A Special Offer from Dynamite Marketing for MAY 2010

In May, your replicated website is FREE!


Sign up a new distributors for 1/2 off! A savings of $50!

In May, all distributors will have the opportunity to test drive your own Dynamite website. Introduced in May 2009, these sites allow for:

·Easy promotion and introduction of the Dynamite products
·A personalized website name (www.DynamiteMarketing.com/yournamehere)
·Online customer ordering
·No web maintenance
·Accurate pricing and shipping information
·A professional appearance
·Personalized customer IDs
·Registering new distributors with no hassle!

How do replicated websites work?

If a customer asked for your website, you could say: www.DynamiteMarketing.com/JaneDoe. Orders placed through your replicated website are applied to your account and you will be paid the retail commission as well as your personal rebate on them automatically. All you do is introduce the product and leave the ordering process to us! You still make full commission and rebates! To make this offer even better, all new distributors can sign up in May via your FREE month trial on your replicated website for only $50! A savings of $50! To sign up a new distributor for only $50, you must use your replicated website.

How to sign up a new distributor online

The new distributor will go to www.DynamiteMarketing.com/yourreplicatednamehere and click on the “opportunity” tab. After reading the full page, click the green “Click Here To Become A Distributor” button.

·A new page titled “Join Option” will appear. After reading and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, click the green “I Agree” button.
·A new page will appear; fill out all information including the name of their replicated website. The replicated website is FREE for the first three months to new distributors as a trail basis.
·Review the order. Tax is charged according to the taxable sales amount in the zip code of the new distributor’s ship to address… Although there is a box for shipping, no charges are collected. After reviewing, click the green “Process” button.
·A new e-mail is immediately sent out confirming the order. This e-mail includes the new distributor ID number. The new distributor must have this number to log into her new back office and place her first order.
·A new page will appear with all of the new distributor’s information.
·The process is almost done!
·Go back to www.DynamiteMarketing.com and in the top right hand corner of the website, log in with your distributor ID (e-mailed to the registrants e-mail account) and password.
·Once logged in to the new distributor’s back office, click “Order Products” on the left hand menu. New distributors must order $150 worth of product (at the wholesale rate) to complete the new distributor process. Remember, shipping is FREE for first time distributor orders.
·After completing the transaction, that’s it! Welcome to the new distributor! Their RETAIL replicated website is now active and the new distributor can immediately send their customers to their site to buy!
·All distributors who currently have a replicated website will receive the month of May free!
·$50 sign-up only applicable to sign-ups done online. Paper applications will still be charged the $100 registration fee.

Check out this great recent testimonial from a friend of ours in Kauai

Aloha/ It was such a pleasure to meet you here on Kauai. You were my missing link re. finding out what the animals would like and need. Crazy/ It works and I have been having fun asking for help from the Higher Ups.
Also wanted to thank you re. your input and experiences with Dynamite. I have had Inya on Dynamite for almost two weeks and can see subtle changes. I put an aged gelding on it, too, and he came cantering up to me the other day. Mind you he was asked to come up by another wrangler on an ATV
however he did not have to canter as we all accept what speed he can offer.
Have fun in Europe and I look forward to seeing you again. Yes, you were right about the upline on Dynamite. It is teamwork at its finest.

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