Ponying Horses

During the Colorado Colt starting clinic Anna Twinney introduces students to the value of ponying. Bo, rescued by Amber of Shiloh Acres in Fort Collins, saved the day by ponying our youngsters. Ponying allows colts to learn forward motion, experience a companion and riders from above, build muscle tone, prepare for the rider, gain confidence in a natural environment and so much more. An invaluable tool in preparing horses for their first saddle & rider! At the end of the day we had a surprise visitor come to help Maestro.

ROTH’s colt starting clinic at Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue Day 5

Anna Twinney’s ROTH methods are unique, not only do they involve solely the horse’s language; body language, energy and telepathy but they match the horses where they are. Whilst learning personalities, characters and learning styles students prepare their charges for their first saddle, bridle and rider – at the horses own speed. This is not a system, but a methodology where we ask our horses how we help them understand, create value and enjoyment to their day. The course is designed to introduce students to the vast variety of horses and safe ways to start horses under saddle in a TEAM…as we peel away the layers the horses at Shiloh Acres Rescue share their stories.

ROTH Colt Starting Clinic Shiloh Acres, Fort Collins, Day 3

Together with 7 very dedicated and committed ROTH students Anna Twinney spends a week at Shiloh Acres Rescue in Fort Collins. Starting horses under saddle takes vast experience and requires an understanding of the horse’s language, psychology and learning styles. With over 13 years experience Anna has created an amazing course for people to learn all that goes into colt starting and beyond! You can now appreciate the different characters while letting the horses share their history with you.

Anna Twinney demonstrates Mustang’s first rider + ponying session

Anna Twinney of Reach Out to Horses dedicates her life to improve the lives of our horses world-wide. Through her gentle horsemanship methodologies she starts horses under saddle giving them the right start to their careers. Bratley, a Spanish Mustang, joined the colt starting course at Shiloh Acres in Fort Collins, Colorado. His charisma, intelligence and ability to process information shone through the whole week. Follow his first time saddle, bridle and rider throughout the week. Despite high winds Bratley accepted his rider and journeyed forward to learn how to be ponied.

ROTH Colt Starting Clinic, Shiloh Acres, Fort Collins Days 1 & 2

The ROTH methodology being so versatile and comprehensive allows for starting colts in a safe manner for both horse and handler. There are several times in a horse’s life that can be their most traumatic or most memorable, that being birth and starting under saddle. During a week long intensive program ROTH students learn the value and importance of reading a horse, communication, respect, leadership, quantity of pressure, feel & timing – none more or less important than the other. Shiloh Acres in Fort Collins became home to Anna Twinney and the class for the week.

A good trainer will understand as much about himself than he will the horse he touches. The ROTH colt starting clinic at Shiloh Acres, Fort Collins involves learning the language of Equus through liberty & in-hand exercises, communication through body language, energy and telepathy. Each step helps shape behavior, preparing for the most important day of their life – starting under saddle. The way they are introduced to the saddle often determines the rest of their lives, the home they are welcomed into and often their career. Lets make it the most rewardable time of their life!