For Every Horse an Angel by Laurie Hammer

Please have no fear my own young son,
This life soon over but you have won,
This you’ve won your final race,
And you my arms I now embrace.

I know how great is now your fear,
Do not forget I hold you dear,
Know you’re loved my dear horse child,
I hold you close do not be wild.

Please have no fear my own young son,
You’re not alone don’t try to run,
Your life so short we shed a tear,
For every horse an Angel’s here!

In spirit form you soon will be,
The Angels wait now patiently,
To guide you home we soon will go,
My Heaven has horses didn’t you know?

Please have no fear my own young son,
In Heaven’s fields you soon will run,
I do both love the strong and meek,
This is the place of peace you seek.

Your Angel’s wings now hold you fast,
Your fear now gone and in the past,
Now open your eyes awake and see,
Heaven’s your home always with me.

In loving memory of all horses

Laurie Hammer

HOOFBEATS OF HOPE by Laurie Hammer

In silence waits the world to hear,
Victory for horses now draws near,
In silence now we wait to see,
Love and hope win triumphantly.

Now faintly heard in distance great,
The hope for this was years to wait,
The sound of hoofbeats louder now,
The people cheer then heads do bow.

Our tears flow free and hope has won,
Our horses free yes everyone,
No slaughter left across the land,
For love has won we took our stand.

The thunder grows yet louder still,
The hoofbeats are the people’s will,
No more to slaughter do they go,
We cherish them the world does know.

The sound of hoofbeat thunder roars,
On love and hope it Heavenly soars,
The hoofbeats of our horses gone,
Their spirits here with us live on.

This poem belongs to all of our American horses who have died in slaughterhouses.

Laurie Hammer

THE SPIRIT HORSES by Laurie Hammer

We cannot see them yet they’re here,
Beside us now they always stay,
For all we do to help the horse,
The spirit horses ride with us.

To stop the slaughter they are here,
They give us strength to carry on,
Our tears of loss and grief they see,
The spirit horses ride with us.

To help stop slaughter they are here,
They always guide our hands and hearts,
They’ll lead us all to victory,
The spirit horses ride with us.

As long as we all need them here,
God sends his best to help us save,
All horses that do need our help,
The spirit horses ride with us.

Laurie Hammer