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We have begun a new year, a new start, and a new decade… a decade of DESTINY!!!

We want to help you live your best life and make this decade your very own new Roaring 20’s for you and your animal companions!

As we have for several years now, Anna is kicking off the year (albeit a little late) with her 4-part webinar series. And as in previous years, it is completely FREE!

That’s right – content-rich, helpful conversations that will help you make this a great year and maybe even the best decade.

We start off, Episode 1 with Animal Communication – Accessing the Original Language of Love. Anna will show you the power and invaluable help that animal communication can provide for you and all your animals.

Next, in Episode 2, we sit down with Carol Komitor, the Founder of Healing Touch for Animals, to help you Become a Manifesting Magnet!

In Episode 3, Anna goes deep into the underpinnings, foundations, and the secret to her success as a Horse Whisperer. Spoiler alert! It isn’t abuse, domination and subjugation of our majestic partners that make her so unique. In the Next Generation of Horse Whispering – Compassion, Cooperation, and Collaboration, She will help you to get the most out of your horse, GIVE the most to your horse, and galvanize your partnership.

Finally, to live a good life you need good health. So for our final episode, Anna sits down with the visionary founder of Dynamite Specialty, Jim Zamzow, and Dynamite Gold Executive Director, our good friend, Doctor Regan Golob, to talk about proper nutrition and supplementation, for you and your companions.

A great line-up that you won’t want to miss, at a price that is just right!

So click on the link below, register now, and let Anna and our guests help you make the 20’s a decade to remember!

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How to Avoid Taking your Clients Negative Energy


Hope all is well with you and Vin. I don’t know where you are in the world, but am sure you are doing wonderful things! 🙂

I had the opportunity to do Reiki to a little part Shetland rescue today.  She is lovely, but has had a not so great start.  She was born at a nice place, at about 8 months they let a family take her and they ended up not feeding her and the mother.  I was told the mother pony ended up taking the food, so the baby did not get much, if anything.  The baby was tied outside to a manure spreader which ended up moving during that day and the pony got run over by the spreader.  It hurt her hind leg that never got taken care of.  Now the pony has been rescued back to the original family which is where I now board Nibbles. I have started giving the pony Reiki.

Today, after the first session, the pony had obviously released.  It was a lovely and interesting session.

But, my question, tonight I got tremendously depressed, hopeless, forlorn, knew if this kept up I would have to go to my Dr.  Then, it went away.  I also gave Reiki last evening to a lady that had been depressed.  After the session, this a.m., she e-mailed me that she felt fantastic and thank you so much, etc…..
I must be taking on the energy, would you guess?  I visualize a plastic suit to protect me and say a prayer, but any other suggestions?  I know you do not take on energy and don’t need to do this.
If that pony is feeling that way, my gosh….how awful.  She has had some devastating things happened to her and she isn’t even 3 yet.  I want to make a difference in her life, but oh my, I don’t want to feel like that ever again.  I was almost ready for the nutty loony bin.
It is definitely possible to take on the emotions of your clients (both human and animals) even if you say your prayer and cover yourself.  Here’s why.  My guess is you weren’t as covered as you thought you were.  Either you had something distracting your focus allowing stuff to get through or you started empathizing with your client(s) during the session which allows the emotions to come through.
When I’m doing any kind of energy work I always do 2 things.  The first is to take some time to ground myself by putting imaginary, energy roots into the ground, flushing out all my crap into the earth where Mother Earth composts it and I also imagine a stream of light coming into my body through the top of my head (7th chakra) from Heaven.
Then those energies mix together creating me as a conduit or link between heaven and earth.  Then I set my intention to be the conduit  and allow the healing energy of God, the Universe, (whatever word works for you there) to use me and come through me and I also set the intention to allow anything that does not serve this person or myself to pass through me leaving no residual or side effects but instead passes harmlessly through me, going into the ground through my roots.
If I start to feel like I’m being affected by the energy of my client, I first see if there’s a reason for it for me, a lesson or a message for the client.  Once I have a clear idea of it, I take some deep breaths and imagine with each breath that emotion, energy, whatever is flushed through the roots into the ground and then the healing light of God. the Universe, again whatever works for you here, burns any that’s left over.  If I discover that I’m under the influence after the session then I basically do the initial practice above but instead of doing for a future healing, I do it for whatever’s in me at that moment.
Hope that makes sense and helps.  If you’re interested my Medizations Starter Kit has several Meditations that can help you with that and all of them start with that grounding / healing routine I talk about above.  You can purchase and download them from if you think they may help you.
Great work!


Dear Folks,

We have a serious problem. Under the pretense of stopping illegal steroids from being sold, Senator John McCain has filed legislation that would overturn DSHEA, the law that protects our access to safe and inexpensive dietary supplements for our health. It gives the drug-company-friendly FDA the ability to restrict or even ban any dietary supplement, at their discretion. (Dietary supplement is defined as ANY vitamin, mineral or herbal supplement!) Similar legislation in Europe has made sale of vitamin C in doses as little as 500 mg illegal.

Unfortunately, the U.S. major league sports teams support this legislation because of the recent exposes regarding famous baseball and football players taking illegal and dangerous steroids. But the FDA already has authority to ban these substances. There is no reason to give the FDA this new, broad authority to ban or restrict any supplement.

Here is the link to a web page of the Alliance for Natural Health providing an excellent explanation of what is happening, and a petition to other senators to ask them to oppose this new dangerous legislation. The health of millions of Americans is at stake.

Alliance for Natural Health (Click Here)

Please sign the petition to your senators and pass this message on to family, friends, neighbors, and other email lists you might be on. WE IMPLORE you to use facebook or twitter, as well as any and all public forums to get the word out. Once this FREEDOM is gone, we will be at the health mercy of the government!!!

Please oppose this stepping stone, that will lead to the government “managing the herd”…

Our prayers are for the safe and good health of your families,
James, Gina, Dan, Kay and Brad