Love Lessons- Incorporating Energy Work into Your Horse’s Training Sessions

Anna, in cooperation with Equine Wellness Magazine, brings Love Lessons to readers everywhere!  So, find a nice, cozy spot, and sidle up to the table to take in the next level of horsemanship that is possible when we establish an authentic heart connection with our horses.

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Do you want to know more about the Equine Energy Centers?  Get the ultimate guide today from Reach Out to Horses. 

Based on the Chakra energy system and Anna’s International Energy Healing for Horses workshops, this beautiful banner puts all the information you’ll need to remember right at your fingertips, when doing energy or other kinds of healing work with your horses.

At a size of 2′ x 3′ it is the perfect fit for any wall, inside or out. Put it in the barn, classroom, office, tack room, trailer, or anywhere else you need it. And since it is made of tough, flexible, 18oz. vinyl and reinforced with metal grommets, this banner will last for years!

The Banner gives you all the details on the 8 major centers, including:

  • Location
  • Color
  • Intention / Focus
  • Corresponding Healing Essential Oil
  • Corresponding Musical Note
  • Corresponding Frequency
  • Corresponding Gemstone

It also includes a list of the Signs of Imbalances to watch for and the corresponding energy center to focus on for their healing.

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Order your Banner here TODAY!

Food for Thought – The Facts & Myths Behind Food in Training


Food for Thought: An Evening Lecture

March 4th, 7:00 pm

The Jefferson County Fairgrounds Golden, CO

The use of food in training is controversial at best. This evening discussion is your chance to find out the truth and separate fact from fiction. Anna will share how she has been able to use food successfully in training and will also explain when, how and why food should not be used in certain circumstances and can actually put your training progress back if used incorrectly.

Join Anna and the Colorado Horse Council as Anna dispels the myths and shows you how you can use this powerful tool to help your horse learn new skills, overcome trauma and more…

For more information visit

Sprechen Sie Equus?

Reach Out to Horses presents…

Horse Whispering Defined

The Exclusive 6-Session Holistic Horsemanship
Online Training Series with International Natural Horsewoman & Equine Behaviorist Anna Twinney

Have you ever grabbed the remote, pushed your thumb down on the power button, and, …NOTHING?

What did you do first? Change the batteries in the remote? Or, maybe you got up off the sofa, walked to the television, and started punching the power button there too, with the same results. Did you start to get frustrated, trying the same things over and over again?

Just when you thought you’d tried everything, a quick glance revealed TV wasn’t plugged into the wall. Relieved, you plug it back in and VOILA, everything works just as designed. What did you feel like when that happened? Relieved, or maybe even a little foolish for starting to get upset over something so small?

       What does this have to do with horse training, you ask? Plenty.  

You see, if there’s just one break in the connection, your television doesn’t work right, does it? It’s much the same with you and your horse.

I’ve spent most of my life learning how to make this connection with horses through the Language of Equus. With my knowledge of the horse, I’ve been called upon to help provide a “LAST CHANCE” to horses. So, with what I’ve learned, I SAVE horses. Not only that, I help SAVE the relationship between horse and human.

The Language of Equus is understandable, predictable, and effective. And, beyond that, it’s easy to learn the basics. But, it takes a lifetime to master.

I’ve developed the Reach Out To Horses program to teach people how to plug back in, and complete the connection with their horse. Using body language, energy, and telepathic communication, coupled with very specific techniques, the horse responds, and sometimes EXCEEDS what you’ve been trying to get out of them for so long.

Make the connection, use clear communication, apply compassionate and sound techniques, and you’ll be surprised at what behavioral problems you can solve.

What stellar performance can you get from your horse? How will this improve the relationship between you and your horse?

Perhaps you have a current unwanted behavior you’re trying to solve. Or, maybe your training is “stuck” and it doesn’t seem like the two of you are making any progress. Even worse, maybe you feel what may have once been a wonderful relationship has deteriorated.

You NEED to learn the basic grammar of the Language of Equus.

On April 17th, and twice each week through May 3rd, you can join me for an exclusive webinar in the basics of this language. The knowledge I’ll be providing you reveal skills used by those rare individuals we call, “Horse Whisperers.”


For 2 1/2 hours each session, and throughout the webinar series, not only will you get my instruction, but during most sessions, we’ll also have an expert guest speaker to address a special aspect of the evening’s lesson and answer your questions.  Friends like Leslie Desmond, Melisa Pearce, Allen Pogue and Judy Sinner will share their expertise as well to give you even further training for you and your horse!

It’s true you could hire me, that is, if my schedule EVER opens up, and I could come to help you and your horse get through some sticky problem. Or, you might have me come to your place and work with you individually on your horsemanship skills.

I’ll tell you that IS possible, but I currently charge $85 per hour, plus travel. To get my personal attention and instruction for the full 15 hours you’ll be attending this webinar, you’d be pay a WHOPPING $1,275!!! But, just like our animal communication webinar, we want to make this invaluable information available to everyone.

So if you confirm your registration before April 10th, and use the coupon code “trust”,  you’ll only pay $147 for the entire series!!!
After that, tuition goes up to $297.


In this webinar series, you’ll be getting a comprehensive download of not only much of what I know, but the knowledge of some very specially selected experts. For 2 1/2 hours, twice each week, you’ll learn the basic grammar of the language of Equus and start (or continue if you’re already a student of mine) your journey of making the connection with the horse.

I look forward to having you on our calls.

Happy trails,

P.S.-I have only reserved enough places for 50 on this series. Make sure you don’t miss out.