Reiki Healing Energy Needed to Support Tender Souls in California

Every so often we get requests for Reiki Practitioners who are skilled at sending distance Reiki to help with healing animals whose stories touch our lives and hearts in some way.

These are three such souls.  If you practice Reiki and have time to send healing support, we would be mighty grateful to you!

Dearest Reiki Angels,
Please send Healing Reiki Energy to these three souls for our friend, Virginia Jablonski (Ginny), of Chino Valley, AZ.  Ginny traveled to California in response to the fires to help support the energetic needs of the animals there.  She provides us with three sweet souls who could use our support:
This is Barry Boy. He has a fractured Patella. He has suffered depression and has tension in his neck due to compensation. He needs to know he is loved.
Barry Boy is located in Valley Center, CA at a rescue.
This is Lucy.  She is 18.5 hand Shire Draft sent to a rescue in Ramona. She gave birth 3 years ago and has not been able to walk properly since. I have done healing, had a massage therapist do free work, and had a DC do a free adjustment for her in the past week. She is lifting her legs better, not dragging her feet and entire pasterns, but needs ongoing support to retrain her pelvis, hips and SI to stay in place.
Lucy is located in Ramona, CA at a sanctuary.


This is Shelby.  She is a rescue dog who has had several traumatic incidents in her life, has low self esteem, and is truly an emotional train wreck. She just wanted me to lie down with her on the floor. There are layers of abuse, memories and emotions that she is carrying.
Shelby is located in Valley Center, CA at a private home. She lives with 6 other rescue dogs.



Thank you to everyone who supports ROTH’s healing circle as a Reiki Angel!  We honor your commitment to bettering the world with your healing love!

A Reiki Request for Our Good Friend’s Mare, Shanti

Dearest Reiki Angels and other Reiki Practitioners,
We are requesting support for Nancy’s mare, Shanti.  Please read below about how her injury unfolded and what her timeline has looked like:
May 18th I fed the horses a pile of hay each – went in the hay tent – was opening another bale -went back out – blood was spurting out of Shanti’s chest – right armpit. I can only deduce that Rose my appy, thinking she didn’t get the best hay that morning chased Shanti – she couldn’t go forward because Starry was there, fence on one side a huge tree stump on the other – been there for 20 years or so. She must have spun and landed on top of the stump –  small 1 inch gash could have cut the small artery – blood spewed out with air bubbles…  I called the vet at 6:30 am  they came out 3 1Ž2 hours later due …   I got the bleeding stopped with compression, ice packs and ace bandage. Vet came – gave antibiotic shots, I followed up with 2 more, he checked her as best as he could – didn’t have the X-ray equipment… I created a 12 x 12 space for her since her right knee or leg was compromised – vet recommended as she couldn’t walk far, didn’t know the extent…

Monday morning – after feeling better seeing softening of inflammation on chest between legs finally after 4 days. Around 11 am – in 10 minutes time my horse moved around enough in a 12 x 12 stall after her buddies were out of sight to ‘suck air into her body’ through the 1 inch gash… She ballooned up – It felt like skin over an air cushion instead of solid muscle – chest, shoulders – withers to elbow, on back – now moved above lumbar area… It crinkles like bubble wrap in some places – air cushion, hollow – in others. 
Shanti had large edemas – chest & belly to her stifle.
5 weeks later – Worse than ever, muscle atrophy on scapula and shoulder area – triceps… Still no weight on leg, Pain displayed. Feels life threatening. 

Nancy Horne
Kalispell, MT

December 2011 Reiki Angels Testimonials

Reiki Angels Dec 2011

Seija Tillanen (Reiki Master)            –           Golden, CO Dec 2011

“I was attuned to Reiki I and II in December 2010 by Anna. She promised a somewhat roller coaster ride with the new energy frequency and she was absolutely right – at the end it is all good though! Over this last year I have done few hands on sessions for humans, several sessions for horses and dogs and I send Reiki energy from distance daily. Reiki helps me to feel closer to my loved ones even cross the ocean and being on the Reiki Angels list has made me really feel I am part of something way bigger than myself only.

Reiki has definitely become part of my everyday life and I was really looking for the Reiki Master attunement, which I received from Anna December 2011. Looking forward to the new phase in my life with an even higher energy frequency!

Overall the days spent with Anna and other participants practicing the Reiki sessions and feeling the power of Reiki energy was great. Thank you Anna!”

Kristen Mecca   –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“What a wonderful day! Anna is a brilliant teacher – knowledgeable kind, patient – I learned so much from her today.  And besides all the beautiful gifts I received form working with the horses, I gained valuable insights into myself.  How special to work with horses at a rescue too.  I feel blessed for having experienced today. Thank you”

Isadora Mielikki               –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“Thank you for opening up this wonderful world of energy healing to me”

Alicia Puckett    –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“I learned many skills that will undoubtedly change my life.  Thank you for these precious teachings.  I will treasure these gifts for years to come”.

Vicki Borrelli                      –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“Great Day working with Anna and a few polar opposites of horses to learn how to approach or re-approach, what the horses will receive, and when they are done…on their time table not mine”.

Christina Stinchcomb     –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“Im very happy I took Reiki I & II again with Anna.  It gave me clarity and confidence – just what I wanted.  Much gratitude!  Looking forward to much more and particularly enjoyed the guided meditations – the gifts received.”

Reiki Thank You

Hi Anna,

Please can I say a huge thank you to yourself and all the reiki angels.

My horse Maestro had his first onset of laminitis 4 weeks ago when I made a reiki request for him and the vet has been amazed at how well he has responded to all treatment. Last week the blacksmith checked his feet and could find no changes he had done 3 weeks of box rest .This week he has started small turnout in the sand school and is now up to 1 hour and has remained sound. Our next move is onto a small grass padock for up to 1 hour a day for the next 2 weeks which we are hoping the grass will not bring on another onset.

Thank you for all the reiki healing and positive energy thank you Anna and the reiki angels
Karen and Maestro