Follow Up to ‘Urgent Request To Help Save Lives’

PMR foals

Dear Friends of PMR (Pregnant Mare Rescue),
The update is as accurate as I can provide and it isn’t pretty. It is an enormous overwhelming task trying to pull and get to safety JUST the mares in foal, and babies that have just lost their mothers. It is heartbreaking, expensive, and can feel very defeating if not for the community of people like you!

The trappers have finished pulling in the horses, and have given potential ‘purchasers’ Sunday to PHYSICALLY be present to pick up your ‘paid for saves’. Yes, it’s harsh, yes, it’s frustrating, Yes, it happens way to fast with hardly any notice….Ugh…welcome to rescue on the front lines. There are many pregnant mares and soon to be orphaned foals by this Sunday (This means they expect the mares to foal in the next 30 hours and will throw them onto the truck headed for slaughter, and let rescuers keep the babies.) Why can’t we keep the mares too? Room…we need trailers to pick up mares and their newborns. We need funds to pay the ‘meat price’. Babies are a by-product, and a person can fit 6-8 babies in one trailer…This is why the mares lose..Brand new moms never even getting to know their babies.

If you are EAST of The Dakotas and want to help, Call Sarah Robinson (701) 580-5960. She may be able to pick up and lay over horses until you can get to her…or hire help to pick them up.

These horses are located outside Yakima, Washington. They are culled from native american herds, they are small horses, mostly bay, chesnut and greys. If you can drive to pick up…(outside Yakima Washington State) then please call:

Helen Ardire 360 432-3484. She has details. PLEASE only call if you can be certain you are going to be of help:) Perhaps she can recommend haulers to bring horses to you.

We believe in our hearts that every mare in foal deserves to become a mother. We believe that every action taken, every effort made to help these lives is a worthwhile cause.
I hope you can help these lives in the balance.
Thank you for reading, thank you for caring ~ Foaling season is brutal.

Giving The Horses a Voice in Fall City, Washington



Giving Our Horses a Voice

By Jim “Hutch” Hutchins, Director of Education, NWNHC

Our horse has no voice if we do not listen. This is one of my favorite quotes and the main reason I have had Anna Twinney bring the Reach Out To Horses program to the Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center (NWNHC) for the last three years.  Listening is not just trying to figure out what our horse wants, but understanding him holistically and “hearing” what he has to say.  Again this spring Anna helped us all become more in-tune with our horses with an amazing mix of animal communication, TLC, liberty and driving training.

In just three days, twenty-one students and auditors found in themselves and their horse new levels of understanding, knowledge and growth.  But most importantly…progress.  It was amazing to see horses and humans take incredible strides in resolving issues, balancing their horse’s emotions and creating an active, two-way conversation.  In the liberty and driving sessions there were many emotional moments. There was nary a dry eye when a long-neglected horse finally found it had a voice and partner in its new owner.  And the new owner found the potential she knew the horse had.

For the first time, we also had an evening workshop on animal communication.  The thirty-three participants included horse enthusiasts and pet lovers who wanted to better understand inter-species communication and how it can help them with their animal relationships.  As anyone who has done an animal communication class with Anna can tell you, we learned to be more in touch with our own sensitivity and how to interpret and channel the “sixth sense” we all feel at times.

Thank you, Anna, for opening our minds and our hearts.  And thank you for helping us truly give our animal companions a voice.

2017 ROTH Class(Above)  Intuitive Riding Clinic Class Image from April 2017 in Fall City, Washington.


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Being Sherlock!


I have been meaning to get my feedback about the Animal Communication Course to you sooner, but finally have sat my butt in a chair and am getting this to you now.

Though nearly 10 days has passed since Drew and I attended the session on April 24th, we are still swirling in the awe of the magnificence we were able to experience on that Friday. The follow up session we had on Monday with Sherlock also proved quite helpful in our learning to relax when Sherlock is with other dogs.

Coming to the workshop, I believed we were gaining some understanding of how we can better communicate with animals. Little did I realize that I would walk away realizing who we are on this earth and that we all have the capacity to communicate with all living things. I had come to learn, and I left that day, very much moved and in a space of immense gratitude.

The exercises that we did as a group and individually, highlighted the gifts that we all possess. It reminded me also how critical it is to listen and to recognize our own filters that can distort messages. I believe each of us got glimpse of what is like to truly connect to another living being on a profound level. It is easy to negate or dismiss what one has heard or felt or seen when I listened to Hannah. However, when I gave voice or wrote down, what I heard, it became credible and even validated by others. The emotions were so strong, they could not be denied or swept away. I don’t know know what will happen to Hannah, but she left a mark on my heart and deep in my soul with a knowing that we connected.

The reading of Sherlock via photocopy by others magnified the interconnectedness we all share The words that were expressed, has helped us with our ability to be more relaxed and joyful around Sherlock. We realized that Sherlock is a very happy dog and we need to relax and just let him be Sherlock.

Both Drew and I appreciated your candor, being down-to-earth and great humor. We both realized that we were in the presence of a master communicator. We are honored to have spent the day with you. We are grateful to Alex for her love of animals and to Hutch, his animals and his staff at the Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center.

We are but babes in the woods when it comes to making sense of it all, yet we walked away from the workshop realizing there is a world of infinite possibilities with reality redefined.

With much love and appreciation,

Diane L.