FREE TELE-CLASS May 2nd at 6pm mst.

We often hear about being the “leader of your herd of two”, and the importance of commanding and maintaining the respect and the trust from your horse at all times. 

But, as in the human world, just because you say your the boss doesn’t mean it is true and it certainly doesn’t mean you will automatically garner that respect and leadership. And if you are going to take that leadership role through violence, you may have their fear, but you will never have their trust.

Find out what it takes to be a true leader for your horse in this FREE teleclass with Anna on Thursday Night, May 2nd from 6pm – 8pm.

In only a couple of hours you will find out how to change the entire relationship with your horse!

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In Case You Haven’t Heard…

The New Horse Whispering Defined DVD has Arrived!


Horse Whispering Defined A Rocky Mountain Horse Experience

Find Out What Makes Reach Out to Horses® the Most Unique,
Comprehensive & Effective Training Program in the World!

In this 2-hour DVD you will join Anna as she shares her world and her methodologies as an international Horse Whisperer, Equine Behaviorist, Animal Communicator and Reiki Energy Healing Master.

Filmed at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver, Colorado, Anna, her assistants, and some incredible equine teachers will lead you on an exploration of the ROTH Natural Horsemanship program and how to create an honest, trust-based partnership with your horse.



Join Us for A Nurse Foal Graduation!
DSC_0256 This Guy’s Gonna Graduate.  Are You Going to Be There?

If You are Anyway Near Connecticut
 Join Anna and All the Rescued Foals
 As we Celebrate Their Graduation
And a Second Chance at Life!

April 28th, Ray of Light Farm, East Haddam, CT

Reach Out to Horses and a team of equine professionals are hard at work rescuing as many nurse foals as they can from a short life of pain, suffering and death.  But what good is rescuing them only to subject them to a long life of suffering if they can not find a place to call home?  

Enter Reach Out to Horses’ Foal Gentling Clinic with Anna Twinney.  In April, Anna and a group of ROTH students will spend a week using Anna’s exclusive trust-based methodologies to gentle these foals, starting their lives with humans off on the right foot and giving them a far greater chance at finding their forever homes. 

Can you provide one of them with a forever home?  They are all waiting to be adopted.  You might even find the horse of your dreams!

Whether you can adopt a foal or not, join us on April 28th as we celebrate their graduation and the rescue that saved their lives. And the best part…

Contact Ray of Light Farm for More details!

Email or call 860-873-1895.

Don’t miss this free Teleclass Tomorrow!! April 25th.


 April 25th, 4pm Eastern Standard Time 

Here’s your chance to be a part of the Foal Gentling Week with Anna even if you aren’t there in person!

Anna has inviting special guest and dear friend Judy Sinner from Dynamite to give us the low down about Foal Nutrition!

If you’ve heard any of our conversations with Judy in the past then you know you won’t want to miss this one!  Judy isn’t a fountain of knowledge, she is a giant waterfall!
And the best part is that it is entirely free!
So take a late lunch, an early dinner or whatever it takes, and join us tomorrow for this informative and fun look at a topic that can often be confusing.
Date and Time: Thursday, April 25th at 4:00pm Eastern

You can join us in one of 2 ways:
Call (206) 402-0100 and use PIN Code: 994474#
Or to listen in on the web go to:

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!