The Annual FREE Webinar Series is Here!


We have begun a new year, a new start, and a new decade… a decade of DESTINY!!!

We want to help you live your best life and make this decade your very own new Roaring 20’s for you and your animal companions!

As we have for several years now, Anna is kicking off the year (albeit a little late) with her 4-part webinar series. And as in previous years, it is completely FREE!

That’s right – content-rich, helpful conversations that will help you make this a great year and maybe even the best decade.

We start off, Episode 1 with Animal Communication – Accessing the Original Language of Love. Anna will show you the power and invaluable help that animal communication can provide for you and all your animals.

Next, in Episode 2, we sit down with Carol Komitor, the Founder of Healing Touch for Animals, to help you Become a Manifesting Magnet!

In Episode 3, Anna goes deep into the underpinnings, foundations, and the secret to her success as a Horse Whisperer. Spoiler alert! It isn’t abuse, domination and subjugation of our majestic partners that make her so unique. In the Next Generation of Horse Whispering – Compassion, Cooperation, and Collaboration, She will help you to get the most out of your horse, GIVE the most to your horse, and galvanize your partnership.

Finally, to live a good life you need good health. So for our final episode, Anna sits down with the visionary founder of Dynamite Specialty, Jim Zamzow, and Dynamite Gold Executive Director, our good friend, Doctor Regan Golob, to talk about proper nutrition and supplementation, for you and your companions.

A great line-up that you won’t want to miss, at a price that is just right!

So click on the link below, register now, and let Anna and our guests help you make the 20’s a decade to remember!

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Anna’s FREE Webinar Series Returns in 2019 for an Entirely New Beginning!


We are excited to announce our annual FREE Webinar series with Anna Twinney and some special Reach Out to Horses guests! We are starting off the year with some amazing folks to share in some incredible, important, and inspiring conversation.

We will be talking about the potential of self-care and supplementation for you and your animal companions, the practical side of animal communication, the power of essential oils, and the possibilities of transformational horsemanship. You will also have the chance to ask Anna and her guests your questions live in each episode.

As always there is no catch and no cost to join us and we pack each webinar with a ton of valuable content. Just click on the button below and register for the full series. When we get closer to the date of the first webinar we will send you an email with all the details you need to join us. You can participate by phone or computer.

We wish you a blessed 2019 and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy New Year,

Anna and the ROTH team

2019 FREE Reach Out to Horses Webinar Series

January 8th – Dynamite Self-Care and Health
with Special Guests Dynamite Gold Director, Dr. Regan Golob and Dynamite Founder Jim Zamzow

Topics include:

Self-Care with Dynamite and other needs
Care for all our animal companions
The Dynamite difference
An Introduction to Doc Golob’s Moving in Miracles for the Health of It

January 15th – Practical Applications of Animal Communication

Topics Include:

Hearing your own companions
Common ways the animals can be misunderstood
Saving lives by learning to listen and understand the nuances
Improving relationships, and responsibilities
Seeing into the mirror – How animals become our stewards and saviors

January 22nd – Essential Oils and New Beginnings
with Special Guest, Founder of Healing Touch for Animals,
Carol Komitor

Topics Include:

Using Oils to support your companion’s health and wellbeing
Building stronger bonds
Focusing on self-care – relieve stress & rejuvenate
Setting intentions
Becoming a manifesting magnet

January 29th, Natural Horsemanship: Transformational Horsemanship.

Topics Include:

Why horses act a certain way
What your horse is trying to tell you
The silent and secret language
Where and how do we begin our partnership
The next generation of horsemanship
Introducing our 2019 Online Program!

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Save the Dates and Consider Helping Those in Need!


Our FREE Annual End of the Year Webinar Series is back!

Every year we put together a series of info-packed webinars to help you and your animal companions live happier, healthier lives, and create Spirit-lifting relationships.  We’ve done it again this year with a great twist!

The series will again be completely free. And the theme will be supporting, assisting, and healing animals in crisis.  In the last few months we have seen horrific tragedies.  Friends and family have been affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, along with the wildfires in California, and beyond, earthquakes, shootings, and more.  The list seems never ending. Whether they be at the hand of man or Mother Nature, it appears that unprecedented violence, destruction and tragedy are becoming commonplace in our world today.
Often we see animals, maybe even our own, suffering from a global catastrophe, a local tragedy, or even a personal event.  We want to help but we don’t know how.  Or what we try doesn’t work.
Join Anna and a few of her trusted advisors and friends to learn how to cope with trauma and crisis should you or your animals encounter such circumstances. 
We have a powerful line-up for you this year:
Nov 29th: From Trauma to Triumph: Supporting Animals During Crisis through Animal Communication.
Dec 7th: Essential Oils for Crisis & Trauma: with special guest Carol Komitor of Healing Touch for Animals.
Dec 21st: Nutritional Balance: Body, Mind & Spirit: with BOTH Dynamite Gold Executives, Dr. Regan Golob and Judy Sinner.
Dec 28th: Heroes for Horses: Learn how Natural Horsemanship or Horse Whispering can play an important role in helping horses cope during times of stress, trauma, or crisis. 
And here’s the fantastic twist! While the webinar series remains 100% FREE, we have teamed up with some amazing people to help some of our planetary companions who really need your support.
As I’m sure you know, Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria.  The country is a long way away from recovery, and many areas still don’t even have power! One of those devastated areas is the small Puerto Rican island of Vieques.  While other areas have received aid, Vieques hasn’t even gotten enough food and water for the population that live there.  
A GoFundMe campaign has been created for the famous band of Wild Horses that live on the island, and they are super close to reaching their goal!  We want to see that goal met so the horses can get the help they need.
Any amount is welcome and will help.  We hope you will join us in this small, but very achievable, mission.
Thank you!  We will see you soon.

Donate to Hurricane Relief Today

Hurricane Maria entered Vieques, PR, with over 155 mph winds and took everything the Viequenses had worked for their whole lives.  The only help from the government so far has been the National Guard supplying some food and water, but not enough for the whole island.  As CNN stated, while Vieques Island is only 7 miles from the mainland of Puerto Rico, it might as well be 7000 miles away …

(click the donate button below to read the rest of the story)

How Exactly Will Your Donation Support the Cause?
Vieques is home to a wild horse population who was impacted by the hurricane.  Grazing lands flooded and food became scarce.  Donations through this link will go to support the nutritional needs of the Wild Horses of the island.  Donate and help the horses who would otherwise be discarded as people are the main focus of relief efforts thus far.

At Long Last Anna is Launching the Animal Communication Mentorship Program in 2017!



Check Out the Animal Communication Mentorship Presentation for All the Details!

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Check Out the Entire Animal Communication: Animals as Our Guides, Healers, and Messengers Presentation

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The Best Quality Program for Learning the
Art of Animal Communication Has Finally Arrived!

Three Options to Fit You Where You Are:
Tier 1 – Home Study Companion Kit
Tier 2 – Animal Communication Mentorship Program
Tier 3 – Advanced Animal Communication Mentorship

Tier 1 – The Home Study Companion Kit

Here’s What You Get!

All 5 Animal Communication Webinar Series – $1,235.00
* The Original Animal Communication Tele-Class
* Just a Belief Away
* A Healing Journey
* Awakening Your Inner Voice
* A Limitless Language 

  • Medizations Starter Kit – $19.95 AC DVD Set – The Journey Within – $67.00
  • AC eBook – $9
  • Home Study Companion Workbook – Not for Sale! – $67
  • 1 Live Q&A Webinar with Anna – $150
    TOTAL VALUE – $1,547
    YOUR COST ONLY – $297

    The Home Study Companion Kit – $297

TOTAL VALUE – $1,547

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Tier 2 – The Animal Communication Mentorship Program

Here’s What you Get!

  • Everything in Tier 1 – $1,547.00
  • AC Mentorship Workbook – NOT FOR SALE! – $89.97
  • Reiki: Energy Healing for Horses 2-DVD Set – $67.00
  • Pendulum of Your Choice – $35.00
  • FREE SHIPPING for DVD & Pendulum ANYWHERE! – Up to $25.00
  • 2 Live Q&A Webinars with Anna – $300.00
  • 12 Live Video Lesson Modules – $3,600.00 
  • TOTAL VALUE – $5,664
    Your Cost – Only $997*
  • * Does not include travel or accommodations.
  • The Animal Communication Mentorship Program – $997

Check Out the Events Calendar to See Dates for First 8 Modules

Can’t make the full payment now? No worries. Use the Payment Plan below!

AC Mentorship Program – Installment Plan
3 Monthly Payments of Only $347

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Tier 3 – Advanced Animal Communication Mentorship
(Limited Spaces Available)

March 18 – 23, 2017
December 8 – 13, 2017

Location: Reach Out Ranch, Elizabeth, CO

Welcome to the Ultimate Program!
This is the Deluxe, Executive, Become an Animal Communicator Package!

Here’s What You Get!

Everything in Tier 1 – $1,547.00

  • Everything in Tier 2 – $4,117.00
  • 1 Private Coaching Session – $150.00
  • 2 – 6-day Live, In Person Mentorship Class – $3,600.00
    Only 10 spots available – Never offered before
  • Topics covered during the 12 days of Live Mentorship!

    • Conducting Live and Long-Distance Sessions
    • Physical and Health Issues
    • Behavioral Challenges
    • Death and Dying
    • Soul Contracts
    • Dealing with the Humans
    • The Business of an Animal Communicator
    • And Lots More…

TOTAL VALUE – $9,414
Your Cost – Only $3,397

Can’t make the full payment? No worries. Use the Payment Plan below!

Advanced AC Mentorship – Installment Plan
4 Monthly Payments of Only $850

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The Mentorship Program Begins in January. All Materials Will Be Delivered In January When the Program Begins! If you have any questions please contact us at






Webinars scheduled for later this month:

Join us and sign up to receive the invitation email and details at:



Animal Communication for Skeptics offered in a Webinar


       Reach Out to Horses Presents…

        BUCK THE SKEPTICS! A Special 2-night Webinar Event

         Answering 2 of the most Important questions I’ve been asked.

         August 30th & September 6th – 6 – 7:30 pm (Mountain Time – U.S.)


I’m finishing up our incredible Advanced Horsemanship event called Simple Solutions.  We are having an extraordinary time and I am very proud of our trainer students.  They are doing an amazing job with the horses and working their butts off!

That’s right, our trainer students no longer have butts. But I digress.  The reason I post this is that no matter where I go, I often get asked the same questions. Two of them in particular caught my attention and I thought they would be great webinar topics. Because they are so important and valuable, I didn’t want to wait until the end of the year for my annual webinar series.

I also decided that I wanted to make this mini-webinar event VERY AFFORDABLE for everybody and give you a special gift just for joining me

That’s how transformational I believe this information can be for you, your horses, and all your animals.

So, without further ado…Here you go! 

 Evening #1, August 30th, 6-7:30pm – Animal Communication

Animal Communication For Skeptics

One of the toughest things to deal with as an Animal Communicator is the dreaded Skeptic!  For an animal communicator, a close-minded skeptic can be frustrating, upsetting, and even intimidating. At times they can ruin the energy and the flow of the session, making you less effective. Just the word alone can bring up feelings of anxiety for any animal communicator, psychic, or medium alike.

So how do you deal with and convert the skeptic?

Join me for our first webinar and find out

So how much will this invaluable information set me back?  

I could easily charge hundreds of dollars, but like I said, I want you to hear what I have to say and I want this to be affordable for everyone!  So I’ve decided to charge only $19.97 for the full 3 hours. That is a steal!  I don’t want you to have to break the law though, so I am going to practically give it away.  

If you sign up by August 28th and use the coupon code PARTNER you will be able to join us for only $4.97!

That’s right, only $4.97 for both.  That’s not each, that’s BOTH!

Just make sure you use the coupon code PARTNER by August 28th.

In addition, during the event I will tell you how you can get our the DVD’s and CD’s in our shopping corral at a 30% discount!

What more do you need?!? Buck the Skeptics Registration:

I hope to see you there. 


For more information on registration/Animal Communication and so much more, please visit our website at ROTH:

FREE Animal Communication Webinar ~ MONDAY

No reason to dread next Monday! Our FREE Animal Communication Webinar is on Monday so you’ll have something to look forward to. 
HURRY though, space is limited and we don’t want you to miss the opportunity!
Have you always wanted to speak with the animals but didn’t know how?
Perhaps you’ve felt connected to the animals but couldn’t “talk with them” as often as you wanted…
Maybe you’ve been practicing for a while and you’re struggling, or hit a road block, and you want to bust through!
No matter where you are on your journey in Animal Communication, Join Internationally Acclaimed Animal Communicator, Anna Twinney, FREE next Monday night, October 12th at 7pm (Mountain Time, U.S.) and discover how you can have clear, verifiable and life-changing conversations with any species on the planet!
This Language of Love has no bounds and can be accessed by anyone.
It isn’t for a gifted few, instead it is a gift to you!
Anna is sought out by people all over the world (literally) to help them communicate with their animals.  In addition, every year, she teaches people from all walks of life to connect with the animals themselves.  Now during thisfree 1 1/2 hour webinar, Anna will share her 21 most important secrets to receiving clear, accurate information, communicating with the animals, and becoming an advocate for our fellow planetary companions.
She will help you uncover your own abilities and teach you to strengthen and trust them.  Learn what you need to know about the animals, human companions, and even yourself, to awaken your gift and speak with all animals, no matter the species.
You can join us by phone or online but don’t miss this FREE opportunity to learn the art of Animal Communication in its most powerful and effective form.
Some lucky folks will even win a special FREE webinar series with Anna.
Want to know more?
We’ll you’ll just have to join us next Monday, October 12th at 7pm (Mountain Time) to find out!
Due to the limits set by our webinar service, we only have a set number of spots available and we expect those spots to go fast. So if you want to know how to become an expert in animal communication, don’t wait to register.