It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

Trailering Techniques using food as reward!!!


There is an art to understanding the language of Equus, especially when it comes to trailer loading. Are you shutting your horse down? Are you using too much pressure? Are you only using negative reinforcement? Let Ima, a PMU mare from Ray of Light Farms, share her story with you through her body language. Watch the effects of positive reinforcement & where food can be used as rewar


The horse is a holy creature
sent to this earth to remind us of the Divine
He is uniquely connected to us.
He is our benevolent companion
and our guide
to the beingness we have forgotten.

His four strong legs carry us when we are weak
from the burdens of life.
His beauty inspires us
when our eyes are weary from crying.
His spirit uplifts us when our hearts lie dormant.

Let us not forget. Let us not abandon him
or any of his kind.
Let us not relegate him to a beast of burden
but acknowledge his unselfish gifts.

Let us always care for him
as long as his legs touch the earth and beyond.

He is our reminder of what grace is
He is our return to grace.

Only by awakening to the true awareness of the horse
can we ever expect to understand him.
He speaks to us in the language of the heart, not the mind.
His true self is only given to those who seek to comprehend.

Only those who ask
rather than demand
will receive his undying loyalty and generosity of spirit.

to the message of the horse . . .

by Kim Royal

safe travels my friend, Frank

Bolting Belgian gets Bomb Proofed

“CAUTION….I’m outta here”


“SEE I told you it was no big deal”

Thank you to Liza Margulies for this photo documentary.

Liza Wallis Photography

Confident Barebacking and Tackling Obstacles

A day in the life of a horse whisperer! Anna receives her schedule for the day and begins the adventure. Starting with gentling an untouched PMU yearling, enhancing connection & communication through bareback riding, unlocking confidence for a little girl, advising for Abi’s 5th ride & creating a situations for Henk to overcome his fears of stimulus from behind, intermingled with animal communication. A fulfilling day in the life of a horse whisperer!

Desensitizing Firsts with PMU’s

Equine Angels PMU youngsters have found heaven on Earth at Centerline Stables in Ossining, NY. During her trip Anna is actively involved with their program & provides tips for progress & success. From first touches, fourth rides, through to trail courses – pride fills the day.



The Current Situation for PMU Horses

We are often asked if Premarin is still being used. The answer is yes, doctors are still prescribing Premarin. In fact, two different women told me last week that their doctor had proscribed Premarin Cream for them.
It’s use has been dramatically reduced in recent years, causing the number of barns producing PMU to be reduced.
1999 – 400 barns
2003 – 280 barns
2008 – 60 barns
39 more let go May 2010,
leaving only 20 in operation.
There are many different options available for hormone replacement therapy. Bio-identical, and synthetic hormones do not use Pregnant Mares Urine. Be sure to ask your doctor about alternatives if he/she recommends a product made from pregnant mares urine.

This entry from the Animali Farm Newsletter for June 2010


Dedicated to finding loving homes for horses coming out of the PMU Industry.

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Deja is coming to your house?

Deja the PMU mare

This is the beautiful Deja.  She is a 20-month old jet black Premarin filly with an angelic disposition and soul-searching eyes.  Deja has had the best of care since arriving on the East Coast as a weanling and after a successful and happy foster experience and professional handling/training, she is ready for her forever home.  Deja is a draft cross and will be a big but elegant girl suited to many riding pursuits and most of all, eager for love and companionship.

Deja is currently in the NY/CT area but has the opportunity to “hitch a ride” to the midwest next week when one of her fellow PMU fillies goes to her forever home in northern IL.  Deja’s foster family will be moving due to a job change and therefore can no longer foster her.

Please consider letting Deja into your heart and home.

Deja the PMU Mare

For more information about Deja and other available PMU foals, please feel free to contact me, or Frank Weller, founder of E.A.R.S. at

With Light,
For the Animals,
Brooke Baxter
Four Legs & A Soul