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Happy New Year! Our First Diary of the Year!


From Our Herd to Yours:


Another fresh New Year is here; another year to live!  Let us banish worry, doubt and fear, in favor of love, laughter and generosity!  A hundred years from now, it will not matter the sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was, or the car I drove … but the world may be different because I was important in the life of animals and the creatures on this earth …and you can be too!  Enjoy this month’s inspirational newsletter.  Happy New Year from our herd, hounds and hearts to yours.


In The News


Animal communication touches lives like no other … from connecting people to their loved ones, supporting vets and other health practitioners, giving a voice to the voiceless, answering needs and even helping them transition to other side. Or sometimes, bringing them through from the other side to bring them home.  This article was recently published in the UK as horsemanship opens its doors to telepathic communication more and more.  Read all about Bouie’s story, a race-horse, who lost his races and was facing an unusual emergency, until this very communication.

Ask Anna!

Dear Anna,

How can I get started with Animal Communication?
There are many ways, the graphic below makes some suggestions for beginning to connect and communicate with your dog. If you have a cat or another friend, you can certainly adapt the exercises. The important thing is to begin to thoughtfully communicate. Or, if you’re really ready to learn … consider our Animal Communication Mentorship Program.


Anna & the Animals: A Glimpse Into Conversations
“Words failed me today during my consultation with an incredible dog diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. She did not describe herself to be stoic, but instead holding a warrior’s energy. She did not describe it to be fighting, but instead choosing life. Rather than heaviness around this Christmas season, she chooses to focus on health and wellbeing. If we could only bottle this feeling for all to hold on to during such challenges we all would have a feeling of peace and understanding.”
~ Anna 
Learn to talk to the animals at home or live … our NEW mentorship program.
You asked for continued support, to truly delve deeper into your innate gifts, to understand the difference between imagination and a true connection, how to hold a conversation, the ethical standards in the industry and help to embrace animal communication as the REAL DEAL through a down-to-earth mentor.  We listened and are bringing animal communication into your homes…no matter where you are in the world!
Connections Matter
Social media notified an emergency; her trainer recommended he be killed, he was of no use.  She had 3-days only… and I moved into action to save his life asking for time. This vote of confidence alone gave her strength to sanction for him to come home, even before the consultation.  She knew no different and was taking the advice of her trainer, just like the majority of clients do.  Trusting those around them that they know best making life and death decisions and yet here was an innocent soul subjected to abuse at the buggy race track.  It was time to find out the truth and give him the chance he deserved, to be with the person he chose to be with and bring life back to his listless, beaten up body.  They are not commodities to be used and discarded, but instead athletes with futures.

Hi Anna ♥

Thank you for that you care and thanks for indescribable good help. I do not know how I’ll ever thank you enough ♥

Yes, my boy came home yesterday and he was very happy to see me. Now we will use the day to enjoy ourselves together and his mood has risen considerably.

I’ll keep you updated along the way about how things are going with us, and hope to prove to others that the conversation we had saved the life of my horse and that there are other possibilities than just to listen to a coach’s opinion. I can guarantee you that it is slaughtered many horses a week around Scandinavia precisely because of this.

Wishing you a brilliant wonderful evening Anna ♥

Hug from Maserati and Elin ♥, Norway




Where in the World is Anna?


Anna Takes Animal Communication to non-profits on the East Coast: Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam, CT and For the Love of Dogs!

Everyone talks to their dog. Those of us with pets, have had casual “conversations” with our furry, feathered, or even finned friends. It’s human nature to chat. We’ve likely bent Rover’s ear too long over trivial irritations that happened at work or lamenting the tedious commute home. Our pets have long been victims of our mindless self-talk and keepers of our deepest secrets.
But what if you could have a real conversation with your animal companion?  What if you knew what they were really thinking or saying …
Anna returns to For the Love of Dogs every year coaching their staff, volunteers and supporters on the language of energy so they may be able to adjust to each rescue dogs’ needs and improve their approach, beliefs and interactions.  The ladies, many from New York City, suspected these “things” were possible, but had not experienced them personally or been able to put words to their expressions.  For several days Anna introduced them to the power of the pendulum, kinesiology and spoke up by giving a voice to the dogs at the rescue.  Many described their past, the present conditions, their characters, hopes, fears, needs and dreams – allowing for the rescue to pave the way making improvements and ensuring they found the best fit for the dogs, making the adoptions permanent and perfect!  Leading the way through complimentary therapies Anna includes nutritional supplements, therapeutic essential oils and energy healing into her teachings in support of all rescues.
Anna & the Animals: A Glimpse Into Conversations
“Imagine being frightened of the room light being turned on, because of what was about to happen to you. This is the very feeling I got to experience today as I connected to a little innocent soul as he described his adoptive home experience. My beliefs that dogs express their sadness through their actions vanished as I began to cry, releasing his fear and feeling joy that he had been heard and this would never happen to him again. He explained he could not cry tears like humans could … an action we may take for granted. A priceless consultation establishing how to help him forward and find his next home, a home he could describe and choose. A Christmas present like no other from his rescue … and yes, and a request for a bow wrapped bone:)!”
~ Anna
Annual White Stallion Ranch Dream Retreat, Arizona


The exceptional clients from The Animal Communication Dream Retreat share with us their thoughts and reflections after their amazing week at the White Stallion Ranch in November.
“Coming from a scientific background, I am always looking for logic and a validated outcome.  I have recently been curious about, and felt the desire to explore animal communication, but never was drawn to the proper teacher.  Anna “appeared out of the blue” and I knew that she was the one who could relate to me and become my teacher, mentor, and inspiration.  After completing the course, Anna was able to meet all my expectations and infinitely more.  Now I feel that my journey has definitely begun.  I know that it was the animals who sent me to Anna.  Do not miss any opportunity to just be in her presence.  She is so incredibly gifted.  You will learn and grow and begin to realize your potential.  Let your journey begin.”Marcia Lorenz
“I had been looking for answers in connection with Animal Communication and how to move forward.  Although there is a lot of information to be found via the web and in books as well as recommendations from others etc.  But for me I was looking for someone I felt a connection with and that I could follow as being a mentor.  This is exactly what I discovered in Anna and I am so excited that I feel I can now move forward with confidence.  A huge thank you is not enough to express how I really feel when trying to convey that through a few lines on paper.” ~ Lynda Marks



Volunteer Day at  Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary


Reiki Courses at Reach Out Ranch



As you view the image you can feel the energy of love come right towards you – take a moment to feel the LOVE!


Testimonials From This Event

Learn About Reiki






Amazing Results with magnify Your Purpose Essential Oil

Shelley Wallen, HTACP

This oil was recommended for me, and shortly after it arrived, I had the perfect opportunity to use it on a horse with touching results.

My client quickly purchased a Thoroughbred whose original owner was not pleased with her racing results.  The owners decided they didn’t have time to place an ad in the paper and was going to have Dakota put down.  My client offered to buy her for a small fee and was hoping to find a new home for her while she trained her to do more than run in a straight line.

Though she doesn’t believe Dakota was abused, she definitely was not treated well and had severe anxiety to the point of visible trembling. During my first appointment I found she did not have any trauma to release and realized she just needed to understand what was happening to her. During HTA techniques, I energetically spoke to her, and amazingly, all of her trembling went away and never returned.

At the second appointment, her energy system was strong.  I decided to use that time to give her an update about a potential new owner that was going to be visiting her.  Then I remembered I had just received Magnify Your Purpose.  I offered this oil to Dakota and gently spoke to her during a heart technique.  The moment I spoke of her caretaker, Dakota walked up to her and lovingly nudged her.  Then I told Dakota that her purpose was far greater than the track, and this was the beginning of a new journey for her, and her caretaker would do her best to find the perfect home for her.  She immediately looked at me, then walked up to me placing her face less than an inch from my face.  I continued to honor and encourage her and ended with a kiss on her nose.

It was an incredible moment when she realized she had far greater purpose in her life.

After looking at 42 horses over 8 months, Dakota was chosen to be a part of a new family.  Her new owner reported Dakota has been calm and relaxed since being picked up and really enjoyed meeting her new stall mates. Amazing!

A Weekend Discovering the Art of Animal Communication

The Art of Animal Communication
A Weekend with International Animal Communicator Anna Twinney

Discover what’s possible!

! For an evening !


Anna is excited to be returning to one of our favorite rescues, Pregnant Mare Rescue to bring the popular and powerful Animal Communication Weekend to the West Coast. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the vast world of telepathic communication with your Animal Companion, then this is your chance!

An Evening of Animal Communication*
February 24th: 6 – 9:00pm
Through demonstrations, lectures, and exercises, Anna will introduce you to the amazing world of interspecies, telepathic communication, or “animal communication.” Using your inherent gifts you will begin
to uncover your own ability to telepathically connect and communicate with a being of another species. 
This two-way communication is accomplished through images, feelings, thoughts, emotions, words, and 
other intuitive senses.
During This Evening Workshop You Will Explore:
  • What is Animal Communication
  • How to connect with your Animal and all species in the Animal Kingdom
  • Solving those frustrating behavioral issues
  • Your animal’s perspective on situations
  • How to help your animal with health issues
  • Tapping into your own intuitive abilities
                                                                 And More…


! For the Weekend !

The Animal Communication Weekend
with International Animal Communicator Anna Twinney 
Friday, February 24th 
Saturday & Sunday, February 25 & 26, 2017 – 10am – 6pm
Animal Communication and the Rescued Animal
A rarely talked about or taught subject, Animal Communication can be a powerful aid and priceless support when working with rescued animals from the rescuer, rescue, through to the new foster home and adoptions; it’s effectiveness is dependent on the skill of the person(s) involved in the consultation.
Anna will share her extensive experience and expertise in the art of speaking with rescued animals. She will show you how to reach them, gain their trust, explore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and
resolve any confusion replacing it with clarity and a smooth transition into the next part of their lives.
Some of these precious beings come from horrible situations of abuse, abandonment, trauma, homelessness, death of a human or animal companion, or worse. You will learn how to use animal communication to support them, help them through the process of settling into their new home, at the rescue or finding their forever home with a new human companion. Giving a voice to the voiceless opens up a whole new world of possibility!
Animals as Our Soulmates

Have you Ever Wondered Why You Picked Your Animal Companion? The Answers may surprise you. Are you really sure you know who picked whom?
Join Anna on an exploration of connecting with your own animal’s/partners. Animal communication may be great for behavioral or health issues, but this journey will take you deeper into your relationship with your animal.
Why are they with you?
What challenges do they force you to face? Why?
What gifts have they given you?
What are the lessons they have come to teach you?

You might think that you are here for your animals but every companion, whether it be human or otherwise, has come into your life for a reason as well. Learn how to uncover the “why’s”, learn the lessons, and deepen your connection and relationship with your companions.

Discover the Soul Purpose and Connection for all your animals, and what they have come to share with you to help you fulfil your Destiny in this lifetime.

The 2017 ROTH Calendar is Here!

first image.jpg

 The Places You Can Go with ROTH 
second image.png

Animal Communication, Energy Healing and Horses,
Costa Rica
For More information Contact: Nancy
third image.png
Healing Horses at the Historic Bitterroot Ranch
A Unique Reach Out to Horses® Program! Become a certified Reiki Practitioner Level I & II: 4th – 11 , Reiki Master: 3rd-11th while attending a tailor-made Reach Out to Horses® clinic.
Bitterroot Ranch, Dubois,
Hadley Long-Fox
(800) 545-0
4th image.png

Animal Communication
Dream Retreat
White Stallion Ranch, Tucson, 
Contact: Reach Out to Horses
For Accommodation
Contact: Carol Moore
fifth image.jpg
January 24 & 26                                                 

Animal Communication Mentorship Program
Online or In Person
Tier One: Home Study
Tier Two: Starts January 24th
Tier Three: Starts March 18th
(Comprehensive Mentorship Program Including All Previous Webinars)
February 24-26th                                                  

Watsonville, California | Pregnant Mare Rescue
February 24th: Introduction to Animal Communication
February 25-26: Animal Communication Weekend: 
Exploring Animal Communication with Rescue Animals and Animals As Our Soulmates. 
March 18th and 19th                                           
Elizabeth, Colorado
Animal Communication Weekend – Live vs Distance Consultation
Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage
Contact: Jenny – (303) 660-9390
March 18th – 23rd                                             

Elizabeth, Colorado | Reach Out Ranch
Animal Communication LIVE Mentorship Program – Week 1
March 20th – 23rd                                             
Elizabeth, Colorado | Reach Out Ranch
Four Day Animal Communication Class
April 20th                                                     

Fall City, WA
An Evening of Animal Communication
The Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center, 
Jim “Hutch” Hutchins
June 22nd                                                        
Kalispell, Montana
An Evening of Animal Communication
For Location & Accommodations
information contact Nancy at:

or call (406) 756-2327
December 8th-13th                                               

Elizabeth, Colorado | Reach Out Ranch
Animal Communication Live Mentorship Program – Week 2
December 9th-12th                                              
Elizabeth, Colorado | Reach Out Ranch
4-Day Advanced Animal Communication Class
Contact: Vincent Mancarella
sixth image.jpg
April 21st – 23rd                                                
Fall City, Washington | The Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center
3-Day Intuitive Riding
SOLD OUT! Auditing Spots Available
Jim “Hutch” Hutchins

June 17th & 18th                                                
Broomfield, Colorado | TBA
2-days of Horsemanship with Anna
Confident Horse, Confident Rider
Joan Matteo
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at
June 23rd – 25th                                                 
Kalispell, Montana
3-Day Intuitive Riding with Anna Twinney
For Location & Accommodations
information contact Nancy at:
or call (406) 756-2327 
June 30th – July 2nd                                             

Vermont ~ TBA
3-Day Intuitive Riding with Anna Twinney
Contact Kristen Mason for more information
seventh image.jpg
September 10th – 22nd                                         
East Haddam, Connecticut | Ray of Light Farm
ROTH 2-week Holistic Horsemanship CERTIFICATION course – Section 1
Contact: Ray of Light Farm
Email: info@rayoflightfarm.org 
or call (860) 873-1895
September 26th – October 8th                                     
Littleton, Colorado | Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at 
Location: Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
(303) 346-7493
October 24th – 30th                                              
Littleton, Colorado | Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
7 Day ROTH Trainers Exams
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at
Location: Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
(303) 346-7493
eighth image.jpg
May 22nd – 27th                                                

 Littleton, Colorado |Happy Dog Ranch
Horse Whispering 101
with ROTH Certified Instructor Elaine Ackerly
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at info@reachouttohorses.com
Location: Happy Dog Ranch
(303) 915-8531
July 24th – 30th                                                
Littleton, Colorado |Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
Colt Starting 101
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at info@reachouttohorses.com
Location: Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
(303) 346-7493
August 5th – 11th                                               
Bend, Oregon |Warm Springs Horse Network
Foal Gentling the ROTH Way
Contact: Katie Dixon renegade.equine@gmail.com
(802) 222-1163
August 14th – 20th                                              

Reach Out to the Untouched Horse:
A week with the wild ones
August 26th – September 1st                                   
Green Valley, Arizona |Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary
Simple Solutions:
A week of Advanced Horsemanship with Anna Twinney
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at info@reachouttohorses.com
Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary, Tucson, AZ
(520) 398-2814
March 6th                                                       
Golden, Colorado | Jefferson Co. Fairgrounds | 7:30pm
In Partnership with Horses. 
Horses as Our Coaches, Messengers and Healers
A Presentation at the Jefferson County Horse Council
Contact: Andrea Raschke
March 9th-12th                                                 

Denver, Colorado | National Western Complex
The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo
April 8th                                                      
Glade Park, Colorado | Steadfast Steeds
Holistic Horse Day
April 15th                                                     
Broomfield, Colorado | TBD
Holistic Horse Day
Joan Matteo
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at info@reachouttohorses.com
April 28th-30th                                                 

Centennial, Colorado | Friends of Horses Rescue
3-Day ROTH Liberty Clinic Event
Contact: Vin Mancarella for course details at info@reachouttohorses.com
Location: Friends of Horses
Contact Bill Stiffler
June 29th                                                     

Vermont (location TBA)
Holistic Horse Day
Contact Kristen Mason for More Information
                                                 VIEW OUR CALENDAR BY MONTH

The Ecological Impact of Horses as a Keystone Species…

The Ecological Impact of Horses as a Keystone Species

Critical to the Regeneration of the Earth


Janice M. Ladendorf

The Valley Equestrian News, © 2016

       For many years, the future of the feral horses who remain on public property in the United States has been highly controversial. Those who want to exterminate them have had considerable success. They believe horses damage the range environment, but instead modern scientific research has established they enhance it.

Conservation biologists have classified equines as one of the keystone species which is critically important in the regeneration of the Earth. Scientists believe evolution gave horses the ability to modify their environment to suit their species and in doing so, they will benefit numerous plants and animals who share their ecosystem. Rewilding or species reintroduction is increasingly being seen as a valuable tool for saving species from extinction and for reintroducing locally extinct species.

Equines have a favorable impact on their ecology because of their unusual digestive systems and free roaming habits. Their digestive systems are relatively inefficient so they must eat a high quantity of food to satisfy their nutritional needs. Horses prefer high quality grasses, like the gamma grasses our prairies once had, but evolution gave them the ability to survive on any type of grass, such as the low quality salt marsh grasses on Assateague Island. Wild horses will typically graze down lower quality grasses whose growth could otherwise feed forest fires. Horses are not just grazers; they are browsers who can digest plants, such as shrubs, leaves, shoots, and bark. They will even eat poison ivy and dandelions. In the winter, Indian ponies often survived because they could eat and digest cottonwood bark.

The end result of their high quantity diet is lots of quality manure. It includes the seeds of whatever wild plants they are eating and it enhances soil fertility because it contains a high level of nitrogen. As wild horses roam, they deposit manure all over their territories and it encourages the growth of vegetation. Some research has discovered horse-grazed sites show better grass cover and species richness. When they are fenced or held by humans in too small an area, they can damage their environment. So far, there is no proof free-roaming horses have ever damaged the ecology of their environment. On the contrary, if they are allowed to roam freely in enough space, they will enhance their environment. This fact has been well established in Eurasia, but ignored in the United States.


        The Pleistocene Park in northern Siberia is an attempt to recreate the ecological system which once existed in Beringia, the land which once linked Siberia and Alaska. One of the first steps in this project was to select Yakut horses as the representative equines for the park. When they were turned loose in the park, some died because they could not tolerate the severe winters and others because they ate poisonous plants. Those who were left thrived and changed their environment. Mosses, weeds, and willow shrub have disappeared and they now graze on the grasslands they created.

Canada: Sable Island Wild Horses

        This island lies off the coast of Nova Scotia. Despite the lack of predators, these horses have thrived since humans first abandoned them there in 1753. For a long time, the herds were frequently harvested and many were shipped off-island for sale on the mainland. Since 1961, Canadian law has protected these horses from humans. When the round ups were stopped, the horses adjusted to the change and the equine population remained relatively stable for many years. Recently it has increased, but the horses continue to thrive. No research has been reported as to why this has happened. Like the Yakut ponies, they may have improved their environment so it can carry more horses. In 2011, Sable Island finally became a true nature preserve.


        In the European rewilding projects, certain breeds of small horses or ponies have been selected for reintroduction. Konik horses are a re-creation of one of the original types of wild horses. Many of the English pony breeds are semi-feral because they are allowed to roam freely on common pastures or preserves. As compared to most pampered domestic breeds, these ponies are more resistant to harsh weather and severe winter conditions. They are still adapted to foraging in the wild and capable of digesting coarse grasses and shrubs, as well as adjusting their diet according to the season of the year and food availability. Our American mustangs have the same capabilities.

Konik Horses

        The first reintroduction project began in the Netherlands in the Oostvaardersplassen, a famous wetland which had been reclaimed from the sea. In 1984, Konik horses, Heck cattle, and red deer were introduced there to control the emerging forests and to keep open the areas needed by migrating birds. The first 20 ponies thrived and their number now exceeds 1,000. They proved to be hardier than the Heck cattle. The Konik or Konig is the result of an attempt to recreate the tarpan, the Heck cattle is the result of a similar attempt to recreate the aurochs.

Other projects in England soon followed the one in the Netherlands. One of the few remaining pieces of undrained fen in East Anglia is Wicken Fen. The project there carefully followed the World Conservation Union guidelines for the protection of the environment against invasive species, as well as the appropriate government regulations. In 2003, tough, robust Konik ponies and Highland cattle were introduced there. At both Oostvaardersplassen and Wicken Fen, administrators believe the creation of optimal environments requires the use of multiple species.

The horses at Wicken Fen began by carefully investigating every inch of the new land. Soon they established paths along favored routes, and started grazing evenly around their new territory. They eat lush, sweet grasses in the spring and summer; then add rushes and sedges in the autumn and winter. They regularly browse on scrub and plants, such as nettle, thistle, and bramble.

Konik horses are currently being used to manage four nature preserves in Kent at Stodmarsh, Pegwell Bay, Whitehall Meadows, and Ham Fen. At Stodmarsh the Koniks are rotated regularly among areas of marsh and reed bed. At the other preserves, Konik horses have been put out to graze by farmers and they helped speed the conversion of marginal farmland to grassland. Numerous species have benefited from these changes, including ducks, geese, and meadow birds.

Other English Pony Breeds

        The English may have begun with wetlands, but reintroduction soon spread to other types of terrain. In 1989, New Forest ponies were invited to graze on National Trust land in Hampshire, Wiltshire, and the Isle of Wight. Recently the town of New Milton invited six New Forest ponies to graze on Barton Common and put seven Dexter cattle out on Ballard Water Meadow. Experts expect to see a greater variety of dragonflies and hoverflies, as well as wetland and heath land plants. The town’s main goal was to improve the habitats for plants and wildlife; but in addition, they no longer had to pay to have the grass mechanically mowed.

        One of the responsibilities of the Dartmoor Commoners Council is the ponies who graze on the moor. In recent years, their population has continued to decline and the council was concerned about the ecological impact on the moor. They commissioned a study relevant to pony grazing on upland habitats. They found some general guidelines, but concluded they needed to know much more about the ecological interaction of the ponies, cattle, and sheep who graze on the moor.

Exmoor ponies have also turned out to be an excellent choice for conservation projects. They thrive on the low quality plants on chalk grassland and heathland because they are highly selective grazers who devour coarse grasses, gorse, rush, sedges, brambles, and even bracken. When they kept the grass short in Purbeck, Dorset, two rare species of orchids flowered once again. When they were released in the Quantock Hills in Somerset, violets returned to the tracks and the deer increased in number.

Much of the once rich and productive land now in the Czech Republic was badly damaged by the collectivization policies enforced from 1940-1989 by their communistic government. Environmentalists there have begun a large scale project to heal the land.  After careful investigation, they decided not to use Koniks because of genealogical errors made by the breeders who created them, so instead they decided on Exmoor ponies. Fourteen mares and a stallion have been shipped there from England. They were turned loose near Prague on land which had been barren for 70 years. The ponies have adapted well and numerous endangered plants and animals have started to return, much faster than the researchers expected.

The Future

         The Netherlands proposes to turn 17 percent of their land into nature preserves. Their plans include the extension of preserves into Belgium and Germany.  The United Kingdom plans to continue turning marginal farming land into nature preserves. Tourism now accounts for ten percent of the world’s GNP and ecotourism has been a significant part of this increase. The Welsh are already thinking or reintroducing beaver. Other species which may be reintroduced are wild horses, aurochs, elk, and reindeer.

While the American mustang population is declining rapidly, the wild horse population in Europe is increasing because horses there have proved they can be one of the keystone species for the regeneration of the land. They have been used to enhance the ecology at nature preserves in many places in Eurasia.

To find an optimal solution for our mustangs, my research suggests mustang advocates and those who administer the current management programs should investigate what conservation biologists have discovered and what has been accomplished and planned in other countries.

Informational Resources:

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“Upland Pony Grazing: A Review.” Dartmoor Commoners Council, 2016.

Vidal, John, “Wild herds may stampede across Britain under plan for huge reserves,” TheGuardian, Oct. 27, 2005.










We are Grateful to REACH Riding Center for Sharing Their Hope, Their Work, and Their Gratitude with Us!

Dear Mrs. Twinney:


We received your DVD (In Partnership with Horses) yesterday, and I watched it tonight.

Thank you SO much for sending this!

We are a very small PATH Center, but also a Horse Rescue (New Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.).

I LOVE that you have all kinds of behavior interpretation info for the riding center and rescue.  We try to use the horses that we rescue in our therapeutic program, REACH Riding Center, hence the name- Rescued Equines Assisting Challenged Humans (REACH).  Some of your techniques are in use here…..and I am glad to be able to use this info as a teaching reference for all of the horses.

Our horses come in all different shapes, sizes, and states; some were ridden to the kill pen, and abandoned there. Some have had injuries, or been starved, and had to be brought back to health, before their behavior and previous training can be evaluated, corrected, and before they can be adopted out, or integrated into our program.

We have a couple that I have started to use in our program which have subsequently been homed out-another  2 will be going to another PATH Center in a few weeks.

As my husband is a horse trainer, part time, we don’t have to hire out for that, but as you know, that’s not sufficient for a horse that will be used for therapeutic or able bodied riding lessons.

It is left to me to voice train our horses, so that when students are on them, I still have control of the horse by voice.  We have been blessed to have some awesome horses come to us.

We are still growing our program- we have 8 students right now, some of which have autism, and one with cerebral palsy.  I am praying for the day that I can work our program full time, as I am now a full time Alzheimer Caregiver Specialist, in private homes, and I don’t feel like I can do the extra programming things I need to do, when I only have 3 days a week to be here.  I love that you understand that the horses are our most important resource, and we need to more fully understand them, and allow them to become more than instruments that we use- they are our partners in this endeavor to provide a service to our community.

This is a ministry to me, and I ache to provide as comprehensive a program as I can- for the horses and our clients.  I love that you believe that if you are honest and true to your purpose, and all involved, it will all culminate into the dream we envision.

I will be using more of your techniques, as I train replacement horses for the 2 that are leaving, and train some wild mustangs which have come in from the BLM for our pleasure riding.  My hope is that as we use more of your techniques, we can more fully understand our horses, which will facilitate a smoother transition for them, whether it be into our program, or into a new home.

Thank you again, for your DVD.

Best wishes for the holiday season, and the new year.


Most Sincerely,

Diana Rogers

PATH Certified riding Instructor

REACH Riding Center

249 Eastport St

Burnsville, MS 38833



At Long Last Anna is Launching the Animal Communication Mentorship Program in 2017!



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The Best Quality Program for Learning the
Art of Animal Communication Has Finally Arrived!

Three Options to Fit You Where You Are:
Tier 1 – Home Study Companion Kit
Tier 2 – Animal Communication Mentorship Program
Tier 3 – Advanced Animal Communication Mentorship

Tier 1 – The Home Study Companion Kit

Here’s What You Get!

All 5 Animal Communication Webinar Series – $1,235.00
* The Original Animal Communication Tele-Class
* Just a Belief Away
* A Healing Journey
* Awakening Your Inner Voice
* A Limitless Language 

  • Medizations Starter Kit – $19.95 AC DVD Set – The Journey Within – $67.00
  • AC eBook – $9
  • Home Study Companion Workbook – Not for Sale! – $67
  • 1 Live Q&A Webinar with Anna – $150
    TOTAL VALUE – $1,547
    YOUR COST ONLY – $297

    The Home Study Companion Kit – $297

TOTAL VALUE – $1,547

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Tier 2 – The Animal Communication Mentorship Program

Here’s What you Get!

  • Everything in Tier 1 – $1,547.00
  • AC Mentorship Workbook – NOT FOR SALE! – $89.97
  • Reiki: Energy Healing for Horses 2-DVD Set – $67.00
  • Pendulum of Your Choice – $35.00
  • FREE SHIPPING for DVD & Pendulum ANYWHERE! – Up to $25.00
  • 2 Live Q&A Webinars with Anna – $300.00
  • 12 Live Video Lesson Modules – $3,600.00 
  • TOTAL VALUE – $5,664
    Your Cost – Only $997*
  • * Does not include travel or accommodations.
  • The Animal Communication Mentorship Program – $997

Check Out the Events Calendar to See Dates for First 8 Modules

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AC Mentorship Program – Installment Plan
3 Monthly Payments of Only $347

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Tier 3 – Advanced Animal Communication Mentorship
(Limited Spaces Available)

March 18 – 23, 2017
December 8 – 13, 2017

Location: Reach Out Ranch, Elizabeth, CO

Welcome to the Ultimate Program!
This is the Deluxe, Executive, Become an Animal Communicator Package!

Here’s What You Get!

Everything in Tier 1 – $1,547.00

  • Everything in Tier 2 – $4,117.00
  • 1 Private Coaching Session – $150.00
  • 2 – 6-day Live, In Person Mentorship Class – $3,600.00
    Only 10 spots available – Never offered before
  • Topics covered during the 12 days of Live Mentorship!

    • Conducting Live and Long-Distance Sessions
    • Physical and Health Issues
    • Behavioral Challenges
    • Death and Dying
    • Soul Contracts
    • Dealing with the Humans
    • The Business of an Animal Communicator
    • And Lots More…

TOTAL VALUE – $9,414
Your Cost – Only $3,397

Can’t make the full payment? No worries. Use the Payment Plan below!

Advanced AC Mentorship – Installment Plan
4 Monthly Payments of Only $850

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The Mentorship Program Begins in January. All Materials Will Be Delivered In January When the Program Begins! If you have any questions please contact us at info@reachouttohorses.com.