Testimonials from the Animal Communication Mentorship Tier III Mentees Detailing Their Experience Thus Far

AC class

Christine M. of Tadworth, Surrey

Really fabulous few days!  For me, knowing yet another group of humans have participated in one of Anna’s Animal Communication classes and will leave with the knowledge and understanding of what it truly means to be a voice for animals, is a joy!  It is also a joy to be one of those humans.

Cathy L. of Terryville, CT

Wanting more…  After a lifetime of working with horses I found myself still wanting more.  Six days of connecting with animals with an amazing group to study Animal Communication was a dream come true.  By learning to connect directly with the animals’ thoughts I have expanded my own belief in what is possible.  Anna, you’ve always provided the “more.”  Thank you!

Melody S. of Middleton Springs, VT

When I received the information online of this course I was so interested yet could not see how I could fit it in my schedule.  A few weeks went by and I received another notice that there was only one spot left.  A voice immediately spoke in my head that I HAD to sign up for this course right now.  Needless to say I am enjoying the company of my dear friend, Anna, and her lovely family on this first week.  Also, meeting the incredible, diverse group of animals and people and gaining insight from all of them.  What I have always appreciated about Anna is her ability to reach each person within a group and slightly modify the composition of the day to meet each one’s need.  We have all gained so much depth and insight this week. My deepest gratitude!

 For me the Animal Communication Mentorship Class is an opportunity to reignite, deepen and expand understanding.  I am so appreciative of Anna’s innate gifts that she so readily shares with those who are willing to delve deeper and work toward goals.  Our week has been enriched by the animals and the people in our circle, and I look forward to the progress we all will be making as we learn our own accents and language in this work.  I am so excited to continue with the grace and support of all.


Gina K. of Centennial, CO

 This week has been the most eye-opening experience felt on every level of who I am as a living creature- physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetically.  This week will truly change my journey with animals and I am very excited to see how that looks.


Lauren W. of Wilmington, NC

 This class is very intensive.  It’s very important that the participant stay focused and not give up.  It is hard but well worth doing.  I am very pleased I stayed with it and am very happy with the outcome.  I learned so much and have so much more to learn!


Teresa P. of Seffner, FL 

My experience with the Anna Twinney Animal Communication Mentorship Program has been nothing less than positive.  The days were very informative, eye-opening, and well-timed.  The time was utilized to the maximum so that the schedule was not lacking, but over-energized by the wealth of knowledge being shared by Anna.  The knowledge being shared was key in the sharing department, her heart was open and pouring forth and inspiring to all class members.  I am forever grateful and humbled by the world and wisdom that Anna Twinney has introduced me to.


Patricia H. of Cody, WY

 Where do I begin with what I have learned during the last 6 days?  As always I have never been disappointed with one of Anna’s classes.  I have learned to be open to all possibilities, to listen to my heart, my intuition, realize that sometimes things are on a case-by-case basis.  I am never disappointed with the depth, breadth, and tremendous amount of knowledge that Anna has and is so willing to share with those who are willing to learn.  Thank you, Anna!


Beth V. of Richfield, MN

 Anna has great intuition about what to teach in her classes, and how to teach it.  She knows what her class is ready to accept and opens their eyes a bit more each time.


Rob S. of Cottage Grove, MN

 I took Anna’s Animal Communication Course with no experience in Animal Communication.  Anna didn’t tell or direct me in how to communicate to animals.  I followed/discovered my own direction by listening to Anna and the others in the class.  This allowed me to build my own method that challenged me to be my best and remove the fears of moving forward.


Cheryl M. of Vancouver, BC

 Anna’s Animal Communication Mentorship Program is an extraordinary experience.  The experiences in this comprehensive training class are designed to help you discover your specific Animal Communication language as well as build your confidence.  Anna creates a learning environment that is supportive and encouraging, allowing you to explore your individual talents.


Susan H. of Chadron, NE

 I absolutely LOVED the class.  Anna’s teaching methods and her years of experience allows the student to recognize and build on their own gifts and style of Animal Communication.


Natalie M. of Los Altos, CA

 I am opening up to the endless possibilities that Animal Communication reveals.  It is a life-changing experience and I know now nothing is impossible.  The animals will lead you on an amazing journey and are so appreciative.


Marcia R. of Markham, VA

 Anna gives such a thorough experience and overview of Animal Communication that she really helped me figure out where I belong.  Each exercise shows you what works and what doesn’t.  Anna also does a great job of honoring everyone’s different style.  She pulls you forward without putting you in a box, MAGIC!  I know that for myself, her teaching style and expertise is a perfect fit.


Pam C. of Madrid, IA

 The time spent with Anna and class members has helped me to learn what I have to do to connect with an animal and to receive details with validation.  







Testimonials from the Animal Communication Dream Retreat at White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, AZ

WSR group image for BLOG.jpg

The exceptional clients from The Animal Communication Dream Retreat share with us their thoughts and reflections after their amazing week at the White Stallion Ranch in November.

Marcia Lorenz:  Coming from a scientific background, I am always looking for logic and a validated outcome.  I have recently been curious about, and felt the desire to explore animal communication, but never was drawn to the proper teacher.  Anna “appeared out of the blue” and I knew that she was the one who could relate to me and become my teacher, mentor, and inspiration.  After completing the course, Anna was able to meet all my expectations and infinitely more.  Now I feel that my journey has definitely begun.  I know that it was the animals who sent me to Anna.  Do not miss any opportunity to just be in her presence.  She is so incredibly gifted.  You will learn and grow and begin to realize your potential.  Let your journey begin.

Lynda Marks:  I had been looking for answers in connection with Animal Communication and how to move forward.  Although there is a lot of information to be found via the web and in books as well as recommendations from others etc.  But for me I was looking for someone I felt a connection with and that I could follow as being a mentor.  This is exactly what I discovered in Anna and I am so excited that I feel I can now move forward with confidence.  A huge thank you is not enough to express how I really feel when trying to convey that through a few lines on paper.

Cheryl Miller:  The 7 day Animal Communication Training in Arizona was an extraordinary experience!  Anna Twinney is truly a master of her craft as well as a supportive, compassionate, and uplifting teacher.  Her training is a comprehensive and skillfully-crafted course that not only opens you up to a new world of possibilities, but supports and builds your confidence as you discover your natural/innate style of communication.  Her light-hearted and warm nature, combined with her skills, experience, and wit, make this training an engaging and life-changing experience.

Barbara Claussen:  Enlightened and empowered!  This work is way exceeding my expectations! This opened up my door wide for wonderful experiences in the future!  Loved it!  Recommend it highly no matter what level you are at!

Lisa Brown: Working with Anna is an unforgettable experience!  I’ve been learning animal communication for a few years, but I knew NOTHING about horses.  Anna’s teaching style allowed our group with mixed levels of experience and backgrounds to learn and connect with each other in an environment of mutual support, friend ship, and trust.  Anna is both warm and straightforward. The material was refreshing and invaluable.  There is something illuminating for everyone to take away, regardless of where you are starting out or what you currently believe.

Pamela Davidson:  Anna is a fantastic teacher.  I learned so much- in more ways than specific animal communication teachings! Every day brought more gifts- a wonderful week with Anna sharing her depth and breadth of knowledge and experience.  Thank you Anna and Vin!!

Thanks to all who contributed thoughts and wanted to share a glimpse of what their experience looked like.  It was an amazing and profound week of growth and development for all who joined us in Tucson!


Another Amazing Retreat at White Stallion Ranch, AZ


White Stallion Ranch Animal Communication Retreat

2012 Animal Communication Retreat Participants’ testimonials…

It took a beautiful dapple grey horse named Silverado, who…appeared to reject me, who appeared to shun me and appeared to enjoy nibbling on dry manure, than be in my presence! It was the deep meaning of his actions that gave me the most profound message of my life! On the brilliant and beautiful insights of Anna Twinney could have brought me to this place of self-realization, self-worth and self purpose. Through Anna’s teachings, I was able to begin down my path of animal communication, understanding and sacred gift of their presence and develop my destiny for animal welfare.

I am dedicating the rest of my life to animal rescue, animal well-being and to be the VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS! May God bless you Anna nd keep you with your amazing gift so that you continue to inspire the world for the animals.

Your friend,

Chrissy, CO

What an excellent week of animal communication at the beautiful White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Anna, your passion is contagious and your wisdom, insight and knowledge continue to inspire me in more ways than you know. Thank you for sharing your marvelous gifts with me.

Pilar Bauta, CT

WOW! And I’m not just talking about the stars in the Arizona sky! The whole class was a Wow!

Life changing to know we have these abilities lying dormant just waiting for us to use them. Anna’s class allows you to tune in to abilities we all have but don’t use. How amazing the feeling is when you realize you CAN do this!

Anna walks you through the process of how to make these connections and how translate the information you receive. All the while, gently pushing your growth each day. The pace of the class is prefect, allowing time to develop your natural abilities and grown in your confidence as well as plenty of personal time to relax, ride through beautiful country and digest all that you are learning. Thank you Anna! For everything!

It was amazing!

Michelle Finkbeiner, CO

Hi Anna,

Just wanted to take some time to soak in the week at White Stallion before sending you this!  Your ability to put people and animals together in a space to teach each other, challenge each  other, and to stretch themselves no longer surprises me!  You are a master at reading people and animals!
That is what continues to draw me to your teachings, knowing I will be challenged and respected.  I also know that I will come away with exactly what I need to get!  

This is most certainly true with our week at the White Stallion!  Being challeneged to adjust my thinking, along with gently pushing the crap out of my life!!!  Thank you to the beautiful mare who contained her spunk to show me calm awareness and partnership!!

Thank you Anna for challenging me and for sharing your wonderful gifts with our class and the animals!  I am forever grateful to call you my mentor and as importantly, my friend!
Susan S

March Reiki Class Testimonials

CO Reiki group March 2012

Amanda Puckett       –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“Going on this journey helped me to not only find a part of myself, but to become more connected with the energies of this Universe that many of my believes are strong rooted in.  Many doors are already beginning to open themselves up to me.  My journey is far from over and now I know that I have the base to go in the direction that I need.”


Alicia Puckett            –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“Never could I have imagined the many ways Reiki would/could change my life.  This journey has been nothing short of magical!  I would encourage others to follow their dreams and discard any self-doubt – with Reiki all things are possible.


Brittany Puckett        –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“Had a lovely experience.  Came into this expecting less than I actually got out.  I loved the practices we did and surrounding people I shared my time with.  Fun.  Challenging. Enjoyable.  Personal growth achieved.”


Carol Townsend        –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“This experience has produced for me a life changing release of built up negativity that has impacted my body adversely.  Through Reiki I was able to release harmful blockages and can now see clearly my way to a healthier, happier and more productive and satisfying life.”


Denise Dollar             –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“I encourage anyone that is interested in Reiki to join Anna in embracing their power to give and receive.  You will find yourself in a safe space to explore, learn and the courage to take the next step on your life’s path.  Come with an open mind and leave with an open heart.”


Janet Rutigliano        –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“This weekend was truly a healing and transformational journey for me – one that I know has opened me to a new path in my life.  I had been receiving the call to Reiki for many years, and I am grateful that I finally listened to my higher self and answered the call.  I will never look at life, nature, and the universe the same way again.  My thanks to Anna for guiding us through this life-changing experience.”

Animal Communication Testimonial


Thank you for reaching out to Chance for us.  Chance came through loud and clear and we were very encouraged!  You were right on, and we were so impressed with your accuracy.  It was amazing that Chance brought up some keen observations from our relationship with another horse, Sunny, showing that those two horses communicated among themselves and that Sunny passed things on to him.  That’s simply amazing!  It brought us so much comfort to hear things from their perspective, and really warmed our hearts.  We’re glad they got to know each other.  It’s become obvious that their time together with us has made a greater impact than we thought.  Communicating in this way has made a tremendous difference in our relationship with a much deeper level of understanding.  It has brought us peace and reassurance, laughter and hope, and some beautiful, authentic, heartfelt memories that will never be forgotten.  Thought I’d share a couple beautiful pics of these two guys together this past summer.  Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and talents to enable us to truly connect with the animals in our lives!

~ Charlotte and Janine (Ohio)

December 2011 Reiki Angels Testimonials

Reiki Angels Dec 2011

Seija Tillanen (Reiki Master)            –           Golden, CO Dec 2011

“I was attuned to Reiki I and II in December 2010 by Anna. She promised a somewhat roller coaster ride with the new energy frequency and she was absolutely right – at the end it is all good though! Over this last year I have done few hands on sessions for humans, several sessions for horses and dogs and I send Reiki energy from distance daily. Reiki helps me to feel closer to my loved ones even cross the ocean and being on the Reiki Angels list has made me really feel I am part of something way bigger than myself only.

Reiki has definitely become part of my everyday life and I was really looking for the Reiki Master attunement, which I received from Anna December 2011. Looking forward to the new phase in my life with an even higher energy frequency!

Overall the days spent with Anna and other participants practicing the Reiki sessions and feeling the power of Reiki energy was great. Thank you Anna!”

Kristen Mecca   –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“What a wonderful day! Anna is a brilliant teacher – knowledgeable kind, patient – I learned so much from her today.  And besides all the beautiful gifts I received form working with the horses, I gained valuable insights into myself.  How special to work with horses at a rescue too.  I feel blessed for having experienced today. Thank you”

Isadora Mielikki               –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“Thank you for opening up this wonderful world of energy healing to me”

Alicia Puckett    –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“I learned many skills that will undoubtedly change my life.  Thank you for these precious teachings.  I will treasure these gifts for years to come”.

Vicki Borrelli                      –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“Great Day working with Anna and a few polar opposites of horses to learn how to approach or re-approach, what the horses will receive, and when they are done…on their time table not mine”.

Christina Stinchcomb     –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“Im very happy I took Reiki I & II again with Anna.  It gave me clarity and confidence – just what I wanted.  Much gratitude!  Looking forward to much more and particularly enjoyed the guided meditations – the gifts received.”

White Stallion Ranch Retreat Nov 2011 – Testimonials

Fond Memories

Jeanne Spice, AZ

“My time at the ranch has been miraculous.  I came here specifically for Anna Twinney’s course with no other expectations.  The ranch is beautiful with no phones, TV and the staff is only there for your comfort.   The course with Anna was everything I had hoped for and more.  There are so many different ways to communicate with animals and we explored them all throughout the week long course.  This has truly been an experience of a lifetime”.


Robin Kane, CA

“My week at the White Stallion Ranch with Anna and the group has been magical.  I was amazed that each of us really connected with the animals that we reached out to.  Thank you Anna for this unique experience”.


Karen Koehler, CO

“If you are ready to grow and have fun doing it, this is the class for you.  Ive met wonderful people, worked on my communication skills and fell in love with a horse – all under the beautiful Arizona skies.  A trip you’ll never forget.  A loving thank you to Anna and all those who shared in this life enhancing experience!


Sara Olson, CO

“Anna, through the hands-on experiences with the many horse personalities at the White Stallion Ranch, its possible to express and mentor our group on the variety of ways in which we can respectfully and beautifully communicate with our animal friends. “


Dana Stuart-Bullock, NY

“A wonderful setting and opportunity to learn animal communication, surrounded by peace, animals and the opportunity to enjoy the ranch.  The workshop itself was notable for the practical skills we learned to use in communication”