If you missed our call with Mark from HorseConscious, here’s the replay. Choose the Visual Presentation to see pictures of us!

We hope you managed to catch the call with Anna Twinney and Mark from Horse Conscious because we had a great time. Anna was very generous with her time and answered a huge range of different questions on horse communication and horsemanship.

If you missed it, here’s your replay (Choose the Visual Presentation to see pictures of us!):

Anna came up with “Top 5 Mistakes” that people make when communicating with their horses. She actually came up with 6 and so we thought you might like to see them:

1. Learn the language of the horse, learn to listen. Realise they have a communication system, herd dynamics and natural tendencies.

Body language – 93% of all communication is silent
Energy – horses read your emotions and feelings
Telepathy – be responsible for your thought patterns
Know your own body language – liberty exercises, corrections
2. Create an understanding:

The nature of the horse – social species, running free, predators
Physiology – fitting into a trailer, size of stalls, road work, blind areas, focus, hearing, associative thinkers
Psychology – how they think & see the world and the language of the horse. Living in the moment – work vs rest, trickle feeders
3. Frustration a lack of creativity and understanding:

Colt starting: eg Vienna, Coco, Gunner, Icelandic & warmblood
(You’ll have to listen in to get these!)
4. Lack of patience:

Time to process – trailering, colt starting
Latent learning
Asking vs telling
Positive vs negative reinforcement
5. Attending with an agenda

Preconceived notions, expectations
6. Authenticity:

Aligning thoughts/showing up
Be present
Bonus: Have Fun!

Anna is still in Europe for a couple of weeks, so catch her on the following dates and locations:

Animal Communication Evenings:
17th May – Söderköping, Sweden
19th May – Geilo, Norway
75,00 • each evening

Holistic Horsemanship Day:
27th May – Duesseldorf, Germany
85,00 •

Animal Communication Weekend:
28th & 29th May – Duesseldorf, Germany
250,00 •

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The theme of the Series is naturally based on the book and also it’s subtitle, ‘The Path to Authenticity with Horses’, because that’s what horses can do for you when you embrace what they naturally and beautifully reveal. Although the authors come from a variety of horse backgrounds, we all agree that these magnificent animals have the power to help us peel back the layers to reveal who we truly are. They raise our consciousness, teach us authenticity and give us permission to shine once more.

As well as discussing the impact horses have had in our own lives, we will be discussing how they have inspired us to help others and the amazing results we have witnessed. The calls also give us an opportunity to really put something back by answering your questions.

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