar – as always. Gave me extra questions/thought for our session this week. XO

Thank you so much…you have truely changed the world for horses!!

Deanna Main – Akron (Incoming)
Blessings to you, Vin and Joseph

Kelly Wright   Peyton, CO (Incoming)
you made me cry as usual!

Lisa Aniballi -Port Townsend (Incoming)
thank you Anna, you help me so much to understand my horses and be open to continue to evolve.

Cathi Greatorex – Eureka (Incoming)
Thank you for offering this opportunity for learning! You are so amazing and generous!

Ben Yoder-Henley – (Incoming)
Thank you, Anna for your webinar! I found this to be very informative and I took a lot from it. See you soonzeez!

Thanks for helping me change my mindset Anna

nancy maxwell -Phoenix (Incoming)

Thanks Anna for continuing to give me the encouragement that I AM hearing what I really am hearing from my boys… and I am not nuts as the rest of my barn thinks I am@

Allison Goldfarb –  Oakton, VA (Incoming)

Thank you, Anna. It was great to hear your voice again. You are one of the voices in my head as you started me on my journey of really listening and communicating with horses years ago at Flag is Up, CA and have been with me over the years in person and through the ether. I love what you say about evolving. I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks in the “Evolution” webinar series! Best wishes for 2015!

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Press Release: For immediate release BLM Targets Colorado Wild Horse Herds

Plans include Zeroing-Out West Douglas Herd Area and Roundup of Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO(Feb. 10, 2015) – On January 30, 2015, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) White River Field Office issued a scoping document calling for the removal of all wild horses within the West Douglas Herd Area (WDHA), as well as the removal of 167 wild horses from Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area (PEDHMA) in order to reach an “appropriate” management level (AML).

“This is the just the latest BLM assault on wild horse herds living on our public lands,” states Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation (TCF). “BLM bristles at being accused of managing wild horses to extinction, but how else would one characterize the zeroing out of an entire herd?”

BLM’s website states, “The BLM protects, manages, and controls wild horses and burros on public lands to ensure that healthy herds thrive on healthy rangelands.” However, their actions paint a different picture.  In 1971, 339 wild horse and burro herds were identified for protection on 53.8 million acres of public land. Today, only 179 herds remain and they are managed on fewer than 26 million acres (not including the zeroing out of 1263 mustangs living on 1.2 million acres of Wyoming checkerboard lands in Sept. 2014).

The BLM scoping document states: “wild horse removals are necessary to protect rangelands from the impacts on Sage Grouse.”  No mention is made of the degraded state of the range due to thousands of head of privately-owned livestock in these areas. BLM states that reduction of livestock would not be “in conformance with the existing land use plan, is contrary to the BLM’s multiple-use mission as outlined in the 1976 Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA), and would be inconsistent with the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burro’s Act (WFRHBA) . . .”

“Livestock grazing is privilege, not a right and permits can be reduced or revoked per BLM Regulations (43 CFR § 4710.5) states Kathrens. “To assert that reducing the number of welfare livestock, which cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year, in some way violates FLPMA and the Wild Horse and Burro Act is ridiculous.”

The Cloud Foundation, Toni and Don Moore and numerous advocate groups and individuals have been fighting to preserve the West Douglas Herd on Colorado’s Western Slope for decades. “We’ve been keeping BLM in check from repeated attempts to zero out the West Douglas Herd though a series of petitions and legal actions beginning in the early 1990’s,” states TCF Board Member, Toni Moore.

In the most recent court ruling in 2009 when BLM attempted to zero out the West Douglas herd, U.S District Court Judge Collyer enjoined BLM from removing any wild horses from the herd.

“Mustangs have roamed the area long before Colorado was even a territory, let alone a state,” says Toni Moore. She has traced the history of wild horses in WDHA back to the 1600’s when the horses were brought here from settlements in New Mexico and Old Mexico by the Ute Tribe.  The narrative of the journey of the priest explorers, Fathers Dominquez and Escalante in 1776 indicates they were met by mounted Utes in the area of the Canyon Pintado Historical Area, which is partially located in the West Douglas Herd Area.“

“It would be so sad to lose this rich chapter of Colorado history,” says Dr. Don Moore, who grew up in nearby Rangely, CO and has visited the West Douglas Herd since he was five years-old.  “Wild horse herds are the legacy of the American people, and we have a responsibility to protect them for future generations.”

Comments regarding the proposals are due on February 14, 2015 and can be mailed to Melissa Kindall, WRFO, 220 E. Market Street, Meeker, CO 81641 or submitted via email to mkindall@blm.gov 



BLM Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Gather Plan

Proposed West Douglas Herd Area Roundup 

Proposed Roundup, Piceance-East DouglasHerd Management Areas 

Public Notice of Removals

Total Removal of Historic Colorado Mustang Herd Denied

Wild Horse Groups File Preemptive“Motion for Stay” to Stop Possible Back-Door BLM Roundup 

Media Contacts:

Paula Todd King

The Cloud Foundation



The Cloud Foundation (TCF) is a Colorado based 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wild horses and burros on our western public lands.

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Anna Twinney, animal communicator, and Cowboy 1 hour session with Cathy Languerand

Cowboy came through easily describing himself to Anna as a black and white paint, conformation of hind legs and shoulder a little upright, good body condition, not too fat. He showed his eye as bright, soft and engaging. He at first showed her his surroundings at SMTRC. She described the red barn, white farm house, the mini’s paddock and run-ins. He showed our fields as mostly grass, wet at times, not sand. He showed that he does well on the hay and the hay comes “reliably” as needed. He showed himself with children, he even showed two little girls sitting on his back dressed in pink. Anna explained that the girls may not be something that he has done but could be his way of showing his desires or abilities. He showed being ridden in our dually halters and at times a snaffle bridle, both of which he is fine with. He described his work as not too strenuous. He shared he has had shoes on before but does not have shoes on now. He did show her that he is wearing a glue on wrap with no nails on his feet and we have discussed possibly using glue on shoes. All of these facts I was able to confirm.

He described his insulin resistance laminitis as having reoccurring episodes two times per year with some effects of the disease staying in his body all the time. He believes that the grass triggers episodes more than hay does. He showed himself as at times having sore feet and wanting to walk on soft footing. He describes the care he has received here at SMTRC as extraordinary. He especially loved having his feet soaked, sometimes in Epsom salts. We asked him if he was suffering and he feels that he manages the discomfort well and knows that it will pass shortly. He at no time seemed discouraged by his condition. He very much wants to continue his rehab. If he has to leave the farm to do this he understands. He is not looking to being retired and sees himself as being sound enough to work with children. We will honor his vision of “seeing himself as going to get better”.

He showed pictures of a different farm with dirt paddocks, tall pine trees, animals, and minis. Definitely not SMTRC. He showed it as a place that he could go. A close friend of mine, Sarah Mirhead, has a farm that fits this description and is set up to do rehabilitation, she has offered to give Cowboy a home and continue his rehabilitation. He will be living with minis and goats and plenty of hay and turn out. Sarah is a trimmer, and has a homeopathic practice. She works with Dr Regan Golob on a regular basis. Dr. Golob has worked on Cowboy several times at SMTRC. She will continue to treat his laminitis and insulin resistance.

Cowboy’s last request is to have a celebration, a goodbye party! He would like balloons, cookies, and cards. I would like to honor this request and invite all to come and celebrate his life. He is a true healer and I would like to share this time to give thanks to Cowboy. The session left me feeling much better about sending him away to get better. He believes that this is possible. I believe that his voice is important and if possible should be honored. If his physical issues change we will check in with him again to see how he feels and make sure he understands what is happening. .IMG_0746

Cowboy had a wonderful time!  Thanks to all who made his celebration special!

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Anna is overjoyed to return to Soulful Prairies in October!

October 9-11 – Anna Twinney Horsemanship Experience

October 15-18 – Anna Twinney Animal Communication

Visit SoulfulPrairies.com for more details!

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Our Indiegogo Campaign to Save the Wild Horses is LIVE! Check it out and SHARE with your friends!

The time has come!  Excitement abounds! 

Anna and Reach Out to Horses is launching an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the donation of her Whispers from the Wild Ones: Mustangs as Our Master Teachers to organizations all over the United States who are involved with the fate of the wild mustang.  View DVD trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBI-VGNZBgY&list=UUZ9hEJekPn-7odcCO6TKwWg


Help save the American Mustang from extinction.
The solution is here!

For many, the plight of the American Wild Horse is well known and close to their hearts. But most people, even those in the equine industry, do not know the seemingly insurmountable odds they are up against. These majestic beings face removal from their homes, round-ups into cruel and soul-crushing capture, and some say, their eventual extinction, unless we do something to stop it.
The American Mustang has held a dear place in my heart since the days I began working with them almost 20 years ago, and I have made it my life’s mission to help them wherever and whenever I can.

My goal has been two-fold. First, to share the plight of the mustang with the world and, second, to educate people in the way of the mustang – to show them how to work, train and care for the wild horse. To address both I have recently created

Whispers from the Wild Ones, a 2-DVD set designed to share a practical approach to protecting the mustangs on the range and to teach an effective, trust-based approach to working with and training the wild ones who can not be returned to the wild.


And here is how you can help

We have set aside 1,000 DVD sets to send to organizations all over the country and the world and with your support we will send this invaluable resource to as many as we can.

For as little as $10 we can send out a copy of the DVD set to one of the thousands of organizations who truly need it!

There are two ways you can do this:


Anna has just launched an Indigogo campain to help raise funds

You can donate through Indigogo and/or SHARE this cause with everyone you know!

Also, follow this link to the Reach Out website page for donations to the cause.

Read up about what Anna and the entire Reach Out team has a great passion for – and please spread the word!


Anna was just featured on “Stable Scoop” Radio Show talking about her vision for the Mustang DVD – Listen In!

Stable Scoop Episode 339 – The Metal Horses and Helping the Mustangs

Hear from an organization who has already received their copy of the Whispers from the Wild Ones: Mustangs as our Master Teachers DVD

Dear FOAL and Ms. Twinney,

My cup runneth over. You are wonderful, generous and deeply appreciated.

Today I received the DVD by, and from, Anna Twinney and learned you nominated Wild Love Preserve to receive this purposeful gift on behalf our universal efforts to nurture and preserve our wild friends.

Thank you. You warm my heart and bring a smile to my being.  I very much look forward to viewing this DVD, and staying in touch.

Happy New Year!

~ Andrea, Wild Love Preserve

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Two special Andalusians looking for a home

Susan Reeves Cope of Corazones de Fuego Andalusians, who has allowed ROTH trainer students exposure to handling Andalusians, is looking to place these two very special Andalusians.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in Dotsero CDF or Fantasia CDF, please contact her.  cdfandalusians@msn.com


was born May 22, 2009. He is a Bay Gelding and is about 16h. DOTSERO CDF is a very sweet boy. His Sire is Decoroso SMDR, a Grand Prix stallion. He has his Sire’s incredible movement and has the ability and temperament to be a well-accomplished Dressage horse or just your Buddy. He has a very loving and a want to please personality. He has not been started. He has cataracts, but still has the ability to perform, if that is your desire, and make someone a very loving partner.


was born September 2, IMG_07132008. She is a bay and close to 15H. Her brother is Decoroso SMDR, a Grand Prix stallion. She has her brother’s incredible movement and has the ability and temperament to be a well-accomplished Dressage horse or just your Buddy. She is a “love bug”. She is a very Special young Lady. She has been started, but is very green. She has not been ridden for several years.

I’m Asking $5,000 each… not because of their quality, but due to their cataracts.

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aja 1Dearest Anna,

I am writing to you for two reasons – one to thank you for your lovely mail to me after I got back home to Aja this summer.

I so enjoyed the newsletter, that your dear Merlin is 13 and fit. Also the birthday of Oliver singing. Further I do follow your newsletters of course with your amazing gift from the universe – little Joseph – just SO amazed, that you wrote, that he picks up naturally from his animal friends. So beautiful that you both support this gift of course. Lovely to watch – thank you for sharing.

The second reason I am writing to you is to tell you, that I chose to give Aja peace last Friday.

She was getting worse with her joints and had got a lot of muces in her throat. She sometimes had to rush out several times during the night to eat grass to get it up. I was often scared, that she would get it all the wrong way.

She was a very loving dog till the end. She did get more pain along the way, though, and got tired from the muces.

It became very clear to me, that I just found, that she shouldn’t have such a difficult time. She had also had a lot of trouble with the muces during Xmas. Had tried antibiotics, homeopathy and various treatments, but it just wouldn’t go away.

We went to the beach on Wednesday on the most beautiful sunny day. Aja even got her own rainbow, as we got up there.

aja 3

Helle, a friend, took some lovely pictures and video of us – a lovely memory.

Aja had a fine time with friends. She was very tired the next day, but on her last day Friday, she walked a little walk with me down to the lake. She was very determined to where she was going.

As we went to the vet, Kristian, a friend, who was also at your evening and who is very sensitive talking to the animals and his late wife and cat on the other side, went with Aja and me. Aja loves him.

A the vet (whom Aja liked) I sat with her on her blanket on the floor, and she fell asleep in my arms. We took her home, and she is now buried in the garden, near the lake.

Trillee sat with us from her place all the way through and got some lovely messages from Aja to me for which I am very grateful.

Today I went to the other vet, who treated Aja with acupuncture, cranio sacral therapy and homeopathy. She said, that Aja had come by the next day and said that she was fine. We also felt her presence a lot while I was there.

I wish to thank you for having given me the most precious gift – like you said that first night, I met you – “It is life changing – when you walk out this door, nothing will ever be the same”. You couldn’t be more right.

I still miss her immensely being here, but it does comfort me, that I know, that she is now free of pain and running freely. She is with me in my heart where I go.

The learning from the summer made our last time here together very fine and being in the now.

Thank you, Anna. I shall continue to work with the animals – through Bowen and doing my best to listen to where the animals are with your help. Looking forward to the coming webinar, too.

Shall look forward to seeing you again, whenever your way finds our little country again.

All my love to you and your family – and thank you so much.

Hugs Bente.

P.S. Pictures from our last trip to the beach.

Also sending a poem, a friend from Australia sent me – comfort in a sorrowful situation.

Making that final decision to say goodbye

You’re giving me a special gift so sorrowfully endowed,
And through these last few cherished days your courage makes me proud.

 But really, love is knowing when your best friend is in pain,
And understanding earthly acts will only be in vain.

So looking deep into your eyes, beyond into your soul,
I see in you the magic that will once more make me whole.

 The strength that you possess is why I look to you today,
To do this thing that must be done for it’s the only way.

 That strength is why I’ve followed you and chose you as my friend,
And why I’ve loved you all these years … my partner till the end.

 Please understand just what this gift you’re giving means to me,
It gives me back the strength I’ve lost and all my dignity.

 You take a stand on my behalf for that is what friends do,
And know that what you do is right for I believe it too.

 So one last time I breathe your scent and through your hand I feel,
The courage that’s within you to now grant me this appeal.

 Cut the leash that holds me here dear friend and let me run,
Once more a strong and steady dog my pain and struggle done.

 And don’t despair my passing for I won’t be far away,
Forever here within your heart and memory I’ll stay.

 I’ll be there watching over you your ever faithful friend,
And in your memories I’ll run … a young dog once again.

 (author unknown)

aja 2
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