In Partnership with Horses as Healers

Equine Facilitated Learning or Equine Facilitated Therapy is a vast ocean of nuances and subtleties. What means something to one person might be misinterpreted or completely misunderstood by another. We can’t really assess a horse to see if they would be as a therapy horse and Anna Twinney (founder of Reach Out to Horses and life coach for over 30 years) explains why in this lecture at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. She also goes into how we can support our therapy and coaching horses to make sure that the exchange is not a one-way transaction of them only supporting us.

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Healing hearts with horses: Veteran’s event

At a recent event in North Carolina designed to help military veterans integrate back into civilian life, British Police force veteran, former military spouse and now animal behaviorist, Anna Twinney realized a two decade old dream.

“When I  came to the United States in the 1990s, I was truly following my destiny. I believe the British Police Force is one of the best in the world. Communication skills are paramount as the British Police Forces don’t carry weapons.  My dream was to help all police Forces learn natural horsemanship and thus improve victim relationships by elevating communication with victims so they don’t feel purely like another number ,” she explained. Twinney served on the British Police force for nearly eight years and believes strongly in giving back through military or civil service. She knew that learning the horse’s language would not only enhance officers communication skills but it would also help them personally through any difficult experiences or traumas.

Though her dream to help Police Officers seemed achievable, Twinney quickly learned that even mounted units were on the “back burners” in police departments and there were no funds available to enhance the horsemanship skill set of the mounted officers let alone interpersonal skills for all officers.  Twinney began teaching her trade to others with the thoughts of working with her colleagues at the police force still fresh on her mind.

Years later, when the non-profit organization, Hearts for Heroes reached out to Anna to facilitate the equine portion of a six day event for veterans, she was thrilled to accept.

“The goal was to avoid any triggers and allow the veterans to see what the horses could do. I knew it’d be helpful to let them see the difference between a partner and a tool. A partner has a heartbeat and it’s ok to make compassionate connections without attachment.,” Anna explained.

Anna’s unique experiences, her knowledge of horses, her own police force training and even her own PTSI (issues) helps her to know how to keep the veterans away from the “flight or freeze” response, which is comparable in horses and humans.  

“It was exceptionally rewarding to have participants tell me that their sessions with the horses helped them more than 30 years of counseling, Anna explained. “When someone announces they have found the missing component in their dog training and will begin to partner them with Veterans it brings tears to your eyes.”

Participants in the event ranged from active duty military, those recently back from Iraq and Afghanistan and Vietnam veterans. 

Friend and colleague Susan Solomon joined Anna to assist with the natural horsemanship clinic.  Susan, a ROTH trainer, spent six years in law enforcement as a police officer and now as a licensed professional counselor, has worked with military members and their families traveling to different installations over the world for past 6 years.  “Seeing the veterans interact with the horses and going from fear with stiffness in their movements to engaging with several horses relaxed with a huge smile on their face is priceless.”  Susan realized that some of the veterans return with a discomfort for society and difficulty fitting in, so seeing them engage and smile not only with the horses but also the people around is a clear indication that the horses not only help the veteran become relaxed with them but that this also transfers to those people around them.

Anna and Susan hope to partner again in the near future to help veterans through horsemanship.

Anna Twinney partners with National veteran's aide organization to use horsemanship to help those affected by PTSI overcome obstacles in everyday life.
Anna Twinney partners with National veteran’s aide organization to use horsemanship to help those affected by PTSI overcome obstacles in everyday life.


Anna is Teaming up with to help Veterans in NC | Press Release

Reach Out to Horses


Contact: Vincent Mancarella



World renowned Animal Behaviorist Anna Twinney to work with returning veterans in North Carolina.

Combat veterans are statistically more prone to depression and the grim side effects of the disease than nearly any other group of people. The transition from life in the hub of war back to the life and work in their home towns is so radically different, many veterans stumble, struggle and even fail to re-acclimate to life after their service. (Hearts for Heroes) will team up June 12th-14th with world renowned Animal Behaviorist and acclaimed horse trainer Anna Twinney at Gossemer Farms in Cameron, NC in an inaugural event designed to partner animals with veterans to create a more harmonious return to civilian life. Anna, known all over the world for her unique teaching style and connection with animals is a dynamic accompaniment to’s existing programs. Specifically, this event will reach out to veterans suffering with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

“When we open our hearts to the horses they become our true healers. While you can hide behind your smile, the truth is reflected in your eyes …,” says Anna. Her training methodology “Reach Out to Horses” is in sync with the mission to help re-acclimate veterans to civilian life through therapeutic opportunities with both horses and dogs.

“While you can hide from yourself, you cannot hide from a horse.  Horses show strengths and weaknesses allowing you to find your authentic self; through a body, mind and spirit connection …,” explains Anna, of the horse’s uncanny ability to be one of nature’s best therapists. “The touch of a horse dissolves all that surrounds you to create a peaceful place for hearts to heal.”

In addition to Anna’s presentation and workshop, will be hosting several other activities throughout the six day event.

Thursday, June 11: A fundraiser for H4HUS will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Rail House, a

veteran-owned pub in Aberdeen. H4HUS will provide bartenders for the evening, and all tips

will be donated to Hearts for Heroes.

Friday June 12 – Sunday June 14: Anna Twinney’s presentation and workshop: engaging

participants and horses through her trust-based communication and discovery process.

Monday, June 15 and Tuesday, June 16: Kristen Linder of KHL Studio in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.,

will conduct an art workshop for veterans from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. Veterans will paint

symbols on horses that have meaning for them as a form of expression and interaction. Only

non-toxic paints will be used. The veterans will also create a stand-alone painting that they can


Monday, June 15: A cheese pairing class will be conducted from 6 to 9 p.m. by fromagier Kristen Tregar

of Ossining, N.Y. at Triangle Wines in Southern Pines. Space is limited to 30 people and the cost is $75,

with proceeds going to H4HUS.

To learn more about Anna and Reach Out To Horses visit or call 303.642.7341 For more information about call 844.224.4487 or visit