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Watch our most successful Wild Animal Consultation Video with Jungle the Skunk, reaching over 11K people to date!

International Animal Communicator, Anna, pays a visit to Kids Saving the Rainforest, in Costa Rica, to speak with Jungle the Skunk. Through their conversation, Anna hopes to help with her rehabilitation and possible release back to the wild.

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Only TWO SPOTS LEFT for this year’s Untouched Horse Course!

Final Mustangs 2019

Imagine being pulled out of your home, away from your family and friends, and taken to an unknown place where you are introduced to foreigners who do not speak your language. This is exactly what these symbols of freedom so often experience.

By understanding and attuning to these magnificent creatures, and seeing the world through their eyes, you will begin to master their language. You will learn how to socialize them, create trust & value in a relationship and identify their motivations & learning styles. This class is ideal for those who have recently fostered or adopted untouched horses and can be arranged in your area.

Immerse yourself in a 7-day workshop. This is a unique opportunity to observe wild horses in their natural habitat. You will begin to understand non-verbal communication with the natural world, be introduced to herd dynamics and develop a bond through building a trust-based relationship. You will not use chutes, ropes, or any other restraints to force the horse’s compliance. Instead, you will work one-on-one with the wild ones, gaining their trust, learning their language, and building a relationship and true partnership that you have always dreamed of but never knew was possible.


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Spook-busting Saddle-bound

the ROTH way! 

It’s a myth that you need to stay in the saddle and ride your horse no matter what!  Take the time to take the time to create a strong, trusting partnership.  Leadership is earned and not given.  Learn to become the leader your horse will follow on the ground and in the saddle.  Take the ROTH methodologies into the saddle and come to understand how your thoughts, breath and movement affect the horse in every way. Behavior issues become a matter of the past!

Moving horses from fear & spookiness into trust and confidence

the ROTH way! 

With decades of experience in equine behavior Anna Twinney has a unique way to unravel and pinpoint behavior issues in horses.  By creating very specific exercises Anna reads the horses for handlers/riders to come to understand the core of the issue.  Once these issues are resolved, confidence is built for both horse and rider deepening their relationship.  This mare attended a ROTH clinic with head-shy issues together with a spooky tendency.  During a 3-day clinic Anna lead the team from fear into confidence to enhance performance!

Conversation with horses at Liberty

Anna Twinney is well known around the World for her original horse training methodologies, as the only Natural Horsewoman to bring to you the complete language of the horse.  Anna reveals all to you, not holding back.  Her abilities to relate to horses in a natural way, without gimmicks, is only surpassed by her ability to coach all disciplines in the horse world. Join a team of professionals who are pioneering the next generation of horsemen.

Power of Body Language with horses for all disciplines

Natural Horsemanship, for me, means communicating with a horse in a manner they “naturally” understand.  Usually, this takes place through a mutual understanding of subtle communication beginning with a mere thought.  Through an intentional thought, clear, deliberate movements and a knowledge of herd observations an untrained horse will communicate.  Natural horsemanship isn’t for a selected few it’s for everyone.  Each discipline, each breed and all horsemanship enthusiasts through to professionals.  Bring it into your life today and create the ultimate success.

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From Feral Foals to Foals in Training ROTH’s Daily Video Diary ~ Days 4 & 5

Day 4:
Anna Twinney of Reach out to horses brings her unique methodologies to gentle 8 slaughter bound Canadian foals and 2 former nurse foals. Within just 3 days, and only a few hours you witness the progress each student & foal makes. Through understanding herd behavior, dynamics and the whisper Anna is able to translate the nuances thereby teaching others to capture the thought of the foals. Personalities begin to show themselves. Recognizing the tries, the whisper and the individual learning styles is key to gentling untouched foals. Its here you learn to meet the horses where they are through resistance free, kind & gentle ways.

Day 5:
Anna Twinney of Reach Out to Horses presents a unique and exclusive foal gentling class to 10 rescue foals saved from slaughter houses. With her unique approach of combining traditional horse whispering with energy and animal communication she shares the 4th day of a 6-day program with you in her daily diary. From feral foals to foals in training its time for you to open your heart and let these foals touch you as they have us.

YouTube Link – Equestrian Safety

Friends, acquaintances, and all good people:

Do me the big favor of viewing the youtube link below on equestrian safety. Here in Australia a teenage girl recently died from falling from an off-track thoroughbred. Her mother wants her legacy to be improved safety measures which is exactly what we’re promoting in this short clip. BUT we need many many viewings to be taken seriously. So your help will be greatly appreciated. Passing this onto your following and asking them to do the same could keep some of these people out of trouble.

In Spirit,