An Interview with Anna about Animal Communication in Costa Rica


One of the many benefits of working as an Animal Communicator is lending one’s services at rescues and rehabilitation facilities. In Costa Rica, Anna partnered with Kids Saving the Rainforest to connect with some very unique souls who were offered a voice as to their wishes, perceived setbacks or limitations, and in order to bring clarity to their full rehabilitation process. Vickie Wickhorst of the Colorado Sage Learning Center interviews Anna about the once-in-a-lifetime experience upon her return.

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Meet Marvin and share in his journey to wellness!

Animal Communication with Anna Twinney
After a communication session, Marvin is on the road to wellness


I wanted to give you an update on my paint gelding, Marvin. We live in northeastern Washington State.  You had a communication session with us on March 24.  What you sensed that was going on in Marvin was that we were not yet quite on top of what he was suffering from.   You sensed something was not well in his stomach and or in organs and close proximity. You mentioned that his decline was happening very slowly, in fact the phrase that came to you was’ killing me softly.’   Talk about something being in his system and that his immune system was not kicking in. You noted that he might die if we could not get a handle on it.   You also noticed  muscle atrophy in his hind end that was making walking difficult. 

Right after we spoke I put Marvin on a daily regimen of Miracle Clay for two weeks, thinking he might have an ulcer after my continued use of bute.  I did yet more research on selenium and started supplementing him with vitamin C and vitamin E.  I have him on Dynamite Plus and Dynamite HES,  hoping the positive impacts of increased protein and fat would offset the small amount selenium present (selenium toxicity is  something Marvin has been struggling with and is also what killed my beloved Stallion, Autograph ).  I also rub thieves oil into his navel area almost every day.

In the last week I could swear Marvin is actually putting on a little weight and moving a little bit easier. The light in his eyes is a little brighter.   Yesterday I walked him one third of a mile to my neighbors and put him in their pasture.    After introducing him to their gelding Sam across the fence we put them out together.    They took to each other immediately and started munching side-by-side. Today when I went up to see Marvin both of them were lying sprawled out in the sun next to each other, soaking up the rays.   When Marvin got up he strode toward me as though nothing had ever been wrong.   Anything that was off in his movement was barely perceptible…   But then I might have just been so excited I didn’t notice! 

I don’t know if he’s truly healing or not. But I have no doubt that being with a companion and being somewhere new has brought new life to him in just one day.   If he ever chooses to walk into your thoughts and tell you how he’s feeling, please do share!    I am joyful at what I’m seeing right now and I am also ever committed to continuing to work to heal whatever is causing him harm

Thank you so much for your guidance. You are a blessing! 

Laura and Marvin

UPDATE: Marvin has improved dramatically, at least by all outward measures.  His ribs no longer show, he has shed out beautifully, his feet are strong and healthy, and he strides with great purpose and only a slight hint of what I believe to be arthritis.  A far cry from when he could barely move and there was distress in his eyes just a few months ago.  And he is expressing his old ‘attitude’ too, slightly bossy but not at all intrusive.  Just wants me to know he is THERE!  I love seeing that again.  I have so much hope!

Animal Communication with International Communicator Anna Twinney

October 31st – November 7th
White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona

Everyone’s childhood dream!

Join us and learn how to talk to the animals…

just like Dr. Doolittle.

“I loved the workshop and reflect on various moments frequently. I especially valued the muscle testing and along with that the importance you placed on thinking about what you want, not what you don’t want. What a simple change that makes such a huge difference. I am making that a daily practice, especially when I’m in the saddle. The communications that we experienced during our sessions were amazing and obviously just the tip of the iceberg. The insights that you teach combined with the calming effect the White Stallion Ranch create the perfect combination to get the most out of your class. Learning to quiet our minds is a feat in itself. It was awesome to be around you and I look forward to continuing the journey.”

– Carol, White Stallion Ranch, AZ

This is a rare opportunity to join Anna for an in-depth Animal Communication Week while staying in your choice of one of the most exciting, legendary environments of the American Old West.

Plus!!!  This is your chance to be immersed in some of the
best horseback riding the world has to offer.

Watch the sun rise and set over the most spectacular desert scenery you will ever see.  Then, in the evening, after a fun-filled day, relax in your cabin while listening to the coyotes calling in the distance.  All if this while Anna takes you on a journey into the world of animal communication.

In this supportive atmosphere you will learn to enhance the animal communication skills you already have (even if you don’t know it!) and share in a fun and rewarding experience.  By learning to tap into and use your innate abilities, you will quickly discover how you too can converse with the animals.

Anna has worked around the country and around the world helping individuals to communicate and better understand their animal companions.  With Anna you will enjoy an interactive conversation with your animal friends, learning their perspectives on situations, behaviors, and life knowledge. Having the opportunity to find out what your animal companion’s thoughts, feelings and attitudes are can greatly enhance your relationship and bring great joy and happiness into your life.

Take this special time, learn to listen to nature, to its messages and lessons. Learn to hear the whispers of the animals.


This clinic is geared towards all animal enthusiasts, guardians, carers, managers, amateurs and professionals alike.  It’s designed for anyone who wants to increase their telepathic ability with all species.  During the week we will explore “live” communication sessions as well as long distance communication with many different species of the animal kingdom!

Sunday:                       Arrive in the afternoon.
Monday-Saturday:       Mornings – Animal Communication workshop
Afternoons – World class horse-back riding
Sunday:                      Departure after Breakfast

For Animal Communication class details contact

Click here to see the 2009 White Stallion Ranch Animal Communication Retreat Slide Show.

Space is limited so register for your favorite location today!

“To anyone who has the opportunity to take this course with Anna,
I would tell you to go for it. Annas classes are always amazing,
and to have those classes combined with being able to participate
in the ranch activities has been a perfect match.
I have enjoyed every minute of it. You will too”… Alice, 2009

Total Price (including workshop, riding, ranch activities, lodging, meals & taxes): Early Bird Special – Before September 1st, 2010: $1,745.00 (double room – each occupant)

$1,945.00 (single room)

Total Price after September 1st: $1,995.00 (double room – each occupant) / $2195 (single room)

Cost is for a Sunday, October 31st arrival through to a Sunday, November 7th departure and includes airport transfers from the Tucson Airport.  Price is per participant, based on double occupancy.

50% deposit is required to reserve your spot at the ranch.

Visit for further details on the Dude Ranch!
For more information on the accomodation details, contact Carol Moore:

View everlasting memories of the week’s previously held course.

Watch Anna’s Explanation of Animal Communication on YouTube!

Susan’s Live Bear Medicine Encounter

I don't think I even told you how I came to see him!!!
He ran across the road in front of me.  I think maybe
something had startled him because he was sort of huffing,
either that of after he got across the road he realized
he didn't know where mama was!!!  He was probably about 250#,
by no means a baby, but not a big guy either!
I slammed on my breaks and started backing up to see
if I could see him go up the hill, but instead he stopped!!!
He stood behind a tree!  I of course was grabbing for my camera
(which I just decided to take with me even though I was only going
over to eat and talk on the phone!) and then I rolled my window
down and talked to him!  I told him I wasn't going to hurt him
and he was beautiful!  He then slinked out from behind the tree
and stood looking at me and across the road!  I sat along
the road for several minutes talking to him and taking pix!!!
Someone in a truck coming the other way stopped and asked
if I was ok, and I laughed and said yea, just watching
the bear over there next to you!!!  The guy was like oh, ok,
really, and then he pulled off looking!  I finally decided I should
drive off before I decided to get out of the car to take a pix,
or maybe mama got upset!  We sat there long enough that he seemed
more relaxed and curious and his breathing was better!!!
So anyways, I knew he was there for me!
Otherwise I think he would have run off!
I really felt honored he let me get some pix!


Please help us help Mindy find her missing Boston Terrier, Joker.

He went missing on May 18th, from Xanadu St. in Denver.

He had a brown canvas collar with a red name tag.  There is a firehouse on one side of the tag and his name and number on the other side.

If you have any information that might help please call the number
above or email us A.S.A.P. at!

Joker is a beloved member of the family and the community that he serves and we want to see him get back home, safe and sound.
Thanks for your help!

Cowboy’s Way

Just wanted to thank you for the session today, put a lot of things into a better perspective for me with him.  The connection of him and my dog is really remarkable, they are so alike in personalities.   I rode Cowboy today on the trail bitless with Jill and he did really well with it.  He responded as well as having the bit in his mouth and I felt comfortable too.  I laugh every time I think of you holding your hands like a little cup and him talking about his grain; funny guy.  We both have been more relaxed with each other on the ground too; still some work for me there but easier to cope with!  As always, thank you for the work you do and I will be in touch.