Testimonials from the Transformational Bitterroot Reiki Retreat are IN!

2020 BRT

Anna embodies the spirit of caring for life in animals and all sentient beings.  Her course was an awakening for me.  Anna’s knowledge of horses, their needs and the relationship to the human soul is beyond explanation.  I’m grateful for her help in introducing me to Reiki and its power in touching the lives of horses and humans.  This was a true eye-opener for someone who was not previously comfortable with the super-natural.

George S.


There is a saying: “God made physicians to heal the body.  He made horses to heal the soul.”  I say he made Anna Twinney to deepen our connection to horses and ourselves.  My week with Anna in her course, Healing Horses at the Bitterroot Ranch exceeded my expectations.  She brought me closer to horses than I ever dreamed possible.  And from the bottom of my heart, I am grateful!

Debbie M.


Homecoming.  That is the word that pops into my head when asked to describe this week.  Of all the clinics I have done with Anna, this is the one where I finally feel a sense of belonging.  There were no frustrations within myself, no temper tantrums.  There was just ease and, again, belonging.  And as if the feeling wasn’t enough, during both of the attunements, I saw two of the symbols, they appeared, having never seen them before.  The book, it is tattooed on my shoulder, near my clavicle -almost two years ago, a month after my divorce. It is my symbol for new beginning, a new chapter, and a re-write of my story.  Our shoulders, like a pedestal, holding up our heads. That book tattooed on my pedestal/shoulders, all confirmations that I am right where I’m supposed to be.  Thank you, Anna.  Thank you, Bitterroot. Thank you to all of the horses.  Thank you.  With all love.

Jennifer L.


I’m not sure if I didn’t believe in Reiki, energy, or spiritual healing, if I was just skeptical, or if I was simply lacking information, but it was not a part of my life and I truthfully didn’t think that it could be… and then I attended a clinic with Anna and my interest was sparked.  Now, having completed this course, I recognize Reiki as the most transformative and powerful healing modality that I have ever experienced.  The feedback is undeniable and so inspiring; it truly knocked the wind out of me at times. I feel incredible gratitude for all that this week has offered, how connected I feel with my energy and spirituality, and that I can offer such profound healing to myself, loved one, and the horses.  I feel connected to who I am, what my purpose is, and how much I am capable of.  I am inspired by eye-opening experiences, in which the horses responded to work that I did with them and in which I was able to identify where someone who I never met needed healing.  I leave this week feeling renewed, inspired, and proud – proud of all proved to myself, all I’ve done for the horses, and all I know I can offer in the future.  I am now Reiki I & II certified – and I believe in all the love and light that I can offer.  My life feels full.

Emily C.

I came to Bitterroot to run away from home and I ran back into the people and horses I needed to be with me.  I came fully expecting not to be able to do Reiki and amazed that I have a whole new experience with the world and with the horses.

Linda W.


The workshop represented the ideal opportunity to learn and connect to Reiki in a stunning setting combined with the liberty work and equine Reiki introduction, it gave me an opportunity to enhance my connection to horses in a very unique way.  Anna was the ideal professional, both personally and through her unique experience, to gain an introduction or further your connection to the horse.  Thank you, Anna, and to the horses at Bitterroot Ranch, for a magical experience into a new way of thinking, feeling and being.

Lachlan H.


This week was soo much more than I ever could have thought!  And in the BEST WAY!  I not only grew in my relationship with horses (way more than I thought I even could) but with myself!  I grew so much this week!  I wasn’t expecting that at all!  Thank you!!!  I definitely will be looking at more clinics in the future!

Maddie L.


This is my second time doing Anna’s seminars.  She is so amazing.  She inspires me to be able to help my horses understand and gain confidence.  Her demonstrations also teach me so many things horses are trying to communicate.  She truly is like an angel on earth.

Cynthia S.


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Beyond Grateful

Success and Inspiration

The testimonials have come flooding in and we are feeling Beyond Grateful for the kind words of our readers and horse people who have committed to developing a trust-based partnership founded in an understanding of one another’s needs.  Enjoy!

beyondthebarn (002)


Anna’s new book arrived about two weeks ago and I read it, and now my mom is reading it, soon to be followed by my best friend!  Thank you, Anna, for your knowledge of the horse and your ability to help give people a shift to the horse’s perspective!  I’m feeling pretty happy to have you in the horse world.

Gian S.

Sonoma County

I am reading this book right now. Anna’s methods and thoughtfulness will change your perspective regarding training and development of your relationship with your horse.  You will grow as a horseman and dive into the “next generation” of Natural Horsemanship. It is a “must-read”🤠💕

Tammy I., CO


Dear Anna,

Katie Dixon just gave me your new book, Beyond the Barn. I love it! Such great detail and information. The “how to’s” which are so helpful, complemented by all the research and years studying horse behavior. Wow…Such a gift to have all that in a book. It’s hard to put down! So grateful💗

Cindy P., OR


Thank you, Anna!

I just received a copy of your book! That is so kind of you, and I can see already how much good and helpful information you’ve included. I’m looking forward to going through it and I imagine that, like your courses, I’ll be returning to it again and again. You pack so much into your offerings. My horses thank you, too!




Anna Twinney, consummate horse-woman and expert intuitive, has put her own words and experiences into a book that is blowing my mind!  Chapter by chapter I am finding myself deeper and deeper into the language of the horse and surprised constantly by what I do not, correction, what I did not know.  Thank goodness for people like Anna who put their work into beautifully written words and a format that even a layman can understand.  My herd of 25 are thanking you already!

With gratitude,

Marie W., CO


I’m reading Anna’s new book Beyond the Barn and wondering where she finds the time for it all.  I took a clinic with her over two years ago and since that day I have been craving more.  Now I have her voice and her wisdom on my shelf where I can keep it for all of time and refer to it as needed.  My Mustang and I thank you for all the work you do in the world and for publishing your work, Anna!

Kathy M., OK


I never buy horse books.  I have found them confusing and often they don’t give very good background information.  Lucky for me I have a good friend who bought this book for me when she learned Anna was publishing it.  I cannot say how happy I am to have this guide, not only the insights into the language that the horses use, but also the practical information that lives within these pages.  And it’s organized in a way that makes it easy to find a chapter when I need a reference and when I’m working with my mare.  I’ve been told that this is only volume one of two so now I can’t wait for that one to come out!  Maybe I will pre-order one for me AND my friend to pay her back for getting me such a great and useful gift of information about my favorite animal on this planet!

Katrina F., ID


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Remote Schooling Brings a New Master Teacher Into Focus

Lacey and her mare, Valkyrie

You wake up, groggy-eyed and probably a little stiff, stand yourself up and perform your morning rituals: showering, shaving, dressing, makeup, and hair, perhaps.  Then it’s time to wake up your little ones to get them ready for their day.  And on to breakfasts for the humans and your beloved animals in the house.  After everyone is showered, fed, dressed and teeth brushed, it’s time to hop in the car and hopefully get everyone to school on time.  So, we all get belted in, the garage door opens with a prolonged and nerve-wracking creak, the car rolls down the long driveway onto the road, and then we turn right back around to come home.  For many of us, home has become school and school has become home.

I try really hard to approach everything in my life as a learning opportunity: How can I learn from this?  How can I grow from this situation?  How can I become a more well-rounded person with skills I would not otherwise have were I not in this situation?  How can I become more aware of where I’m projecting?  Where am I letting my mental story carry me away?  Where am I not surrendered?  Then I try to see a reason to be grateful even if feeling it seems a bit of a stretch.  But in this rare case of a global pandemic, I have seen quite the number of gems hidden amidst this coal sandwich that was in that brown paper bag God sent me off to life with.  He included some Oreos for a treat, so admittedly, He and I will probably be ok after this.  But still, I wondered, would I be ok after this?

Like any good spiritual practice, it’s beneficial to look at my part in everything.  Do I have too many expectations I am placing on those around me?  Where am I allowing myself to be sucked-in to trying to manage someone else, their feelings, or the Truth?  Is my sanity relying on someone else’s good behavior? Where might I be trying to manage my own life instead of giving it to God? And, what kind of energy am I bringing into this whole situation: am I operating in faith, or am I acting in fear?  For years I have prayed to God to see Truth and I told Him that by any means necessary, I would be willing to endure exactly whatever He felt was in my highest and best good.  Now I can’t very well quibble with His motives at this point because that omniscient thing is kind of intimidating when I think of my limited knowledge compared to His own, so I repeat every morning to myself, “this isn’t happening to me, this is happening for me.”  And now over three months in, with the conclusion to the school year in sight, I’m almost starting to believe it.

I began looking at it thusly; rather than “what kind of person am I teaching my child to be,” I shifted to ask, “what kind of parent is my child teaching me to be?”  Now, this is hardly for the faint-hearted because the second we ask a question like that, we have to realize that our place in this situation may not be where we initially dreamed of it being.  Wait, the child is my Master Teacher in this case?  Why, yes! Fun, isn’t it?  So home school for us here has had 2nd-grade classes, and then whatever grade I would be in as a parent, probably Pre-K because I am quite new to this and not advancing very quickly at all, but I’ll keep coming back because I’m a glutton for a solid education.

If my child were raising me to be an ideally conscious parent during this time, I would be patient, kind, understanding, flexible, compassionate, fun-loving, light-hearted, able to be in the present moment, generous, truly a humble servant of their needs, forgiving, meek, mild, and able to be secure enough in myself to let them be themselves.  Now that might sound like a saintly list, but I believe so many parents who are doing the home-schooling thing and possibly also trying to work from home right now will likely be canonized posthumously.  But until then, it’s good to think of all these virtues we have the ability to expand on and develop as a result of these unique times.

Right before this all happened my kiddo was leaving school one day and moaned, “I wish I was home-schooled.”  I remarked that the grass may always appear greener on the other side and that one might be careful to consider what we wish for.  Towards the end of last week, I got a deeply upset look followed by the exclamation, “I wish I was back in Mrs. Anderson’s class!”  I get it.  I couldn’t take it too personally.  But I did smile because I thought to myself, “ahh there is the lesson of humility, just before I get to go to lunch and then recess with the horses.”

So, while I don’t think I’m a grand teacher or that I’m doing even 50% as well as sweet Mrs. Anderson would be, I know I’m growing profoundly in this experience.  My virtues are being exercised, honed with love, and an ounce of “but we’ve got to do this,” which really never hurt anyone, after all.  I just hope that one day I will look back and be proud of the parent that my kiddo is raising me to be and that I will be grateful for this time of plentiful personal expansion that was so oddly thrust upon us by the Coronavirus in 2020.  When I am feeling stressed and we are not moving as quickly as I might prefer we do, I like to look to my left and see a horse rather than a child sitting there, knowing that he is my master teacher too.

This newsletter is for all of the parents out there who have become educational professionals on top of your other life roles: you are amazing, you are wonderful, you are strong, and you are blessed.  Don’t forget that it’s the masters who teach us best!  And for the kiddos who are at home as a result of the Coronavirus, thank you for agreeing to be our master teachers during this difficult and often boring time for you all.  Your wisdom will forever shape us and make us better people.  Thank you, Corona Kids!

Lacey Knight

Are You Practicing?

AC Donts

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Unravelling the Past

Straight from the horse's mouth

We unraveled a horse’s past today…not through horsemanship handling instead through animal communication. What we discovered would have taken me a while to have assessed, but instead it came straight from the horse’s mouth. He shared his two sides; that of a pocket “pony” and the contrast of the debilitating fear that he is overcome by on occasions ~ where he cannot trust himself or rely on himself and therefore would not be in a position to support a rider. With incredible reactions, not thought out, and no coping skills to respond he could spin, spook, back-up and be so fast that not many could ride during those moments. His body would take over, with no space for his mind to think. It felt like PTS, without particular standard triggers, but instead unfamiliar circumstances or unexpected circumstances that would startle him to bring on such a reaction. 90% of the time he is that puppy dog, relaxed, kind and capable, straight forward happy and unconcerned. In controlled situations there would be no matter for concern and arena riding would work. He appreciates repetition, structure even and has had some exposure, although remains somewhat innocent with a dominant side. Difficult for most trainers to discern for not all situations would display or bring this behavior forward making him unpredictable. A Western approach, with understanding is the way to go. In the past he would have experienced a trainer that persisted, even “nagged” him during a time of fear thus unleashing adrenaline he could not handle creating an individual so reactive that few could muster. A common approach to talk at a horse and not with a horse, common to create a system and technique vs listening and adapting. Common to push on and push through, common to raise the pain with the stick. Most will hold the horse tapping them with a stick to “encourage” them to go over an object, not realizing when to stop, when to pause, and when to change their methods. Not knowing how much pressure its causing, as they seek the end result. Or even consider that this may be classed as invasive, abusive or damaging and violating. Its all in the eye of the receiver… Most horses can and will adjust and adapt, giving in, giving up, accepting and acknowledging the style, while others will be deemed dangerous as they are not able to comprehend and process and thus “resist”. His personality and past required another kind of training to support his needs. Scared and not able to let go, he held onto this piece of his past within his body ~ like so many people do too. Some by choice as it defines them, some out of necessity and some not knowing how to release. He just knew he held on..for that time he would need to leave…It was within him, lodged deep down even if it no longer served him, he could not truly know that and even if he did his body held on tightly. Now he would most benefit from a person who rides out as part of their job, an individual who could integrate him into their day. Not “train” him, but instead include him into their activities and with it give him a chance to explore, experience and learn..without pressure of 30,60 or 90 days. Ride him with understanding and kindness, not reprimand and have to be “right”…not kick, beat or insist..show him another way. Not everyone is up to the task and not everyone has the environment conducive. He would then progress and just maybe be in a position to let the past go and trust in himself more. Meanwhile light hearted training, tricks, interactions and enjoyment is the way to continue forward and thus he can release the past and pave the way for a future that accepts him no matter who he is…just like we ask from our human partners..acceptance. And that he has at the place he calls home:)

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Trailer Loading Trauma and Trials Turned Triumph!

I would say that one of the greatest frustrations for all horse people can be trailer loading.  In fact, people experience such frustrations with this facet of horsemanship that one need not search too long to find a horse who either doesn’t load or who panics once they get into the trailer, only to run out backward in a very dangerous attempt to flee. Trailer loading takes patience, compassion, and most of all, the ability to catch the whisper in the eye of the horse so as to maximize our time frame to respond.

Trailer loading issues translate to all continents, all languages, and all types of horsemanship.  Thus, it was no surprise to find a couple of horses in Singapore who had been through the process of developing a system to keep themselves out of a trailer.  Both of the horses you will see in the videos on this newsletter have had trailering trauma, with the second actually having been in a loading accident.  Very fortunately, the caring and lovely souls at EQUAL take these horses exactly where they are and work with what they’ve got.  They do their very best to meet every need and to ensure that the trauma of these wonderful horses will stay where we wish it never was in the first place, in their past.



Please click on the video to watch Falco’s Session

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Animal Communication In Action

Pictured below: Anna with EQUAL Barn Manager, Tommy, who could double for the voice of Morgan Freeman!

Anna and Tommy Barn Manager(002)

I found myself amongst a new group of people today and an unfamiliar culture who had never experienced telepathic communication with horses. I took another leap of faith as I closed my eyes and gave a voice to one of the horses. There would be no turning back. I was hoping for something a little more mellow than what we had just experienced in our last energy experiential learning session. Having just watched a horse be triggered to what seemed to be PTSD. She was a little different from the others and drew attention through her sadness. In just seconds she revealed the ins and outs of the organization. Eager to share her concerns and in turn her wishes. She listed all ensuring no leaf was left unturned. I thought she may have been more guarded having seen her eye, but she chose to show up fully. When asked to describe specific staff she gave concise descriptions matching each one – her discernment undeniable and astounding. The hot walker was not for her but she asked to be included on the jockeys riding list instead of being left out despite her leg condition. She named her preferred riders spoke of her bit and style of riding. Her suggestions for stall drainage design were remarkable and matched those for the farrier. In support of the curriculum, she brought forward ideas to move forward. She explained her need to examine and trust future trailers while she didn’t feel she had a loading issue since it was A matter of caution since the accident. This and more came out of our time together painting a thorough picture and shedding light on all aspects, staff queries and suggestions. Out of the mouth of the horse we solved mysteries. In turn, her emotions were displayed throughout as she finally leaped with joy and released tension through running and play. And all because the organization was open and willing to hear. I applaud them for inviting me to visit and receive maybe more than they had envisioned their horse training would be. This isn’t simply any natural horsemanship training this is the uniqueness of ROTH training. It’s unparalleled.

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