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This Dynamite Conference Call is hosted by Dynamite CEO, Callie Zamzow, featuring special guests, Gold Directors, Judy Sinner and Regan Golob. On this call we learn about electrolytes and the role they play in our bodies and more specifically how Dynamite Dyna Spark can help support your animal’s electrolyte needs.



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A Few Gems from this Month’s Newsletter; Information for the Herd from the Heart.


Vin and Saber having a tender moment in the trailer before the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.  Vin always makes sure to take time to connect and thank the horses for their efforts!

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Dynamite introduces NEW foundation programs for both horses and humans!
It’s never been easier to get started! 

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Tell me more about the Dynamite Way!


Anna on the Airwaves!!!!


The link to the Radio Show is here!

Listen to Anna discuss pole gentling with the untouched horse.

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Anna’s Communication with Horses in Action 3/2/1
Reaching Out in the Round Pen
Do you chase your horse in the round pen or do you drive your horse?  
The difference; one is dominance based and the other leadership based. 
Do you consider all natural horsemanship lineages to be the same?  
This is not a training technique, this is about the language of the horse, a silent language beyond the spoken words.  
Are you looking for obedience, control and compliance?
We are not, we look for collaboration.  
Do you really know what you are saying to your horse?
Watch the video below and find out!


For more information on how you can learn all about Round Penning and Reaching Out the ROTH way, visit us at the links below for Anna’s DVD or to join our Horse Whispering 101 Course:

DVD Vol. 3

De-Mystifying the Round Pen

In this, the third of the Reach Out to Horses® DVD series you will see just how effective the Round Pen can be in training your horse.  Anna and her students will show you how to use the Round Pen to create the ultimate foundation for a relationship with your horse, introduce the saddle or even solve your most challenging horse related problems.


You will learn how to:

  • Talk to your horse through your body language, energy & intention
  • Create a 2-way communication system with your horse
  • Use your eyes like a pro in the Round Pen
  • Understand how horses perceive your actions and the how’s behind the why’s.
  • Determine when the Round Pen is not the right tool for the job
  • And much, much more…

When combined with the horse’s language, the RP will open up a whole new world for you and your horse.  You will finally learn how to resolve your Round Pen issues and gain the leadership with your horse.  Through communication, honesty and mutual respect you will be able to create the trust-based relationship crucial to a good partnership with your horse.  Create a lexicon that far exceeds the RP environment and experience a language that goes beyond body gestures.

Neda DeMayo – Founder of Return to Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary
Anna’s compassion for horses and humans supports her students in developing the quality of communication that will take them beyond traditional training methods.”

Show me how to help my horse in the round pen with DVD #3!



Tell me more about Horse Whispering 101 at Happy Dog Ranch




Anna dedicates so much of her not-so-free time to writing articles for Equine Wellness Magazine.  Her contributions are beyond valuable.  Here to share just one of Anna’s Recent Feature Articles:

Read the Article Here

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Newsletter time!

ROTH’s “Virtual Clinic” 

HorseTalk with Anna Twinney

An audience gathers at the White Stallion Ranch as Anna demonstrates the wonderful world of Animal Communication with a very special wrangler’s horse chosen from over 100 head of residents at the ranch. By giving a voice to the voiceless she unravels the mysterious behavior to create a pathway of success.


Read All About It ~ Anna’s Q & A Response:

Q:Dear Anna,
I am really learning alot from your Reiki for Horses DVD.  In the video, you say that when you are offering Reiki do not use horsemanship but I have been seeing two horses owned by a lady who are head butting.  She has had both horses since they were young. The gelding is 5yrs and the mare 10 yrs.  Both horses are good natured but have not been exercised and live together in a pasture.  They tell me they like it there but get bored and want more contact with their guardian (she feeds each day).  Both horses butt their heads at her and try to butt me when standing.  On my first visit they both wanted and received Reiki…the mare totally relaxed and closed her eyes; the gelding relaxed a little but wanted to play around.  2nd visit was a very cold winter day with snow and wind and the horses did not seem as interested but received better from a distance.
How do I deal with being quiet and offering Reiki while the horse is butting his head at the guardian who is holding him with a lead rope.  Also the gelding is very food aggressive with hay on the ground and chasing the mare who is submissive.
Thanks so much for your assistance,

A:Hi Jane,
You ask very valuable questions and I wish to share my answers in our newsletter for others to learn from also:
Please realize that safety is the first priority and you may have misunderstood my statement in the DVD.  When I refer to not using corrective horsemanship this means that if we were to enter a stall and begin to reprimand the horse to either stay out of our space (eyes on eyes, shoulders square etc), stand back, stand still and not move we have immediately come in with a degree of dominance.  This type of restriction will shut down many horses changing their willingness to communicate freely.

Additionally, as healers, we are not there to change behavior, but instead create a platform for the horses to feel comfortable to express themselves.  Instead of modifying behavior we ask for manners, thereby keeping ourselves safe.  Manners includes certain boundaries, but is not classed as “schooling” a horse.  Instead of defaulting to negative reinforcement and punishment we look to create a place of safety and freedom of expression, which can get handled differently.  If we were to respond to all inappropriate behaviors the horses would no longer have voices to share with us where it hurts or where our hands are needed.  Instead we can avoid (move out of the way), ignore (extinction) or mildly correct (to encourage the right behavior such as patience and focus) to allow for the energy to take effect.  There is a difference.  You cannot one minute state to do it your way and the next expect them to trust you and be willing to open up.
Horses will often reflect their legal guardians behaviors and you may find them more relaxed if you were to ask her to stand back and watch.  Behavior can be exaggerated if she doesn’t have their respect, or reflected if this message is for her.  Without proper space or exercise horses can be known to be boisterous.  If they are bored, they may see this time of interaction as entertainment.
Create a safe place for yourself.  Think about removing one of the horses and allowing them to be lose in an enclosure so you may read the acceptance of Reiki and their expressions.  You can keep a lead rope on them if they aren’t fully familiar with you and let it hang over your arm (as in the DVD).  If the horses are food aggressive set yourself up for success and don’t expose yourself to this situation.  As with Reiki on ourselves, we have to create a place of relaxation and it would not be around the food.
Enjoy all that Reiki and animal communication bring to you.


Student News and Updates…

photo curtisy of Camilla Ersson
photo curtisy of Camilla Ersson

Elaine Ackerly
Congratulations to Elaine Ackerly for passing her ROTH trainer’s certificate! Elaine proudly represents ROTH in WY, CO and WA State having first began with us in 2008 graduating from the HHC and now the trainer’s course. Commitment, dedication and drive is required for complete success and Elaine has proven to herself, us and the horses that she has what it takes.


Dynamite Specialty Products Spotlight

Dyan Pro Equine
Susan Derr Drake “I give all my animals Dynamite’s Dyna Pro daily and again whenever they are under stress (trailering, hard work, weather change, accident, feed change …)to support their gut flora and fauna working in balance and awake. It is amazing!!”dyna-pro-trio_sm


Dynamite Specialty Products Spotlight

Dyan Pro Equine
Susan Derr Drake “I give all my animals Dynamite’s Dyna Pro daily and again whenever they are under stress (trailering, hard work, weather change, accident, feed change …)to support their gut flora and fauna working in balance and awake. It is amazing!!”
There are foals who need you! Learn how you can help in a number of ways!

A note from the Founder:
More than 35 years of my life have been spent around horses and a number of those in the Thoroughbred industry. The farms and ranches I personally engaged in the race industry are highly reputable and most certainly have the horses at heart. At no time had I come across inappropriate weaning or mishandling of mares and foals. Never before had I heard of such horrific acts as in the past 18 months when 2 young nurse foals attended our foals in training clinic. My world changed forever.
I had always supported the wild horses, together with Premarin mares and their off-spring, now it was time to shed light onto an industry that had remained under cover for decades. As soon as my mind was made up a rescue situation appeared. I made it my mission to team up with 3 reputable rescue organizations to save the lives of a number of mares and their foals or orphaned foals. Realize that our statements relate to those centers who are not in alignment with responsible breeding and as such we are helping those horses. At no time are we making the statement that all facilities take this same kind of action, however it is a fact that foals and/or nurse foals are destined for slaughter, pony skins, live transportation abroad and are even considered a delicacy in some countries. We are unable to expose this particular rescue for then we would not be able to support the horses and their lives would remain at risk only making things worse. Please know that our intentions are only for the good of the horses.
Anna Twinney

Equine Professionals are Joining Forces to Rescue Foals Destined for Slaughter
and Reveal Horse Racing’s Dirty Secret.

A combined effort is currently underway to rescue horses and foals in immediate need of assistance. Significant progress has been made but help is needed as the group embarks on phase two of the rescue.
A team of equine professionals have come together to save the lives of mares, in foal, as well as foals torn from their mothers, in an industry, connected to horse racing, but unfamiliar to most – the nurse foal industry. Reach Out to Horses, based in Colorado, is playing a crucial part in these efforts.
Once the foals are rescued they will be fostered and then gentled in the third annual Foal Gentling Clinic, April 23 – 28, 2013, under the careful tutelage of International Equine Behaviorist and Clinician, Anna Twinney.
The training, taking place in East Haddam, CT, is designed to give the rescued foals all the advantages needed for a quick adoption and a second chance at life.
Foaling season, for this industry, is now upon us. Many resources are needed in order to insure that the foals get to safety, and get the critical, labor intensive care necessary to their very survival.
People interested in helping can get involved in a number of ways:

Attend the 6-day Reach Out to Horses (ROTH) Foals in Training course as a spectator for just $300, April 23 – 28, 2013.

Attend graduation day of the Foals in Training clinic with Anna Twinney & Reach Out to Horses for FREE
The natural foal is left orphaned…

Nurse Mare Foals are, primarily, a creation of the horse breeding/race horse industry. An expensive mare is bred…click here to continue reading.

ROTH News! Read all about it…… ROTH News!!

2013 is off with a bang (isn’t January supposed to be our down month here at ROTH?) And this month’s news letter is no exception.

In this Issue:

  • What’s Your ROTH Acronym?
  • ROTH’s Virtual Clinic
  • “Listen” In
  • Young Living Product Spotlight
  • Dynamite Specialty Products Spotlight
  • Where in the World is Anna?
  • Survey Says….
  • Brack and the Bean Talk
  • “My Time with Anna” a ROTH Instructor Testimonial About Anna

Anna’s Quotes:
Share with us your favorite quote from Anna. Include a short story about a paragraph or two
in length, when and where you heard the quote, why you like it and how it impacts you personally.

So come join us in the fun and learning!



Anyone can whisperer with the horses, they’re whispering all the time!

It’s Dynamite to help your horse’s stomach.



The air is crisper, the leaves are changing, and soon the ground will become firm and covered in frost. As winter and cooler weather approaches, it becomes critically important that barn and farm dwelling animals are able to maximize nutrient absorption. While the quality of grass, hay, forage and soil decreases entering the freezing months, including or increasing Dyna Pro® prebiotic is of the utmost importance. 

Naturally occurring gut bacteria are responsible for much of the digestive process including the production of vital enzymes which help break down and assimilate food. Dyna Pro is a biological feed additive designed to maximize digestive efficiency by nourishing the natural, good gut bacteria and encouraging them to reproduce and multiply. Over the years, and especially during winter months, environmental toxins increase, forage quality and food availability decrease, and stress remains high, which affects the digestion and physiology of animals. 

Gretchen Topel, Silver Director, says, “Our soils, our hay and pasture, our water and air just ‘ain’t’ what it used to be even say 20 years ago… In just the past month I have gone through a crash course in absorption… You can feed all the wonderful Dynamite supplements, the most pristine pasture, and the best of the best hay to a horse, but if the horse cannot ABSORB the nutrients, we have a major problem on our hands!” Including Dyna Pro in your daily feed ration will ensure your animals are getting the most out their feed, even though the quality may have decreased due to colder weather or other environmental changes.

News, Articles, Links and Favorites from ROTH in the latest newsletter.

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From our desk to yours, the newsletter packed with goodies:

* Our survey says
* Reikiland German – magazine review
*What your horse would like you to know – Valley Equestrian Newspaper
*Zero Budget Business winners
*Personal and horsemanship goals with Stable Scoop Radio
* Buy new DVD and get one FREE offer!
*PHotos of Anna reaching out to Pegasus staff & volunteers for the therapeutic riding center
*FREE webinar details for 9th Jan!
*Dynamite deals – what is helping Excalibur

The December ROTH Newsletter!

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Check out this great recent testimonial from a friend of ours in Kauai

Aloha/ It was such a pleasure to meet you here on Kauai. You were my missing link re. finding out what the animals would like and need. Crazy/ It works and I have been having fun asking for help from the Higher Ups.
Also wanted to thank you re. your input and experiences with Dynamite. I have had Inya on Dynamite for almost two weeks and can see subtle changes. I put an aged gelding on it, too, and he came cantering up to me the other day. Mind you he was asked to come up by another wrangler on an ATV
however he did not have to canter as we all accept what speed he can offer.
Have fun in Europe and I look forward to seeing you again. Yes, you were right about the upline on Dynamite. It is teamwork at its finest.

Welcome to the Reach Out to Horses® Blog!

Welcome to the Reach Out to Horses Blog Message.

Welcome to our little corner of the Blogosphere.   Stop by often to get great tips and information on all things natural horsemanship, animal communication, energy healing, and more.  You can also keep up with all we have going on as Anna travels around the globe teaching her methodologies of trust-based communication.

And of course we want to hear from you. So please comment on those posts that are important to you, share your experiences and let our community get to know who you are.

We look forward to blogging with ya, so check back soon!