Foals Arrive at Equine Voices Safely!

Hi All,

What an incredible day! The babies are here safely, and are so wonderful. Bob Hubbard Transport and all the people that work for this company were incredible. The drivers took the babies from ND to Washington State, California and here. They were compassionate, caring and the best drivers I have ever seen. More to come!!!! Merry Christmas and what a Christmas Gift. Thank you Anna, Celine, Frank and Joyce for  saving these precious foals.

With love,

Karen Pomroy
Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary

ROTH Rescues Foals from Slaughter

Anna Twinney of Reach Out to Horses has teamed up with Frank Weller of Equine Angels, Connecticut, Karen Pomroy of Equine Voices, Arizona and Ray of Light Farms, Connecticut to save 15 foals from the Canadian slaughter houses. A beautiful evening arranged at Strings Restaurant, courtesy of Tammy Cunningham and her husband was arranged with proceeds donated to the foals. Guests of honor: Susan Williams (photographer & artist), Joyce Leake (animal communicator), Tracy Vroom (cranial sacral healer), Carol Komitor (Healing Touch for animals) and Melisa Pearce (Touched by a horse – absent) all joined us to celebrate the lives of these foals. Now you too can help – donate by visiting

A Lovely Message from a Friend in Arizona

To Anna, with Love from Mo

The Horses called out for help.
And Anna answered, “I hear you, teach me your ways”.
The Horses prayed they could remain horses.
And Anna understood.
The Horses said, “Do not call me names or shout or scream at me”.
And Anna whispered to them.
The Horses cried out, “Please do not harm my body or try to break my spirit”.
And Anna offered her hand with patient gentleness.
The Horses asked, “Let our voices and thoughts be heard”.
And Anna speaks with them, revealing to us their messages.
The Horses searched for peace and harmony within.
And Anna sends them healing love and energy.
Then Horses everywhere rejoiced, saying to Anna, “Go out into the world and share with other 2 legged ones the things we have taught you.”
And that ever present voice inside beckons me—–Come, Hear, Live, the Language of Equus.
Horses – if God made anything more beautiful, he kept it for himself.  ~Author Unknown