The Journey of a Lifetime…Anna Twinney

Anna met with Sandy Corrigan of The Corrigan Group to bring her story and her message to the Highlands Ranch/Lone Tree Advice Givers Group Podcast.

Follow the Link below to the page where you can access the Podcast and hear the Truth about horses, the lessons they have to share with us, and how they can transform a life across continents and around the globe.

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Reaching out with Anna Twinney is Back!!

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute
Nancy Zidonis & Amy Snow

Listen to The Founders of the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute Nancy Zidonis & Amy Snow

Join us December 3rd and 10th, 2010 for this 2-part conversation as Nancy and Amy discuss the benefits of acupressure for both you and your animal companions. They share their vast decades of experience, some crucial pressure points that can help you right now and the comprehensive training program they have developed at the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. All this and lots more as Anna welcomes them to the Reaching Out with Anna Twinney Podcast for the first time. Don’t miss this info-packed show!

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May Is Melisa Month with Melisa Pearce on the Reaching Out with Anna Twinney Podcast

Melisa Pearce – Founder of Touched By a Horse and the Creator of the Whisper’s from a Horse’s Heart Inspirational Card Deck.

In  this 4-part conversation Melisa shares how she began and how she developed and created the life she’s always dreamed of.  She talks about how even the seemingly unrelated experiences and training added to her success and how she overcame the fears, doubts and obstacles that stop most people from success.  She also discusses the value of misfortune and discomfort and how to move through them.

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Madeleine Pickens is our first guest of the decade on the Reaching Out with Anna Twinney Podcast

Madeleine Pickens – Animal Rights Advocate & Philanthropist.

Reaching Out with Anna Twinney starts the year off with a bang!  Anna and Vin sat down with Madeleine Pickens to discuss her mission to save the American Wild Horse from Greed, Corruption and, ultimately, extinction. Madeleine shared the trials and tribulations of putting together a project of this magnitude, working with the BLM and the Federal Government, and what you can do to help save these majestic symbols of the American West.

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Success from a Podcast? And An Update on the Onaqui Herd BLM Round Up


Something that is very odd has happened with Comanche my PMU since I listened to that podcast.  Comanche’s willingness is increasing.  He  lifts his feet off the ground for me to pick up.  Before, he would shift himself to take the weight off that leg, and cock  his rear legs so I could pick them up. But now, he actually lifts them a little off the ground for me. Almost like he is handing them to me. I have asked several people about this. Do you think my mere knowledge of what happened to him could make that change, or do you think it just a coincidence?

This coming week he is going to be my model during  a “Meet the Artist” event that I am doing for the local CC. This will be Comanche’s début event.  It should be fun.


I also wanted to update you on the herd that was the subject of my “Among the Mustangs” series.  The BLM has rounded about 200 of them up and they are in holding pens.  I am trying to find some one that is in the Salt Lake City area that can help keep track of their status.  It has been heart breaking to work on these paintings knowing they are no longer free.

Gene Praag’s update on the Onaqui herd:

Praise for Reaching Out with Anna Twinney


I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your web site. It has been a great place to listen to inspiring and useful information from so many folks. Just as I have listened to Leslie Desmonds audio book several times, I know I will return to the interviews you have produced again and again.


Thank you for all you make available,

Karen McLain
Original Paintings

Praise for Reaching Out with Anna Twinney

Dear Anna

I have had a lovely morning being totally distracted from my planned time for work etc. by listening and reading on your website. I am a Bowen Practioner in Edinburgh with a horse in Perthshire. So, I was very interested to listen to your interviews with Beth Darrall. I had no idea you were from England either. How inspired I felt, reading your life history with horses and where you are now and the amazing amount of information on your website. Thank you very much to youself and Vin for all the work you do. It’s great to have this networking as I feel remote with the horse work I am doing on my own in Crieff, Perthshire.

With very best wishes to you..

Helen Martin