Anna Twinney learns the value of Linda Tellington Jones’ methods

Davi comes to class as he experiences head-tossing during trot to canter transitions. During her assessment LTJ introduces a body-wrap & she removes his bridle to bring in another way of riding. Mandy Pretty demonstrates TTouch for your horse on Tray. Stay tuned to watch the transformations!

Earning Knick Knacks Trust Through TTouch!

A 3 year old draft cross gets his hooves trimmed for the first time in over a year after “attacking” the farrier in a long, unsuccessful attempt. Knick Knack was simply unbalanced and ungainly. Teaching him how to first balance and then pick up his feet for extended periods of time, gave Knick Knack the trust in people not to panic and relax. To achieve this we used the principles and philosophies developed by the Tellington TTouch Method; which has been used around the world, with great success, for over 3 decades. Find out more at