URGENT: Proposal to 86 adoption program means DEATH in the GAS CHAMBER!!!


Hi Everyone,

As you know, the SPCA rescues hundreds of puppies and family dogs slated for euthanasia in southern shelters each year.  One of the largest shelters we work with is Gaston County Animal Control in Gastonia, NC. This shelter has an 85% kill rate and still euthanizes via the gas chamber, a barbaric practice that is illegal in most states. To make matters worse, in order to meet budget cuts the Gaston director is now proposing to do away with the adoptions program in its entirety which means even more animals will be killed. Please email the commissioners listed below and tell them that sacrificing more lives is not an acceptable way to fill a budget deficit. North Carolina residents, your voices are especially needed!

I don’t often send these around but this is too important. The SPCA has pulled almost 500 dogs and puppies from this shelter in the past year and united them with loving families in our area. Please forward to all likeminded friends and family.



Shannon Laukhuf

Executive Director

SPCA of Westchester

590 North State Road

Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

(914) 941-2896 ext. 12

(914) 762-8312 FAX


Function: Public Safety Department: Animal Control
Tentative FY 11 Budget: $1,616,366 County Dollars: 55.3% FY 10 Highlights:
• Operating increase for maintenance and equipment for facility in order to comply with State guidelines
• Financing of 1 Animal Control Truck
• Calls per Officer in FY 09 were at 2,448, up 20.5% from 2,032 in FY 06
• The number of animal control calls is projected for FY 10 to be 27,737, an increase from 25,822 in FY 08 (7.42%)
Animal Control’s reduction of 1% under the FY 10 Adopted Budget equates to a reduction of $6,400. For this reduction to be absorbed, Animal Control proposes:
• Eliminating the Adoption Program – $2,714
• Relying more on Carbon Monoxide – $3,925

Gaston County Commission

Board of Commissioners


E-Mail:    KINGSPINNACLE@aol.com

Crowders Mountain Township
Term Ends 12/2012



Cherryville Township
Term Ends 12/2012



Gastonia Township
Term Ends 12/2010


Email: donnieloftis@bellsouth.net

Gastonia Township
Term Ends 12/2012



Dallas Township
Term Ends 12/2010



South Point Township
Term Ends 12/2012



Riverbend Township
Term Ends 12/2010


Ginger’s Miracle

Ginger made it safely to Denver last night and is on her way to Carbondale to find her forever home.  She is a sweetheart!  Thanks for stepping up and offering your help!

Love,  Julie

Ginger Needs Your Help!

This is Ginger.  She is about 2-3 years old.  I am trying to help her get into a rescue before she is euthanized.



Ginger has been fostered by a wonderful woman but she will still need a home so if you are her miracle or if you come across anyone who may be interested in adopting her.  She will in Carbondale.

Contact them through www.arf-colorado.com or call 970-250-1351.


She was brought to the Joplin, MO Humane Society a couple months ago.  For anyone familiar with this humane society there are some great ladies who run Golden paw pet resort near the shelter.  They let the shelter bring over any dogs to hold when they have possible rescue commitments or are pregnant and in danger of being euthanized because of space – no charge.

She was brought to Golden paw because she was about to have her babies.  All her babies died.  In the next month after that, 2 other mammas had litters and each had such large litters that Ginger helped nurse and take care of the babies from both litters.  The girls at golden paw have been hiding Ginger by marking her kennal card “adopted, will be picked up next week” so that when the shelter comes to pick up dogs and move them back to the shelter she doesn’t get taken.

Today the shelter manager was let go and instructions were given at the shelter for the shelter to be cleared out,

dogs are to be gassed.

Ginger Needs Your Help!

Victoria who works at Golden paws has been so good at helping me get dogs out, driving them to KC for rescue and holding them for me that she is just sick that Ginger is going to be taken back to the shelter and put down.  She is such a sweet, happy girl.  Can you send this out to any of your groups that would help with her?

I doubt she is spayed yet but I will get that done if she gets a good home or rescue.  She is up to date on her vaccs and bordatella.  There are both men and women working at golden paws and she just wants everyone to pet her.  She is not particular about who.  A lot of the babies born at this shelter dont make it.  They are exposed to so many things and just are to little to survive.  That would be great if someone would post her at Camp Bow Wow or even on petfinder.  Myself and/or Victoria at golden paws would be contact for her.  I would rather not post her on craigslist as that scares me.  Thanks for any help with her.  She really is a very sweet girl.  Her problem at the shelter is that she is “just a brown mix dog”.  Usually one of the first to be put down as this shelter gets a lot of purebreds.

If you have any information or you think you are Ginger’s Miracle please contact me at:  sandihughey@hotmail.com.