Teaching the Horse to Stop With an Unbalanced Rider Starts Before We Even Put a Foot in the Stirrup.


If you haven’t had the honor of seeing this method in use, this video should show you the impact it can have on your entire future as a rider.  It’s never fun to come off a horse who leaves us in the dust, or who kicks at us on our way down.  Anna has found a simple and safe solution to these issues, and it starts in the early days of training.  Additionally, this way, the horse gets to work through an unseated rider and cope with “rider falls” when our bodies are not the ones at risk.  So really this is an invaluable step for ANY riding horse and will benefit any rider to climb aboard in the future.  By starting simply, starting slowly, and allowing the horse to assess the “problem of an imbalanced rider,” we can teach them how to help us stay safe.  Please visit our website for more information on how you can engage in one of Anna’s clinics and learn the tools of the whispering trade.  Visit us at: Holistic Horse Course .