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Press Release: BLM Poised to Eradicate Last Large Wild Horse Herds in Wyoming

Press Release:  For immediate release

BLM Poised to Eradicate Last Large Wild Horse Herds in Wyoming

US Congressman, Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), supports listing of wild horses as endangered species

ROCK SPRINGS, WY (July 23, 2014) – The Cloud Foundation (TCF) with 280,000 followers, as well as numerous wild horse and animal advocacy groups, condemns the Bureau of Land Management’s scheduled roundup which will eliminate all wild horses on 1.2 million acre checkerboard land (alternating one mile square sections of private and public land for 20 miles on either side of Interstate 80) within the Great Divide Basin, Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creek Herd Management Areas (HMA).  The roundup of 946 wild horses is the first step in the planned total elimination of all wild horses in Great Divide Basin and Salt Wells Creek.

“Adobe Town, Salt Wells and Great Divide Basin are home to the largest free-roaming wild horse herds left in Wyoming,” states Carol Walker, renowned equine photographer and Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF) Board member. Walker has photographed the unique southwestern Wyoming herds for 10 years. “Genetic tests link the Adobe Town herd to horses re-introduced to the America’s by the Spanish in the 1500s. Great Divide Basin wild horses are descended from Calvary remounts,” she continues.  “To lose the wild horses in this vast landscape known by local residents as the ‘Big Empty’ would be to lose touch with our western history, heritage, and the untamed spirit of the West.”

The roundups, aimed at appeasing the powerful Rock Springs Grazing Association (RSGA), are in compliance with a Consent Decree between the BLM and RSGA, a back door deal allegedly encouraged by then-Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar. According to the Consent Decree the BLM agrees to zero out Divide Basin and Salt Wells, arguing that these unfenced wild lands allow mustangs to freely roam into private land in the checkerboard areas. Yet even in the Adobe Town HMA, which contains only a small portion of land within the checkerboard, the BLM intends to slash the herd by 100% leaving only 500 horses on over 400,000 acres of federal lands.

While BLM and RSGA contend that 1,912 wild horses overpopulate the 2.4 million acres within the HMA’s, TCF and WHFF research reveals that 356,222 cattle and 45,206 sheep graze the same lands under federally subsidized grazing leases. While cattle and sheep are not on the range year round like wild horses, the monthly average of 68,740 cattle and 10,741 sheep is staggering compared to fewer than 2,000 wild horses.  Livestock, not wild horses overpopulate and degrade the rangelands

TCF and other advocate groups question the legality of BLM’s Decision to reduce herd levels far below Appropriate Management Levels (AMLs) set in their own Resource Management Plans, and without an Environmental Assessment as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

“Wild horse and burro herds and the federal lands on which they roam are under fire from those seeking to control land currently owned by the American public,” states Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director of TCF.  Since 1971 wild horses and burros have lost over 20 million acres of habitat. 339 wild horse herds were designated for protection on western ranges when the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act was passed. Today only 179 herds remain. 70% of the remaining herds are no longer genetically viable due to their small herd sizes. The intent of the forward thinking, environmentally sound and unanimously passed 1971 Act has been totally ignored by the agency charged with protecting wild horses and burros.

As recently as July 10, Utah Representative Chris Stewart introduced HR 5058, The Wild Horse Oversight Act of 2014 which, according to a Salt Lake Tribune article, “could allow states to sell wild horses to slaughter.”

“Apparently, Congressman Stewart is not satisfied with the sweetheart deal welfare ranchers have had for decades, in which they pay virtually nothing to run their cattle and sheep on land owned by the American public,”  Kathrens says. She also attributes the dire situation to BLM’s bungling of the Wild Horse and Burro Program. “BLM has turned their back on management practices that would allow for the animals to live out their lives in freedom, rather than languishing in costly holding pens and pastures.”

“Wild horses are between a rock and a hard place.  The BLM wants to eliminate them in Wyoming, and Utah Congressman Stewart wants states to have the authority to eliminate them on federal rangeland,” states Paula Todd King, TCF Director of Communications. “This is why The Cloud Foundation joined Friends of Animals in filing a Petition to List North American Wild Horses under the Endangered Species Act.”

“With the myriad of threats posed to the remaining wild horse herds in America, it is past time that we look to science to guide their management on our public lands,” states US Representative Raul Grijalva (AZ).  “I support The Cloud Foundation’s call for wild horses to be federally protected under the ESA.”

The ESA petition’s introduction states:

The primary threats to wild horses on federal public land are habitat loss, inadequate regulation, and excessive round-ups and removals. Overall, wild horses on federal public lands face the threat of extinction due to at least four factors identified in the ESA. First, habitat loss, particularly from cattle grazing, mining, energy exploration, and urban expansion, endangers the distinct population segment (“DPS”). Second, human utilization threatens the species, specifically removal and sterilization to reduce the population and allow commercial grazing. Third, existing regulatory mechanisms are inadequate to manage the threats that face wild horses and may, in fact, constitute an independent threat to their survival. Finally, other natural and manmade factors also threaten the continued existence of wild horses in the United States, including their artificially fragmented range and small population size. Thus, it is vital to the survival of this population segment of wild horses that it becomes federally protected under the ESA


Livestock far Outnumber Wild Horses Targeted for Removal in Wyoming, Chart by TCF & WHFF


BLM Schedules Wild Horse Removal from Checkerboard Lands


Decision Record and Categorical Exclusion


Federal Court Sanctions Gov’t Plans to Eliminate Wild Free-Roaming Horses from Wyoming Checkerboard


How the Department of Interior Sold Out America’s Wild Horses


Ranchers are Scapegoating Wild Horses says BLM Scientist


Wild Horse Oversight Act


Bill: Allow Utah, states to more aggressively manage wild horses


Petition to List a North American Distinct Population Segment of

Wild Horse (Equus caballus) under the U.S. Endangered Species Act


Media Contacts:

Paula Todd King

The Cloud Foundation



The Cloud Foundation (TCF) is a Colorado based 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wild horses and burros on our western public lands.

Experience the Majesty of the Mustang first hand! Final call.

Introduce a Wild Horse to Humans,  untouched-2


We’ve been talking about it for months but we are only a couple of weeks away now and we’ve only got 1 spot left! 

So it’s time to join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

Would you like the opportunity to be the first human contact for a wild horse?

You have the ability to change the lives of a group of BLM mustangs.  Be a part of their future by participating in the Reach Out to the Untouched Horse adventure. 

For several years now Reach Out to Horses, with the help of our good friend (and ROTH student Instructor) Michaele, F.O.A.L. and some good folks at the BLM (yes, there are some very good, hard working folks at the the BLM) has been doing their part to help the plight of the captive mustangs.

Every year, we pull a number of mustangs out of the holding pens of the BLM, introduce them to the world of humans, and adopt them to new homes.

Not just any training.  We use the tested and highly effective, gentle, trust-based methodologies Anna has developed specifically to work with mustangs and untouched horses.  These methods are also great for working with spooky horses, traumatized horses, young horses, and many more.

And not just any homes.  We do our best to make sure the horses will be well taken care of and that it is the right fit for both horse and human.

We, of course, would prefer these horses be returned to their homes on the range, and we continue to fight to give them their freedom back.  But until that day, we will do our best to help the horses anyway we can.

And you can help too.  You have the opportunity to adopt these mustangs upon completion of the program.

Experience the majesty of working with these incredible symbols of freedom!  There is nothing quite like it.

For the horses,

Register Now!

4-H’ers learn from renowned horse whisperer

By Molly Ramlet, 4-H Club Reporter

Equine Specialist Anna Twinney presented a workshop on horse communication to the Bit of Class 4-H club the last week of June. The club hosted Twinney, an internationally-recognized “horse whisperer,” at Sue Sarasin’s barn in Greenwood Village. More than 20 members and guests attended the clinic. Twinney came at the invitation of club member Emily Connaugthon.

“I am very interested in horse communication,” Connaugthon said. “I thought the topic would be good for one of our meetings. We were really lucky to have someone of Ms. Twinney’s stature give us a demonstration.”

Twinney demonstrated both horse whispering and animal communication. She worked in a round pen, one horse at a time, with four horses: Faith, Fashion, Moonlight and Cherokee. Working without a lunge line or lead rope, she first demonstrated horse whispering — establishing non-verbal communication with a horse to gentle and train it. Next, she taught the club members about horse communication, which is the ability to telepathically connect with a being of another species, and literally communicate with them using images, feelings, thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and even mentally projected words.

Check out the Villager Newspaper article details here!

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From the Newsletter’s ROTH Virtual Classroom:

Watch these pairs of horses and humans learn with and from each other as they work through various obstacles.  Learn subtleties of how to help your horse trust you to lead them through  scary situations in-hand and then translate that confidence to the saddle. 

Holistic Horsemanship Experience, Denmark, May 2014

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International Horse Whisperer Team Up with Local Rescues to Spread the Word of Gentle, Trust-Based Training and Adopting Rescued Horses

International Horse Whisperer and Equine Behaviorist, Anna Twinney, and Reach Out to Horses were excited to team up with Zuma’s Rescue Ranch in Littleton, CO and Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue in Ault, CO for a week of rescue horses and trust-based horsemanship.
From April 21-27, Anna introduced 10 students and multiple rescued horses to the world of trust-based learning.  During the course of the 7-day event, the participants worked with horses who have been abandoned, abused, starved and sent to slaughter.  These horses, often troubled and leery of humans, are given a second chance at a new life.
Anna Twinney is known around the world for her gentle and genuine trust-based horsemanship methodologies.  Her unique program focuses on the language of the horse and using that language to work with the horses, giving them a voice and a say in their training.
“Bringing these horses around can be a tricky matter.  But the first step in any successful training program is to gain their trust through integrity, authenticity and compassion.  Once you have that you can often create a life-long partnership with a willing participant,” says Anna.
Once the horses are trained, Zuma’s and Shiloh Acres often have an easier time adopting out the rescued horses, finding them permanent homes with loving people and opening room for more horses to be rescued from unthinkable fates.
“I’ve been saying for the last few years that I wanted to find a different/new/better way to be with horses. I’ve finally found that way with Anna’s teaching.”  Janet Prior
Zuma’s Rescue Ranch is focused on pairing rescued horses with at risk kids in a nurturing, healing manner and environment.  Together they learn to trust and love one another. Once trust of the horse/human pair is accomplished, they move into learning to love and nurture themselves and others.

Shiloh Acres Rescue is a small, family operated non-profit organization  dedicated to helping slaughter-bound, abused, neglected and unwanted horses.

For more information about the week or to possibly adopt one of the horses contact Reach Out to Horses at info@reachouttohorses.com or Jodi at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch at info@zumasrescueranch.com or call 303-346-7493.

Follow the horses progress through the week on ROTH’s YouTube Channel and find hundreds more informitave videos!









Anna is excited every year to bring horse and human together through true, trust-based horsemanship and 2014 is no different.

Join us in Colorado or Wyoming for an adventure you won’t forget, or see how you can apply these unique and powerful methodologies to your horses and start your journey as a ROTH Holistic Horsewoman or Horseman

No matter the event, they are sure to change your horsemanship, your thinking and your life, forever.

And don’t forget, if you can’t come as a participant, join us as an auditor. Come for a day or for the whole week!

Take the journey to another world. A world of trust, a world of partnership…

A World of Results!

Anna and the whole Reach Out Team!



Photo by Lauren Munger

Photo by Lauren Munger


2-Week Holistic Horsemanship Certification Course

July 21st – August 1st, 2014
Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
Littleton, WY

Learn the Art of Trust and Horsemanship
with the Exclusive Reach Out to Horses Methodologies.

Whether your goal is to develop solid, well-rounded skills in your own private horsemanship or to become a respected expert in the equine industry, the Reach Out to Horses® Holistic Horsemanship Certification Course is for you.

This comprehensive program is designed for those who have a genuine desire to learn trust-based, gentle, non-invasive communication methods. It is the perfect starting point for equine enthusiasts, potential horse guardians, instructors, trainers, managers, those working in the equine industry, and those seeking to become professional trainers and clinicians.

This program has been carefully designed for more than a decade to give you the solid foundation crucial to the success in any discipline of horsemanship.

You will learn how to give your horse a voice, to understand the horse’s language, and converse using not only body language (that’s just the beginning) but through the many facets of the .

Find Out How You Can Be a Part of the Next Generation of Horsemanship…



Colt Starting 101

April 21st – 27th, 2014
Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
Littleton, CO

Spectators welcome

The starting process is one of the most impressionable times of a young horse’s life. Learn the highly effective, safe and very efficient ROTH methodologies for not only young unstarted horses but also to reestablish a more cooperative relationship with mature horses as well.

Learn More…


Anna at the McCullough Peaks with the Mustangs


Reach Out to the Untouched Horse

August 25th – 31st, 2014,
Cody, WY

Spectators Welcome

This week-long, life-changing adventure not only takes you into the training process of untouched horses but you will also enter their magical domain and discover how you can help these majestic beings as they face the toughest challenge to their very survival.

You will begin to understand their non-verbal communication in the natural world and over the course of these 7 days you will discover herd dynamics and develop a bond through building a trust-based relationship. Through Anna’s unique and highly effective methodologies you will learn the art of training the untouched horse and help give these horses a second chance at life.

And when it is all over, we are proud to say that the BLM has given us their trust and the opportunity to adopt the horses we work with out to the world. Rather than going back to holding pens so many of us have fought to stop, we will be holding an adoption of these precious beings on Augsut 31st!

A true win-win-win for everyone. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the Wild West!

Learn More…




Foal Gentling

September 8th – 13th, 2014
Friends of Horses, Centennial, CO

Spectators Welcome

Where else can you have the opportunity to be the first to make that magical connection with a foal? Unless you own your own horses, the answer is…


Learn the art of gentle and trust-based foal gentling. Those first moment of contact between horse and human can be the difference between success and failure, partnership and trouble, and even life and death!

Through Anna’s safe and highly-effective methods you will understand just what it takes to succussfully prepare a foal for her new life in the world of horse and human. These very hands-on 6 days will touch your heart and your soul, will exhaust your body and exhalt your spirit in ways you can’t even imagine.

Learn More…

Anna Will Be In Denmark, Germany, & The UK For The Month Of May!

Holistic Horse Day with Anna Twinney

May 1 – Nyt Hesteliv, Denmark
May 14 – LPG Ranch Furstenberg, Brandenburg, Germany
May 22 – Steinmauern, Germany

Spend the Day Learning the Foundations of the Most Unique and Comprehensive Equine Training Program in the World!
Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises, you will explore the very same techniques that Anna has used, all around the world, to build genuine trust-based partnerships with thousands of horses.

Part I – “De-Mystify the Round Pen”: Witness the effectiveness of the Round Pen. Experience a language that goes beyond body gestures, and create a lexicon that can be used in and out of the Round Pen.
Part II – “Muscle Testing”: Identify what your horse needs to be 
happy, healthy & whole.
Part III - “Animal Communication”: Discover the world of Interspecies Communication.

For more information or to reserve your spot contact:
Hesteliv, Denmark – Regina, Reginahf@ofir.dk 
Brandenburg, Germany – Sönke,  sd@theeastshore.net
Steinmauern, Germany – Frido, info@insprofil.de  

Three Days of Animal Communication

May 2 – 4 – Nyt Hesteliv, Denmark

Anna returns with another 3 days of her highly popular animal communication workshop!

Would you like to talk to your horse about why he keeps trying to nip you all the time?  Maybe you’d like to know why your cat seems to be moping around?  Or perhaps you want to make sure your dog likes your new house or Partner!  Whatever your questions now is the time to ask them all.

Welcome to the Amazing World of Animal Communication.  Animal Communication, also known as interspecies communication is the ability to telepathically connect with a being of another species & literally communicate with them using images, feelings, thoughts, emotions and even words.   This is NOT body language.

Even if you have attended our class before or are part of the webinars, there is nothing like immersing yourself into the experience.  Gain personal guidance and explore under the direct tutelage of a master communicator.  Overcome hurdles, deepen your understanding and expand knowledge!

Day 1: The Physical – Learn How to Uncover Physical Issues, gauge pain and discomfort, assist vets, Increase Your Animals Health and Well-Being as well as understanding their complete perspective.   So often we know our animals aren’t feeling well but imagine being able to help them through any physical problems they might have.

Day 2: The Emotional – Of all the reasons for which people reach out to Anna, behavioral issues have to be at the top of the list.  But solving behavioral issues is far more involved than just telling your companion to STOP IT!  Learn how you can understand your companion’s behavior, uncover their needs and true intentions, and finally shape or even stop that frustrating behavior.

Day 3: The Spiritual – Animals in Transition.  The time when our animals leave us can be one of the most difficult times of our lives.    Anna will show you how to help your animal companion make his transition out of the physical body and then how to communication with them once they are on the other side.  You will also learn how to uncover your animals wish list before they go so you will have no regrets and be able to spend those last precious moments with them in love and support.

For more information or to reserve your spot contact:

Regina at  Reginahf@ofir.dk or go to  http://www.reachouttohorses.dk/ .

5-Days of Horsemanship with Anna

May 7 – 11 – Sealand, Denmark

Discover why the ROTH Methodologies are some of the most unique and effective on the planet.  Over the course of 5 days you will go in depth into the language of the horse and our exclusive ROTH trust-based training.  Bring your own horse or arrange for one of ours!

Topics covered will include:

Day 1 – T.L.C. –  Trust-Based Leadership and Compassionate Communication

- In the morning you will learn to use these exclusive training techniques that will set your horse up for success and achieve that connection of grace and ease you’ve always imagined.  Then in the afternoon you will take these techniques into the saddle and understand how to improve your riding for performance or for fun.

Day 2 – Overcoming Obstacles in the Obstacle Course at Liberty -

Learn the true language of Equus, uncover your horse’s unique learning style, read his body language, personality and history, and more.   Communicate non verbally with gestures, energy and telepathy to encompass your own accent and learn how to talk to your horse to develop a true partnership!

Day 3 – Food for Thought – You should never use food to train horses, right?  Wrong!  There is so much confusion and misinformation about using food in training and Anna will set the record straight.  She will go over the do’s and don’ts of using food in training and show you how treats can speed up your training sessions.  She will also show you how you can create problems when used incorrectly.  In the morning you will learn how to use food as reward in trick training and in the afternoon how to use food to help shape or change behavior in your horse.

Day 4 – Spookbusting and Saddling Up! – Learn the gentle, and most effective way of desensitizing your horse to everything from everyday objects to those potentially dangerous surprises – all while strengthening your trust-based partnership.  Then, just as in Day 1, take the methods to the saddle and learn how to effectively spook-bust your horse from the saddle!

Day 5 – Dancing with Horses – We end these info-packed 5 days with a bang.  Either work with your horse at liberty in the round pen or take to the saddle and explore the world of intuitive riding.  Learn to trust your horse, yourself and ride with grace and ease all while creating that true trust-based partnership between horse and human!

For more information or to reserve your spot contact: 

Regina, Reginahf@ofir.dk


5-Day Intuitive Riding Clinic with Anna

May 15 – 19 – LPG Ranch Furstenberg, Brandenburg, Germany

Join Anna, and student instructor, Sonke Dose, as they show you how to take your riding to the next level.  Many people believe that natural horsemanship is only for groundwork.  But they couldn’t be more wrong.  You will learn how to take the ROTH methodologies into the saddle and improve your riding for competition or for pleasure.

Topics covered will include:

Day 1 – T.L.C. –  Trust-Based Leadership and Compassionate Communication -

In the morning you will learn to use these exclusive training techniques that will set your horse up for success and achieve that connection of grace and ease you’ve always imagined.  The T.L.C. methodologies are the foundation of Reach Out to Horses and creating a trust-based partnership with your horse.  Through these exclusive techniques you will be able to quickly and effectively begin your horse’s training, fill in the holes and create a relationship between horse and human.  Then in the afternoon you will take these techniques into the saddle to increase the communication between horse and rider.

Day 2 – Overcoming Obstacles in the Obstacle Course at Liberty -

Learn the true language of Equus, uncover your horse’s unique learning style, read his body language, personality and history, and more.   Communicate non-verbally with gestures, energy and telepathy to encompass your own accent and learn how to talk to your horse to develop a true partnership!  Then in the afternoon you will really challenge yourself as you ride with only a halter!  Halter and bareback riding will enhance your feel and technique for any riding level.

Day 3 – Spookbusting and Saddling Up! – Learn the gentle, and most effective way to desensitizing your horse to everything from everyday objects to those potentially dangerous surprises – all while strengthening your trust-based partnership.  Then, just as in Day 1, take the methods to the saddle and learn how to effectively spook-bust your horse from the saddle.    You will start in the obstacle course and then make your way to spook-busting on the trail!

Day 4 – Intuitive Horsemanship – It’s time to put it all together and uncover how to trust yourself, trust your horse and ride with  fluidity, grace and ease, as you combine all that you’ve learned.  Anna takes your training to the next level, first on the ground and then in the saddle.

Day 5 – All day riding on trails – Now that you have learned the art of intuitive riding, enjoy your hard work and take to the trails on an all day ride!

The perfect combination of learning, work and fun!  Join Anna for this jam-packed week and take your horsemanship and your riding to the next level!

For more information or to reserve your spot contact: 

Sonke, sd@theeastshore.net, or call 0172-5609604.


3-Days of Holistic Horsemanship

May 23 – 25, Steinmaurn, Germany

Im Mai kommt Anna Twinney aus USA, Colorado zu uns auf den Sonnenhof.

Anna ist eine begnadete Pferdefrau. Sie hat jahrelang bei Monty Roberts sein Ausbildungskonzept mit aufgebaut und sich von dort aus weiterentwickelt und zählt heute zu den großen Pferdeflüsterern der Welt.

Sie bietet am 22. Mai einen “Holistic-Horse-Day” an und vom 23.-25. Mai einen Kurs bei dem es um die vertrauensbasierte Partnerschaft (TLC) mit dem Pferd geht. Das sollten Sie nicht verpassen.

Info und Buchung hier: 


Learn the secrets to creating a trust-based partnership with your horse. Join Anna for 3 days of horsemanship as she unlocks the secrets to creating a trust-based training program for you and your horse.

Topics Include:

Day 1: Obstacle Course at Liberty:

Learn the true language of Equus, uncover your horse’s unique learning style, read his body language, personality and history, and more.   Communicate non-verbally with gestures, energy and telepathy to encompass your own accent and learn how to talk to your horse to develop a true partnership!

 Day 2: T.L.C. – Trust-Based Leadership and Compassionate Communication

Learn to use these exclusive training techniques that will set your horse up for success and achieve that connection of grace and ease you’ve always imagined.  The T.L.C. methodologies are the foundation of Reach Out to Horses and creating a trust-based partnership with your horse.  Through these exclusive techniques you will be able to quickly and effectively begin your horse’s training, fill in the holes and create a relationship between horse and human.

Day 3:  DeMystifying the Round Pen:

* Learn just how effective the Round Pen can be in training your horse; * create the ultimate foundation for a relationship,

* introduce the saddle

* solve your most challenging horse related problems.

You will also discover how, combined with understanding the language of the horse, you can use the round pen to:

* uncover your horse’s history

*personality, character,

*explore the whys behind the hows

* discuss the 50/50 partnership

*physical well-being and more.

Explore the art of the silent language of the horse through thoughts, intentions and silent signals!

For more information or to reserve your spot contact:  

Frido at  info@insprofil.de.


Animal Communication Weekend Event with Anna Twinney

May 30 – June 1, Windermere, Lake District, UK

A Life Changing Experience for You and Your Animal Companions

Animal Communication, also known as inter-species communication is the ability to telepathically connect with a being of another species and literally communicate with them using images, feelings, thoughts, emotions and even words.  It is a great tool to speak with your animal, strengthen the bond between the two of you and to connect with your companion to truly understand them.

But many don’t realize how powerful this tool can be.

Spend the weekend in the Lake District with Anna and find out how you can use animal communication to not only transform your relationship with your companions but discover how to use your inherent gifts to telepathically connect and communicate with all animals.

Through demonstrations, lectures, and lots of hands-on exercises, Anna will share her experience and knowledge to help you go deeper perhaps than you ever have into the world of animal communication or  even into your relationship with your Animal Companion.

During this event you will explore:

Friday Night, May 30- An Evening of Animal Communication

If you have never experienced Animal Communication or even if you need a quick refresher, the Friday Night evening is for you.  Anna will go over the basics of this powerful ability, how you can reconnect with this gift and use it to communicate with your animal companions.  She will cover how it works, what it is, its many uses, do’s and don’ts and lots more.  The perfect place to start if you are just beginning.

Saturday, May 30 – Animals Communication for Behavior Modification, Negotiations, Personal Reflections and Blockage Clearing.

One of the most common questions Anna gets is “Can’t you just tell my animal to…” Well, for you parents out there, have you ever tried to just tell your kids to do something? Just because you say it doesn’t mean they will listen. Whether it be physical aggression, fear, mental or emotional anxiety, disobedience, or any one of the list of issues she sees, Anna regularly uses animal communication to address, alleviate and even solve some of the toughest issues.

On day 1 of the Animal Communication weekend, she will show you how you can use this heart to heart connection to solve your toughest behavioral patterns. It isn’t as easy as telling your companion to stop. You must understand why they do what they do, where the behavior began, what they are saying and needing and more, and how you can address your companion to create a win-win situation for everyone.

If that isn’t enough, she will also reveal how your animal companions can reveal aspects, issues and more about you. That’s right… often our companions mirror us and you will uncover how you can take this gift and enhance your own life. In addition she will teach you how to use animal communication to assist with clearing energy blocks for your animal.

And that’s only day one!

Sunday, September 22 – Animals in Transition

One of the most painful experiences for people with Animal Companions can be the time of transition. Although we never want our companions to leave us, it is a natural part of life and, just as we do with our human family and friends, we can assist our animals during this time as well.

Through the gift of Animal Communication we are truly capable of talking to our companions, finding out what their needs and wishes are, and helping them to make their transition with peace, closure, grace, and love.

Covered on this day will be:

  • Preparing Your Animal to Cross Over
  • Easing Your Animal’s Transition Through
  • Different Alternative Healing Modalities
  • Helping to Make Their Final Wishes a Reality
  • Uncovering Where, When and How They Wish to Pass
  • Connecting to Your Animal Companion After the Transition
  • Reincarnation and the Possibility of Another Chance
  • and Lots More…

If you really want to experience what is truly possible with animal communication or if you want to take your skills to the next level, this weekend is definitely for you.


Anna wants to make sure you have as much support to succeed on the road to animal communication as possible. So she is offering a bonus package never before offered.

A package valued at over £450. FREE. 

If you sign up for this extraordinary weekend event by April 1st, you will not only join Anna for this 3-day weekend workshop, you will also receive:

- Instant Access to Anna’s previously recorded 6-part webinar series – Animal Communication: The Real Deal

- Instant Access to Anna’s second previously recorded 6-part webinar series – Animal Communication: Just a Belief Away  

- A special coupon to access Anna’s upcoming $297 third 6-part Animal Communication webinar series for only $147.  

That is over 45 hours of additional training in this heart to heart art. Furthermore, the first 2 webinars are no longer available, but you will have access to them immediately, as soon as you register for your spot.

 Space is limited so don’t delay. Reserve your spot today.

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Wild Horse Fundraiser in Boulder, CO April 5!

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Another Great Testimonial about Animal Communication

Photo Courtesy Karen Frame

Photo Courtesy Karen Frame

As you know, at the time of our animal communication session with you in February, Allie had severe behavioral issues, much out of character from her usual self. She had been checked by the vet and treatment was provided for abnormal heat cycles and ulcers. It was during your conversation with Allie that she told you about a magnesium deficiency. I remember both of us being a bit perplexed by her response. Following our session, I researched this and was amazed to read that Allie exhibited many of the traits of a horse deficient in magnesium. As further confirmation of your ability to speak and hear clearly what Allie had to say, I started her on a magnesium supplement two weeks ago. Within 2 days I could see a big difference in her. I’m excited to report that she is almost back to her normal self.

It has been a slow and steady progress as we get back to the basics and take baby steps with “everything horse”! LOL What I mean is 3 weeks ago, I couldn’t even get close enough to halter her. It was also extremely dangerous to enter her stall to provide hay, water or feed. Grooming or any attempts of physical contact resulted in nasty, agitated behavior. Thus, I spent nearly 2 months doing nothing with her.

Once she had been on the magnesium for a few days I was able to start working with her in the stall for basic etiquette; such as backing up and moving over out of my space. I could also work with and without food as she patiently waited for my next request. After just a week I was able to start grooming and simple groundwork exercises with her. Perhaps for some the simple task of leading your horse with a lead rope is not a big deal but for me it was monumental considering how reactive she had been prior to using the magnesium. This week, I spent the last 3 days doing ST (straightness training) exercises and she did fabulous. I even started to teach her groundwork for haunches-in which was a bit confusing to her at first. Despite her discomfort with something new, she tolerated it without getting explosive or trying to bite me. HUGE improvement!!

Your ability to provide not only confirmation of details I had not provided to you but also clarity of the real issue, “straight from the horse’s mouth”, truly enabled me to turn this situation around. Words cannot express the magnitude of gratitude I have for this outcome. Despite all the time and energy I invested in other areas to assist with Allie’s care, it was Animal Communication that provided the missing link!

Many, many thanks again.
Karen and Allie

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Success Through Animal Communication


Anna had a very successful consultation with Finnegan in Arizona. “Finny” wanted his person, Diana, to know where he needed help. Diana called in the vet and Finnegan proved to be a very accurate at communicating his discomfort. 

Heres what Diana learned after the conversation with Anna:

Hi Anna,

I know you wanted an update on how Finnegan is doing so here is the latest:

I contacted a vet here that specializes in acupuncture, Bowen, Applied Kinesioloy and Chiropractic, Integrated with Western Medicine.  His name is Dr. Don Moore.   He did quite an extensive evaluation and for your validation, you were absolutely right on in your reading!  He heard sand and gurgling in the right side back under the rib cage on the flank.  After doing a fecal, he did find some sand. (no parasites) I had a fecal done on him in January but nothing showed up in that one.  I told him about the left side of his mouth and he found there to be some sharp areas and areas where Finny was not able to chew well.  Unfortunately, he believes it might be due to the power floating I had done on him last spring.  His fecal also showed undigested hay.

I have called the Healing Touch program to see if I can delay attending this weekend so I can so I can administer a Metamucil treatment and watch him closely over the next week.  I have also contacted a dental specialist in Arizona by the name of Phil Ratliff of Rite Bite Equine Dentistry to have him come and work on Finnegan when he’s in the area.

I can’t thank you enough for your clear and thorough reading!  The vet thinks Finny could be “the perfect storm” horse with sand and teeth problems and we may have avoided a serious colic with your help.

Many blessings,



Thanks for the update, Diana. We are all thrilled here at ROTH that it worked out for the two of you!


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