International Horse Whisperer Team Up with Local Rescues to Spread the Word of Gentle, Trust-Based Training and Adopting Rescued Horses

International Horse Whisperer and Equine Behaviorist, Anna Twinney, and Reach Out to Horses were excited to team up with Zuma’s Rescue Ranch in Littleton, CO and Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue in Ault, CO for a week of rescue horses and trust-based horsemanship.
From April 21-27, Anna introduced 10 students and multiple rescued horses to the world of trust-based learning.  During the course of the 7-day event, the participants worked with horses who have been abandoned, abused, starved and sent to slaughter.  These horses, often troubled and leery of humans, are given a second chance at a new life.
Anna Twinney is known around the world for her gentle and genuine trust-based horsemanship methodologies.  Her unique program focuses on the language of the horse and using that language to work with the horses, giving them a voice and a say in their training.
“Bringing these horses around can be a tricky matter.  But the first step in any successful training program is to gain their trust through integrity, authenticity and compassion.  Once you have that you can often create a life-long partnership with a willing participant,” says Anna.
Once the horses are trained, Zuma’s and Shiloh Acres often have an easier time adopting out the rescued horses, finding them permanent homes with loving people and opening room for more horses to be rescued from unthinkable fates.
“I’ve been saying for the last few years that I wanted to find a different/new/better way to be with horses. I’ve finally found that way with Anna’s teaching.”  Janet Prior
Zuma’s Rescue Ranch is focused on pairing rescued horses with at risk kids in a nurturing, healing manner and environment.  Together they learn to trust and love one another. Once trust of the horse/human pair is accomplished, they move into learning to love and nurture themselves and others.

Shiloh Acres Rescue is a small, family operated non-profit organization  dedicated to helping slaughter-bound, abused, neglected and unwanted horses.

For more information about the week or to possibly adopt one of the horses contact Reach Out to Horses at or Jodi at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch at or call 303-346-7493.

Follow the horses progress through the week on ROTH’s YouTube Channel and find hundreds more informitave videos!









Anna’s Mustang + draft starting under saddle – Day 5 Shiloh

From Spanish Mustang, thorough-bred, QH through to Draft horse Anna teaches her students gentle communication methods to start horses under saddle. Watch Stormwind as she proudly experiences her rider under saddle and we bridge the gap between the grounds-person to the rider. Majestic Vienna takes her first saddle with pride and meets her volunteer rider revealing what has happened to her in the past.

ROTHs colt starting clinic, Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue – Graduation Day!

On our final class day, graduation day, our horses excelled. Its every horse “owners” dream to start and ride their own colt for that magical first time. For Adam Edwards this became a reality as he mounted his Spanish Mustang, Bratley, and rode him independently! After just 6 days of training Bratley felt more than comfortable to accept Adam’s guidance. Following extensive spook-busting Vienna shares her story the only way she knows how, through behavior and we’ve been able to accommodate her needs – let her share the silent language with you and see if you can understand her too. Gunner will prove to you how this language goes beyond body language, being blind on one side.