From Hoof to Heart: Bridging Gaps Between Horses and People

Man’s relationship with horses dates back millennia. The progress of humanity and of industry is, in large part, due to the sweat and toil of these magnificent animals.
Even today, the world is torn between animal welfare and human desires. It’s sufficed to say that the word “relationship” is somewhat of an overstatement when classifying the co-existence of man and horse.

If the horse could speak, they might say the “relationship” is tumultuous, at best.

Today, horses are used less for work and more for pleasure. The horse industry sports an eight billion dollar a year economic impact in the United States alone. Still, the manner in which man communicates with horses is often tainted with force, myths, scare tactics and gadgetry.

Enter Anna Twinney, a respected authority on interspecies communication, the language of the horse and energy healing. Twinney, with her sunny smile, blonde locks, and lilting British accent is known as a “horse whisperer”.

Twinney is a 20 plus year veteran of gentle horse training methodology. She initially studied with Monty Roberts, who came into the limelight after the popularity of the major motion picture “The Horse Whisperer”. Over the years, her hands-on experience, her dutiful observations of horses in the wild and her unique perceptions have developed into her own way of interacting she calls “Reach Out to Horses”.

Twinney seeks to help horse owners and lovers learn the language of the horse. She works to help them understand the energy and sometimes baggage they bring into a session with their horses. It’s all in an effort to create harmonious interactions that bring joy and happiness to both the horse and human. In addition to her desire to bridge the communication gap, Twinney is committed to helping nonprofits that help to rescue, rehabilitate and ready all types of equines. The vast majority of her work gives back financially to the facilities and programs she works with.

Twinney is fond of the adage “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” … without a complete education in the subtle communication of the horse, a language that goes far beyond simple body language and physical cues, people are lost as to how to accomplish anything, Twinney explains.

“Usually, people use force, fear, and gadgets to bend the horse to their will. Some people are cognizant that their choices are poor and some are oblivious. My mission is to give a voice to the horses and show people a way to work with compassion and cooperation, not coercion,” Twinney states.

Currently, Twinney travels the globe helping people who wish to work in concert with horses and seek a gentle and non-intrusive way to communicate. Usually, a training facility or a group of like-minded individuals will call Twinney to come and spend a few days with them in a structured, educational environment.

This summer will land Twinney in four different locations beginning July 24th in aid of untrained humans needing help with their young horses at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch in Littleton, CO, on to sweet foals in need of basic training to be adopted and more easily cared for.  She’ll fly to sunny California to work with untouched wild horses at a mustang sanctuary and finally, the courses will culminate in Arizona where Anna will teach horse owners dealing with behavior issues. These four unique courses are designed for students who wish to expand their understanding into everything from babies, youngsters, wild, and behaviorally challenged.

These courses may be taken together or individually, but do require a prerequisite. To learn more about what each course entails and the programs and horses that will be a part of the educational scope, follow the link here:
To learn more about the many unique ROTH programs and Anna Twinney, visit

Reach Out to Horses, founded by Anna Twinney, exists to give a voice to the voiceless. A comprehensive education in the language of the horse for the purpose of deep connection, better understanding and eliminating force and fear in horse training.

Reach Out to Horses
Vin Mancarella
PO Box 1913
Elizabeth, CO 80107
Office: (303) 642-7341

Thankful Tidings: A Holiday Salute to our Students and Followers



What they undertook to do They brought to pass; All things hang like a drop of   dew Upon a blade of grass.
~ Lewis Carroll~




’Tis the time of year to celebrate and reflect the recent months watching our global ROTH HHC participants graduate the  horse whispering certification program with each and everyone wearing their “I survived ROTH” t-shirts with such pride.  We celebrated the graduation of four tremendously dedicated and talented ROTH trainers who came to CO from NM, CA, Denmark and Germany to return to their respective homes to represent us triumphantly!  Each and every journey unique as they discovered their gifts and talents in support of horses globally.  Today we offer you the same chance to witness the appreciation, joy and wonders we share.  These are magical moments captured as we attract people who seek their true life’s purpose and discover them selves, their voice and their dreams in the process.  

I want to know more about this certification!


Truly honored and humbled to see myself (ROTH) on the news in Morocco! Strange and exciting to see another language in another alphabet scroll under clips featuring my visit and courses there. 

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In Partnership:

A year ago, we were delighted to be a part of the launch of Horse Lifestyle TV, (think Netflix for horse people). This beautiful video is in celebration of the one year anniversary of this fantastic addition to the lives of horse lovers everywhere. We are happy to be a part of this service!

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Video answers to ongoing questions

1. We are often presented with questions about horses who have suffered traumatic beginnings or events and how it relates into their behavior, meet Sparrow.
2. We reintroduce the idea of ponying to help youngsters ease more comfortably into their new roles.
3.  Finally, a fantastic example of the trainer circuit buzz word “desensitize” (we prefer positive terms like adapt and adjust). While introducing objects is fairly straightforward, it’s tougher to arrange for horses to any hear noisy environments they might encounter. We can’t recommend the Spook Busting CD series enough and they make great Christmas gifts!
Ponying as a valuable lesson during colt starting and beyond! 
Sound spookbusting: Moving horses from concern into coping…
I am overdue from my self imposed timeline to tell you about the 2nd of my three heroes by the new year, that would be Anna Twinney of Reach Out to Horses/ Anna Twinney Holistic HorsemanshipAnimal Communication with Anna Twinney.
In 2013, I adopted 3 “Mustangs” – TNT, Muppet, and Jethro – from a rescue in No CA, Hooves and Angels – I had never owned a horse before, let alone 3 that were not really gentled. The challenge of these 3 horses mirrored the challenges of my life at the time and it was overwhelming. I went to Reach Out to Horses website and found a buried link to buy 12 remote training sessions w Anna. I think she was taken by surprise and I believe was saying to herself “WTF did this woman get herself into?”
However, she took charge and took me on to train…I watched all of her training DVDs and for the next 6 months I would video tape my assignments w each horse, edit them, and then 1-2 times a week, Anna would spend 1-2 hours going over every single move, look, and nuance of energy of me with each of my three horses, critiquing and training me – major success! Over the next 2 years I went to several of her workshops and also completed all 3 of her Holistic Horsemanship Certification courses. The most beloved clinic w Anna was the clinic in which we gentled orphaned untouched foals –I adopted my fabulous 3 mo old colt, DJ from this clinic.
I can honestly say that Anna turned me into someone who can develop a deep relationship with horses and am comfortable handling and working with any and all of them.
Anna then went on to speak to all of my animals through Animal Communication over several months.
And because of all the things I was personally going through at the time, she brought me out of the murky mud I was stuck in. ~ Val, Arizona
Student? Family? Who can tell the difference?
We are very proud of our newest Certified ROTH Instructor, Elaine Ackerly!  It has been a road full of trials and tribulations, heartache and pain, joy and exuberation.  We have watched her grow into a confident and competent instructor of the language of Equus and the ROTH methodologies.  Her desire to make the world a better place for all horses is only surpassed by her giant heart and the love she has for our equine companions. We would welcome her into the ROTH family but she’s been an invaluable member for many years already.  We wish her the very best as she spreads her wings and fulfills her destiny.  

Elaine writes: Although you have taught me a great many things outside of horsemanship, and one of those that is most apparent is my improved writing skills; I can’t seem to write anything at this time in gratitude.
Where would one begin? 

If you asked me what I believed a good horseman to be when I was ten, I would have said someone who could ride their horse in a halter.  If you’d asked me when I was sixteen, I would have said someone who could ride a high-performance horse in a halter, mostly because I’d never seen that.  If you asked when I was twenty, I would have said someone who is gentle and who can get the most out their horse without resulting to physical abuse.  If you’d asked me when I was thirty, I would have said first of all I’m twenty-eight, and …

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Gratitude is Our Attitude

ROTH graduates 2016.jpg

We survived ROTH!
We are so proud of your achievements this year and excited to continue our relationship with you all.  Knowing that you are taking the ROTH methodologies globally to help humans and their horses is the best gift we could all receive.  With all of your unique talents you now have the chance to develop your accent and find your niche in the horse world.  11 students from all over the United States, UK and Morocco attended Zuma’s Rescue Ranch to complete their year-long comprehensive studies.  We captured special moments and created ever-lasting memories.  Many of you are staying connected via social media and we have included you on the ROTH Graduates page for continued support, education as well as upcoming events, special offers and a social gathering.  If you are not on FB its a good idea to simply join our group to connect with like-minded people as well as take advantage of the ongoing offers!

Throughout our time together I have introduced you to two companies I am proud to endorse.  Many of you have either brought their products or signed up as distributors so to enhance your life, the lives of your loved ones or indeed build your business.  We encourage you to get in touch with us to explore these natural health and well-being resources.  You may simply wish to order a product and get it shipped directly to your home, or indeed have a reference for others to visit, or sign-up for to take advantage of wholesale prices.   You can also check for yourselves and access the pages here: 


Learn More About Dynamite!

Learn More About Young Living Oils

I have found that the natural products support us as horse whisperers on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.  We would be delighted to support you in making your passions pay:)!  If you are computer Savvy you may sign-up directly and if not please call our office.

This year’s courses include the highest numbers of individuals continuing their career with ROTH.  We are excited to accommodate everyone’s needs from amateurs through to professionals who wish to delve deeper into the language of the horse.  Our courses are unique in support of rescues and rescued horses, these opportunities cannot be found just anywhere.  Our calendar for 2017 will be announced by the end of November and you will be the first to find out as the year unravels.  We suggest you sign up early on to secure your spaces and continue on your horsemanship path.  Once you participate in the first trainer’s course of your choice you will be furnished with the trainer’s letter to guide you through the course and the expected field study.
In the meantime we offer you ongoing support through our website and on-line resources. With over 230 youtube videos on the ROTH channel it will keep you busy during the winter months. 
                                                                2016 ROTH Graduates!
ROTH graduates.jpg
Stay connected for this years calendar and we hope to see you again very soon for another ROTH adventure.  Please do spread the word.  We spoke briefly about you submitting testimonials for your event, so please remember to get in touch and share your experiences and pictures with us:)!
What’s on the horizon for 2017?
Untouched 2017.jpg
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Holistic Horse Modular Course Graduates 2012

We had a very successful HHC Modular course this year. Hear what the students have to say about their time with ROTH.

Anna, I am lucky enough to have had many extraordinary adventures all over the world but the Holistic Horsemanship Modular course has blown my mind.  What a transformative, life-changing experience!  To be able to communicate with the horses on so many levels, to see these gorgeous creatures – whose experiences with humans have not always been the best – move from fear to trust, from resistance to willing co-operation as we students grew in confidence, refined our skills and learned to develop the heartfelt connection under your wise, compassionate guidance – it was intense, emotional, joyful, challenging and immensely valuable.  I don’t believe there is another trainer out there who is teaching what you teach or any other course, however comprehensive, that covers so many depths, subtleties and nuances of what it means to be a horseman/woman.   The total commitment and dedication shown by you, Braxton, Elaine and Adam were astounding – there was always someone available to answer questions, clarify a technique.  But it went way beyond all that – into wonderful friendships, stepping into our own power, and making huge growth leaps in our own psyches with new strengths and tools that will impact us in all aspects of our lives. It is so sad to think there will not be another module next month – they have been the anchor and inspiration for most of my year – yet I am excited too knowing this is just the beginning of an awesome journey.

Hope to catch up with you again some time, with luck before the next course.  In the meantime I’d better start using Facebook.

-Lorraine x

This course has been amazing. I learned all that I wanted to and more. The subtle (?) life changes that I experienced were an added bonus that I had not totally expected but were welcome and embraced. I certainly achieved my original goal. A big shout out to hanks to Braxton, Elaine and Adam for all the support they offered to us. Thank you, Anna, for the willingness to take us on this journey to the horses and to ourselves.

-Annette Price

ROTH Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Modular Course has been extremely powerful for me. Not only in taking my horsemanship skills and mindset to a whole new level, but in my personal development as well. Anna has an uncanny ability to read people as keenly as she reads horses. She knows just how to challenge each individual to prompt deep learning and introspection, and increase one’s awareness to overcome personal obstacles.
Anna is a master at matching students with horses to lead to the perfect lesson. The successes in each students ability to apply the methods and achieve positive outcomes in every session is a testament not only to the methodology but to Anna as a teacher. She is a true leader and sets an example as one who is aligned body, mind, and spirit and can be in the present moment like few people I have ever encountered. I am deeply grateful to have had this amazing opportunity and look forward to more in years to come. Braxton, Elaine and Adam were an integral part of the class. Their knowledge, skills and support created the foundation of the Foundation course! Huge heartfelt gratitude to you guys!

-Christina Stinchcomb

As a licensed psychologist and horse owner, I provide equine facilitated psychotherapy as well as traditional psychotherapy. I enrolled in the ROTH Holistic Horsemanship Course to deepen my understanding of the language of equus and gain more skill and experience as a horsewoman. Anna’s immense capacity for understanding and working with horses on every level never ceases to amaze me. She has a unique ability to accurately gauge precisely what each student needs to learn and grow while simultaneously tailoring each lesson to the specific needs of the horse. This Course has far exceeded my expectations and has certainly added fuel to my passion for working with horses. I want to extend heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Anna and her assistants (Braxton, Adam and Elaine) for guiding me further along my path. I know I have come a long way from where I started at the beginning of the Modular Course!

-Jo Brilhart, RN, PsyD

“There is no way to completely express how Anna and the ROTH Holistic Horse Course have changed my life. I am a better person, woman, mother and friend and ultimately a better horsewoman. This truly is a life-changing experience. Horses are communicating with us at every moment we are in contact with them. Wouldn’t you like to know what they are saying? Yes…I definitely would! It is such a wonderful experience to learn their language and ultimately to catch the whisper and connect with them on a deeper level. I am truly blessed to have been a part of this unique experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to understand horses better and ultimately anyone who wants to grow as a person. Horses are my love, and now I can have a true partnership with them. Thank you Anna, Vin and the entire ROTH team. You have helped me in more ways than you know. This is only the beginning…you’re stuck with me now. I’ll see you all again soon.”
Thank you Anna, for everything. You really are stuck with me for the long haul…if you’ll have me. Take care and I’ll see you soon.

-Janet Kindt

ROTH has provided me with the structured program to add to the paradigm shift I have had in my horsemanship. I have noticed enormous progress with our horses at Zuma’s since we have been consistent in incorporating ROTH methods. Anna and the instructors are amazing in their ability to push students past where they believe they can go while providing the support needed and instilling confidence that carries far beyond the arena and class. The horses always have a voice with ROTH; such a refreshing and effective approach to working with these amazing, intelligent beings! Thank you for this amazing opportunity and experience!

-Katie Dixon

The ROTH HHC Modular Course was one of the most comprehensive and impactful things I have ever experienced. Not only was the information complete and in-depth, making me a confident and capable horse handler but the emotional growth I experienced has helped me to overcome life-long patterns of fear and insecurities and helped me to become confident
and proud of myself.
Anna and Braxton as well as Adam and Elaine offered support throughout and the teaching styles of both
Anna and Braxton were powerfully directive yet compassionate. Anna has the unique ability to always allocate the perfect horse for each student’s growth both physically as well as emotionally. More than once tears were
shed for disappointment and then ultimately again for progress and gratitude…sometimes with the same
The growth in each individual student was very noticeable and powerful. Some overcame personal styles of resistance, others of lack of confidence, but everyone emerged a competent horse handler and proud of their
Many new friendships were formed and a community of like-minded women who will stay together for years to come on their ROTH journey was built. I look forward to many more wonderful experiences with these women and men and am thrilled to call them colleagues!
Happy Trails!

-Lauren Munger

“Successfully completing the Reach Out To Horses Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course was a huge and transformative step in my personal recovery process. Having survived a traumatic brain injury in 2009, I was unsure if I would be able to sustain the physical requirements and, more importantly, have the brain processing speed needed to connect with and keep myself and the horse safe as I worked with the horses. The first weekend of the program was very difficult for me. But I did not give up (and the ROTH staff did not give up on me) and I got stronger and stronger as the course continued. I was able to safely work with every horse assigned to me. When I completed the final weekend of testing and received my certificate of completion I felt that I can now be a positive and successful role model for other brain injury survivors. YES you can recover and continue to follow your dreams. As for me, I am now considering continuing my ROTH education and embarking on the ROTH Trainer program. Thank you Anna for giving me the opportunity to continue in my recovery process and to follow my dreams.

-Terri Mongait

I’m not one of Anna’s best students. I came to her work with a deep love of horses, and some riding experience, but not much more. Anna always supported me, even when I wanted to give up. She never gave up on me. She is patient, and encouraging even if you hit one of those “what am I trying to do” moments. She is an extraordinary teacher. I am now certified in ROTH Natural Horsemanship and can offer so much more to horses than I ever knew was possible. I am deeply grateful for all I’ve learned through Anna and her fantastic, capable staff and teaching assistants.
In joy and gratitude,

-ROTH (Rarely On Time Horsewoman) Grace

The ROTH modular course with Anna and staff has been a journey for me.  When Anna is guiding you, you are able to truly “feel” the horse, the communication and timing.  Like a magic wand.  I have learned more about the horse and myself than I bargained for.  Both Anna’s and the horses teaching have been priceless.  I will us information and skills I have learned each time I meet a horse.

Michelle R Finkbeiner

ROTH Holistic Horse Modular Course Testimonials!

Making Memories……….Enjoy the Reminiscing!

HHC Graduation 2011

20011 graduates from the ROTH Comprehensive Holistic Horsemanship
Modular Certification Course in


I am pleased to be a graduate from the ROTH Comprehensive Holistic Horsemanship Foundation program and proud of receiving the certificate.

As always, it was pleasure to watch and listen to Anna. Her lectures are interesting with plenty of stories of horses, demos clear and detailed.  She really has helped me to open my mind, truly listen the whisper and gentle my touch with horses.

The challenge for the modular course has been scheduling time for little over 6 months. While attending the six 3 1/2 day modules, the “normal” life still goes on and demands attention. It is important to constantly keep going with the case studies, personal horse psychology project and team project for the course; otherwise the time runs out fast. There is really no time off between modules.

The benefit of the modular course is definitely getting the information in digestible portions. I loved to get out after the module was finished and get on works studies with the exercises we had just learned at the class, while everything was still fresh in my mind. It was great to meet and work with different horses at HPL, Zuma’s and Joder Ranch.

Looking forward to see, what is next on my path…

Seija Tillanen


I started working with horses about 4 years ago, helping the “person” relax on their horse to keep themselves calm while riding.  It was rewarding to see.  As I stepped into the round pen in doing coaching and asking our amazing friends to facilitate healing it became obvious I needed to be more comfortable with the horses, especially when traveling and not knowing many horses’ personalities, quirks and sensitivities.

I joined Anna’s Roth Modular Course to gain comfort, leadership and a more complete understanding of horse behaviour.  Did I hit the jack pot, the course ran 6 mos. and it was quite a serious matter.  I  started my first class with my head down being overwhelmed at what I was asked to do, looking back it was simply “moving a horse”.  I had not a clue.  As the course continued I became more and more confident.  I feel I can get with a horse, assess the situation, read her/his personality and simply ask the horse what the situation is, giving the horse equal time as their owner.  The course has put the horse on equal ground as the human.  Quite amazing really.

Anna’s course was complete and took me deeper than I had ever planned, on most occasions I would opt out of things, and with Anna’s confidence in me, she took me beyond my comfort zone.  Going beyond my comfort zone, that is what I help other’s do as a coach, yet, she has helped me find the value of really stepping out so far beyond. It transforms lives, both in my personal/professional life as well as the lives of horses I touch.

Anna has questions that took me deeper within myself.  One which really helped me decide how I was to take this course deeper.  I believe it something like “how is this course going to help me make a difference in the horse world”.

I believe I am to help horse owners understand themselves by taking steps to understand their horses as mirror and facilitator to a deeper connection and relationship.  My life has already started and I have seen amazing differences with that deeper knowledge on both sides, the owner as well as their trusted horse.

Thank you Anna for the in depth introduction to the world of the horse.



As a professional horse trainer, I felt the need to round out my own skill set, and after diligent comparison against many other programs, I chose to attend Anna’s Foundation Holistic Horsemanship Course.  Anna is unique in her field, teaching how to create a true trusting partnership with the horse through the application of sound and gentle natural horsemanship techniques, use of energy, and the Language of Equus.  The Foundation Course is a “must do” for every horseman.

–William L. Pelkey, Ph.D. Founder and Owner of Equigetics LLC


The ROTH Modular course more than met my expectations.  I started with the goal of learning some new techniques to help me be better for my horses.  I left the course with a whole new perspective of horsemanship.  I feel I now have a toolbox to help with many situations, whether it’s a behavioral or a relationship issue.  I am looking forward to applying what I have learned, continuing the journey and bringing value to the horses.  Thanks for the experience.

Sam Marick


Anna, I would never have guessed taking this course would have been like it turned out.  I thank you for making or guiding me to the deepest part of my brain to “re-tool” my life.  It has been a great ride from the ground.

Cathy Amwake


The ROTH modular class is TLC for the human and horse!  This is a life altering challenge that will take you on a ride to a new understanding, appreciation and connection to that most marvelous world of Equine.

Lloyd Mower


Anna’s modular course was an amazing opportunity for me to start to truly learn about the horse.  Through the instruction, coaching and practice, I felt I began a journey into a fantastic new world.  The horses and Anna were my guides as I explored the language of Equus as well as my own capacity for “reaching out”.

Jan Dietrich, CO


This is a life enhancing extended experience for both horses and humans.  Anna and the ROTH team, pay close attention to the needs and personalities of the horses and the humans.  Anna and Brack dedicate their intention and responses to create success for both horses and humans.  It is really a rare commitment and competence to pay very close attention to the communication and behavior of both.  The results are equine and human development and this creates larger fields of awareness and relationship.  And so I complete the modular with a much more lively perception of our interspecies interconnections.  And this helps me to be more in love with life.  Anna and ROTH people give more than 100% and are authentically present, engaged and creative in teaching us to learn the language of horses, to become aware of our communications, to contribute to the best for all.

Mary Ehrgood


On this, the last day of the modular course, which began some eight months ago I find it hard to put into words what the course has meant to me.  To say it was life changing sounds trite but life changing it was and it and will be for years to come.

In this course with Anna’s wisdom and compassion, Brack’s enthusiasm and support and Adam, Sonke and Elaine’s confidence in us I was able to overcome a huge obstacle of fear, learn the steps to basic, good horsemanship and feel the confidence I came here seeking.

This course is by no means easy, but with dedication it is possible!  I know more about myself and horses than I ever imagined I would….and the journey has been a blessing.  It feels like a new beginning.

Lauren Munger



Wax on..Wax Off…Rub the Horse.

Taking a look at Equine Massage Therapy


Guest Speaker, Nanette Dieterle, demonstrates the values of equine massage during the ROTH Holistic Horsemanship course. Learn pain & relaxation/release indicators. Take valuable insights home for your own horses well-being.