Drawing held: May 25, 2012 Total # tickets in drawing: 123
All prizes were awarded.

Grand Prize: Disneyland/CA Adventure BILL MEYER of Camarillo
1st prize: SeaWorld San Diego JESSICA FENSTERMAKER of Apple Valley
2nd Prize: Android Tablet NORA BUCK of Nipomo
3rd Prize: Equine Holistic Package LISA ROGERS of Hesperia
4th Prize: Horse Gift Box JESSICA FENSTERMAKER of Apple Valley
5th Prize: EnergyScans (3 AWARDED) ELLEN BRUCK of Woodland Hills, LIZ CURRAN of Northridge, DIANNE MCCLEERY OF Ione.
6th Prize: Excalibur Gift Set from Anna Twinney/Reach Out to Horses – DOREEN THOMPSON of Palmdale
7th Prize: Fleet Feet Gift Basket CHRIS PARKER of Camarillo
8th Prize: $25 gift certificate to The Cheesecake Factory SUSAN REVELES of North Hills

Enjoy your prizes! See you next year!

Janet L. Meyer Ph.D., EBW
Spirit of Equus Rescue

Spirit of Equus Rescue

LAUNCHING 2012 Horse Spirit Wisdom Calendar and Note Cards

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce the release of our new line of beautiful calendars rich in Horse Spirit Wisdom. Our horses are the models for all the products in this line! We have even created matching note cards to go along with the Calendar. They are priced separately.

I have attached a 4 page flyer to provide photos and detailed information on each product. You may need to enlarge your screen to see the captions clearly. Click here to view the flyer.

These will make great gifts. The note cards can be used year round.

Features of 2012 Calendar:

13 month calendar includes January 2013

Full color photos on high quality photo card stock

Inside front cover an introduction to Horse Spirit Wisdom

Back cover includes thumbnails of our Rescue horses with a little information on each of them plus a paragraph on our Rescue and philosophy.

Wire coil binding

12 matching note cards available separately

Reasonable prices

Note Cards: Check pages 2, 3, and 4 of the pdf file attached to see samples of our other note cards.

Bonni Cards

Tawni Cards

Whitey Cards

Custom Cards: Yes we will make a set of cards customized to your liking from any of our stock photos.

Holiday/Special Occasion Cards with lovely sentiment printed on inside of card

Horse Humor Cards: Set of 10, 2 of each card.

Our products are very reasonably priced, each one is hand made by our volunteers, all proceeds support the feed and health care of our sanctuary horses.

We do not charge tax. Shipping is first class or priority mail whichever is less and we accept checks or Paypal.

Our first production run is on August 28th. Please email your orders to : spiritofequus@earthlink.net. I will send you an invoice via Paypal and you may pay with Paypal or send us a check. Orders and payment received by August 21st will be included in the first production run.

We look forward to sharing our Horse Spirit Wisdom with you and your friends!

For the horses,

Janet L. Meyer, Ph.D., EBW


Spirit of Equus Rescue

It takes a team to save a horse!


To all of you who contributed to Comanche’s healing and final rescue to bring him to his forever home in Fairfield, WA we are truly grateful.   This horse has been rescued several times in his life.  He has had owners who neglected him or didn’t understand him.  A lady I know took note of this boy’s sad history as he was stabled in Huntington Beach where her horse was stabled.  She and another woman “rescued” him from his owner, loved him, worked with him and turned him into a happy trail horse who looked forward to his adventures with his “girls”.

But boarding him in HB became too expensive and his eyes were failing him rapidly from uveitis and cataracts, so everyone decided he needed a home in pasture where he would be with other horses and continue to ride as he loved to do.  The lady contacted 70 rescues….no one wanted him. A sight impaired Appaloosa.  When we put him out on our network, we found individuals willing to provide a foster home for him for 18 months then formally adopt him.

But Comanche’s dream did not come true, and we were forced to rescue him from our own foster home to ensure his care, emotional support and future happiness. When I visited him for the first time on August 14, 2010 I found an unthrifty, unhappy, stressed out, over stimulated, underweight gelding, who was slowly starving.  The Rescue board members immediately went into action with a health regimen including changes of feed, increase of feed, detoxing and energy healing to bring this boy back on track.  Within the month he was starting to gain weight, relaxed and was making good progress.  But we knew he needed to be removed from his foster home as soon as possible.

Then one of the lady’s phone calls panned out.  His breeder said she would take him back.  Comanche has not seen her in over 13 years. He was born into her arms but sold after he was weaned.  He has now joined 8 of his half brothers and sisters in his new home–and will share space in pasture with other blind horses.  He has grass to graze, a stall of his own so he never has to fight for food against a sighted horse again…..a soft, warm place to sleep and horse friends and kin, a kind family to love him and care for him every day for the rest of his life.

Happy Beginnings for Comanche….and we are all so happy for him. Thank you for your financial and moral support for this horse.

Special thanks:

  • to Dr. Dean Bader, our integrative veterinarian in Shingle Springs, CA, for working with us to provide energy healing for this boy.
  • to Anna Twinney for running not one but two animal communication sessions for Comanche so we knew what was in his heart.

He has had a troubled life…he deserves peace and happiness among loving people. We will send an occasional photo from time to time as we receive them.

There  is a scene from Seabiscuit that always comes back to me when a horse like Comanche is saved…..it should be one of the mantras of horse rescues.

Howard meets Smith for the first time knowing that Smith has saved the white horse with a broken foot from a bullet. He has hawthorne root tied to his leg to increase the circulation and help heal the horse. Howard asks him why he is fixing him. …his answer…”because I can…  Every horse is good for something. He won’t race again but he could be a lead pony or a cart horse and he still is nice to look at.  You don’t throw a whole life away because it’s banged up a little bit.”

For the horses,

Janet L. Meyer, Ph.D., EBW

Spirit of Equus Rescue



Hello All

This is a very sad day for me as I write this email.  We have just lost a major source of support for our horses feed and housing and we cannot survive. We cannot pay the rent Oct 1.  I must find really good, loving forever homes for 4 horses immediately.  I have made the decision to let 3, maybe 4 of our mares go to new homes. We will continue to work with our geldings as they have sponsors and have major issues that would not allow them to be adoptable or useful to many folks.

Our organization will stay intact and we will continue to do our healing work and placements in the field, etc., but we must reduce our herd as we cannot feed or house them.

I am attaching the photos of the females we would like to place this week.  My heart is breaking and tears are flowing down as I place their photos here. We have raised 3 of them nearly from or from birth and Tango, our sweet PMU broodmare, trusts us so much it is very difficult to do this.

But I must face reality and know that these young horses, ages 2, 6 and 6 plus mom who is 15 have long lives ahead of them and could reasonably outlive me! So it is wise to find these young ones new homes. We would like mom and daughter to stay together if possible as we do not like to separate families and mom is no trouble, is sweet and would be good in a family setting with her sweet Tawni. But Tawni is the most adoptable horse…she is healthy, strong and 2.5 YO and ready for any kind of future and training.  She is Appaloosa.

All of these horses would be good in therapeutic settings (unmounted).  They like people and are used to human interaction. Two of them have participated in EEL previously. None of these horses are trained under saddle.

Please contact me ASAP if you can help us……Also visit the website at www.spiritofequus.org for more information on each horse. Click on Adoptable Horses and find their photos.

TAWNI Age 2 1/2 Dun Appie born at the rescue May 4, 2007
TAWNI Age 2 1/2 Dun Appie born at the rescue May 4, 2007
Appie broodmare, age 15, Canadian PMU
Appie broodmare, age 15, Canadian PMU
SIERRA, Canadian PMU draft cross, 16H, age 6
SIERRA, Canadian PMU draft cross, 16H, age 6
Sunshine, Canadian PMU, 16HH draft cross, age 6
Sunshine, Canadian PMU, 16HH draft cross, age 6

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Janet L. Meyer, Ph.D.
Spirit of Equus Rescue


4363 Riosa Rd
Sheridan, CA 95681