“An Indian friend of mine that lives life the old way, once told me that every one should own a horse.  I asked why and he said that things just come to you when you do.  I, the cultured white man thought he was speaking of material things, good fortune.  I see today as I fly home far above the clouds from the HHC that the fortune that comes to you are the riches that come to you when your heart is open.  That is the gifts that the horses will give you.  I have owned horses most of my life but our communication was pretty much one way.  I thank Anna and her team for showing us that the riches that will be found through these methods.  It is beyond natural horsemanship, it is truly Holistic Horsemanship.”
– Adam Edwards, CO

“It was cloudy before but now it’s all clear”
– Camilla Ersson, Sweden

“What a profound experience of self-knowledge and skill development in the language of the horse”
– Dana Stuart-Bullock, NY

“It’s amazing how much one person can learn and grow in only 10 days”
– Dana Uzwiak, CT

“Can’t wait to start my field studies and come back next year!”
– Danielle Barry, NJ

“This course has been a great answer to what happens when I, ‘just do it.’ Right now I could be wondering, ‘what if’, and wallowing in regret. Instead I am having an internal celebration.”
– Dawn Lesinski, CT

“It is so deep to feel the team when I was working in the round pen, and also in the classroom.  It feels we care so much with each other.  I am so happy with this course!  Thank You”
– Liv Hektoen, Sweden

“If you think you know nothing or all, this is the course to change your mind.”
– Sonke Dose, Canada

“This course has seriously changed my life.  I found my life goal and I have a plan to put to it.  Anna has shown me (and so many others) important lessons in life regarding horses and people.  She found an amazing way to help the horses teach us.  She finds a way to match up the people to the horse with the correct lesson to learn.  The way she reads horses is amazing.  It is a passion like no other.  She has an amazing way of reading people just as well.  This course was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life!”
– Tanya King, CT

“This last session in this morning was so fine.  To share all this with each other; we are a good team.”
– Yrsa Paulin, Sweden

“It’s as easy as walking out of a public toilet” – ROTH Instructor Robert Raine



One of the most exciting natural horsemanship experiences and also one of the most dangerous! Loading horses into trailers safely takes skills, experience and foresight. Not for the faint hearted. There is an art to balancing leadership, respect & rhythm with positive reinforcement and motivation.