“Forget the Break….Gimme TLC”- Kit Kat

Anna meets Kitkat, a McCullough Peaks Mustang, for the first time and introduces her to neck yielding, through following a line, with the lightest of touches. Gradually Anna massages Kitkats ears, eyes and muzzle, to earn her trust through gentle communication. While getting to know Kitkat Anna devises an appropriate training plan for the students to follow.

Susan’s Live Bear Medicine Encounter

I don't think I even told you how I came to see him!!!
He ran across the road in front of me.  I think maybe
something had startled him because he was sort of huffing,
either that of after he got across the road he realized
he didn't know where mama was!!!  He was probably about 250#,
by no means a baby, but not a big guy either!
I slammed on my breaks and started backing up to see
if I could see him go up the hill, but instead he stopped!!!
He stood behind a tree!  I of course was grabbing for my camera
(which I just decided to take with me even though I was only going
over to eat and talk on the phone!) and then I rolled my window
down and talked to him!  I told him I wasn't going to hurt him
and he was beautiful!  He then slinked out from behind the tree
and stood looking at me and across the road!  I sat along
the road for several minutes talking to him and taking pix!!!
Someone in a truck coming the other way stopped and asked
if I was ok, and I laughed and said yea, just watching
the bear over there next to you!!!  The guy was like oh, ok,
really, and then he pulled off looking!  I finally decided I should
drive off before I decided to get out of the car to take a pix,
or maybe mama got upset!  We sat there long enough that he seemed
more relaxed and curious and his breathing was better!!!
So anyways, I knew he was there for me!
Otherwise I think he would have run off!
I really felt honored he let me get some pix!


Please help us help Mindy find her missing Boston Terrier, Joker.

He went missing on May 18th, from Xanadu St. in Denver.

He had a brown canvas collar with a red name tag.  There is a firehouse on one side of the tag and his name and number on the other side.

If you have any information that might help please call the number
above or email us A.S.A.P. at info@reachouttohorses.com!

Joker is a beloved member of the family and the community that he serves and we want to see him get back home, safe and sound.
Thanks for your help!

Cowboy’s Way

Just wanted to thank you for the session today, put a lot of things into a better perspective for me with him.  The connection of him and my dog is really remarkable, they are so alike in personalities.   I rode Cowboy today on the trail bitless with Jill and he did really well with it.  He responded as well as having the bit in his mouth and I felt comfortable too.  I laugh every time I think of you holding your hands like a little cup and him talking about his grain; funny guy.  We both have been more relaxed with each other on the ground too; still some work for me there but easier to cope with!  As always, thank you for the work you do and I will be in touch.

ANNA ROCKS….but don’t take our word for it.


Hi, Anna,
Excellent class on Wednesday.  It is always inspiring to see you come 
into a room of 14 or so people and immediately rivet their attention.
They also trust you quickly (rightfully so) and feel comfortable to 
explore the experience.  I still think that people learn quickly in 
your classes in large part due to the teacher.
Hope this isn't too gushy.:)  But  YRT(ruly)A.
Enjoy Bitterroot.
Sweep the place for snakes before I get there in July. 🙂
Knowing that I am get to go to Wyoming twice this summer lifts my 





Our friend Mindy has reported that Joker went missing from Xanadu St. Denver, Colorado.

He was last seen wearing a brown canvass collar with a red name tag.  Firehouse was on one side of the name tag and his name and number was on the other side.

If you have any information regarding Joker please contact us by posting here and through the contact information at http://www.reachouttohorses.com.


A LittleTouch of Silver


Silver is fully recovered, my sister Mandy and Silver would like to say thank you for the reiki.  Please pass this on to the reiki angels.  You may remember Silver, she was at
Sarah’s about 4 years ago.  She is a little grey brood mare that has cattle tag marks missing from her ears and was so abused by people she was terrified of being touched.  You
did a communication session with her at Sarah’s and they managed to touch her for the first time.  She has a very relaxed life with my sister now and tollerates a head collar
grooming, scratches and carrots.  We were concerned at how the vet would cope if she needed any treatment for colic; but I sat on the floor with her, laid down and sent reiki.
before the vet arrived.  She laid very still while the vet examined her and her tummy and took pulse etc.  She waited until the vet finished and said pulse, heart beat were normal,
gutt was showing some movement and suggested just some bute to ease her tummy.  She then got up and went to eat her hay.  She was a little subdued for a few days then back to
herself. So a big thank you,