Horses Acting Out as a Form of Communication

Venture with Anna into the world of communication and the frequent disconnect between humans and horses. Not many clinicians will put a participant in the horse’s place so the audience has the added benefit of clarity around the concepts in the way that Anna can.

Listen closely and then take a chance to question your methods and practices. Are you doing what you have always done for lack of a better option or simply because it is what you were taught one, two, or even three decades ago? How does what you do come across to the horse? Are you clear, and if you think you are, how does the horse know what you want? Get honest and vulnerable enough to ask yourself these questions and more in order to develop a relationship with your horse that you may have only ever dreamed was possible!

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Teagan’s School Lecture – Anna Twinney visits to educate the young on the Premarin Industry

Anna’s last speaking engagement for 2012 was a speech at Shepherd Valley Waldorf School for the 6th & 7th graders on horse whispering and the PMU foals.  Teagan initiated a class fund-raiser to save a foal – who we named Teagan’s Typhoon and his progress can be seen on the youtube clips foal’s daily diary. Teagan received recognition for his efforts from Webster Investment Advisors.