ROTH’s Colt Starting Clinic 2012

This year’s ROTH Colt Starting Clinic participants have something to say about their time in Cody, WY:

“Learned a lot from different horses and people and situations”

-Yrsa, Sweden

“Learnt much on many levels.  Feeling other people, the horses, so we become 3”

-Liv, Sweden

“It’s been a great journey.  It’s been 3 years, I’ve watched the horses blossom.  Think outside the box, keep it light and fun”

-Michaele, Wyoming

“So special to see Calliente go off on her own.  Enjoyed challenges and being pushed out of my comfort zone.  Variety, teamwork and camaraderie to make this all come together.  The Mustangs are teaching people and providing to the American public and the world.”

-Tricia, Wyoming

“Great to see the progress of how far they can come in 6 days.  Reinforcement of what I know and new too.”

-Sönke, Germany

“Everyone’s progress.  1st day I could approach Kitkat and walk up to her…today is a great day.”

-Julia, Canada

“I got over a hurdle that Ive not got over before.  My fear of youngsters.  I’m proud of myself”

-Megan, UK

“The wild horses are just amazing.  Everyone so generous learning all the time”

-Helen, France

“Colt starting was over the top with success after success for me as well as everyone there.  From reading my horse, developing better hands and feel to a perfect connection in the reachout out.  It was humbling and awesome to witness the journey of mustangs from seeing them in the wild last week and witnessing untouched being gentled and the ones that were started under saddle this week.  Three different groups of horses, three different experiences of the life of the mustang and one common goal – to live the best life they can live in a world with humanity.”

-Lauren, Colorado


Obstacle Course




Much like watching your children grow up, you get the sensation of pride as you watch the yearlings and the Mustang mares experience their first touch or their first walk out. As the untouched horse clinic comes to a close, the Anna and her hosts receive a quite unexpected surprise.


Pole Gentling

Through years of gentling Mustangs Anna has devised methods to gentle wild horses based on their communication system as well as their personal needs. Anna teaches the advantages of pole gentling with St Patty, a McCullough Peaks Mustang subjected to the BLM round-up.

Mustangs need Pedicures TOO!!

Anna creates a positive learning environment for both her two-legged and four-legged students. Utilizing food as comfort St Patty experiences the values of human beings for the first time in her life – having been rounded up by the BLM. Preparing Mustangs for picking out feet & farrier work means taking their primary form of defense from them, their flight. Watch 1st time yearling experiences.

Kit Kat the Model Student

Anna demonstrates gentling techniques for a McCullough Peaks yearling in Cody, WY during her Untouched horse clinic. Through soft, kind methodologies and through the horse’s own communication system Anna introduces yielding into Kitkats life, going against all her instincts.