“The Voice of Harmony” in Cheval Pratique’s November 2019 Issue

November 2019 Issue

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Anna has been featured in many international magazines, even some in France, but we are excited to announce her inclusion in Cheval Pratique’s November 2019 Issue.

They cover Anna’s passions, particularly her unique approach to Natural Horsemanship that includes the telepathic and energetic components, her dedication to the Mustangs and the plight of wild horses the world over, and her ability to use Animal Communication to give a voice to the voiceless.

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Simple Solutions for Your Horse in France!

Solve Your Toughest Problems with 

International Equine Specialist
Anna Twinney

27th & 28th March
Paulhiac, Lot et Garrone, France

Enter a World You Only Thought Possible in Dreams!

Spend the day solving your toughest issues and learn why Reach Out to Horses is the most unique and comprehensive equine training program in the world. Horses have their own language & protocol. Understand what your horse is saying and you can avoid and fix the most common mistakes. You will also discover why a trust-based-based training program is a more effective approach than the traditional dominance- based training.

You will uncover some of the most common reasons for your horses’ remedial behavior. Through demonstration, discussion, human to
human exercises and hands-on work with your horse you will be given the opportunity to create a tool box of methods and concepts to
successfully solve your toughest behavioral problems. Learn methods based on trust and designed to have your horse want to work with
you rather than feel forced too.

Some of the problem solving issues we may address include:

  • Haltering
  • Teaching to Tie
  • Leading
  • Catching
  • Loading
  • Crossing Water & Other Obstacles
  • Head Shyness, Standing to Mount
  • Preparation for the Farrier and Vet
  • Pulling Back
  • De-sensitization
  • Starting and Gentling
  • and more!

Learn the same uniquely designed and tested program
Anna herself uses with the thousands of horses she
has worked with for more than 2 decades!

Location: Cantermere, Paulhiac, Lot et Garonne
Date: 27th & 28th March, 9am – 5pm
Cost: Only €270 when you register by 15th March €300 after 15th March

To reserve your spot contacting Helen at cantemerle@yahoo.com
or call 33 553365296.

Awaken Your Inherit Ability to Talk to All Your Animals!

Thank you Sally for your Kindess and “out of the box” thinking!

Hi Anna and Vin!

My husband and I were having lunch and I saw an ad for a $10,000 dream vacation contest in the New York Times.  It is sponsored by Liberty Travel and I immediately thought of Promise.  The contest states that requests for the dream vacation must be 300 words or less, so I “edited” Promise’s story and went ahead and entered the contest on her behalf.  I told Liberty Travel that I would request that Anna accompany Promise on her journey to France to be reunited with Helen.  I also told them I would cc you my letter on behalf of Promise.  Below is the entry.  I figured, why not make this a REAL dream vacation!!!

This is the website for Liberty Travel:  http://www.libertytravel.com

You never know–it COULD happen!

Best love from your fan and future student,
Sally Lukasik

THE PROMISE OF A NEW TOMORROW Challenging Horse Finally Finds a Home.


Press Release:  For Immediate Distribution

Longmont, CO – November 16th, 2009

Imagine.  You are 9 years old.  You are lost and alone, wandering the streets of a strange, unfamiliar city; no safe haven, unwelcomed wherever you turn.  You subsist on any remnants of food you can find, uncertain of when or from where your next meal will come… if it comes at all.  No one seems concerned or willing to help and even the elements seem to be against you as you face extreme weather changes.  And if all of this isn’t hard enough, you are hindered by physical disabilities as you do whatever you have to just to survive.This may sound like a doomsday scenario, unlikely to happen to anyone, but it was reality for Promise, a young 3 year old filly, the equivalent of a 9 year old child.  As strange as it may seem, she was found some years ago wandering the streets of Longmont, CO.  It is uncertain if her injuries were caused by the abuse of a human or whether she was born with these difficulties.  She is partially blind, her face distorted, causing her teeth to grow in an abnormal fashion and her eyes are somewhat misplaced giving her an unusual appearance.  But despite these maladies her heart remained strong, surviving and growing stronger with every challenge she endured.


Promise was rescued and she now lives with a group of mares who have been teaching her the language she never learned, the language of Equus.  But her new life is not without difficulty and her journey to a happy ending is not yet over.  Due to her past life experiences and current appearance, Promise continues to experience challenges.  In order to survive her ordeal she built up mental and emotional armor that she is not particularly willing to put down.  Because of this she has developed a dangerous reputation, known to lash out at well-meaning people and her chances of finding a true home were virtually zero.

Until now…

Less than a year ago, Helen Dryland, a horse trainer and horse rescue founder with 30 years of experience, attended a Reach Out to Horses Holistic Horsemanship Course run by Anna Twinney.  Anna designed the clinic to create an environment for people to learn all aspects of holistic horsemanship while giving back to horses in need.

“It’s a way to give them the second chance of a loving home,” Twinney states, “the training helps the horses become more adoptable as well as connecting students to individual horses.  So often the rescued horses rescue us.”

This is exactly what happened between Helen and Promise.  While hardly anyone could even touch Promise, Helen was able to do a great deal of training with her, including starting her under saddle.  It was during this gentle trust-based training that the two connected.

After the course, Helen returned to her home and the Equine Sanctuary she created in France but for the next year she couldn’t get Promise out of her mind.

Helen returned to Colorado in August of this year for another 2-week course and she and Promise immediately picked up where they left off.  It was as if they were never apart.

Here was a horse, reluctant to open up to humans, suddenly performing miracles with Helen leading the way.  In less than an hour, Promise accepted her first saddle, bridle & rider.  Within two days she was taking a rider all around the property, very proud of her achievements.  Each lesson was taken in her stride and those looking on were truly amazed.

Promise had finally found the one person ready to accept her, warts and all.  And Helen, now a graduate of the Reach Out to Horses Program, is up for the task of adopting her.

Promise’s journey has been a bumpy ride, to say the least, but has finally taken her to the one place where her person could find her and there’s only one more trip to the happy ending that she deserves.

But we can’t finish that happy ending without your help.  It is a long and expensive way between Colorado and France.  It costs $10,000 to safely transport her to Helen’s sanctuary in France.  It’s hard to imagine that a horse who started her journey on the streets of Longmont, alone, injured and scared, could find the love and the sanctuary she deserves, but we are only one step away from turning an amazing story into a reality.

During this Holiday Season, I can’t think of a better gift than helping a troubled soul find her way home.  If you would like to help Promise join Helen in France, click on the Donate button below and give whatever you can.  Every donation, no matter how big or small, gets Promise one step closer to her new home.

For more information or to help Promise contact Anna at anna@reachouttohorses.com or




Thank You for your Compassion and your Generosity,
Anna Twinney