A Rave Review for Escaping Tradition

ROTH Certified Trainer and student Instructor, Katie Dixon of Renegade Equine in Bend, OR, received the following review from one of her local clients with regards to Escaping Tradition.  Please enjoy as the trust-based methods continue their reach far and wide.


I am the mother of a 12 year old girl who has fallen in love with horses. Our whole family loves all animals and are very sensitive to their individual personalities. Bits, Spurs, whips and other methods of training horses was just not working for my daughter (or me) mentally or emotionally. Luckily, I found the book Escaping Tradition and knew this was the training philosophy that would work for my daughter (and me!).

The goal of establishing a relationship out of respect and love works as a training method. Fear based anything for anyone is not a “true” relationship or training tool that should be used. These animals have a language and they have opinions and curiosity about us and the environment we put them in. How can we expect them to be successful and learn if we don’t listen to them? Why should they only have to listen to us? This book explains just that. The stories shared by individuals in the book, shows us a way of thinking about horses as equal partners and gives them the voice they need.

The personal experiences shared in the book are examples of what horses can do for humans on a much deeper level than performance. This book points out the “real” fact that all horses are different and we need to understand them and listen to them so we can have a rewarding successful experiences together. Trust is the foundation for all successful relationships. Why would it not be the same for horses. Would you trust someone who inflicted pain, or asks you to do things you do not enjoy, or worse never listens to you? Most humans would not trust or continue to work with someone who treated them that way. So, if we are to raise the next generation of horse trainers, owners, and advocates, then they must agree with this philosophy of training.

I can only hope the book gets into as many hands as possible. Vets, trainers, breeders and the young equestrians to be. The young people have not had years of training to unlearn, they are also much more open and sensitive to animals if allowed to be.

Thank you for writing it and I’m happy to promote it.

Kristine Klees

An Endorsement from Frank Bell & his 20,000th child?

Hello Horse Enthusiasts:

I am constantly on the lookout for products that genuinely benefit horses. They are few and far between with a whole lot of fluff in the middle. I’ve recently become acquainted with a true equestrian and his company- EquiPedic.

It is my strong opinion that the pad is the most important piece of equipment that you need to own. The number of horses with sore backs is alarming. When the pain becomes severe, the horse becomes dangerous – period. With safety as our #1 goal, this is truly a safety issue. I urge you to thoroughly peruse the Equipedic Site.   Since we’re dealers for this product, we can save you money on this already affordable saddle pad.

Another important note – I am on the Board of a national non-profit with a very simple mission: The Kind Acts Foundation offers the nation’s teachers an easy and free way to honor their students for kind and compassionate actions.

Founded in 2004 by my good friend Dave Hall, we will honor our 20,000th child this school year at www.KindActs.org.

Will you consider a tax-deductible donation to help perpetuate this wonderful cause? Details are at the Make A Donation link on the web site. Online and postal/check options are available.

Safe Riding Always,

Frank Bell