Happy New Year! Our First Diary of the Year!


From Our Herd to Yours:


Another fresh New Year is here; another year to live!  Let us banish worry, doubt and fear, in favor of love, laughter and generosity!  A hundred years from now, it will not matter the sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was, or the car I drove … but the world may be different because I was important in the life of animals and the creatures on this earth …and you can be too!  Enjoy this month’s inspirational newsletter.  Happy New Year from our herd, hounds and hearts to yours.


In The News


Animal communication touches lives like no other … from connecting people to their loved ones, supporting vets and other health practitioners, giving a voice to the voiceless, answering needs and even helping them transition to other side. Or sometimes, bringing them through from the other side to bring them home.  This article was recently published in the UK as horsemanship opens its doors to telepathic communication more and more.  Read all about Bouie’s story, a race-horse, who lost his races and was facing an unusual emergency, until this very communication.

Ask Anna!

Dear Anna,

How can I get started with Animal Communication?
There are many ways, the graphic below makes some suggestions for beginning to connect and communicate with your dog. If you have a cat or another friend, you can certainly adapt the exercises. The important thing is to begin to thoughtfully communicate. Or, if you’re really ready to learn … consider our Animal Communication Mentorship Program.


Anna & the Animals: A Glimpse Into Conversations
“Words failed me today during my consultation with an incredible dog diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. She did not describe herself to be stoic, but instead holding a warrior’s energy. She did not describe it to be fighting, but instead choosing life. Rather than heaviness around this Christmas season, she chooses to focus on health and wellbeing. If we could only bottle this feeling for all to hold on to during such challenges we all would have a feeling of peace and understanding.”
~ Anna 
Learn to talk to the animals at home or live … our NEW mentorship program.
You asked for continued support, to truly delve deeper into your innate gifts, to understand the difference between imagination and a true connection, how to hold a conversation, the ethical standards in the industry and help to embrace animal communication as the REAL DEAL through a down-to-earth mentor.  We listened and are bringing animal communication into your homes…no matter where you are in the world!
Connections Matter
Social media notified an emergency; her trainer recommended he be killed, he was of no use.  She had 3-days only… and I moved into action to save his life asking for time. This vote of confidence alone gave her strength to sanction for him to come home, even before the consultation.  She knew no different and was taking the advice of her trainer, just like the majority of clients do.  Trusting those around them that they know best making life and death decisions and yet here was an innocent soul subjected to abuse at the buggy race track.  It was time to find out the truth and give him the chance he deserved, to be with the person he chose to be with and bring life back to his listless, beaten up body.  They are not commodities to be used and discarded, but instead athletes with futures.

Hi Anna ♥

Thank you for that you care and thanks for indescribable good help. I do not know how I’ll ever thank you enough ♥

Yes, my boy came home yesterday and he was very happy to see me. Now we will use the day to enjoy ourselves together and his mood has risen considerably.

I’ll keep you updated along the way about how things are going with us, and hope to prove to others that the conversation we had saved the life of my horse and that there are other possibilities than just to listen to a coach’s opinion. I can guarantee you that it is slaughtered many horses a week around Scandinavia precisely because of this.

Wishing you a brilliant wonderful evening Anna ♥

Hug from Maserati and Elin ♥, Norway




Where in the World is Anna?


Anna Takes Animal Communication to non-profits on the East Coast: Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam, CT and For the Love of Dogs!

Everyone talks to their dog. Those of us with pets, have had casual “conversations” with our furry, feathered, or even finned friends. It’s human nature to chat. We’ve likely bent Rover’s ear too long over trivial irritations that happened at work or lamenting the tedious commute home. Our pets have long been victims of our mindless self-talk and keepers of our deepest secrets.
But what if you could have a real conversation with your animal companion?  What if you knew what they were really thinking or saying …
Anna returns to For the Love of Dogs every year coaching their staff, volunteers and supporters on the language of energy so they may be able to adjust to each rescue dogs’ needs and improve their approach, beliefs and interactions.  The ladies, many from New York City, suspected these “things” were possible, but had not experienced them personally or been able to put words to their expressions.  For several days Anna introduced them to the power of the pendulum, kinesiology and spoke up by giving a voice to the dogs at the rescue.  Many described their past, the present conditions, their characters, hopes, fears, needs and dreams – allowing for the rescue to pave the way making improvements and ensuring they found the best fit for the dogs, making the adoptions permanent and perfect!  Leading the way through complimentary therapies Anna includes nutritional supplements, therapeutic essential oils and energy healing into her teachings in support of all rescues.
Anna & the Animals: A Glimpse Into Conversations
“Imagine being frightened of the room light being turned on, because of what was about to happen to you. This is the very feeling I got to experience today as I connected to a little innocent soul as he described his adoptive home experience. My beliefs that dogs express their sadness through their actions vanished as I began to cry, releasing his fear and feeling joy that he had been heard and this would never happen to him again. He explained he could not cry tears like humans could … an action we may take for granted. A priceless consultation establishing how to help him forward and find his next home, a home he could describe and choose. A Christmas present like no other from his rescue … and yes, and a request for a bow wrapped bone:)!”
~ Anna
Annual White Stallion Ranch Dream Retreat, Arizona


The exceptional clients from The Animal Communication Dream Retreat share with us their thoughts and reflections after their amazing week at the White Stallion Ranch in November.
“Coming from a scientific background, I am always looking for logic and a validated outcome.  I have recently been curious about, and felt the desire to explore animal communication, but never was drawn to the proper teacher.  Anna “appeared out of the blue” and I knew that she was the one who could relate to me and become my teacher, mentor, and inspiration.  After completing the course, Anna was able to meet all my expectations and infinitely more.  Now I feel that my journey has definitely begun.  I know that it was the animals who sent me to Anna.  Do not miss any opportunity to just be in her presence.  She is so incredibly gifted.  You will learn and grow and begin to realize your potential.  Let your journey begin.”Marcia Lorenz
“I had been looking for answers in connection with Animal Communication and how to move forward.  Although there is a lot of information to be found via the web and in books as well as recommendations from others etc.  But for me I was looking for someone I felt a connection with and that I could follow as being a mentor.  This is exactly what I discovered in Anna and I am so excited that I feel I can now move forward with confidence.  A huge thank you is not enough to express how I really feel when trying to convey that through a few lines on paper.” ~ Lynda Marks



Volunteer Day at  Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary


Reiki Courses at Reach Out Ranch



As you view the image you can feel the energy of love come right towards you – take a moment to feel the LOVE!


Testimonials From This Event

Learn About Reiki






Eye Contact for Clear Communication

It was a few years ago we gentled Sunny (Sol) at the ROTH foal gentling clinic at Ray of Light Farms in Connecticut. She was but a few weeks old and the most shy and smallest of them all – she has grown into herself and put her past behind her (being subject to the PMU industry). Sunny seeks eye contact, she seeks connection and clarity. When it was lost, she learned to tune out. She wants to read her trainer’s eye by tracking her thoughts and create a place of safety. Without it she runs riot in the round pen with it she moved into softness and relaxation! Its these little things that are so big for our horses, without them all goes wrong, with the subtleties it seems so simple when you know how.


The Foals Naming Ceremony

ROTHS Foal Gentling clinic, Ray of Light, CT – Naming Ceremony by Barbra Richards


I hope this warms your heart as much as it warmed mine.


I sensed a weariness from the handlers as they had just put in a 12-hour day for which most of it I had the privilege of observing. There was also skepticism sensed and questioning looks as the ceremony started, but Janet Kraft’s beautiful opening piece played on her harp provided a centering space for everyone present and it drew me closer to my connection with Spirit.


The first amazing part was when my mind wandered into the spectator’s reactions, I found I actually had the presence of mind to pull back into my Center and focus on speaking to the horses. That’s when the magic began!


After the third Foal was officially named, I noticed a more accepting reaction from the spectators and by the fifth Foal, chills were spreading across my body. To my surprise, before I even reached out to everyone for a repeat of a name, their voices were strong and forthcoming and they were sitting in front of me with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes.


The eighth and last horse was my favorite as I had gone out to Ray of Light Farm again after our visit and Bonnie told me the foals had arrived but not to get too close. So, up the hill I went and saw them all huddled together eating and drinking. Believe it or not, a white Foal poked its head out of the barn and proceeded to come right up to me at the fence, not blinking, steady stare all the way. It reminded me of my first encounter of the white horse I shared with you previously. I had my daughter standing next to me and she couldn’t believe it either.


When I went up to this white horse in the ceremony, I said, “Charm. This is Charm.” She again came right up close and I leaned in and looked into her eyes. I saw and felt her Spirit and mine become One.


There was a vague, non-distracting mind picture of Anna Twinney from Reach Out to Horses running up in front of me kneeling on the ground and snapping pictures, but what once would have been a complete focus breaker became an invitation of, yes, if you can capture this moment, please do.


Frank Weller from Equine Animal Rescue Sanctuary was capturing everything on video and was grinning from ear to ear when I walked back to the spectators to share my next step of talking to the horses as a group. Again, to my surprise, I was greeted with an unexpected burst of applause.


I turned then to address the Foals for the last time. I could tell they were genuinely affected as they stood peacefully and attentively as Janet played her harp and sang her last beautiful melody. As I slowly walked through the center of their stalls, I thought I died and went to Heaven. The energy in that barn was palpable.


There you have it, my first Naming Ceremony, a memory I will forever cherish.


It’s rather ironic. I gave myself to the Foals and they in turn have given me back my voice.


Love and Light,

Barbra Richards, Paws, Prayers ‘n People



Australian Shepherd Dog motivates deaf PMU horse during colt starting

Petey, a 2 1/4 yrs old former PMU foal, saved from the Canadian slaughter house is featured in Anna Twinney’s 4-part “Foals in Training” DVD. 20 months later he returns to participate in the ROTH Holistic Horsemanship course at Ray of Light Farms in Connecticut to experience his first saddle in order to advance his training, build muscle & increase motivation & connection to all life. Petie, diagnosed as deaf, lives in a silent world, comfortable around humans. The silent ROTH methodologies communicate with him in a language he understands and yet the key to success is to reach the horses where they are…what motivational secret does Anna come up with to help her students’ success this time? Unconventional, but highly effective!

From Feral Foals to Foals in Training ROTH’s Daily Video Diary ~ Days 4 & 5

Day 4:
Anna Twinney of Reach out to horses brings her unique methodologies to gentle 8 slaughter bound Canadian foals and 2 former nurse foals. Within just 3 days, and only a few hours you witness the progress each student & foal makes. Through understanding herd behavior, dynamics and the whisper Anna is able to translate the nuances thereby teaching others to capture the thought of the foals. Personalities begin to show themselves. Recognizing the tries, the whisper and the individual learning styles is key to gentling untouched foals. Its here you learn to meet the horses where they are through resistance free, kind & gentle ways.

Day 5:
Anna Twinney of Reach Out to Horses presents a unique and exclusive foal gentling class to 10 rescue foals saved from slaughter houses. With her unique approach of combining traditional horse whispering with energy and animal communication she shares the 4th day of a 6-day program with you in her daily diary. From feral foals to foals in training its time for you to open your heart and let these foals touch you as they have us.

ROTH Rescues Foals from Slaughter

Anna Twinney of Reach Out to Horses has teamed up with Frank Weller of Equine Angels, Connecticut, Karen Pomroy of Equine Voices, Arizona and Ray of Light Farms, Connecticut to save 15 foals from the Canadian slaughter houses. A beautiful evening arranged at Strings Restaurant, courtesy of Tammy Cunningham and her husband was arranged with proceeds donated to the foals. Guests of honor: Susan Williams (photographer & artist), Joyce Leake (animal communicator), Tracy Vroom (cranial sacral healer), Carol Komitor (Healing Touch for animals) and Melisa Pearce (Touched by a horse – absent) all joined us to celebrate the lives of these foals. Now you too can help – donate by visiting http://www.reachouttohorses.com

Foal Simple Solutions: A Day of Donations Fundraising Event

The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna Twinney
photos by Dana Uzwiak

 Dec. 4th, 2011

10am – 4pm   


Ray of Light Farm
East Haddam, CT


100% of the proceeds go to the rescue effort.


Only $30 when you register before
Nov. 28th ($40 at the door).

After a week of Foal Gentling bring your foal and all your questions and let Anna fix those pesky issues.

Working with a young foal can be very rewarding.  But let’s face it, it can also be concerning at times, and a small mistake in training could result in a lifetime of issues.  So if you are struggling with your young horse, would like to begin working with them but don’t know where to begin or want to get your burning problems or questions answered now is the time!

The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna Twinney

Anna will be devoting an entire day to working with your foal, fixing issues and deepening that trust-based relationship between you and your horse.  She will demonstrate the very methods she uses to train all her foals and begin the creating of a true relationship between horse and human.

And if that’s not enough, 100% of all the proceeds of the day’s event will go towards the rescue of the foals from the Canadian Feedlots.  The very same foals who participated in the Week of Foal Gentling.  So not only are you solving your own issues but you are literally saving lives.

A win-win-win for everyone!

So if you have recently adopted or rescued a foal bring him or her to Ray of Light Farm and join us.  If you don’t have a foal then bring your questions and your curiosity and join us.  Either way, spend the day with us and discover just what makes the Reach Out to Horses’ methodologies unique and how they can help you solve your most frustrating issues and create that trust-based relationship you’ve always wanted to have.


Cost:  Only $30 when you register before Nov. 28th / $40 at the door.


For more information or to reserve your spot

contact Ray of Light at info@rayoflightfarm.com .