A New Year Surprise as our foal story is covered in the Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar magazine on page 58!

Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar Magazine

December Foal Gentling Seminar

Receives positive Response from attendees

By Karena Garrity

“ This lady changes lives,” Paul Lemay said of Anna Twinney at her Foal Gentling Seminar, held November 28 through December 3 at Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam, Conn. The session, which lasted six days, was uniquely designed to give eight feral pmu rescue foals a voice, teach them about mutual respect, and give them a great start to life with humans, combining body language, energy, and interspecies communication. The foals were rescued from Canadian feedlots by ears (Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary) and Ray of Light Farm. Their futures were uncertain, to say the least. The “by-product” of the Premarin drug industry, which uses pregnant mare urine to create menopause treatments, these babies were taken from their mothers early and were barely handled by humans, opening them up to a lifetime of struggles and fear. However, through Twinney’s perceptive hands, heart, and soul approach to their first real human contact, these rescues were respected and listened to. “It’s not a system,” she explains. “It is a language and it’s not dominant, it’s not a you must do! It’s flexible.” Lemay, who first met Twinney last year when he adopted two of the Premarin rescues from that group, is still amazed, bewildered, and awed by the raw abilities of this calming horse whisperer who is dedicated to doing all she can…..click here to read full article.