March Reiki Class Testimonials

CO Reiki group March 2012

Amanda Puckett       –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“Going on this journey helped me to not only find a part of myself, but to become more connected with the energies of this Universe that many of my believes are strong rooted in.  Many doors are already beginning to open themselves up to me.  My journey is far from over and now I know that I have the base to go in the direction that I need.”


Alicia Puckett            –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“Never could I have imagined the many ways Reiki would/could change my life.  This journey has been nothing short of magical!  I would encourage others to follow their dreams and discard any self-doubt – with Reiki all things are possible.


Brittany Puckett        –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“Had a lovely experience.  Came into this expecting less than I actually got out.  I loved the practices we did and surrounding people I shared my time with.  Fun.  Challenging. Enjoyable.  Personal growth achieved.”


Carol Townsend        –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“This experience has produced for me a life changing release of built up negativity that has impacted my body adversely.  Through Reiki I was able to release harmful blockages and can now see clearly my way to a healthier, happier and more productive and satisfying life.”


Denise Dollar             –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“I encourage anyone that is interested in Reiki to join Anna in embracing their power to give and receive.  You will find yourself in a safe space to explore, learn and the courage to take the next step on your life’s path.  Come with an open mind and leave with an open heart.”


Janet Rutigliano        –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“This weekend was truly a healing and transformational journey for me – one that I know has opened me to a new path in my life.  I had been receiving the call to Reiki for many years, and I am grateful that I finally listened to my higher self and answered the call.  I will never look at life, nature, and the universe the same way again.  My thanks to Anna for guiding us through this life-changing experience.”

Reaching Out to the Untouched Horse 2011 ~ Testimonials

“I have met many horses and I have learned many things about them. The ROTH Untouched Horse Clinic opened my eyes to beauty that has stretched beyond the barn, and even from within.
The unique experience of gentling a wild free creature under the expert guidance of Anna gave me the clearest view of what a horse is. The compassionate methods brought the mare I worked with farther than I ever could have imagined. I feel confident in saying her future life with people has been insured to be happy. She jas found the benefits and without force or fear. Instead she has found her curiosity and voice, a gift that some domestic horses never find. She is setup to find her forever home and a joy in it.” Elaine in WY!





In October 2009 these mares were ‘gathered’ by helicopter (along with 93 others) from the McCullough Peaks Horse Management Area (HMA) in Cody, Wyoming; transported by truck to BLM’s 600+ horse holding facility in Rock Springs, WY; adopted by me and my husband Chris in February 2010; and transported back to our ranch in Cody.


In April 2010 the BLM held an adoption in nearby Powell, WY with 20+ halter-broke yearlings (also from the 2009 Gather).  We adopted the daughter of one of our mares, along with two other fillies.  Later in July, the BLM asked if we would consider taking a ‘returned’ colt, and we couldn’t refuse.


In April and June 2010, two mares gave birth to a beautiful colt and filly.



The week was filled with in-depth demonstrations, lively discussions, lots of hands-on opportunities, field trips to see the mustangs in their native habitat, a presentation by Jay Kirkpatrick (expert authority on animal contraceptives), and Chris’ delicious food!  By the end of the week, the four older mares had been touched for the first time, the babies had been haltered, and the yearlings were lead out into the alleyway, field, trailer, and the obstacle course in our indoor arena.


This week was a continuation of last year’s wonderful training, bringing all of the mustangs to new heights.  Along with the demonstrations, discussions, field trips, and presentation, the older mares were haltered, groomed, bathed, and lead down the alleyway, and the now  two-year-olds and yearlings graduated from their bathing, TLC, leading, and obstacle course lessons.  Adam Edwards brought four ‘untouched’ Spanish mustangs, who were touched for the first time, with one colt being groomed and lead into the indoor arena!


for giving these mustangs, and all the students, the tools that they will need for a bright and happy future.  Anna’s ‘Reach Out to the Untouched Horse’ has made a HUGE difference in the lives of these fourteen horses, and her work continues to support the efforts of grass-roots organizations, such as the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center and F.O.A.L. (Friends of a Legacy) whose mission is to ensure that America’s mustangs stay wild and free.


Plans are being made for a 2012 “Reach Out To The Untouched Horse” clinic, here in Cody, Wyoming, with ‘new’ untouched mustangs, followed by a BLM-sponsored adoption.

FOR THE HORSES!!!  Michaele Dimock

Jasper’s Testimonial

Hi Anna,

I know you already know what I am about to say but, I am compelled to say it to you again. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial as is or edited should you have need or desire.

Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for your consideration and allowing our youngest son, Jasper, to participate in the advanced training week this past week at Ray of Light Farm as a spectator.

As I mentioned to you on Thursday you have changed his life through the access that Jasper now has to an entirely new way of horsemanship in general and specifically in working with foals in a way that promotes only a gentle caring approach.

Based on his accumulation and absorption of what was presented and his powerful assimilation and recall of the experience and expression of his agreement with the practices learned, I can only assume that this will affect him through out his life with people as well as animals.

His existing intense desire to be around horses, now accompanied by his amazingly expanded knowledge as a result of your program experiences, teachings, methods, other caring participants and expert speakers, has moved him in ways apparent and intrinsically that you will most certainly give witness to in the near future in other courses offered. He has told us that he is most interested in being one of your apprentices and trainers in the future.

As a family you have moved us. Not only in your generosity in allowing him in and accepting 2/3rds of the published rate based on our request, but also in the caring and knowing approach that you extended to him as a qualified and capable person and learner.

Your expectation in your program in general is that people play full out and take in what is being presented and whether you know it or not, even as a spectator, Jasper followed that directive and played as if he was one of your main private students.

Your seeing and knowing, innately, that this would be a fit for him, us, you and the group was wise and accurate. I do hope that you will bear witness to the knowledge and growth that your compassion and presence has offered him throughout his life.

All the very best, until our next meeting Bill Paglia – Scheff

A kind note from a student


Hi Anna,

I just wanted to thank you for all you have taught me about horses and the “Reach Out” technique. I have had the opportunity to do the work with many horses and always the results are amazing and telling. We just got two horses of our own and I have enjoyed the experience even more. I am sending a photo of my husbands horse, Duke. I love the expression on his face when we do the heart to heart. My heart always feels full of love and I think his is too! I would love to do more training with you. My business is picking up so I’ll stay open to the possibilities.


Caren Vogt






Testimonials from Students

“Reach Out to Wisdom is a profoundly safe environment in which to be held while you grow and learn. A life-changing experience!” – Dana Stuart Bullock, New York, NY
“I arrived a skeptic and left having experienced the greatest life changing event of my life. Vin, Anna, and the horses brought the feelings I lost so many years ago and now feel confident enough and brave enough to get back – Thank you.”
– Gary Preston, United Kingdom

“I Loved the way the 3 days were guided and the closeness and feeling of safety that developed with everyone that I felt. The horses were awesome too, such great guides.”
– Linda Hancock, Firestone, CO

“This leap of faith has rewarded me more than I could have imagined.”
– Sarah Brown, Louisville, KY


Healing Horses

Bitterroot Ranch July 2010


Thank you for the great clinic at Bitterroot Ranch this July. During the
week, the main theme for me was learning. There were many excellent
teachers there–the horses, the participants, and, most of all, you. The
whole atmosphere encouraged me to explore new ways of thinking and being.
With your guidance, wisdom and compassion, I was more open to doing that

I believe that learning is necessary for growth. Each time I have been to
your clinic at Bitterroot, I have been able to experience personal growth
and find encouragement to continue my pursuit of spiritual understanding.

I am blessed that you are my teacher.


Laverna Alby – Jamestown, CO

This has been one of the most magical and mystical weeks, filled with so many new and enlightening experiences. The power of energy and healing can be used in so many ways and in countless situations, all to great benefit. I have discovered much about myself and what I feel I am capable of and hope to continue on this path of discovery and I feel great excitement as to where it may lead. Thank you Anna, for opening these doors and allowing the energy to flow!

Rebecca Hoppe – United Kingdom

Anna is an exceptional instructor. Her Reiki for Horses course is an excellent opportunity to learn how to use Reiki to better horses lives. This course also teaches the TLC ways a horse needs for behavioral modification or guidance to bring out the best of any horse.

Karen Bailey – Lake Stevens, WA