ROTH’s Untouched Horse Clinic is making news!

The news of the ROTH mustang events are getting exposure in the local papers. Spread the word and lets get all the horses in homes. And get the ball rolling to get next year’s horses in homes, too!


Tango, 3 month old McCullough Peaks Mustang colt, continues his 6-day foal handling training. Tango demonstrates the “whisper” as he learns his first steps towards leading. With his mother, Corona, ungentled, the training program takes its own shape.

“Forget the Break….Gimme TLC”- Kit Kat

Anna meets Kitkat, a McCullough Peaks Mustang, for the first time and introduces her to neck yielding, through following a line, with the lightest of touches. Gradually Anna massages Kitkats ears, eyes and muzzle, to earn her trust through gentle communication. While getting to know Kitkat Anna devises an appropriate training plan for the students to follow.