Hello Friends,

The 3 mares at our sanctuary are all May foals!

image001Sierra was born on May 17 in Saskatchewan Province and came to us at 5 months old through United Pegasus Foundation. Sunshine was born on May 22 in Alberta and was also 5 mos. old when she arrived at our Rescue. We adopted them from the Hemet facility while we were in Valley Center in 2003.

Tawni is our recently transitioned Tango’s daughter, rescued in 2007 through The Animal Farm. Tawni was born at our Rescue on May 4th 2007 when we were in Somis.

PS  Interestingly our geldings (Kaptivate, Spirit and recently transitioned Cisco were all born in July). Splash is a June foal.  Hmmmm is there anything to that? Are the boys conceived later in the year?  Just a coincidence I guess.

PMU mare looking for a home in Colorado


She seems to be a fairly nicely built pmu mare, as crossbreeds go and her feet are in pretty good shape

. She and another mare came from a “sporthorse” breeder in Pueblo who just exposed both to a Clydesdale stallion in Feb. The condition of the property and fences was very poor and the breeder was being evicted. The breeder paid upwards of $2500 for both mares last March and they came bred to a paint stud from the “pmu” farm. So far the rescuer has about $200 into this mare and they don’t want anymore money than that. Both mares are pretty lean right now but not critically skinny. http://www.theanimalifarm.com/Steve_Waagen/HICKORY.html

She is currently in Rush, CO.

Can you give her a loving home?

PMU Mare