Update on Lola ~ Premarin Foal gentled by Anna

Hi Anna 🙂  I am a friend of Brooke Baxter’s and my little filly, Lola, is  premarin foal who you gentled.  Actually, Lola is now on the back cover of your foal training DVD!  I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks…for providing our angel with a ray of light and a place to hope.  I believe she actually told

Lola, Boude and Red

you she had found a home before coming to us.  She most certainly started coming to me in dreams and even told me what state she was residing in during a meditation 🙂  In the end, she traveled half across the US, and that was after already traveling to the east coast from Cananda, to find her place called home, with us.  We are blessed, each and every day, by her grace, beauty, and wisdom.  Thank you again.

With love and many blessings for and with the animals,

Beth Sabor

A Natural Path to Wellness for Animals and their Human Companions
www.holisticessence.com ~

PS:  I attached a more recent picture so you can see how she is growing up 🙂  The big guy is my 4 yr old belgian from a local rollover trailer accident, Boude and our wise old man, Red, is a 37 year old TW.


Photo Gallery of the Mares & Foals from ROTH’s Foal Rescue 2011

We are in the process of rescuing 12 Foals, all remaining horses, and shutting down a former P.M.U. breeding farm in Canada.

To make a donation to our 2011 Canadian Foal Rescue, simply click HERE. For more information on how you can help in other ways, through sponsorship, adoption, fostering or more contact us at info@reachouttohorses.com.

To find out more about the effort to save these foals please click here.

Introducing….the 4-Part DVD….Success Foals In Training

May I introduce to you the PMU foals gentled during my week at Ray of Light Farms. A documentary film crew journeyed with us and we now present the 4-part DVD set. This DVD is unique, truly one of its kind and brings light to the Premarin Industry. Its a must for any PMU, foal or untouched horse guardian. Please support us by viewing this clip in prep for our March launch!

These horses are the “disposable by-productions from the production of Premarin – hormone replacement therapy to ease symptoms of menopause made from pregnant mares urine. Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary works directly with the farmers to avoid traumatic auction sales to killer buyers.

Horse whisperer gentles PMU weanlings – foals in training, CT

Nearly 6,000 foals leave Canada each year as a bi-product of the hormone replacement therapy drug, Premarin. As their mother’s urine is collected on the pee-line, the foal’s destiny is even less bright, unless saved. Equine Angels & Ray of Light Farms, CT celebrate the arrival of 10 weanlings, while Anna Twinney of Reach Out to Horses arranges the FIRST foal gentling clinic of this kind. Follow the foal’s first week in training.

These foals have come a long way since their arrival at the farm in late October. Anna Twinney has guided students to successfully gentle the foals who previously had little to no human interactions. Now the foals are learning to accept being approached, touched, groomed, haltered, led, have feet picked up and picked out, among other things; and are learning that working with people can be a positive experience.  http://www.rayoflightfarm.org/Premarins_2010.htm

It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

Trailering Techniques using food as reward!!!


There is an art to understanding the language of Equus, especially when it comes to trailer loading. Are you shutting your horse down? Are you using too much pressure? Are you only using negative reinforcement? Let Ima, a PMU mare from Ray of Light Farms, share her story with you through her body language. Watch the effects of positive reinforcement & where food can be used as rewar


The horse is a holy creature
sent to this earth to remind us of the Divine
He is uniquely connected to us.
He is our benevolent companion
and our guide
to the beingness we have forgotten.

His four strong legs carry us when we are weak
from the burdens of life.
His beauty inspires us
when our eyes are weary from crying.
His spirit uplifts us when our hearts lie dormant.

Let us not forget. Let us not abandon him
or any of his kind.
Let us not relegate him to a beast of burden
but acknowledge his unselfish gifts.

Let us always care for him
as long as his legs touch the earth and beyond.

He is our reminder of what grace is
He is our return to grace.

Only by awakening to the true awareness of the horse
can we ever expect to understand him.
He speaks to us in the language of the heart, not the mind.
His true self is only given to those who seek to comprehend.

Only those who ask
rather than demand
will receive his undying loyalty and generosity of spirit.

to the message of the horse . . .

by Kim Royal

safe travels my friend, Frank

Desensitizing Firsts with PMU’s

Equine Angels PMU youngsters have found heaven on Earth at Centerline Stables in Ossining, NY. During her trip Anna is actively involved with their program & provides tips for progress & success. From first touches, fourth rides, through to trail courses – pride fills the day.