Anna’s Mongolia Diary


Unequivocally he was full of fear for when I entered the run down property he ran to his hiding place at the back of the pen, his little body quivering and his eyes full of worry.  For about 6 months nobody had been able to touch him, let alone put a halter on.  He lived with other recently rescued horses who were still fighting to regain their weight.  Surrounded by burly men who saw these compact Mongolian horses as work horses, I was asked if he would be suitable for my demonstration.  While they waited for my reply I thought my answer through carefully as I had found myself in this situation many times over.  What value could I bring this little frightened horse in just a few hours, for him to be placed right back into this situation?  I began a non verbal conversation with the little fellow relating to him directly having felt lost, alone, and misunderstood throughout my life-time on different occasions.  Instead of holding these emotions, I ran a quiet dialogue in my head letting him know I would not hurt him, but instead I was there to help.  My help would involve showing everyone a new way of interacting with horses, through compassion, understanding and most certainly reliable, effective and teachable moments! Results were being sought for people to trust these methodologies.  He ran when I approached showing me clearly that he had been abused in the past, not this one action alone, but his whole body spoke to me. Consistently I showed him that I could read what he was conveying and kept to my word. He hid behind others, he shivered, but tried his very best.  Gradually his fear dissolved showing an even more beautiful soul, giving me the chance to halter him.  I promised I would give my all and that together we could get through this hardest piece for him to find his way…he had to work out a way to survive and adapt from living out in the Mongolian planes.  
I wish I could tell you he was taken care of in the way we would expect that night, but they snubbed him to a post with access to food and my heart broke.  He was there until the morning for the demonstration and that was just the way it was.  In that moment I realized what I was up against.  This was my first exposure to the Chinese horse culture in the rural country.  Each day got a little easier for this young horse as he knew there was someone out there who could hear him, relate to him and was trying her best to pave a way for change.  He was to be part of that change.  Although not perfect change, it was to be a step at a time and people witnessed the language of the horse with a wild one.  They saw the raw authenticity, despite the fact that one evening the Mongolian horsemen reverted back to similar training we see during our wild horse breaking at the rodeos.  The similarities are astounding.  We continued to create a relationship despite outside influences and together we stayed in the moment not allowing the negativity to influence our partnership.  The language once again proven to be universal, a language of love that breaks through all barriers and extends beyond body language.
We had more in common than many may realize as I had arrived in a foreign country not being able to understand the locals and the culture was exceptionally new.  Alone, exploring new horizons, with people I had never met before finding my way through their expectations to see if I was being set up to fail or to fly.  This was another male dominated country and I could not be sure how I would be received.  I trusted my inner compass to guide me to this very moment and despite my protective shield remained open to creators guidance.  This is where I needed to be.  Gradually I learned to trust the situation, environment and people more and more, as their enthusiasm to learn was clearer than daylight.   Imagine being surrounded by raw emotion of people who are awakening to this for the first time…naturally beliefs and traditions are being questioned, all overruled by what they see.  A seed was being planted and this was to be the gateway to change…

Trust Building and Discovering the Universal Language of the Wild Mongolian Horse

Watch Anna as she touches the wild, Mongolian Horse for the first time and then builds a foundation for the work in following videos.


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Horse Whisperer on Tour in Canada – Bombproof!

A private clinic at Timbuktu in BC, Canada provided all around natural horsemanship to create a deeper connection and safe environment for the horses and their people. A lesson on how to teach a horse to stop when he is fearful instead of bolt. Meet April & Blueberry rescued from the PMU line as they offer their first r’ship.

Watch as Anna teaches a crucial lesson in desensitizing for both horse and rider.

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Recently, ROTH Instructor Robert Raine reached out to horses while helping the fight against Cancer in Sweden.

He donated 100% of the proceeds to this cause.

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Greetings from Rob Raine in Sweden,

Reach Out to Horses pioneers and sets the standard – leadership with empathy and understanding.

Last weekend Reach Out to Horses (Sweden) did something unique in Swedish equine history.  We put together and presented the Reach Out to Horses clinic and made it a charity event. I was told by Sweden’s most prestigious equine publication that nobody else here in Sweden has ever done anything like this.  So not only was this the first ever of its kind, but we also donated 100% of the funds to the Pink Ribbon breast-cancer campaign.

The clinic itself was an outstanding success.  Everyone we approached for sponsorship donated their goods or time free of charge and with a huge smile.  We had six participants with horses, and another 14 auditors, however, to raise more funds anyone wanting to come in and try the obstacle course or the halter work or  T.L.C. exercises was welcome to bid to donate extra money and try a combination of all these things.  We exceeded our goal and raised roughly US$2500.

ROTH Sweden consists of certified Reach Out to Horses instructor, Robert Raine, dedicated long-term student Ulrika Swan – Co-coordinator, Liv Hektone and Yrsa Paulin – Logistics, and Camilla Ersson – Internet and Media and Photography.

Each and every one of the team performed above and beyond the call of duty in all situations, and we all had the time of our lives and lots of fun.

Regards From Rob and Team Sweden.


It’s all good!!!


Billy, a Norwegian Fjord Horse residing in Canada, has spent several years under saddle, but all of these years with a concern for “things” above him. During this Round Pen session you see Soenke, a ROTH student, communicate to Billy while getting him comfortable with objects on and around his saddle. With subtle cues, gestures, energy and communication the language of the horse reveals his comfort level and acceptance. The conversation speaks for itself.



Anna is proud to be teaming up with the Horse Protection League in Golden who greeted ROTH with open arms. Such a broad spectrum of horses attended from virtually untouched Arabians, 2 yrs old Mustang, ex-teaser, through to behavior modification requirements and school masters. In 3 days alone the horses learned to trust and accept leadership from their handlers. Some of the variety that crossed my path and the EXTREME positive changes were captured!

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You are never too old for Natural Horsemanship!!!

Poco gives Anna a Rave Review


Hello Anna,

As I was waiting for Poco to finish his huge mash last evening, I was watching one of your dvds on Natural Horsemanship on my portable dvd player.  As I got up to do a last minute mucking, I placed the dvd player on the stool I was sitting on and faced it towards the inside of the stall so I could see and hear it.

Poco stopped eating and went over to stall door and proceeded to watch your spook busting video for several minutes.  I ran to my truck and got my camara and managed to get a couple of cute pictures of this.  At 30 years of age, I am so glad to see Poco is very interested in learning…. or maybe he was enjoying the process of everyone elses learning curve who participated in the dvd!  I’ll get the pictures off to you as soon as I can.

Happy Trails,

Love & Light,

Mary Robustelli




I thought you would get a kick out of that!  Until I figure out what hardware to put in the stall Poco and the pony share so they can eat independantly, I have to sit and wait for Poco to finish his enormous mash while the pony finishes hers in a flash.

They share the stall (it’s enormous) so I sit in the ailse after my work is complete with Poco’s door open and figure out ways to use my time effectively so I meditate, do energy work on the horses or myself or long distance, positive affirmations, etc…..then I thought of your dvd’s to watch as well.  It just warmed my heart when I saw Poco watching while I picked up the latest deposit on the stall floor.  I knew I just had to get my camara.  I try & keep it close at hand between the new kitten & the horses antics.  So glad you enjoyed it.

I don’t know how to put the pictures on the computer so I may have to print them out and send them snail mail unless I can have someone show me how to do it and get them to you soon.  Will work on it!

Keep smiling!