The Original Reiki Healing for Horses

There is no place I would rather be than in the corral among the horses and healing energy. It is a place surrounded by mountains, nestled in the heart of the wild west, where horses receive healing and, in turn, heal human hearts. It is an energy so subtle it ignites the flame within, with an art that has worldwide recognition and acceptance. If you have felt the pull of destiny, now is the time to embrace your calling as the lightworker you were born be.


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The Next Must Attend Dynamite Marketing Meetings!

The Next Must Attend Dynamite Marketing Meetings!

Hi all,
Wanted to remind you of the Dynamite Product Training in Ft Collins on Sat, April 24.  Jim Zamzow, President of Dynamite, will be presenting.  He is a most amazing man, and you will be reminded of why we are drawn to this company.  It really is a ‘must-do’, knock-your-socks-off deal, and we are fortunate to have them come to Colorado.  I have a large wedding at my
place that day, so I won’t be there – anxious to hear!

and don’t forget…

Ancient Wisdom Meets Common Sense Horsemanship™

October 9-10, 2010   Keenesburg, CO

Dr. Regan Golob    Star, Idaho                     Dynamite Gold Executive Director
Judy Sinner              Selah, Washington        Dynamite Gold Executive Director


Applied kinesiology techniques, nutritional and organ evaluation reflex points including one for parasites, how to detect and remove energy blockages, which common misguided feeding practices hinder top performance, and so much more.   You will experience lots of Love, Light and Laughter!

You are guaranteed to come away from this seminar with major breakthrough information that will enable you to have a whole new relationship with your horses!

Time:   Saturday 9 – 4  (indoor arena)   Sunday 9 – 1  (heated shop)
Locations and Directions:
28376 Weld County Rd 6    Keenesburg, Co  80643
From Interstate 76 – East on Hwy 52 (at Hudson Exit). 8 miles to Rd 59.  South on Rd 59 – 3 miles to Rd 6.  West on Rd 6 – 1/2 mile.  Green/white shop/barns.

Contact:  Terri Wagner  303-732-0138  or   303-818-1855

Registration Form
Name ______________________________Phone _________________email________________________

Address ______________________________  City_________________________  State/Zip__________

No. attending @$50 received by Oct 1 _____  Total Enclosed _______ (Thereafter and at the door $60)
Lunch is included in registration fee!
Make checks to:  Terri Wagner   28376 Weld County Rd 6    Keenesburg, Co  80643

Anna is Dynamite’s Top Recruiter… again!

Congratulations to Anna Twinney for winning the Top Recruiter for 2009 with 15 new personally sponsored reps. This is her second year as Top Recruiter.  From a radio show to traveling, this hard working distributor does her part in spreading the Dynamite word. Dynamite can always tell where she has been traveling by the wake of new distributors she brings in from each region. This is the second time Anna has received this award. Keep up the hard work, Anna!

and in other Dynamite News…

from our friend Brooke Baxter in Illinois…

“While on the subject of Dynamite, I forgot to tell you one other “fun fact” I’ve discovered: the horses universally seem to like the TASTE of Dynamite compared with the vast majority of other natural supplements!”

Learn more about Dynamite Supplements.


Dear Folks,

We have a serious problem. Under the pretense of stopping illegal steroids from being sold, Senator John McCain has filed legislation that would overturn DSHEA, the law that protects our access to safe and inexpensive dietary supplements for our health. It gives the drug-company-friendly FDA the ability to restrict or even ban any dietary supplement, at their discretion. (Dietary supplement is defined as ANY vitamin, mineral or herbal supplement!) Similar legislation in Europe has made sale of vitamin C in doses as little as 500 mg illegal.

Unfortunately, the U.S. major league sports teams support this legislation because of the recent exposes regarding famous baseball and football players taking illegal and dangerous steroids. But the FDA already has authority to ban these substances. There is no reason to give the FDA this new, broad authority to ban or restrict any supplement.

Here is the link to a web page of the Alliance for Natural Health providing an excellent explanation of what is happening, and a petition to other senators to ask them to oppose this new dangerous legislation. The health of millions of Americans is at stake.

Alliance for Natural Health (Click Here)

Please sign the petition to your senators and pass this message on to family, friends, neighbors, and other email lists you might be on. WE IMPLORE you to use facebook or twitter, as well as any and all public forums to get the word out. Once this FREEDOM is gone, we will be at the health mercy of the government!!!

Please oppose this stepping stone, that will lead to the government “managing the herd”…

Our prayers are for the safe and good health of your families,
James, Gina, Dan, Kay and Brad

Judy Sinner is Back on the Reaching Out with Anna Twinney Podcast

Judy Sinner – Gold Executive Director with Dynamite Marketing

Anna and Vin welcome Judy back as their first repeat guest.  She shares more of her vast knowledge of supplementation and general well-being for animals and humans.  Topics include Colic Emergency Kit, Cribbing, Wind-Sucking & Wood Chewing aides, preparing your horse for travel, proper nutrition for your horse, natural de-worming for your dog, a natural diet for your cat, and lots more!

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