It’s Dynamite to help your horse’s stomach.



The air is crisper, the leaves are changing, and soon the ground will become firm and covered in frost. As winter and cooler weather approaches, it becomes critically important that barn and farm dwelling animals are able to maximize nutrient absorption. While the quality of grass, hay, forage and soil decreases entering the freezing months, including or increasing Dyna Pro® prebiotic is of the utmost importance. 

Naturally occurring gut bacteria are responsible for much of the digestive process including the production of vital enzymes which help break down and assimilate food. Dyna Pro is a biological feed additive designed to maximize digestive efficiency by nourishing the natural, good gut bacteria and encouraging them to reproduce and multiply. Over the years, and especially during winter months, environmental toxins increase, forage quality and food availability decrease, and stress remains high, which affects the digestion and physiology of animals. 

Gretchen Topel, Silver Director, says, “Our soils, our hay and pasture, our water and air just ‘ain’t’ what it used to be even say 20 years ago… In just the past month I have gone through a crash course in absorption… You can feed all the wonderful Dynamite supplements, the most pristine pasture, and the best of the best hay to a horse, but if the horse cannot ABSORB the nutrients, we have a major problem on our hands!” Including Dyna Pro in your daily feed ration will ensure your animals are getting the most out their feed, even though the quality may have decreased due to colder weather or other environmental changes.

Reaching Out With Anna Twinney Podcasts

Gold Executive Director Judy Sinner is back. And this time It’s All About You!  Join us for a special double-sized
episode and find out how you can take back your health and your life!

Judy Sinner

Judy Sinner – February 11th – Free on Reaching Out with Anna Twinney!

Judy Sinner – Gold Executive Director with Dynamite Marketing.  Judy joins us once again, this time with a special extended length episode.

We start the conversation with Judy revealing her secrets to good health.

But then we get into the new Dynamite 180 Weight Loss Protocol. During this extensive (over an hour) interview Judy shares the ins and outs of this incredible program. She explains why Dynamite got into the business of weight loss, how it works and how you can get started using the same protocol that Vin and Anna are now using to lose over 10 lbs. in 2 weeks and still going strong!.

If you’ve got a few (or more than a few) unwanted pounds you’re looking to shed, this is a great opportunity to find out how you can take advantage of this effective and safe protocol.

And best of all, it’s completely FREE!
Register and listen on

Don’t miss this life-changing conversation.  And then join Anna and Vin in their quest to drop the pounds and get healthy!

Find out more information about the 180 Weight Loss Protocol on the Dynamite Website.

Go to the Dynamite Facebook Page to find out how and when you can Listen to the 180 Protocol Informational Teleclass.

The Reaching Out with Anna Twinney Podcast
There’s nothing like it anywhere!

This is your opportunity to learn from the best of the best! You will hear interviews of legends in Natural Horsemanship and Training, Animal Communication, Healing, Alternative Modalities and more.  Nowhere else will you find this caliber of guests in one spot… Anywhere!

People like Franklin Levinson, Madeleine Pickens, Dr. Robert Miller, Lucy Rees, Mark Rashid, Richard Schrake, Carolyn Resnick, Frank Bell, Gene Ovinick… just to name a few.

And the best part is that it’s FREE!

All you need is a computer and an internet connection (which you already have if you are reading this), and you can take advantage of this incredible resource.  So go to, tune in and get informed and inspired!

About Your Host:
Anna is an internationally recognized Equine Specialist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master.  As the founder of the Reach Out to Horses® program, she remains on the cutting-edge of genuine, gentle communication techniques.

For over a decade Anna had been traveling the world teaching people of all disciplines how to work in the horse’s language and create a trust-based partnership with their horse.

She has been featured on U.S. and international television, radio and podcast shows, and regularly contributes to national and international magazines.  She can be heard each week on the Reaching Out with Anna Twinney Podcast where she interviews partners and peers, legends and pioneers in the fields of equine behavior and training, animal communication, alternative healing methods and modalities, and more.

For more information about Anna and the comprehensive Reach Out to Horses® program visit, get updates on Twitter, or tell us what you thought about the podcast conversation on the Reach Out to Horses’ Blog.

Reach Out to Horses
Golden, Colorado

Reach Out to Horses ~ Trust ~ Partnership ~ Results!

A Special Offer from Dynamite Marketing for MAY 2010

In May, your replicated website is FREE!


Sign up a new distributors for 1/2 off! A savings of $50!

In May, all distributors will have the opportunity to test drive your own Dynamite website. Introduced in May 2009, these sites allow for:

·Easy promotion and introduction of the Dynamite products
·A personalized website name (
·Online customer ordering
·No web maintenance
·Accurate pricing and shipping information
·A professional appearance
·Personalized customer IDs
·Registering new distributors with no hassle!

How do replicated websites work?

If a customer asked for your website, you could say: Orders placed through your replicated website are applied to your account and you will be paid the retail commission as well as your personal rebate on them automatically. All you do is introduce the product and leave the ordering process to us! You still make full commission and rebates! To make this offer even better, all new distributors can sign up in May via your FREE month trial on your replicated website for only $50! A savings of $50! To sign up a new distributor for only $50, you must use your replicated website.

How to sign up a new distributor online

The new distributor will go to and click on the “opportunity” tab. After reading the full page, click the green “Click Here To Become A Distributor” button.

·A new page titled “Join Option” will appear. After reading and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, click the green “I Agree” button.
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·Review the order. Tax is charged according to the taxable sales amount in the zip code of the new distributor’s ship to address… Although there is a box for shipping, no charges are collected. After reviewing, click the green “Process” button.
·A new e-mail is immediately sent out confirming the order. This e-mail includes the new distributor ID number. The new distributor must have this number to log into her new back office and place her first order.
·A new page will appear with all of the new distributor’s information.
·The process is almost done!
·Go back to and in the top right hand corner of the website, log in with your distributor ID (e-mailed to the registrants e-mail account) and password.
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·After completing the transaction, that’s it! Welcome to the new distributor! Their RETAIL replicated website is now active and the new distributor can immediately send their customers to their site to buy!
·All distributors who currently have a replicated website will receive the month of May free!
·$50 sign-up only applicable to sign-ups done online. Paper applications will still be charged the $100 registration fee.

Check out this great recent testimonial from a friend of ours in Kauai

Aloha/ It was such a pleasure to meet you here on Kauai. You were my missing link re. finding out what the animals would like and need. Crazy/ It works and I have been having fun asking for help from the Higher Ups.
Also wanted to thank you re. your input and experiences with Dynamite. I have had Inya on Dynamite for almost two weeks and can see subtle changes. I put an aged gelding on it, too, and he came cantering up to me the other day. Mind you he was asked to come up by another wrangler on an ATV
however he did not have to canter as we all accept what speed he can offer.
Have fun in Europe and I look forward to seeing you again. Yes, you were right about the upline on Dynamite. It is teamwork at its finest.

The Next Must Attend Dynamite Marketing Meetings!

The Next Must Attend Dynamite Marketing Meetings!

Hi all,
Wanted to remind you of the Dynamite Product Training in Ft Collins on Sat, April 24.  Jim Zamzow, President of Dynamite, will be presenting.  He is a most amazing man, and you will be reminded of why we are drawn to this company.  It really is a ‘must-do’, knock-your-socks-off deal, and we are fortunate to have them come to Colorado.  I have a large wedding at my
place that day, so I won’t be there – anxious to hear!

and don’t forget…

Ancient Wisdom Meets Common Sense Horsemanship™

October 9-10, 2010   Keenesburg, CO

Dr. Regan Golob    Star, Idaho                     Dynamite Gold Executive Director
Judy Sinner              Selah, Washington        Dynamite Gold Executive Director


Applied kinesiology techniques, nutritional and organ evaluation reflex points including one for parasites, how to detect and remove energy blockages, which common misguided feeding practices hinder top performance, and so much more.   You will experience lots of Love, Light and Laughter!

You are guaranteed to come away from this seminar with major breakthrough information that will enable you to have a whole new relationship with your horses!

Time:   Saturday 9 – 4  (indoor arena)   Sunday 9 – 1  (heated shop)
Locations and Directions:
28376 Weld County Rd 6    Keenesburg, Co  80643
From Interstate 76 – East on Hwy 52 (at Hudson Exit). 8 miles to Rd 59.  South on Rd 59 – 3 miles to Rd 6.  West on Rd 6 – 1/2 mile.  Green/white shop/barns.

Contact:  Terri Wagner  303-732-0138  or   303-818-1855

Registration Form
Name ______________________________Phone _________________email________________________

Address ______________________________  City_________________________  State/Zip__________

No. attending @$50 received by Oct 1 _____  Total Enclosed _______ (Thereafter and at the door $60)
Lunch is included in registration fee!
Make checks to:  Terri Wagner   28376 Weld County Rd 6    Keenesburg, Co  80643

Anna is Dynamite’s Top Recruiter… again!

Congratulations to Anna Twinney for winning the Top Recruiter for 2009 with 15 new personally sponsored reps. This is her second year as Top Recruiter.  From a radio show to traveling, this hard working distributor does her part in spreading the Dynamite word. Dynamite can always tell where she has been traveling by the wake of new distributors she brings in from each region. This is the second time Anna has received this award. Keep up the hard work, Anna!

and in other Dynamite News…

from our friend Brooke Baxter in Illinois…

“While on the subject of Dynamite, I forgot to tell you one other “fun fact” I’ve discovered: the horses universally seem to like the TASTE of Dynamite compared with the vast majority of other natural supplements!”

Learn more about Dynamite Supplements.

Judy Sinner is Back on the Reaching Out with Anna Twinney Podcast

Judy Sinner – Gold Executive Director with Dynamite Marketing

Anna and Vin welcome Judy back as their first repeat guest.  She shares more of her vast knowledge of supplementation and general well-being for animals and humans.  Topics include Colic Emergency Kit, Cribbing, Wind-Sucking & Wood Chewing aides, preparing your horse for travel, proper nutrition for your horse, natural de-worming for your dog, a natural diet for your cat, and lots more!

Listen Now

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Tell us what you thought about the interview!

Dynamite Success!!!

Ok, I know I am a hard sale but I am sold on Dynamite’s Release!!

I was using it on our pony, Minnie as she is older and sometime is arthritic.  From the description in the manual sounded like a good match for her.  I used it on her a few times and she loved it..head dropped in full enjoyment of her treatment (I also noticed my arthritic hands felt good after the massage treatment I gave Minnie with the Release).

Today, I decided that I treat my horse like I treat myself…always expecting the most and usually lacking in extra special reward.  So, after a day of fun working at liberty over an obstacle course and some work with a tarp, I looked at him and decided it was time for his extra special treat.   I went and got the Release, put it on the Minnie who was also playing with us, then Peter..who after realizing that the spray stuff felt heavenly…followed me around and I believe if he could have sprayed it on himself he would have.  So then I looked at the bottle and said, “What the heck!  I have a terrible tension back ache that has lasted for a week and now my fingers and hands feel good from massaging in the Release on the I bet it may do some work on my spine!”  Sure enough within seconds I felt amazing!!!  All of us looked like we had just enjoyed the most relaxing day without a care in the world inside and out!  All we needed was a lounge chair by the beach and little umbrellas in our drinks!

Wow what a product!!  Totally sold!!

Just wanted to share,