Horse Whispering 101 Returns to Reach Out Ranch in 2020

They came to gain an understanding of horse whispering. They left with:

* comfort around horses

* life lessons beyond their dreams

* reading horses and behavior

* watching and learning the intricacies of the herd’s dynamics

* handling, leading and spook busting a variety of horses

* mindful grooming

* practical horsemanship

* groundwork

* self-development

* horse handling for the veterinarian and chiropractor

* equine nutrition and Dynamite supplements

* reaching their goals & overcoming fears

* insights into medizations

* grounding and breathing exercises

* energy exchange

* liberty and life lessons

*  and they left here wanting more…

Watch below to see our students and their experience with ROTH’s Horse Whispering 101




Early registration for HW 101 is available by emailing

The Language of the Horse Demo at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Anna utilizes the round pen to demonstrate what it looks like to hold a conversation with two different horses in their own language, the Language of Equus. Listen closely and discover just how much can be learned about a horse in a short period of time and what kind of a conversation we can have when we are tuned in, aware, and focusing the mind on the silent and often invisible conversation at hand.

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Reaching Out to Horses in the Round Pen

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Once more, our lovely friends at The Horse’s Hoof have featured Anna in their online publication.  We are so pleased to be partnering with them to reach more and more people who are interested in Natural, Holistic Horsemanship!

Reach Out to Horses by Anna Twinney

Horses have walked this Earth for more than 54 million years.  While some do not consider them among the brightest of the animal kingdom, most are unaware that through their lengthy tenure on this planet they have created an effective non-verbal language that some have coined “the language of Equus.”  This is a language that goes well beyond the unspoken.  Through careful observation, humans have been able to interpret and adopt this method of communication.

Originating from the horses’ body language, behavior, interaction and herd hierarchy, humans can now speak with them through our own body language, gestures and even our intentions.  This language, like any, requires patience and practice.  It can be taught to anyone but fluency only comes from time spent observing and communicating with the native speakers.

Not only can horses read the body language of every member of their species they can read humans just as easily.  They can, almost immediately, see your agenda and how you are feeling.  They will highlight your strengths and weaknesses.  In effect, they know who you are and what that means to them in a very short period of time.  You can lie to yourself but you can’t lie to a horse.  Therefore, it’s important that you begin every interaction with a clear mind, leaving “all your baggage” at the gate.

Compassionate cxonversations_Moment

One place to start the conversation with your horse is the round pen.  Using the round pen as your classroom can be very helpful in creating a trust-based relationship.  This type of conversation is the foundation to all interaction, every ground session, ridden work and ultimately your success.  A 50-foot round pen is suggested as it allows free motion for horses of most sizes.  It’s also important to make sure you have appropriate footing, which is essential to maintaining health and fitness.

This is an example of a typical session in the round pen.  It’s important to note that this is an overview and is not intended to be a formula or a “quick fix” to solve behavioral issues and requires dedication and commitment to learn and apply.  Remember that communication takes place whenever you are together.  Each gesture and motion you make says something to your 4-legged partner.

Familiarization:  Horses need the chance to explore the round pen at liberty.  They naturally check out their perimeters, take time to settle and to explore the vicinity through their senses.  Each horse is an individual and as such will react in different ways to different circumstances.  This 15-20 minute period is an ideal time to observe their character and learn to read thier personality.

Orientation:  This is the official introduction and there are many important steps in this portion which include:

  • The introduction to the four directions (N, E, S, W) of the round pen
  • Introduction of body language
  • The opportunity for handler to read horse and horse to read handler
  • The time for the adrenaline of horse and handler to subside
  • Creation of a comfort zone in the center of the round pen
  • Creation of a safe distance between horse and handler
  • Manipulation of speed and direction by the handler to gain leadership

Communication:  In a natural herd environment, hierarchy is determined through many factors, one being the manipulation of speed and direction.  As mentioned in the orientation process, the handler adopts this practice in the round pen environment.  The connection between horse and handler takes place before or during the orientation, with a herd of 2 being formed.  Once the herd has been formed and the orientation has been completed, the handler asks the horse to leave by driving them away using body language.  This is the time to make character assessments, to complete a health check, and to begin forming the partnership with the horse.

A higher-ranking horse will use his body language to communicate or punish another by sending them out of the herd.  This gives a strong message as banishment is a grave risk to their survival.  Through the position that the handler takes of driving the horse forward, he will retreat.  This is a form of advance and retreat, also known as pressure release, and has been used by horsemen for centuries.  The handler then adopts equine body language by squaring his shoulders, placing his eyes on the horse’s eyes, and advancing forward in an assertive manner.  The combination of proximity, speed, movements, and eye contact can mean a number of different things.

As prey animals, horses naturally run for ¼ to 3/8ths of a mile before they stop to assess what made them flee.  This distance is roughly translated to 7-8 revolutions in the round pen.  The fleeing that is induced should not be through fear, but rather a request for forward motion.  The handler takes possession of any area the horse stands in at any given moment, hence gaining leadership.  A speed slightly beyond their natural gait is best and will often be in the form of a canter.

ANTW-CLNC-HD-3-81 (004).jpg


When it feels like the right time to change direction, the horse is asked to change direction towards the round pen wall through the handler’s body positioning.  The same process of asking the horse to leave is repeated in this direction.  Unlike humans, horses only transfer about 20-50% of all information from the left to the right side of the brain and, as such, they consider this to be new ground that they are exploring.

Once the horse has explored both directions he is then asked to return to familiar ground, pressure is reduced but an active involvement is maintained.  An assertive walk forward is continued, while allowing the horse to reduce his speed and maintain focus and attention.  The handler’s body language becomes a little softer as his intention changes.  This procedure is also helpful because the horse will often reveal his history during this time.

The horse will begin to communicate his desire to return to the herd of two.  He will relay very clears signs, such as reducing the size of his circle, relaxing his jaw and neck, and many other gestures that require some study for the handler to recognize.  These are all desired responses that need acknowledgement through a release of pressure resembling a drop of the eyes, a relaxing of shoulders, slowing of the walk, or a hesitating in the line throwing.  This is what makes it a conversation, rather than a demand or simply talking at the horse.  Each try by the horse should be acknowledged in this manner.   Overall, the handler is looking for a complete feeling of unity and a commitment from the horse prior to inviting them back to the herd.  This will come with experience and the whole of the “Reach Out” process generally should take no longer than 15-20 minutes.

Foster Respectful Relationships_Moment.jpg

Reach Out to Horses:  A suitable moment is identified to invite the horse to become part of the team again.  The invitation takes the form of a sweeping motion in front of the horse and is similar to the natural gesture of displaying one’s flank, while eating.  The passive nature of the maneuver asks the horse to slow down and step closer.  He will choose to stay close to the wall, come part of the way or all the way to the handler.   If the communication is done correctly but the horse does not return to the handler this may possibly point to a problem, issue, or habit the horse developed before the session.  Ultimately, the greatest compliment is that the horse comes up to the handler and reaches out towards him with his nose.

Close Connection:  An invitation to the horse is given to come into the heart space where he receives lots of reward and reassurance – creating a close connection.  A rub on the forehead will reinforce his positive behavior.  The ultimate reward for a horse is the release of pressure, which translates to walking away.  Horses naturally move in arcs and angles so, when the time is right, the handler walks away in a clockwise direction to perform a figure 8.  The qualities of a leader are displayed to bring the horse back to the center of the round pen, which becomes a familiar comfort zone.


Reaching out to your horse is the foundation of all communication.  It can take on many forms and will allow you to learn to read and communicate with your horse, while building a trust-based relationship.  It is the beginning to all success and will aid in improving existing relationships, embarking on new partnerships, and assessing character and health.  From here, you can lead into starting young horses, problem solving, improving ground manners, teaching to lead & load, eliminate kicking, biting, and rearing, just to name a few.  Creating this trust-based relationship with your horse can be a magical experience and the moment you feel that true partnership is a moment you will never forget.

Better by change not by chance_Moment


Join Anna for Part of Stepper’s Journey Through Rehabilitation After His Rescue

If you had the privilege of joining us at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch for the Trainer’s Day in October, you probably saw Stepper, who was showcased during the second half of the day and who was handled by ROTH Certified Trainer, Liv Bjerre.  He was a little nervous with the crowd and the speakers, but with patience and compassion for his situation he has been coming around.  Anna found a lovely home for him that day and she continues to support them in their journey together as they learn about each other and how to communicate effectively.  Below are some videos as an update on his progress and Anna shares her invaluable wisdom, as always, in her life-long effort to support the horses and the people who love them.  Enjoy!

We do what you do…is a statement I hear all the time. Many round pen, but few understand the intricacies of the language of the horse, how to ask and not tell, how to listen and not speak, how to feel and be felt, how to put an intention behind an action, how to materialize a thought and how to tie it all together so that it becomes a flowing conversation without force, fear, or dominance. This is the art of reading a horse so to be able to impart first impressions, get to know one another, establish a mutually trusting relationship and discover who we have become and why that may be. We all have choices as to who we wish to be in this world and yet many fail the horses in their care. Allow this majestic, sensitive draft horse to share his story today through a non-verbal language at liberty and listen as I interpret his actions for you – a process made to appear easy. Recently returned from a failed adoption, rescued and re-rescued…now it’s time for Stepper to manifest the home of his dreams and this is just the beginning.

Once a gentle, innocent soul, Stepper found himself with a guardian who saw his potential and simply over faced him. Changing a dressage aid into a tool of terror he found himself at the end of the road of life before he was brought home and rescued for a 2nd time. Through patience and a kind assessment, it became clear just how much they had intimidated this gentle giant to the point of self defense. This was all about to change…as he embarked on a course in ROTH.

An initial conversation at liberty established a fundamental trust-based partnership, a mutual understanding and clarity around one another’s body-language nuances (part I). Advancing into ground-driving allowed for a deeper exploration of this rescued soul, providing a solid foundation to base our training program. Each step of the way his voice and needs heard and taken into consideration. Listen to the commentary to gain a greater understanding of the unspoken liaison between horse and handler.

Eye Contact for Clear Communication

It was a few years ago we gentled Sunny (Sol) at the ROTH foal gentling clinic at Ray of Light Farms in Connecticut. She was but a few weeks old and the most shy and smallest of them all – she has grown into herself and put her past behind her (being subject to the PMU industry). Sunny seeks eye contact, she seeks connection and clarity. When it was lost, she learned to tune out. She wants to read her trainer’s eye by tracking her thoughts and create a place of safety. Without it she runs riot in the round pen with it she moved into softness and relaxation! Its these little things that are so big for our horses, without them all goes wrong, with the subtleties it seems so simple when you know how.


Anna Will Be In Georgia For The First TIme!

I am excited to tell you that if you have received this announcement, it is because you have a chance to join me in Georgia for the very first time!  That’s right. If you live in or near, Georgia and you’ve always wanted to see why ROTH is the most unique and effective training program in the world then this is your chance.  No need to travel to Colorado, I’m coming to you!
Quite honestly, I don’t know if this is the beginning of an annual event or if it is the one and only time I visit. So if you want to join us, don’t hesitate. It might be your only chance. 
Plus, let’s be honest, it’s just fun to hear my British accent surrounded by that beautiful Southern drawl. 🙂
All the details are below and space is very limited, especially for the horsemanship weekend.
Hope to see you there.

Connect with All Your Animal Companions


For all animal lovers, pet owners, veterinarians, trainers and anyone else who would like to connect with their animals in a whole new, deeper way!

An Evening of Animal Communication
with International Animal Communicator, Anna Twinney

March 28th, 2014, 6 – 9pm

Pullen Equine Training Center Lakeland, GA

Discover a world you thought only existed in the movies!

Photo by Lauren Munger
Photo by Lauren Munger

Through demonstrations, lectures, and exercises, Anna will introduce you to the amazing world of inter-species, telepathic communication, or “animal communication.” Using your inherit gifts you will begin to uncover your own ability to telepathically connect and communicate with a being of another species. This two-way communication is accomplished through images, feelings, thoughts, emotions, words, and other intuitive senses.

During This Evening Workshop You Will Explore:
• What is Animal Communication
• How do you use it to connect with your Animal
• Tapping into your own intuitive abilities
• Your animals perspective on situations
• The Scientific perspective
• And More…
Animal Communication is not supernatural, but a natural way of communicating with animals and even people!  Animals communicate telepathically with one another all the time, we just need to reawaken those intuitive senses to explore this extraordinary skill.

This is a heart-to-heart connection that everyone can experience if they open up, love, and listen to the animals. You will discover the beauty and harmony of the natural world, and awaken to exactly what is possible, when you understand that all living creatures are intelligent beings, with their own feelings, emotions, thoughts, desires and perceptions of life.

Only $35 if you register by March 1st / $50 at the door.
Join us for an Amazing Introduction to the World of Animal Communication!


2-Days of Trust-Based Horsemanship with Anna Twinney

A Weekend of Trust-Based Horsemanship with World-Renowned Equine Behaviorist and Horsewoman, Anna Twinney

March 29th – 30th, 2014
Pullen Equine Training Center, Lakeland, GA

If you have been searching for a more evolved horsemanship method, if you want to take your skills and your relationship with your horse to a deeper level, then it is time to step into the world of renowned Equine Specialist and Natural Horsemanship clinician Anna Twinney.

In this 2-day workshop you will examine some of the most important elements in creating a trust-based relationship and training program with your horse and getting the results you’ve always wanted but haven’t necessarily been able to achieve.

First you will see just how effective the Round Pen can be in training your horse.  Anna will show you how to use the Round Pen to create the ultimate foundation for a relationship with your horse, introduce the saddle or even solve your most challenging horse related problems.

She will also introduce you to the subtleties of the horse’s communication system and shows you how to use the Round Pen for one of it’s most powerful uses – understanding and assessing your horse’s history, personality, and character.

Anna’s unique method of using not only body language but also energy and inter-species communication will reveal just how communicative your horse really is and how we can use this comprehensive language to create and deepen a true partnership between horse and human.

You will learn how to:
• Talk to your horse through your body language, energy & intention
• Create a 2-way communication system with your horse
• Use your eyes like a pro in the Round Pen
• Understand how horses perceive your actions and the how’s behind the why’s.
• Determine when the Round Pen is not the right tool for the job
• And much, much more…

When combined with the horse’s language, the round pen will open up a whole new world for you and your horse.  You will finally learn how to resolve your round pen issues and gain the leadership with your horse.  Through communication, honesty and mutual respect you will be able to create a lexicon that far exceeds the round pen environment and experience a language that goes beyond body gestures.

Then you will explore important but often overlooked key elements to building trust with your horse.  Say good-bye to frustration, struggle, confusion, misunderstanding, flaring tempers, fear and anxiety for both you and your horse. Instead, welcome to a new way of thinking, a new way of being.

Welcome to a day when your horse greets you at the gate with a rolling nicker, excited to see you, and invites you to ride. Welcome to a place where the two of you converse in the unique, silent language of your equine companion. Welcome to the world of a highly motivated individual; sharing mutual respect, understanding and enjoyment, naturally, and on a regular basis.

Anna will take you through the benefits of the Trust-Based Leadership and Compassionate Communication practice as seen in Volume 6, T.L.C of the Reach Out to Natural Horsemanship DVD Series. Then you will discover how seamlessly the TLC techniques work hand in hand to spook-bust your horse, desensitizing him from some of the most common situation and items.

With just a little TLC, you can set your horse up for success and achieve that connection of grace and ease you’ve always imagined.

Using Anna’s TLC methods you will be able to:
• Understand the importance of intimacy and relaxation exercises and how to use them correctly
• Overcome your horse’s challenging habits and behavior patterns
• Prepare your young horse for his first saddle, bridle and rider
• Desensitize your horse to common situations and tack
• Prepare your horse for doctoring and medical examinations/emergencies
• Earn your horse’s trust and learn how to continue to gain and build his trust
• Develop methods to read your horse’s mood, personality, character, likes & dislikes
• Create a toolbox to foster that perfect connection on a daily basis
• And much more!

Regardless of your equine ability or pursuit, through during these 2 days you will develop tools you can use on all ages and breeds to understand your horse, establish a partnership based on unity and trust and finally enjoy a relationship with your horse that you’ve only dreamed about.

Finally Anna will introduce you to a way of speaking the language of Equus, connecting with your horse and having a whole lot of fun in the process. 

Enter… the obstacle course. 

Anna developed the course over 15 years ago, and since then thousands of her students from all over the world have worked with the Obstacle Course for a myriad of uses.  

You will learn how to apply this safe and effective training approach to solve all sorts of problems and determine your horse’s learning style.  From preparing horses for the trail, engaging school and therapeutic riding horses, spook-busting, through to establishing a communication system with performance horses and honoring the needs of the retirees, Anna will show you how to read the subtleties of your horse’s body language, direct your horse on the ground.

Then, once you’ve established a solid foundation, Anna will show you how to take the ROTH methodologies to the saddle!

These are 2 jam-packed days, full of info to show you how to not only give your horse a voice, but, just as imperative, understand what he is saying.  You will learn how to develop your work on the ground and in the saddle and improve all aspects of your horsemanship.

If you are interested in creating or strengthening that genuine partnership with your horse then you don’t want to miss this weekend. 

The entire weekend is only $300 when you register by March 1st.  
$350 after (that’s if there are any spots still available). 

That’s over 16 hours of cutting-edge horsemanship training!
If you can’t join us as a participant, ask about the Auditor Special – Only $50/day or $75 for the whole weekend.
Only 9 spots available so reserve yours today!

Location and Registration Details

Both events will take place at the Pullen Equine Training Center.
 368 Old River Rd 
Lakeland, GA 31635

Just north of Valdosta, GA- 25 minutes east of I-75/ 45 minutes north of FL/GA state line.

Clothing: layer for cooler evenings and mornings.

The closest airport is the Valdosta airport, 40 minutes from the farm
Or it is a 2 hour drive from Jacksonville or Tallahassee airports.
Rental Cars are available at all airports.

On the farm accommodations (first come/first serve)
There are 3 hook ups w/ water & power for campers @ $25/night
3 beds in farm apt – bunkhouse style- $35/night/person
Other beds/rooms in local house for $35/night- 5 minutes from farm.

Stalls w/ corrals  for horses = $25/night.
Grass Hay- Tift 85 available @ $8/bale.



To sign up or for any questions, contact Cindy Pullen
at or call 678 773-6826 (cell)

2014 Colorado Events!

Hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season and you are gearing up for an exciting and prosperous new year filled with fun, friends and fulfillment.  We sure are and we are, once again, starting the year right here in Colorado, home of amazing wildlife, majestic horses, beautiful vistas, and of course… US!

Once again, we’ve got  lots in store here in Colorado for 2014.  Including our new Dowsing Class and Reiki class taking place in our new home in Elizabeth, CO.

So no matter if it’s horsemanship, animal communication or healing, we’ve got you covered.  But remember, these clinics, workshops and clinics fill up fast!  So don’t delay.

Hope to see you soon,


Reach Out to Horses – Trust… Partnership… Results…


jchc logo

Giving a Voice to the Voiceless – A Lecture at the JCHC

Giving a Voice to the Voiceless: Animal Communication and Horses

February 3rd, 7:30 pm  

The Jefferson County Fairgrounds Golden, CO

For many, communication between horse and human is simple physical cues, or worse, just direction through line and spur.  But true communication is so much more!

Join Anna on February 3rd at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds and find out just how vast and comprehensive the language of the horse is and the role inter-species communication plays in horse to horse, and horse to human communication.  You will also discover how to use this animal communication to create true partnership and clear communication on the ground and in the saddle.

For more information visit


Anna_and_BoysAnimal Communication: Just a Belief Away

February 20th, 2014
6:30 – 9pm

$35 early bird / $50 at the door

Celebration Metaphysical Center, Colorado Springs, CO

  Spend an evening learning how to talk to the your animals… No… Really…

Join International Animal Communicator, Anna Twinney as she introduces you to amazing world of Animal Communication.  Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises, you will explore the amazing world of inter-species, telepathic communication, or “animal communication.” Using your inherit gifts, you will discover how to telepathically connect and communicate with a being of another species. This two-way communication is accomplished not only with words, but with images, feelings, thoughts, emotions and other intuitive senses.

During the Evening We Will Explore:  

•Just what is Animal Communication

•Your innate ability to connect with your Animal Companions

•Understanding your animals perspective on situations  

•Creating a heart-to-heart connection with your Animal 

•And More…

Animal Communication is not supernatural, but a natural way of communicating with animals and even people!  Animals communicate telepathically with one another all the time, we just need to reawaken those intuitive senses to explore this extraordinary skill.
This is a heart-to-heart connection that everyone can experience if they open up, love, and listen to the animals. You will discover the beauty and harmony of the natural world, and awaken to exactly what is possible, when you understand that all living creatures are intelligent beings, with their own feelings, emotions, thoughts, desires and perceptions of life.

Awaken Your Inherit Ability to Talk to Your Animal Companion!

For more information contact ROTH at

Space is Limited So Sign Up Today!


Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, Denver, CO 

Poster 2013

Anna and Reach Out to Horses

Return for our 4th year in a row to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo!

March 7th – 9th, 2014

Denver, CO

Anna is excited to be a featured presenter at this years Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.  Join us as Anna shares some amazing insights for the forth year in a row.  During her live demonstrations and lectures she will cover everything we teach here are Reach Out to Horses and the how’s and the why’s it applies to your horse! From Energy Work, to Animal Communication, to Anna’s Exclusive Gentle, Trust-Based Reach Out to Horses’ Methodologies, Reiki for Horses and more!  You will get a taste of it all.  

And then, after you’ve been thoroughly amazed and inspired, join us at the Reach Out to Horses’ Booth where we’ll have all our courses and merchandise for you to peruse, ask Anna all your burning questions, and discover why ROTH is the most unique and comprehensive horsemanship program in world.

For more information visit


The ROTH Holistic Horse Day – Friends of the Horse, Centennial


ANNAA Day of Holistic Horsemanship

with Anna Twinney.

March 15, 2014

Friends of Horses, Centennial

Discover what makes ROTH the most 

unique and effective program in the world!

Spend the Day Learning the Foundations of the

Reach Out to Horses® Program!

Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises, you will explore the very same techniques that Anna has used, all around the world, to build genuine trust-based partnerships with thousands of horses.

Part I – De-Mystify the Round Pen

Witness the effectiveness of the Round Pen. Experience a language that goes beyond body gestures, and create a lexicon that can be used in and out of the Round Pen.

•Create the ultimate foundation with your horse

•Learn the importance of herd dynamics & behavior

•Develop a 2-way communication system

•Understand how horses perceive your actions

•Determine when the RP is NOT the right tool

Part II – Muscle Testing
Identify what your horse needs to be happy, healthy & whole.

•Explore the body, mind, spirit connection

•Get direct feedback from your body – the body does not lie!

•Test your horse for any supplement, feed or deficiency

•Learn how to address energy blocks

•Discover how your thoughts, limitations & beliefs affect your life

Part III – Animal Communication 
Discover the world of Inter-species Communication & explore a whole new relationship with your horse.

•Experience your ability to connect with another being

•Learn the reasons behind behavioral issues & how to solve them

•Hear the scientific perspective

•Understand your animals perspective on situations

Only $95 for the entire day when you register before March 1st

Take Your Partnership with Your Horse to a Whole New Level

Find Out How to Reserve Your Spot Now!


Photo by Christine Fitzgerald & Chris Pope
Photo by Christine Fitzgerald & Chris Pope

Discovering Dowsing

March 16th, 2014
10am – 4pm

Reach Out Ranch,
 Elizabeth, CO

Uncovering the Answers You Need

for Health, Happiness & Well-Being

Dowsing is an ancient art, used for centuries for everything from the location of water to communication with spirits.  In our modern world, we continue the tradition with this highly effective tool

During this 1-Day Event We Will Explore:

•The basics of Dowsing, what it is, how it works

•The effective use of muscle-testing

•The pendulum as a dowsing tool

•How to create health and well-being through dowsing

•Surrogate Dowsing

•Dowsing and the use of essential oils

•And More…

Anna uses this effective but oft misunderstood tool for a myriad of tasks in her work as an animal communicator and natural horsewoman. It is indispensable to her work which is why she teaches it in both her animal communication and horsemanship courses.

Now you can discover just how powerful it can be in your life.

$95 early bird special / $125 at the door

For more information or to register contact ROTH at

Space is Limited So Sign Up Today!


Reiki I & II & Master Certification Weekend


Learn the Most Popular 
Healing Art in the World!

Reiki I & II Certification Weekend,
March 21st & 22nd, Elizabeth, CO

Reiki, translated from Japanese as “Universal Life Force”, is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternative healing modalities in the world. Already used in clinics, private practices and hospitals around the globe, people are waking up to the amazing benefits that Reiki can provide.

Developed as a healing art in early 20th century Japan, Reiki is a holistic, non-invasive technique that heals on all levels of body, mind and spirit. In addition it can enhance other modalities of healing, both traditional and alternative, alleviate pain and has been proven to reduce stress in both humans and animals. 

With this unique style of energy healing you can:

•Alleviate stress, fears, worry and frustrations

•Assist the body in cleansing different types of toxins

•Help people break unwanted habits or conditions like smoking, overeating and alcoholism

•Work on anything from your pets, house plants and even your computer!

•and more…

During the two-day certification course Anna will conduct a comprehensive exploration into this Universal healing art. You will discover exactly what Reiki is and how to use it to heal yourself and others. 

Topics that will be covered over the 2-day workshop include:

•The History of Reiki

•Level I & II Reiki Attunement Symbols

•The Proper Use of Reiki

•Starting a Reiki Practice

•Body and Energy Scanning

•Chakras:  What they are and how to use them

•Distant Healing

•And More!

And everyone who attends the workshop gets a full Reiki healing session so you can experience the amazing power of Reiki for yourself.

Through Anna’s fun, powerful and nurturing style she will guide you to your full potential and help you discover what you might never even have thought possible! Whether you haven’t worked with Reiki before, feel it’s time to take the next step or you want to take your Reiki practice to the next level, this is the workshop you’ve been waiting for.

Cost:  2012 Prices Still in Effect for Colorado!  

But it’s going up soon so if you’ve wanted to delve into the powerful world of Reiki, now would be the time to do it!

 Reiki I – $175.00

Reiki II – $200.00

Full Weekend -$375.00

Space is limited so reserve your spot today.

To reserve your spot go to or for further information contact Vin at


image026Reiki Master Certification*

March 20th – 22nd, Elizabeth, CO

If you are ready for your own personal journey and to take the leap to the greater world of Reiki.  This is your chance.

For further information contact:  Anna directly at to sign up for an extraordinary
life changing weekend.

*Minimum of Reiki I & II Certification Required.



Energy Healing
for Horsesuk4

March 23rd
10am – 5pm

Zuma’s Rescue Ranch Littleton, CO


One of Energy healing’s most effective uses is in the healing of horses.  Horses, and animals in general, are great clients for energy work because they don’t have any preconceived notions or skepticism that often get in the way of human receptivity.  An animal is simply present to the experience.  If it likes it, it likes it and if it doesn’t it leaves:  Simple as that.  
We have found that most horses love Reiki and other forms of energy work.  They will quite often relax into the healing session, lower their heads, keeping a leg cocked in a relaxed position and even close their eyes as they enjoy the sensation.  Many times you can even hear their stomachs gurgle as the healing energy flows through them, clearing energy blocks as it goes.  And when they have had enough, they will often let you know by “waking up” and sometimes even walking away.
During the workshop you will learn how to:

•Ask for “permission” from your animal companions

•Set up a safe energy healing session

•Scan your horse’s body

•Locate chakras

•Listen to your horse and read his body gestures

•Recognize the duration of sessions

•Liaise with friends & clients

•Share experiences and stories to further enhance your practice

Remember that Reiki and other forms of energy and alternative healing is not intended to be a substitute for Western medicine and a vet should always be notified in cases of illness and concern.  But it is a powerful tool and can assist on many levels of healing.

Join Anna for this very special day as she shows you the most effective way to apply your practice and your skills to the horse.  This is also a great opportunity to review your skills if you are a little rusty or maybe feel like you need a little more instruction.  Improve your skill set, increase your confidence, and heal some horses!

No Prerequisite!  This class is open to everyone who wishes to bring an energy healing practice to the horses and other animals to benefit our fellow planetary companions.

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Cost: $125 for the entire day of training if you register by March 1st / $150 after March 1st

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