Horse Whispering 101

Unique Opportunity!  Horse Whispering Class 101


Reach Out to Horses® (ROTH) offers a new training experience geared towards the beginning or returning horse enthusiast, hobbyist, competitor or professional — a 6-day adventure learning the care and handling needed for a happy and healthy horse, and more importantly, the comprehensive understanding of horse communication/language.
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ROTH Texas Comes to the Department of Equine Sciences at Colorado State University with Braxton Dolce

Hello everyone,

I have to tell y’all about my recent get away to Colorado.

It all started when Jordyn DeCarlo, who was my intern a couple of years ago, asked me to be a guest speaker for the equine behavior class at the Department of Equine Sciences at Colorado State University. She knew it was my dream, bucket list stuff, to teach at the collegiate level. Never graduating from undergrad much less with a graduate or doctorate degree limits me to be able to teach in this arena.

I chose to lecture on, “What is Holistic Horsemanship.” This is a huge topic and I was grateful for the three hours of class time. I broke it down by suggesting that there is no such thing as Natural Horsemanship. Most of what we do with horses goes against their very nature and design. I asked the class to consider instead a truly “balanced horsemanship” upon which to build relationships with horses.

Begin by balancing Nutrition, Hoof care, Chiropractic issues, Dental, your tack most importantly the saddle, and then the handler/rider. The suggestion is that if we achieve total balance in everything involved with our horses, and our interactions with them, that we will begin to think holistically.

A big part of this can be achieved by learning and practicing the tenets set out by the Reach Out to Horses Methodologies. Lead from finessed subtleties that are passive in nature, build a trust based relationship and not a dominant one, abandon fear and pain in everything that we do, and last but not least, give each and every individual a voice so that the communication is balanced.

I asked the students to drop common words like break, broken, make, made, tell and told, and to replace them with trained, started, asked, and suggested as the very intention that goes along with the word has the potential to bring in the wrong kind of feelings and actions.

I talked to them about the language of the horse and how we all feel better when we are able to understand what someone is saying to us. I touched on positive reinforcement and suggested that rewarding the try can help you gain ground exponentially.

I did touch on the into pressure phenomenon as most people have never heard of it. And when I asked what optimal timing for reward was the whole class said three to five seconds. This is still being taught incorrectly. I shared that I had learned the same thing but that in reality you have to be spot on in less than a second, 3-8 10ths of a second to be exact, and this made sense to everyone.

I demonstrated shaping and giving the horse a voice, Jordyn displayed lots of equine behavior as I picked up her feet and lead her around the class room in different ways.

I administered the VAK test so that they could understand that we all learn differently and they were excited to see what their strengths were as well.

Then we all went downstairs into the indoor arena where I was able to demonstrate the Reach Out process and TLC. At one point I looked up to see if I still had a class because they were so quiet. What I saw were forty sets of eye balls intently watching everything presented to them. I really enjoyed this opportunity and hope to be able to do this again in the near future.

But I must back up here a bit because when Anna found out that I was coming to CO she invited me to come Instruct with her the weekend before my lecture at CSU.

We had the best time teaching a newly formatted clinic “Spook-busting into the Saddle” This was an amazing two day adventure where everyone had breakthroughs and nothing was lost except for Anna’s Truck keys. We did TLC and Spook-busting the first day and then obstacles the next day; first in hand and then ridden. It was challenging, but so much fun and extremely rewarding for all involved.

Thank you Anna, Vin, and Joseph for letting me come hang out and play with y’all for a few days; such a treat to visit friends and catch up at the Reach Out ranch.


p.s. Anna and Vin…your arena looks amazing!!! ;

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Just What Is Holistic Horsemanship?

Photo by Lauren Munger
Photo by Lauren Munger

Did you miss the Horse Whispering Defined Webiner I did last year?

If the answer is “Yes”, then you’ll definitely want to hear this news!

2012’s Horse Whispering Defined Webinar series was a phenomenal experience in so many ways.  With the help of 4 other extraordinary folks in the world of horsemanship, I revealed hours upon hours of crucial secrets to creating the success and true relationship you’ve always dreamed of, both in and out of the saddle.

I know that many people wanted to be with us but just couldn’t, whether it be because of time or money.  

Well, Vin and his crack team have been working diligently to fix both of those problems and the solution?

The Insights Into Holistic Horsemanship Audio Download Series!

I won’t spell it all out for you here as you can read it on the website.  But suffice to say that we distilled the best of that $297 webinar series into over 13 hours of amazing information at an unbelievably affordable price!

My guests included:

•Nutritional Expert, Judy Sinner, of Dynamite Specialty Products.

•Alan Pogue and Sue DeLaurentis of Imagine a Horse.

•Renowned Horsewoman Leslie Desmond

•and Founder of Touched by a Horse, Melisa Pearce

Together we explored the very nature of Holistic Horsemanship, what it really means and how to apply these insights to your horsemanship and to be able to create real communication, trust and partnership with your horse.

And my favorite part… you can access this information immediately!  And by immediately, I mean NOW!  This entire program is available on an instant download.  Nothing to mail, no additional costs, nothing to wait for.

You could be listening to the whole program in minutes…  LITERALLY!  Isn’t technology amazing! 🙂

Anyway, I don’t want to keep you any longer, so if you are interested in hearing the secrets that 5 truly groundbreaking experts have to share about taking your horsemanship to a whole new level, then don’t wait!  Click on the link below!

 Get the Insights into Holistic Horsemanship Program Now!

Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it,


Horse Whispering Defined

Its a time to take the art of horse whispering to a deeper level. Horse whispering is not a secret skill, this seemingly magic ability is for everyone. The truth is its for all ages, all breeds, disciplines and circumstances. Its more than a method or technique its true communication! Come join us.

Join Anna at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver, CO as she demonstrates what makes Reach Out to Horses so unique and effective. Anna covers personality and character assessment, TLC training, Reiki for Horses, the proper use of food in training and lots more! Here’s a taste…

New ROTH Products Spotlight DVD and CD Series Coming Soon!!!

  Horse Whispering Defined

A Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Experience

Here is your chance to find out what makes Reach Out to Horses® the most unique, comprehensive and effective training program in the world.   In this 2-hour DVD you will join Anna as she shares her world and her methodologies as an international Horse Whisperer, Equine Behaviorist, Animal Communicator and Reiki Energy Healing Master.

Filmed at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver, CO, Anna, her assistants, and some incredible equine teachers will lead you on an exploration of the ROTH Natural Horsemanship program and how to create an honest, trust-based partnership with your horse.


On this DVD, you’ll have a front-row seat as Anna demonstrates and explains how to:

  • Merge and blend body language and direction of energy to establish communication and partnership with your horse in the round pen.
  • Interpret horses’ personalities, characters and histories through a two-way conversation at liberty.
  • Learn the language of the horse and begin to speak it fluently with your very own “accent”
  • Establish trust, leadership, communication, and intimacy with your horse using Anna’s exclusive “T.L.C.” techniques.
  • Gain your horse’s permission to ride!
  • Take the ROTH methodologies onto horseback and discover the freedom of intuitive bareback riding.
  • Give your horse a voice to resolve “spooky” situations while keeping you both safe.
  • Relieve physical, emotional, mental stress and discomfort and facilitate healing in your equine partner with the Japanese art of Reiki energy healing.
  • Properly use food as reward, motivator, confidence builder and behavior modification to overcome unwanted behavior or prior trauma.

And Lots More!

 Anna will show you how to bring the perfect blend of technique, energy and attitude to create the relationship you’ve always wanted with your horse and discover the secrets to REACHING OUT TO HORSES.

 Animal Communication ~ The Real Deal

If you missed our 2 webinar series at the beginning of the year, Animal Communication and Horse Whispering Defined, and you know it was possibly the biggest regret of 2012, then I’m about to make your day! In the new year we will be releasing the series as CD and downloadable audio sets. And of course we will have a fantastic special for ordering them in January.


The 6-part Animal Communication Webinar Series will walk you through connecting with your or other’s Animal Companions, solving behavioral issues, identifying health concerns, helping your animals as they make their transition and lots more.

Horse Whispering Defined will help you take the relationship and the training of your horse to a whole new level. During this 6-part series Anna will help you to become fluent in the Language of Equus, Solving Behavioral issues, Holistic Horsemanship in the saddle and more. And we’ve got some great guests who will also bring an abundance of wisdom.

 Stay Tuned for the big announcement coming soon!

ROTH had Another Amazing Time at Bitterroot Ranch

This year’s Healing for Horses put the treat back in retreat. With nice weather, a fool moon, good people and, of course, amazing horses.

Heres what the participants have to say about it:

The whole week has literally been a dream come true for me. The deep learning and connection with and from the horses and Anna is life affirming and changing Waking up to a beautiful sunrise and going to sleep by the light of the full moon is a wonderful memory. I am very grateful for the fun and holistic learning.

– Catherine E. Below, MN

This week at the Healing For Horses Clinic with Anna Twinney at the Bitterroot Ranch as far exceeded my expectations. I have gained a stronger sense of self and a new way of being with horses. Thank you, Anna for sharing your passion! I will forever be grateful.

– Sharon Wisher, KY

To say that Anna’s teachings are profound is a cliche. What is striking is the depth of the   information communicated non-verbally.

–  Jane Joy Sparks, IN

My experience at Bitterroot and ROTH with anna was an amazing journey. Bitterroot was an oasis from my busy life on the East coast. With my background mainly in riding I am now very comfortable using Anna’s safe techniques around horses. I have the skills and confidence with groundwork I never had before. The Reiki with Anna and the other students was life shifting, we all experienced surprises and connections through the whole process.Thank you Anna and Bitterroot!

– Sandra Waters, MA

My ten days spent at the wonderful Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming were beyond my expectations. Bayard, Mel and their family were gracious hosts and their staff attentive and helpful. Anna Twinney’s weeklong Reiki for Horses clinic gave me fascinating insights into the language of the horse. Anna is a gifted spiritual teacher and I feel our paths haver crossed for a reason. She has gained a disciple in me. I extend my gratitude to the beautiful horses and 4 leggeds who call this home. Thank you all for sharing a piece of paradise with me.

– Pilar Bauta, NY

Client Testimonial

Hi Anna,

Your classes are always excellent, but session #1 was like WOW! Recently I had visited a horse facility where a friend was taking horseback riding lessons. My first impression was that the horses were dead. Evidently they’re trained to be “safe.” I got a glimpse of their training methods and heard their lack of respect for the horse, but I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong until I heard these three words in session #1: dominance, flooding, and freeze. I think these horses are in freeze mode. If I’m right, it must be a horrific stress for them. This insight also made me realize how lucky I am that I was introduced to horses by you. It was your Reiki for Horses class a couple of years ago at Equine Voices. I don’t think I’d ever been so far outside my comfort zone, but you gently helped me make the leap from comfort zone to where the magic is. That class was the first step on a journey that brings me joy.

Thank you for your passion, for your insights, and for being you. Sally