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You are Communicating with your Horse!

Next time you are with your horse pay attention to your interactions. Begin to notice your actions and the affect it has on your horse. Realize your thoughts will correlate directly with your horse’s response. Small movements like your weight distribution influences their balance. Where you place your eyes has different meanings. Watch this short clip to enhance your knowledge of your horse’s silent communication and take it back to the barn – your horse will thank you!


When watching horses in pastures, pens or out in the wild you notice that they have a heightened sense of awareness. Within the herd they expect to be acknowledged be that through a glimpse of an eye, raising the head, turning towards the individual or in fact moving away. A sign of respect, leadership and indeed partnership. Its the very first step to be able to converse in unspoken words. Our natural horsemanship methodologies come from decades of observing untouched horses. We bridge the gap between the two Worlds and are including you within this journey! Make the first step towards a relaxed and respectful horse. Discover how to to create safe boundaries on an untouched weanling without bullying.

Where in the World is Anna?

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Janette and Mystic


My recent trip to Tucson to the Equine Voices Sanctuary with Anna was amazing in many ways, but what stands out for me is the time I spent with my “assigned” horse, Mystic. She was the lead mare in a pen with 5 other horses, 4 mares and one gelding. She is a gentle leader with a powerful presence. I never saw her flatten an ear or use any force, but it was clear that she was the boss.

The first day she allowed me into her space and we connected. I was able to lead her away from her food with a string around her neck. I worked on untangling her mane and she stood quietly. The next few days I haltered her and led her all around the pen. I could feel our connection like a thin piece of elastic between us. I was thrilled and honored that she was willing to leave her food and her herd to be with me. The last morning of class, Michelle suggested that we might be ready to go for a walk outside the pen, so acting as my anchor, we took a small loop outside of the gate. Mystic was calm and relaxed, so we took a bigger loop around and she seemed to really enjoy it. Later, when I told Anna and Karen what we had done, they both seemed surprised. I found out that she had not been outside of her pen in several years. What a gift I was able to give her!

That afternoon we went to all the pens to work on energy and communication. I went to Mystic, but because the food truck was running late, she was busy watching for it and did not want to interact. I understood that she was doing her job and it was not personal, but I was saddened that we did not have that final goodbye. I was however, surprised by the rest of the herd, as they came up to me one by one, as if to say thank you. They had not interacted with me at all the whole week.

As luck would have it, I was able to return for a short time before my flight out the next morning. When I went to Mystic, she stood quietly as we connected our heart chakras. It was a powerful moment in time as we stood together. I was able to have the closure I needed with her, and I felt her connection to me stronger that day than it even was before. I was able to see how quietly powerful a lead mare can be, and that was her gift to me!

Thanks Anna, and Equine Voices for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my mission of making the difference in the lives of the horses there.


Janette Walker

Animal Communication Workshop Coming to Watsonville, CA this MONTH!

The Exquisite Art of Animal Communication

 with International Communicator  
Anna Twinney
September 26th – 28th
Pregnant Mare Rescue,
Watsonville, CA 


Connect with your animals in a way you never Imagined!   

Have you ever wished you could talk with your animals?


No… really…


Would you like to know what your horse is thinking? Perhaps you would like to stop your cat from doing that mysterious and frustrating behavior.  Or maybe you want to help your dog through his difficult health condition.


Whatever your desire, this is your chance to learn how to literally have a conversation, with not only your dog, cat or horse, but all animals.


International Animal Communicator Anna Twinney will introduce you to the amazing and seemingly magical world of Animal Communication.  


Anna has helped thousands of people and animals solve behavioral issues, support health challenges, guide animals in transition and more.


Now she will reveal to you the same powerful, life-changing tools, secrets and techniques she uses in her highly successful and effective private sessions with clients and in classes all over the world.   


Animal Communication, also known as inter-species communication is the ability to telepathically connect with a being of another species. This two-way communication is accomplished not only with words, but with images, feelings, thoughts, emotions and other intuitive senses.      


Over the course of 1 evening and 2 days, through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises, you will explore the amazing world of “animal communication.” Using your inherent gifts, you will be able to telepathically connect and communicate with a being of another species.


“There is nothing like being in the energy of the live class environment. It raises your intuitive & connective abilities immensely!”

During the workshop you will learn how to:

  • Connect with the animal world
  • Listen to your animal companion and gain new insights into their perspective
  • Share thoughts, ideas & feelings
  • Communicate in-person and from a distance
  • Uncovering and Solving behavioral issues
  • Helping your companion with health issues
  • Preparing your companion for their final days
  • Communicating with them on the Other Side
  • And lots more…

Let Anna Take You on a Journey Into the
World of Animal Communication!

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Excerpt from the “Ask Anna” section of the Reach Out to Horses Newsletter

What is the deal with “Trust-Based” horsemanship?

I often hear you talk about ROTH methodologies being “trust-based” but what does that really mean? Isn’t all natural horsemanship training basically the same thing and what do you do in your training that makes it “trust-based”?

Great question.  I of course can’t and won’t speak for other trainers or teachers, but I can tell you why we call the ROTH methodologies “trust-based” and why that is so important.

The most fundamental element to any relationship is communication.  And without communication, you cannot create an effective training program.  But it is not enough to be able to speak basic “horse” and simply get your horse to do what it is told…. at least not for me.  After all, the better the communication, the better the training.

For example, most trainers understand that horse’s are “into-pressure” animals.  That means that if a horse feels pressure they will move towards it to eliminate the pressure rather than move away.  So if you know that is what your horse will do and you just create a training system that takes advantage of that concept, you aren’t truly communicating or building trust between you and your horse.  You are simply teaching the horse that when you feel this, or when you see that, you do this!

To create trust, instead, bring in confidence building steps that allow your horse to understand what you are asking and to communicate effectively with your horse.  At ROTH we shape behavior with communication, not force.

We aren’t looking to create a robot, we are looking for a team player.

True communication is 2-way.  By giving your horse a chance to be heard, you allow him to have a voice in his own life and specifically how his training goes. When you do that he will tell you what works for him and what doesn’t, the pace he is comfortable working with, the concerns he may have, and very important, his learning style.

Truly effective horsemanship isn’t about forcing a horse to comply with a one-size fits all system.  It is about creating a program around each horse and giving him a voice in that training.

By being fluent in the language of the horse you are able to avoid a cookie-cutter training approach and create a genuine, willing participant in your horse.  From that you will build a true partnership based on honesty, integrity, communication and trust.

Remember, it’s not about compliance, it is about partnership.

How do you know if your training is “trust-based”?  

That’s easy.

If you are using the language or the nature of the horse against it so that it will do whatever it is you want it to do, then that is not trust-based.  There is no trust or honesty in that training.  Instead you are using your knowledge of the horse’s psychology or behavior to simply make him more or less uncomfortable as you shape his behavior and achieve the outcome you desire.

If, on the other hand, you are fluent in the language of the horse and you use that language in your training to communicate and listen to your horse, adapt the training to your horse’s needs, character, personality, likes and dislikes, and learning style, you can create a training method that works for your individual horse, and develop real trust. Then you have created an entirely unique program based on your horse and you… not just your needs and capability.

In short, think compatibility, not uniformity.  Think partnership, not compliance.  Think creativity and communication, not system.  Work with the nature of your horse to build trust, not against the nature of your horse to create a robot and you will be amazed at how quickly your horse will become a true partner.

Happy Trails,


International Horse Whisperer Team Up with Local Rescues to Spread the Word of Gentle, Trust-Based Training and Adopting Rescued Horses

International Horse Whisperer and Equine Behaviorist, Anna Twinney, and Reach Out to Horses were excited to team up with Zuma’s Rescue Ranch in Littleton, CO and Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue in Ault, CO for a week of rescue horses and trust-based horsemanship.
From April 21-27, Anna introduced 10 students and multiple rescued horses to the world of trust-based learning.  During the course of the 7-day event, the participants worked with horses who have been abandoned, abused, starved and sent to slaughter.  These horses, often troubled and leery of humans, are given a second chance at a new life.
Anna Twinney is known around the world for her gentle and genuine trust-based horsemanship methodologies.  Her unique program focuses on the language of the horse and using that language to work with the horses, giving them a voice and a say in their training.
“Bringing these horses around can be a tricky matter.  But the first step in any successful training program is to gain their trust through integrity, authenticity and compassion.  Once you have that you can often create a life-long partnership with a willing participant,” says Anna.
Once the horses are trained, Zuma’s and Shiloh Acres often have an easier time adopting out the rescued horses, finding them permanent homes with loving people and opening room for more horses to be rescued from unthinkable fates.
“I’ve been saying for the last few years that I wanted to find a different/new/better way to be with horses. I’ve finally found that way with Anna’s teaching.”  Janet Prior
Zuma’s Rescue Ranch is focused on pairing rescued horses with at risk kids in a nurturing, healing manner and environment.  Together they learn to trust and love one another. Once trust of the horse/human pair is accomplished, they move into learning to love and nurture themselves and others.

Shiloh Acres Rescue is a small, family operated non-profit organization  dedicated to helping slaughter-bound, abused, neglected and unwanted horses.

For more information about the week or to possibly adopt one of the horses contact Reach Out to Horses at or Jodi at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch at or call 303-346-7493.

Follow the horses progress through the week on ROTH’s YouTube Channel and find hundreds more informitave videos!