Who Rescued Who?

Ranger at Colt Starting 2013
Ranger at Colt Starting 2013

lemay romeoThere are many reasons that people come to ROTH; the search for a greater connection, to be a more effective horseman, to help more at their rescue, to learn the finer points of training/gentling, and the list goes on. The outcomes of coming are just as endless and sometimes they corrilate with the goal and sometimes they surprise the attendant.

Every so often, a bond is formed with a horse in the clinic and the person that is allocated that horse. As if by destiny two souls meet and it is just meant to be. And from that point forward it is clear that the horse has found their home.

In the coming months we wish to bring to some of these stories, straight from the “horse handlers’ mouth.”

In this first story we share with you the story of Ranger, Romeo, and Charm who all started their training at The Comprehensive Week of Foal Gentling and they also were started under saddle at The Colt Starting Clinic. The now live in their forever home with a family, Barbara, Jennifer, Brian and Paul Lemay, that loves and appreciates them. Make sure to enjoy a YouTube videos of their final day of gentling below!

Who Rescued Who?

By: Brian Lemay

Within the last four years our family has rescued three Premarin foals with the help of Reach Out to Horses, Ray of Light Farm, and Equine Angels.  In 2010 we found out about rescue missions that bring untouched foals from Canada into the United States; we felt the need to go see the foals.  Instantly we knew Ranger and Romeo would soon become part of our family.  From this experience we met great people and it allowed us to have the opportunity to welcome Charm to our farm in April of 2012.  Having had horses throughout the years it seemed fitting to, what we thought would be, rescuing these young, untouched, horses.  To our surprise it is, Romeo, Ranger, and Charm that have given our family the gift.

Now, given that we have had horses for most of our lives, we presumed our new additions would follow suit to the plethora that came before them.  What we didn’t realize is that this would be completely different and our style of horsemanship would evolve into something, which at the time was completely foreign, but today is second nature.  The reason for this change in horsemanship came from meeting Anna Twinney.  Anna’s thought process in horsemanship has rubbed off on each member of our family differently; however, her consideration and pride in the animals has touched each of us.

Paul has been around horses the longest, since his Grandfather and Father both had horses during his childhood through adulthood.  Growing up, he remembers agreeing and disagreeing with certain philosophies of his Grandfathers horsemanship.  He vowed at that age to always remember the good and change the not so good.  Originally, very doubtful, Paul grew to not only agree with natural horsemanship but to use it in further training Ranger, Romeo, and Charm.  He often says, “Adopting those three horses are the best thing I have ever done.”

Barbara, originally from, New York City never grew up with horses.  Although she does not take part in the care or training, rescuing these horses has changed her outlook as well.  Due to a recent medical procedure, doctors offered her the drug Premarin.  Her response was shocking to them, “My family has rescued three horses that would not have had the chance to live because of that drug… it is against my moral code to take it.”  This was her way of making an impact for the medical industry along with natural horsemanship.

Growing up Jennifer had the responsibility of learning how to take care of the horses daily when Paul was away on business.  But as most teenagers do she found other interests as she got older.  From day one Jennifer has been part of the adoption and training of these horses.  It has rejuvenated her love for them and as she says, “My boy Romeo looks like a majestic creature from a fairytale.”

While in college, Brian was the first to hear of these rescue missions and instantly thought it was a calling to do something to help.  He called his parents, Paul and Barbara and his sister, Jennifer, to inform them of the foals.  Brian came home the next weekend to go see them with his family.  Paul and Brian have taken special care to go through a training regimen that has grown into, taking what Anna accomplished at her Foal Gentling and Colt Starting clinics and continued to develop each horse.

To say that we have rescued Ranger, Romeo, and Charm would not be giving them enough credit.  They have made our family laugh, cry, and feel the pride that we did something special.  So I ask you, who rescued who?

Ranger at Colt Starting 2013
Ranger at Colt Starting 2013
Romeo at Colt Starting 2013
Romeo at Colt Starting 2013
Charm (Left) being ponied by Cutter (Right) and Paul
Charm (Left) being ponied by Cutter (Right) and Paul

In 2009 Anna visited Ray of Light Farms in East Haddam, CT to help gentle a batch of Premurin foals resulting in the Foals In Training DVD set. This comprehensive set of DVDs brings each aspect of truly natural horsemanship to a pace that young and untouched can understand. Which helps to make it a pleasent and easy instructional to follow.

Come see what ROTH has to offer and who knows…maybe your herd will grow!


“An Indian friend of mine that lives life the old way, once told me that every one should own a horse.  I asked why and he said that things just come to you when you do.  I, the cultured white man thought he was speaking of material things, good fortune.  I see today as I fly home far above the clouds from the HHC that the fortune that comes to you are the riches that come to you when your heart is open.  That is the gifts that the horses will give you.  I have owned horses most of my life but our communication was pretty much one way.  I thank Anna and her team for showing us that the riches that will be found through these methods.  It is beyond natural horsemanship, it is truly Holistic Horsemanship.”
– Adam Edwards, CO

“It was cloudy before but now it’s all clear”
– Camilla Ersson, Sweden

“What a profound experience of self-knowledge and skill development in the language of the horse”
– Dana Stuart-Bullock, NY

“It’s amazing how much one person can learn and grow in only 10 days”
– Dana Uzwiak, CT

“Can’t wait to start my field studies and come back next year!”
– Danielle Barry, NJ

“This course has been a great answer to what happens when I, ‘just do it.’ Right now I could be wondering, ‘what if’, and wallowing in regret. Instead I am having an internal celebration.”
– Dawn Lesinski, CT

“It is so deep to feel the team when I was working in the round pen, and also in the classroom.  It feels we care so much with each other.  I am so happy with this course!  Thank You”
– Liv Hektoen, Sweden

“If you think you know nothing or all, this is the course to change your mind.”
– Sonke Dose, Canada

“This course has seriously changed my life.  I found my life goal and I have a plan to put to it.  Anna has shown me (and so many others) important lessons in life regarding horses and people.  She found an amazing way to help the horses teach us.  She finds a way to match up the people to the horse with the correct lesson to learn.  The way she reads horses is amazing.  It is a passion like no other.  She has an amazing way of reading people just as well.  This course was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life!”
– Tanya King, CT

“This last session in this morning was so fine.  To share all this with each other; we are a good team.”
– Yrsa Paulin, Sweden