Teagan’s Typhoon

My last engagement for 2012 a speech at Shepherd Valley Waldorf School for the 6th & 7th graders on horse whispering and the PMU foals.  Teagan initiated a class fund-raiser to save a foal – who we named Teagan’s Typhoon and his progress can be seen on the Youtube clips foal’s daily diary.

Introducing….the 4-Part DVD….Success Foals In Training

May I introduce to you the PMU foals gentled during my week at Ray of Light Farms. A documentary film crew journeyed with us and we now present the 4-part DVD set. This DVD is unique, truly one of its kind and brings light to the Premarin Industry. Its a must for any PMU, foal or untouched horse guardian. Please support us by viewing this clip in prep for our March launch!

These horses are the “disposable by-productions from the production of Premarin – hormone replacement therapy to ease symptoms of menopause made from pregnant mares urine. Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary works directly with the farmers to avoid traumatic auction sales to killer buyers.

Reach Out to Foals, Ray of Light PMU Foal Handling

Anna, I just watched the videos of the last days of the foal handling course. The stories of each foals journey, as well as the students, touched my heart deeply as I smiled through happy tears. Thanks again for doing this incredible work and for your compassionate heart. It was so good to see Paul with his two new friends. He is so happy. He and the foals are very lucky to have one another.



From feral foals to foals in training, Anna shares her Reach Out to Horses methods with students from around the Globe as they gentle untouched foals rescued from the Canadian Slaughter houses. As a bi-product of the drug Premarin, these weanlings have found Sanctuary at Ray of Light Farms. Embarking on their week’s training, you can witness their progress. Haltered, saddle blankets (in prep for blanketing), picking up feet & their first steps….for those interested in learning more, the new 4-part DVD Foals in Training is scheduled to be launched January 2011.

Meet 5 very special PMU foals as they graduate from the Reach Out to Horses foals in training course at Ray of Light Farms, Connecticut. Just 6 days ago they were untouched youngsters uncertain if their first touch would represent their first experience to human exposure; where their numbers were shaved on their side and coggins taken without their permission. Now they willingly approach, accept touch, halters, blankets, having their feet cleaned & being lead around obstacle courses.

Anna created a rare opportunity for her students to gentle 5-month old PMU foals, destined for slaughter in Canada, they found their way to Ray of Light Farms. Within just 6 days, Anna was able to share her unique natural horsemanship methods with those sharing her passion. Now these foals are on their way to a brighter future and you can witness their graduation day. With tears in their eyes the students present “their” foals for you to share in the magical moments. The transformation is described as a miracle, please spread the word of compassionate communication.




November 15th – 20th, 2010
Ray of Light Farm, East Haddam, CT

(Applies towards ROTH Holistic Horsemanship Course Graduates
becoming ROTH Trainers Continuing Education)

Gentling foals can be some of the most important and rewarding work you will ever do. Working with PMU foals, knowing that you have helped save them from Canada’s feedlot and given them a new chance for a full and happy life, is more rewarding than you can even imagine.

Last year Frank Weller and the Equine Angels saved 7 foals from certain death, 5 of which were filmed during a week long ROTH training program.  The 4-part DVD set, Foals in Training, scheduled to be launched in only a few short months, depicts the lives of the foals from their arrival in trailers through to their first touch, their first halter, their first step.  This unique, comprehensive tool gives you the opportunity to travel down the road as we gentle these beautiful souls.

We want our foals to feel safe, and their experiences with humans to be positive, memorable ones.  These first important lessons stay with them for the rest of their lives and so the training must be done right.  Acknowleding the “whisper” is crucial, recognizing the “try” is an art.

And now it’s your turn to join Anna for a week of fun, friends and foals.

You will have the chance to understand, first-hand, the power of compassionate leadership and positive reinforcement while creating the clarity in boundaries and balance.

Learn the same uniquely designed and tested program
Anna herself uses to start foals for basic handling!

Spend 6 fun-filled, info-packed days learning the Reach Out to Horses methods and work with a new group of PMU foals, starting these young lives on the path towards a gentle, trust-based partnership with humans.

Under Anna’s tutelage you will work directly with the foals, and learn how to teach them:

  • Halter training – acceptance of halter, leading
  • Tying (if appropriate)
  • Loading
  • Picking up feet
  • Grooming
  • Worming
  • Vaccinations
  • Blanketing
  • Navigating an obstacle course
  • Desensitization techniques to plastic bags and other objects
  • and more…

By introducing these elements of Basic Handling to your foal at the age of weaning, you will be preparing them for the best start possible.  Your foal has a memory for life, let these first memories be good ones.

And as a bonus you will join Anna at Ray of Light Farm in picturesque East Haddam, CT – the same location at which Anna filmed the Foals in Training DVD Set.  This is an ideal facility to learn these life-changing techniques.

Space is extremely limited, only 2 spots left!

Participation is on a first come first serve basis so sign up today!

Total Cost: Only $1200.00 for the entire 6 days of training.

For more information or to reserve your spot contact Anna at info@reachouttohorses.com

For information about lodging in East Haddam please contact Bonnie Buongiorne at bbuon@att.net.