“The Voice of Harmony” in Cheval Pratique’s November 2019 Issue

November 2019 Issue

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Anna has been featured in many international magazines, even some in France, but we are excited to announce her inclusion in Cheval Pratique’s November 2019 Issue.

They cover Anna’s passions, particularly her unique approach to Natural Horsemanship that includes the telepathic and energetic components, her dedication to the Mustangs and the plight of wild horses the world over, and her ability to use Animal Communication to give a voice to the voiceless.

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This Spring, Anna heads across the big blue ocean for adventures in Horsemanship and Animal Communication in Europe!

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3 Days of Connection and Communication

Friday 26th April: Animals as our Spirit Guides with Life and Love Lessons
*Life lessons through animal communication:
*Life lessons from the wild ones
*Life lessons from the horses (long distance communication)
*Life lessons from your own animals (long distance communication)

Sat 27th April:
What your horses want you to know; Animal Communication & Natural Horsemanship in aid of behavioral changes

*Group Session – What your horse wants you to know; a voice from the horses & Natural Horsemanship
*Group Session – What the Horse wants us to know/Problem solving
*NH demonstration
*Group session – straight from the horses mouth/NH demonstration
*A selection of problems brought to the day for resolution through AC & NH application/in action

Sat 28th April: ROTH Life Path Coaching – Liberty, Language and Life Lessons.

*The secret and silent language of the horse in action for life coaching

For more information and to register contact: Amanda

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What’s in a Holistic Horse Day, you ask?

Experience the Next Generation of Horsemanship & Horse Care!
Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises, Anna will introduce you to the very same techniques that Anna has used to build genuine, trust-based partnerships with thousands of horses.

How are these methodologies different? Why do we call them the next generation of horsemanship? Simple:
The ROTH Methodology is not a training program. The foundation of ROTH, as designed by Equine Behaviorist, Anna Twinney, is communication; the true language of all horses. By giving your horse a real voice, understanding them and being with them as individuals, you will uncover, not a horse, but an individual and a partner.

Here’s what you will explore in this full-day event:
Part I – “De-Mystify the Round Pen”: Round pen work isn’t “chasing a horse around a pen!” When used correctly, the round pen can be extremely effective in communicating with, training, and learning about your horse. You will experience a language that goes beyond bodily gestures, and create a lexicon that can be used in and out of the Round Pen.
Create the ultimate foundation with your horse
Learn the importance of herd dynamics & behavior
Develop a 2-way communication system
Understand how horses perceive your actions
Discover what is actually happening in the Round Pen
Determine when the Round Pen is NOT the right tool

Part II – “Muscle Testing”: Explore this easy to learn and use tool to identify what your horse needs to be happy, healthy, and whole.
Explore the body, mind, spirit connection
Get direct feedback from your body – the body does not lie!
Test your horse for any supplement, feed, or possible deficiency
Learn how to address energy blocks
Discover how your thoughts, limitations & beliefs affect your life

Part III – “Animal Communication”: Are you ready to take your communication beyond body language and training cues? Then it is time to discover the world of Inter-species Communication and explore a whole new relationship with your horse.
Experience your ability to connect with another being
Learn the reasons behind behavioral issues & how to solve them
Hear an evidence-and-validation-based perspective
Understand your animal’s perspective on situations
Discover what you are actually telling (or not telling) your horse
…and so much more!
The Holistic Horse Day will change the way you see your horse, your horsemanship, and the world!

Take Your Partnership with Your Horse to a Whole New Level!
You can stay for JUST the Holistic Horse Day, or, you can count it as the first day of your Five Day Equine Experience and finish out the rest of the week educated and informed!

Location: Kassel Niestetal, Gut Ellenbach, Germany
For more information on Anna’s Events in Germany, or to register, contact: Will Grebe at

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Language, Liberty, and Life Lessons

Day 1: Holistic Horse Day: See above for details on the full Holistic Horse Day
Day 2: Intuitive Enhancement: What is intuition and how can we use it in regards to connecting to and working with our horses.
Day 3: Language and Liberty: How can we “talk” with our horses applying what we learned with Intuition AND Body language?
Day 4: Animal Communication: Experience the phenomenon inherent to us all that allows us to really understand our animals.
Day 5: What our horses want us to know: After the last 4 days you might wonder how there could be anything else your horse would want you to know, oh but there IS! Come find out on Day 5!

Location: Kassel Niestetal, Gut Ellenbach, Germany
For more information on Anna’s Events in Germany, or to register, contact: Will Grebe at

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Explore your innate ability to connect and communicate with all of life, telepathically. Join Anna for the two-day introduction or stay on for the FULL 6 days of Animal Communication. The animals are talking. Are YOU listening?

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For more Information on Anna’s Clinics in Denmark, or to Register,

Contact Regina Flittner

Is Animal Communication your Flight of Fancy?

During Anna’s European events, she will delve into the worlds of live and long-distance Animal Communication to show you that communication isn’t only verbal or in person; it can, in fact, be energetic – crossing all boundaries of time and distance. Not only that, she will show YOU how to connect and to begin to get the information to which you wish you had access.  Don’t think you can connect?  Worried you will never be able to hear them?  Anna has taught thousands of people across the globe to learn to tune-in to their natural, inherent connection with all life.

ROTH ~ Q&A On liberty and long-lining

Q: I have been working with a lot of Perrelli trained horses, some well trained some not so much.  Most of them have extensive experience with being lunged but not so much with liberty work in the round pen.   

Just curious about lunging in the Roth array of techniques.  

A by ROTH Instructor student Elaine Ackerly:

When getting into the question of lungeing it is a tricky one for some. While this tool has been in use for many moons, it has, also, been used incorrectly in most instances. I think it is more pressing to ask yourself, why we work at liberty and why we use two lines (long lining) verses the one (lungeing).

I think it may help you to answer a few questions:

1. Why would one line be better than two?

2. When we ride do we ride with one rein or two?

3. How much clear communication is given with one inside line verses an inside and outside line?

4. What are the goals we set when we lunge or long line, and how would the outcome be affected by our choice of one line verses two?

1. By using one line to exercise we are forced to put on a cavesson and side reins in order to get the horse to get into position and keep its head ‘in place.’ This is not training the horse, but forcing it into what we want. When we long line or drive from the ground, we have a way to communicate with both sides of the horse and our body language to teach them to carry themselves into the ideal position. By helping the horse to get there, rather than holding them there, we are, in fact, training.

2. If we think about the functions of the inside and outside reins we can begin to see the need for both, not only from the saddle, but the ground as well. Remember, the inside rein is for direction and the outside rein is for speed. It’s this combination that creates balance and collection in the gates.

3. The reasons to lunge or long line are many but the primary reasons are to exercise, rehabilitate, to train and to assess a horse (usually, training to ride or drive). If we take into account that we always ride with two reins and that the training we do is to get a horse to the point of this, than we should be helping the horse as best we can. The transition from ground driving to riding is one that is usually received by horses smoothly, because the message from hand to head is the same. Where as, with lungeing there is some figuring out on the horses part to be done when moving onto the two rein system of riding.

More importantly, I think you need to be addressing why liberty is not working for these horses. Is it your application of the methods or some previous training that they have had? Because the ROTH methods are derived from the horses themselves, there should be no struggle for them to understand it and to communicate with them successfully. If you can confidently say that you are applying the methods correctly, than we would move onto asking the horses what they have been taught. A horse that has been taught in the round pen to never do an outside turn or to always face (for two examples) up will be challenging for a beginner, learning themselves. Because, the responses we have taught you to expect (because they follow the natural language of horses) are not the responses the horse has been trained to give.

If it is the latter of these options than I encourage you to consider the horse as intelligent and aware. A horse that has been trained to go against their language and nature has not forgotten their nature, they have just adapted to work within the language of people. They are very capable of going back to their way, and once it is clear to them this is the direction sought they are more than happy with the change. We have had numerous horses come through the clinics over the years that have had different levels and quality of Parreli training. Every one of them has been successful in the Reach Out and long lining.

Getting your liberty work down is very important to long lining. When we introduce long lining to the horses it is always with the lines quietly in hand and directions given with body language as if the horse was at liberty. We build in the cues from the lines as we direct with the body language and eventually are able to fade out the body language and rely on the lines. This is the kindest and most effective way to teach a horse about reins and to follow direction from them, because the language begins in their own and is translated for them.

Here is an article Anna wrote about long lining. I could have sworn that I had read one in the past she had written about lungeing vs long lining, but my search came up blank.



We Posted New YouTube Videos!


Spook-busting Saddle-bound

the ROTH way! 

It’s a myth that you need to stay in the saddle and ride your horse no matter what!  Take the time to take the time to create a strong, trusting partnership.  Leadership is earned and not given.  Learn to become the leader your horse will follow on the ground and in the saddle.  Take the ROTH methodologies into the saddle and come to understand how your thoughts, breath and movement affect the horse in every way. Behavior issues become a matter of the past!

Moving horses from fear & spookiness into trust and confidence

the ROTH way! 

With decades of experience in equine behavior Anna Twinney has a unique way to unravel and pinpoint behavior issues in horses.  By creating very specific exercises Anna reads the horses for handlers/riders to come to understand the core of the issue.  Once these issues are resolved, confidence is built for both horse and rider deepening their relationship.  This mare attended a ROTH clinic with head-shy issues together with a spooky tendency.  During a 3-day clinic Anna lead the team from fear into confidence to enhance performance!

Conversation with horses at Liberty

Anna Twinney is well known around the World for her original horse training methodologies, as the only Natural Horsewoman to bring to you the complete language of the horse.  Anna reveals all to you, not holding back.  Her abilities to relate to horses in a natural way, without gimmicks, is only surpassed by her ability to coach all disciplines in the horse world. Join a team of professionals who are pioneering the next generation of horsemen.

Power of Body Language with horses for all disciplines

Natural Horsemanship, for me, means communicating with a horse in a manner they “naturally” understand.  Usually, this takes place through a mutual understanding of subtle communication beginning with a mere thought.  Through an intentional thought, clear, deliberate movements and a knowledge of herd observations an untrained horse will communicate.  Natural horsemanship isn’t for a selected few it’s for everyone.  Each discipline, each breed and all horsemanship enthusiasts through to professionals.  Bring it into your life today and create the ultimate success.