Session 4

Welcome to Just One Belief Away
Session 4 – February 20, 6pm MST

Session 4: February 20th:
“Animals As Our Reflection, Our Emotional & Physical Influence” with Special Guest, Melisa Pearce.

Our conversation with Melisa was definitely one of the most inspiring that we’ve had so far.  Anna and Melisa shared the many facets, confusions, myths and crucial pieces of information you need to interpret and understand how our Animal Companions can serve as mirrors to our own lives and lessons.

And if you would like more information about Melisa Pearce, the Touched by a Horse program or the upcoming From Fear to Love Workshop with Anna and Melisa:

Melisa Pearce
(303) 440-7120


Webinar Replay Link:


Notes for Session 4

Notes for Session 4


EXERCISES for Session 4

No New Exercises for Session 4 but this is a perfect opportunity for you to catch up on any previous exercises you might not yet have had the chance to do!


Companion YouTube Videos

No Companion Videos for this Session

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