The Journey of a Lifetime…Anna Twinney

Anna met with Sandy Corrigan of The Corrigan Group to bring her story and her message to the Highlands Ranch/Lone Tree Advice Givers Group Podcast.

Follow the Link below to the page where you can access the Podcast and hear the Truth about horses, the lessons they have to share with us, and how they can transform a life across continents and around the globe.

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A Month Dedicated to Giving and Receiving Thanks

A Special “Thank You” came from Zuma’s Rescue Ranch, a rescue with whom we are SO  BLESSED to partner year after year.


Pictured are Jodi Messenich, owner and operator of Zuma’s Rescue Ranch, Elaine Nash of Fleet of Angels, who provided us with untouched mustangs for this years Trainers Course, and Miss Anna Twinney herself.

ROTH logo
“Every Year ROTH brings their training methods and clinics to Zuma’s, paying a facility fee and assisting with the training of horses. These clinics and the funding they generate help to offset the cost of the healing herd here at Zuma’s, as well as assist in getting some of the herd trained.”
         To Jodi and the Zuma’s Staff, we return the gratitude as you always provide us a magnificent facility and wonderful horses with whom to practice and share the methods.  We certainly appreciate all you do for the horses.  A very sincere and heart felt thank you right back at you guys!


Check out Anna’s Interview While on Location in Morocco to see What Constitutes Real Partnership

Visit Horse Lifestyle TV’s Facebook Page (https// and scroll down, or click on the link or video below to see Anna’s interview that discusses true partnership, and what it looks like to really hear the horses.


Check Out Anna’s Horse Lifestyle Interview from Morocco!

You wanted President Obama’s help saving the mustangs? Well here’s your chance…

Let’s sign this petition on and maybe we can finally get the administration to see the importance of protecting our wild horses over securing corporate profits at the expense of the mustangs and burros. We only need 5000 signatures to be heard. But imagine if we had 10,000 or 100,000! Let’s make it happen!!/petition/protect-wild-horses-and-burros-reform-inhumane-interior-department-management-program-wastes-tax/MYTbsKg6

One instructor is good…….three’s a charm!!!

Finding the Spirit Within

Join Melisa Pearce, Susan Williams and Anna Twinney on a Journey to Spirit through Horses. These 3 inspiring experts bring their own unique perspective through horse whispering, energy healing, creative art & Gestalt training, they share the important and life-changing work.

Can you be on Vacation and in School????


You won’t believe who showed up as our mystery guest

watch to find out.

Anna visits Bitterroot Ranch for the annual Reiki – Energy Healing for Horses class. Vin joins her as the videographer for their new DVD, expected to be released 2011. Although there was no opportunity to get clips of the class, the ranch atmosphere and surrounding landscape has been captured together with a mystery guest.



Sea Turtle Wisdom, The Oil Disaster & A Call to Action!

On May 12th, we had a profound, touching teaching from the Wild Ones. When I asked who wished to deliver a message, the great Sea Turtle identified him/herself and began describing what is happening in the Gulf and how the sea creatures and the Earth view this man-made disaster. The animals see their tremendous sacrifice as an effort to help humanity wake up and realize the risks we take by extracting oil and minerals from the earth. The Sea Turtle and Mother Earth continue to tell us that it is up to us to embrace life as inclusive, interconnected and, to understand, as Chief Seattle said,“What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.”

Sending love and gratitude for the sacrifice is lovely and appreciated, AND, I suggest that we turn our grief and outrage into action. After all, humans seem better at doing as opposed to being, so let’s put that talent to use!

1) Perhaps the most powerful way to change the status quo and send a message to the human powers-that-be is to use our money to express our commitment to the earth. 70% of our economy is driven by consumer spending! Goldman Sachs has run the Treasury Department since Ronald Reagan was president. The quickest way to change things is to speak with our money!

Respect, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and BUY from local merchants. Buy organic fruits & veggies, pastured eggs and meat. Only support companies who take care of their employees and have strong environmental ethics. Support people who give back and make positive contributions to all living beings — healers, teachers, helpers in every area of life, artists & musicians making the world more beautiful, people in service to human-kind, animals, Nature, and the Earth. Each of us can be part of a consumer revolution for the earth.  But, we must start today!

2) Support cottage industries around the world, especially products made by women & girls! (It is now clear that when women receive financial support and education, the village prospers, birth rates & fundamentalism drop and everyone benefits.) Beautiful wollens, textiles,  jewelery, baskets, pottery, sustainable wood & paper products are all available crafted by village artisans. Be sure that your $$ is getting to the artists and not to “middle-men”.

3) Support village and rural women with micro loans and other financial resources. There are many organizations helping women in the poorest nations create livings and support their families and communities.  For example, check out Friends of Gueoul,  started by Judy Beggs of Denver, and make a huge difference right now in the life of a girl in Senegal.  Check out Heifer International and other organizations that, with your donation,  make a direct impact on a family’s life.

4) Do you own stock in an oil company or insurance company? If so, YOU “own” these corporations and are responsible for changing them! It’s time that you, together with other shareholders, demand changes and reforms. Or, sell your stock in these corporations and invest in socially and environmentally responsible/green companies. Check out The Calvert Fund as a resource.

5) Get involved in protecting the environment. Sign Save Our Environment’s petition to President Obama to stop ALL off shore drilling NOW. . Support The Ocean ConservancyFriends of the Earth and other global environmental organizations that are doing everything they can to keep us from destroying our planet. .

Volunteer your time (and/or $) to a local non-profit such as the FL Wild Mammal Assn in Crawfordville, FL. This small, mostly volunteer wildlife rehab hospital, is gearing up to try to save pelican babies who are hatching amidst the encroaching oil. They need your help NOW!

6) Take political action. Contact your state & federal  senators & congresspeople and tell them what you expect them to do. Think community here. Is your agenda really life-supporting for ALL beings, or just for a select few? Look deeply at this next question.  Are you making political decisions based on fear or love? Remember inclusivity and our interconnectedness. Is opposing universal health care, Wall Street/Banking reform, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” inclusive or exclusive? The more you act and vote out of the place of exclusivity, the more you help maintain the status quo and continued abuse of the planet and all earthlings.

In my opinion, focusing on reducing govt spending as THE issue is barking up the wrong tree. Let’s be realistic. The amount of debt the US is in will never be repaid. Instead of complaining about outrageous spending, we need to make a fundamental shift in how the world economy “functions.” No more business as usual. Instead let’s start a consumer revolution based on all of the above. Let’s each of us use the power of money for good each & every day, starting now. There is no more time to waste. Do not let the countless plants, invertebrates, fish, shrimp, shell-fish,  sea & fresh water birds, reptiles, turtles, dolphins, manatees, whales… die in vain.

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

And finally, in the words of Anthropologist Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtfully committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

This excerpt is from our good friend Kate Solisti’s News letter.  We encourage you to check out her website : .


Spanish Mustang, Excalibur, and the Parachute


Anna Introduces Excalibur (X) on his birthday to a new toy, the parachute, and he loves it!


Visit the HorseCare Foodbank at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Hello Friends of Colorado Horsecare Foodbank! We hope to see you this weekend at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo! Stop by – we’ll be in booth #944. We’re happy to share with you that we’ve helped keep more that 100 horses with their owners in our first 10 months of operation – and thank all of you who have been so generous.

If you haven’t had a chance to see our video showcasing some of hay recipients, visit our Web site at The stories will be sure to capture your heart! Watch for upcoming e-mails about our spring fundraiser, Flowers for Food. The Colorado Horsecare Foodbank sells flower baskets with 100 percent of the profits going toward keeping Colorado horses with their owners.

If you are at Expo this weekend, you can pre-order these beautiful flower baskets for pickup this spring. We will also have 50 pound Equi Aid Continuous Daily Wormer (Pyrantel Anthelmintic) available in the booth for a $150 donation. These 50 pound buckets normally sell for $200, so you’ll get a great deal and 100 percent of each donation will support Colorado horses.

The economy continues to impact horse owners across our state, and our funding is running low. Over the last few months, we’ve helped 4H moms, horse owners who have had their horses for over 20 years, dads trying to keep their horses for the kids – the stories are endless. If you’re in a fortunate position to be able to help some of these Colorado horse owners keep their beloved horses during these tough times, we encourage you to visit our donation site

Thank you for all your continued support! Colorado Horsecare Foodbank

Lisa Dee on the Reaching Out with Anna Twinney Podcast

Lisa Dee – Creator of the Equist™ Process and Founder of Vista Caballo Ranch

In our very inspiring conversation, Lisa shares the incredible story of how her Spiritual awakening transformed her from a very successful New York City entrepreneur to the founder of Vista Caballo and the Equist Process. She describes just how Vista Caballo can help you in your transformation to a life led by the heart and not just the mind.

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